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Hip-hop industry welcomes hot new lyricist Keith Cane to the game

JAMAICA QUEENS, NY – Real bars, real lyrics, real hip-hop. That’s the kind of music that Keith Cane likes to listen to, and so it’s also the kind of music he likes to create. And this up-and-coming artist from New York is ready for the world to get a taste of the new sounds and styles he’s been putting together over the past few months.

They’ll get that opportunity with his new LP “Expect The Unexpected,” which dropped on all streaming platforms on Jan. 18. The project features three songs that he said showcase his skill as a rapper in the game.

“Music is my passion and I started writing at the early age of 10,” he said. “After listening to the Nas album ‘It Was Written,’ it was so great to me that I had to see if I could do what Nas was doing. I put pen to paper and couldn’t believe what I was writing. At about 18 years old I started doing it professionally, and after being on the underground scene as a lyricist I’m now ready to release ‘Expect The Unexpected.’”

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The project is produced by Grammy-nominated DLH Media Group, and is being distributed by United Masters. Each of the three songs on the LP show off Keith Cane’s lyricism, and all have an underlying theme of proving to the world that he has the chops to be taken seriously. The first single is a song called “Show and Prove.” He said the vibe feels like the “resurrection of hip-hop” in its nod to 80s and 90s bars and 808 beats. He said it’s his personal favorite of the three songs on the LP, and he knows it will fast become a crowd pleaser.

The second song is called “Beat In My Head,” and it lets people inside Keith Cane’s brain while he’s going through the process of writing a song. He takes listeners on the journey from concept to completion, talking about how he comes up with his lyrics and what it’s like to walk around the earth with beats in his head all the time.

The third single, “Lyrically Acclaimed,” is a song that he said speaks for itself in that he hopes it will be an anthem and statement to the world that he’s a writer who should be taken seriously.

“When people listen to my music they’re gonna get someone who works hard at music, who loves music, and who makes music almost any chance he can get,” Cane said. “I call myself an artist. I’m not just a hip-hop artist, either. I write for other genres. I want this project to put my name out there as one of the top writers in the game.”

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