ATL Native David Lyric Hits 1 Million Streams On His Break-Out Single “Meantime”

ATL Native David Lyric Hits 1 Million Streams On His Break-Out Single “Meantime”

The presence David Lyric left on Atlanta still resonates like the aftershocks of an earthquake. Amongst surging artists, David Lyric is top tier he’s done more with 5 songs than most artists have done with 20 mixtapes. His calm demeanor and alpha persona has been respected in Atlanta for years.

Incredibly David Lyric has managed to surpass even his own predictions with his independent success. After going from celebrity photography, videography, promotions and artist management in Atlanta he’s decided to finish what he started which is making music. David moved to Atlanta from Missouri in 2005 and soon became an Atlanta legend behind the scenes for always having a hand in various entertainment ventures.

“If you needed photography, if you needed a video, artist management, a band, or a party promoted, you called David. It really didn’t matter what it was.” Says his manager Ishaq Assad. From photographing Drake, LeBron James, and even Barack Obama, to working hand in hand with the biggest event photography company in Atlanta, ATL Pics and the biggest promoters, AG Entertainment.

He’s now reached over 2 million streams online on his own. This could be because his connections are deep, his interviews are positive, and his style is clean. Born in Saint Joseph, MO, the same town as Eminem, its still unknown if Eminem has taken a liking to David Lyric’s style. However, after 2 years, with more than 2 million streams total on his first EP it says people will not simply respect him as a promoter/photographer, but also as an artist on the rise! A new EP is to come later in 2019. His announcement has caused a resurgence in his single “Meantime” which now has been streamed by more than 1 million listeners. With that being said David Lyric is an exciting man to watch out for!

Special thanks to Greg Street, Frank Ski, Myron Fears and Tiffany White

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