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North Carolina native Banknote Mitch is a versatile rapper who is celebrating the release of his latest project #WhoHot. Banknote Mitch is not your average indie artist, he has worked with major artists, labels etc. After working with Slip-N-Slide Records, Roc-A-Fella Records, and G-Unit Records he’s established his own record label ‘Black Array Entertainment’. It’s been a journey, it was him laying the foundation, putting the necessary work in, and staying immensely focused which led him to being signed to G-Unit Record’s by Bang’em Smurf in 2015.

Since then his first commercial EP “Accession to the Throne” was a mainstream success. Later, with the aid of Eminem’s Shadyville DJs, Mitch released his mixtape titled “Field of Dreams” followed by “The Reincarnation of Rich Porter” and “Warning Sign (Slime Season 4 No Young Thug)”.

North Carolina Artist Banknote Mitch Releases The Highly Anticipated Project “#WhoHot” Which Is Now Available on Datpiff

His current project “#WhoHot” is a well rounded project that gives us a better perspective of the 32-year-old lyricist. Like most people Mitch has experienced the ups and downs of life, he gives us better insight of the rugged, treacherous roads that he’s walked all alone during his career.

He relives certain instances in his music broadcasting his blood, sweat and tears on wax which many people can relate to. Mitch also dives into the gang-related side with his ties with the Bloods, and how it led him to doing time in a juvenile detention center for an attempted murder. There is no faking the funk, he gives us all sides of things to provide an honest perspective on his experiences in life. Mitch tells the ugly truth, it gets raw and rugged at times, there is no sugar coating anything, he gives people the real as he should.

We won’t give it all away you have to press play and dive into his world on your own time.

We gave everyone a FREE full access pass to listen to #WhoHot on Datpiff so hit the link and feel free to drop a line in the comments to let us know what you think!

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