Collection Of Songs Meant To Inspire Come Together On New Project From Cameron Tyler

Collection of songs meant to inspire come together on new project from Cameron Tyler 

FLINT, MI – Real, authentic and vulnerable Those are the three words best used to describe Flint, Michigan’s Cameron Tyler. The young artist from the Upper Midwest made a name for himself in music when he was younger, but then took a four-year hiatus from the industry after getting burned out from bad deals and internal politics. He thought he was done with music for good, but when 2020 came around and all of the stresses along with it, he found himself turning to music as an emotional outlet. His love for creative expression through sound and style re-emerged and for most of last year, he created hit after hit.  

Those singles are coming together on a new project called “Let Me Speak,” which is slated to drop across all streaming platforms on Feb. 1. Aiming to start 2021 off on a better foot than the previous year, Tyler’s project brings a variety of sounds and styles that lay a foundation for motivational messages sure to inspire even the most hardened of audiences.  

“My entire theme is bringing recovery to this life,” he said. “I’m all about that second chance type of vibe. That’s the message I’m presenting. There’s a lot of heart and meaning in these songs as I take a deep look into my life. Let me pour my heart out. Let me say these things that need to be said. Let me speak.” 

Formerly known as the artist Caution, Tyler said he learned the hard way how the music industry works when he signed a bad deal about six years ago. He’d been making music for years prior to that though, getting his start at a very young age. He opened for artist I Wayne at just 8 years old, and had recorded some singles through his teenage years. But the deal he signed with a label caused him to have to sacrifice creative control of his music, and once that deal was done, he walked away from music. He said 2020 however, brought about some things that caused him to turn back to music, and in the process, he discovered he had a more mature take on his songwriting and production. He still taps into the Reggae vibes of his Jamaican heritage, but as anyone who listens to “Let Me Speak” will hear, he also has developed a mastery of many other genres. 

“Anybody who hears my sound will understand that my music is so unique to me,” he said. “Nobody has a voice like mine, or writes like me, or presents music in the way I do. I’m just a young dude from Flint, Michigan who takes his struggles and what he went through and puts that into music in the most expressive way possible. It’s a boiling pot of artistry that comes together to create what I am. It’s just unique. It’s real and authentic. I’m gonna be honest with you about how I see life and the thoughts in my head and what I go through. But I’m gonna do it in a way that’s not hard to listen to. What I talk about is unique to me, but yet it’s still relatable to every single kind of audience. If you want real, relatable, good music that sounds good, I am worth your ears and your time.” 

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