Indie Artist Spotlight: Stream Lyrical Union’s New Single “Lady”

Lyrical Union Take You On A Soulful Journey With Their Latest Release “Lady”

Young Noah Da Champ and Rhymefluid Tha Bar King from Lyrical Union, 2 Lyricists with a passion and love for Hip-Hop. Both met in 1997 at Challenger Middle School’s Recreation Program in Glendale, Arizona and became best friends sharing the same love for Hip-Hop and Rap Music. Champ and Flu came up in a Hip-Hop era at a time when Gangsta Rap was on the rise and mourned the deaths of 2pac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

Champ and Flu’s musical interests were both Eastcoast and Westcoast music, being that Champ was from West Los Angeles, California and Rhymefluid from Baltimore, Maryland but grew up in Glendale, AZ. When the 2 came together in Independence High School in 2001 also in Glendale, they would both write rhymes together during class after finishing their work, and freestyle when they had free time at school. Both participated in group battles against other groups before and after school proving their lyrical skills and dominating the campus demanding respect. Musical interests at the time were Nas, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Canibus, DMX, The Lox, Mobb Deep (whom they wrote alot of raps to)Memphis Bleek, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Eminem, Xzibit, Ja Rule, Master P, Kool G. Rap, KRS-One, and Common.

Being that these were rookies and legends of their time, they had respect for the old schoolers that came before them, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Run-DMC, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, and they learned about these rappers and MC’s from the Hip-Hop Biographies shown on MTV and BET. Da Champ and Rhymefluid wanted to grow up and be legends like these artist who helped build Hip-Hop and still to this day they feel the legends are the reason why Hip-Hop is on a much bigger scale than it was back then. Noah Da Champ graduated from High School in 2003 and Rhymefluid Tha Barking graduated in 2004, and coming up in that time, Hip-Hop was making a dramatic change, With G-Unit, Rocafella Records and Dipset making street bangers, Hip-Hop turned to sex, lust and glorifying of money which they were not down with. Champ and Flu hated any rap song that had punchlines such as “pop that booty, twerk it down to the floor” and so on. To them this was not real Hip-Hop, but they listened to alot of G-Unit, D-Block and Dipset mixtapes to help warm up their skills before getting in the studio.

Before Rhymefluid graduated high school, he recruited 3 other members into Lyrical Union, Kay-on, Kahlee, T-Suede and Vice Mob. Champ met up with them after school to record street hits in Kay-on’s home studio. The group recorded an album called Always Standing Tall, which consisted of 20 tracks produced by Kay-On, After Kay-On and Kahlee graduated, everyone remained best friends but the group disbanded except for Rhymefluid Tha Bar King and Young Noah Da Champ who continued to record tracks with each other. Young Noah Da Champ started to record a solo album called Rhyme Technician in 2004 which Rhymefluid can be heard on a number of tracks such as Total Knockout, Bringin’ It Back, Movin’ It Out and The MLK Joint (which was dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

Their best friend Alex also known as Talented Alex joined on with the group later to record their #1 smash hit Sixty Times. Champ was looking to market and promote these hits but Noah didn’t have the connections wanted to skyrocket the album and Noah became depressed. His friends wanted to move forward and do more music and Noah seemed to hold onto Rhyme Technician. Then life happened, in 2007 Champ and Flu was facing life struggles with jobs, money and careless women who wanted to take advantage of Champ and Flu. But in 2010 Da Champ got back into the studio and recorded a mixtape called Ladies Only which also features Talented Alex and Rhyme Fluid on remix tracks such as, Sexy Lady, All I Want Is You, Change It All and Good Love Music. Around that time, the mixtape game was changing where most mixtapes were “free” and not sold. In 2013 Young Noah Da Champ prepared Mr. Nice Guy EP which features Rhymefluid Tha Bar King and Talented Alex on a revamped version of Sixty Times which is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify. Rhymefluid Tha Bar King also managed to be involved in many local rap battles including Battles At The Bridge in Phoenix, AZ.

In 2015 when Da Champ prepared the Re-Release of Mr. Nice Guy, Champ wanted to include more tracks with him and Rhymefluid Tha Bar King, but then, Flu ended up facing jail time for abandoned probation, which left Noah Da Champ distraught and couldn’t do any music without his best homie. Champ and his wife supported Flu throughout his time in jail by enabling phone calls and keeping in touch with others close to Flu including the mother of his child and their twin daughters.

February 2016 Rhymefluid Tha Bar King finished his time and came home. Close friends and family members celebrated with Flu and joined his boy Young Noah Da Champ on their first two shows together since coming back home performing Good Love Music and a Mobb Deep classic hit called Real Survive, a remix of Mobb Deep’s Survival Of The Fittest which was recorded in 2013. Alongside reuniting with Champ, Flu is also dominating the battle Rap Scene seeking to grab the attention of KOTD and URL to become the best battle lyricist in Rap and Young Noah Da Champ preparing his Gospel Album Reborn Spirit.

Just recently, Champ and Flu performed at the Arizona Mixtape Music Awards on December 17, 2017 and made an impact in the Arizona Hip-Hop Community. Now in their mid 30’s Young Noah Da Champ and Rhymefluid Tha Bar King plan to set the bar in Hip-Hop history with their upcoming album Rising Icons which features their new hit single, “When I’m On My Grind which is set to be released early this year on thier joint venture labels iLL Money Entertainment (Young Noah Da Champ CEO) and Serveemup Gang (Rhymefluid’s new record label) and group label Lyrical Union Music Group. They also have other hot bangers such as Lady and On Mah Momma along with their good friend and newest member of the group Bozo now known as DJ Phattz recording, mixing and co-producing tracks. As a trio or solo, Champ, Phattz and Flu will continue to be a dynamic lyrical force in Hip-Hop keeping the essence of real music alive.

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Indie Spotlight: Tennessee Native PCha$e Drops New Music “Talk My Talk”

PCha$e is a recording artist, songwriter, and producer from Knoxville, Tennessee. Growing up on the Urban side of town known as the “Gun Zone”, PCha$e began making beats and songwriting at a very young age. In the early 2000’s, PCha$e independently released music with 3 groups, In2Deep, Kiin, PlugBrothers.

In 2020, PCha$e has returned to the music scene with a vengeance on a positive note with his first SINGLE entitled “Get It Right” from his official EP “Tru 2 Dis Not New 2 Dis” and NEW SINGLE “Talk My Talk”, which he produced and wrote himself, and is available on all digital streaming platforms. PCha$e music tells a story, giving you a blend of Hip Hop, Trap, and R&B.

To find out more about PCha$e, you can go to the Str8Profit Muzix official website @

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Indie Spotlight: Chicago Artist Vi City Drops A New Banger “OnGOD” | @IamViCity

Vi City Hits Us With A Hot New Single Titled “OnGOD” Featuring Harv

One of Chicago’s very own, Vi City, originally from the Wild Hundreds, is back on the music scene. Crafting a sound that captures the pain and hope of a youth striving to make a better way, combined with the ambition and skills to actually have made it out, the celebratory tones reign supreme on this wave of sound for the veteran rapper, songwriter and producer.

Vi’s introduction to the game came via working with Mathaus Ent. & Chilly of the 1st & 15th label in conjunction with Lupe Fiasco. Shortly after, he connected with DJ Skee to release a mixtape under Skee’s Skeeter’s TV label. His next stint came working with St. Louis’ own, Nelly, co – penning the hit Country N**** Fly (CNF).

In the midst of acquiring a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), Vi wrote and featured on “Some Ish” by Sir Michael Rocks ft. Twista off of his #1 debut solo album “Banco.” Along the way, he co-produced and wrote with the iconic producer duo Da Interz (Tuo Clark & Kos who’s worked on Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Nas)..
Vi also has music placed on the hit show Empire.

Prior to deciding to drop new music of his own, Vi founded and branded Hundreds Entertainment, a music and film production firm of which he signed talented artist, Phoînix Keyz out of St. Louis, MO and has started crafting Phoînix’ debut project around each of the 6 instruments he plays.

Follow Vi City on Instagram @iamvicity

Indie Artist Spotlight: King Finnesse Comes With New Release “Party Started” | @KingFinnesse


King Finnesse Turns It Up For 2020 WIth His Latest Single “Party Started”

With a lyrical flow that embraces substance and purpose, Los Angeles-based rapper King Finnesse sets out to redefine Hip Hop with his empowering blend of beats and bars.

Growing up in between New York and New Jersey, King Finnesse’s musical beginnings began in his dad’s studio. It was here where he would cut his teeth learning the art of freestyle. He cites his father as a pivotal figure who influenced him to take the road less travelled, and to create music with a message. Consequently, purpose and emotion echo throughout his music, which are underpinned by an aura of positive and good time vibes.

Some treat music as a pastime, while for others — it’s therapy. This sentiment rings true for King Finnesse, as his passion for the craft has seen him intern for Def Jam, and toured with the likes of Dave East. He also has a track out with LouGotCash, titled ‘Make It Back’ which premiered in 2018. His forthcoming single, ‘Party Started’ is set to drop in 2020 alongside his ‘Finnesse The World’ project, and will be available across all major streaming platforms

Indie Artist Spotlight: B.Bandz Releases New Single “Apart” Featuring CalBoy | @TheRealBBandz

Drippy Drill Artist B.Bandz  Drops New Single “Apart” With CalBoy | @TheRealBBandz

Hailing from Chicago B.Bandz is dope new independent artist on the rise and he is already making waves! Starting at 16, he found a way to connect with his peers and listeners with his music and lyrics. Gifted with slick wordplay B.Bandz crafts his lyrics creatively to fit the production and keep his listeners tuned in.

With Artists like Chief Keef, G Herbo, leading the way Chicago is the home of Drill Music. B.Bandz has crafted a commercial sound and image with his own style of Drill music which he has labeled “Drippy Drill”. 

The bars are in the drip, a lot of lines go over people’s heads from the way it sounds, but if you listen carefully you will understand why he describes it as “Drippy Drill”. 

Stream “Apart Ft. Calboy” On Spotify, Apple Music, And All Streaming Platforms!


Get in tune! B.Bandz has teamed up with such artists like Bay Swag, Zoey Dollars, Lil Mouse, Cdot Honcho amongst many others. He’s working hard on the grind to bring a new wave, a new sound, and a new image out of Chicago!

Bandz has been killing the tour scene! He was on stage with the mayor of Oakland as he showed her his new dance “The Bandz Walk “. He’s performed at the iconic Revolt club in Miami Beach, not to mention going on tour with both Curren$y, and Chief Keef. One of B.Bandz most recent accomplishments was surpassing 1 million views on his hit single “Porsche“.

Watch the Official Video For “Apart”

Directed by Nick Rodriguez Below On YouTube

Up next for B.Bandz:

  • B.Bandz is releasing a new single “Make Her Dance” on all streaming platforms
  • B.Bandz is set to release a 6 song EP titled “Humble Drip“ during 1st first quarter
  • Marketing  and promoting the visual for “Apart” featuring Chicago artist Calboy
  • Campaign tour coming up in February, running through April 2020
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Indie Artist Spotlight: Tap In With Souls Rest New Single “Lighter” | @Soulsrest

Souls Rest combine elements of Hip Hop and RnB/Soul music blending rap with melodic vocals and dynamic cutting edge production to create a unique and captivating sound.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Souls Rest consists of vocalist/producer a son and rapper.

Souls Rest draws upon their love of classic hip hop and soul, but are driven to create a new Urban RnB soundscape. Direct, lyrical dexterity is coupled with catchy hooks—the result is relevant, melodic and candid music.

Their latest release; “Lighter” is the second single from their upcoming 10-song album project, Cosmonauts. The record aims to expose the disconnect between the person we show to the world, and the person we really are on the inside. It’s written to someone who is struggling with life, and is hiding within a fake exterior. Everything is falling apart around them, yet they still refuse to share their problems. Ironically, it is this elusive honesty that often leads to us being able to access help and ultimately freedom.

Evolving from their previous records, The Cosmonauts album project will have a more Pop-sound woven into the exciting and infectious tracks. The music will continue to be a mix live musicianship and contemporary hip hop production, which creates their unique, memorable sound. Souls Rest is even more intent on bringing fresh new tones to mainstream Hip Hop, RnB, and Soul music.

So far in 2019, the band has released, the single “Cosmonauts, and their “from_the vault”, a 6 song EP that tells uplifting stories of love and hope. 6 music videos accompanied these music releases.

With the support of Mercury Artists and Element-80 Records Inc, the band will be looking ahead to grow their fanbase online and on radio; as well as, touring and performing at festivals and venues across Canada and the US.

Indie Artist Spotlight: Get To Know Tennessee Artist Brad Jones | @BradJon82054504

Brad Jones Releases New Project “Where I’m Going” On Spotify And ALL Streaming Outlets

Brad Jones is a hip hop artist, singer, songwriter and producer from Chattanooga, TN. What you see is what you get. Just like the lyrics in his song “I’ll Do Me”, he lives by the mantra “You do you and I’ll do me”. He is a real artist who pours intense passion into every song he writes, delivers spit-fire lyrics on the mic and believes in leaving no-less than everything on the stage. And this is exactly what he has done every time over the years as he takes the stage at festivals, clubs, churches and venues across the Southeast US to prove exactly why he belongs in this industry.

Ever since he played his first note at age 9, he fell in love with music and discovered he could use it to escape the pain in his life. It was an escape from the real world. He could escape the bullies. Escape his fears and anxieties. Escape the hungry nights. Escape the struggle. Growing up poor might have been discouraging to some, but this sparked the fire inside he needed to grind till his music was heard and he proved himself on the mic. He learned early, if you have a dream then go and get it.


Everybody has a story and he unapologetically shares his. From childhood struggle, emotional scars to faith and battling and addiction, no stone is left unturned as he uses all of this as his fuel to keep grinding and pursuing his passion. If there is one theme that carries through all of his music it’s that no matter how far you’ve fallen or how lost you may feel, don’t give up. There’s hope waiting for you on the other side. So keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll get to where you’re going.

His album “Where I’m Going” is out now on all digital platforms and stores. Physical albums can be purchased through contacting

New Single “Waiting” just dropped December 6th and a new single called “MMML (My Music, My Life) is dropping December 20th. Stream “Where I’m Going” below on Spotify and all streaming outlets!

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Indie Artist Spotlight: Introducing The Gifted Program The NYC Hip-Hop Collective | @TheGiftedProgram @DaltonNYC

The Gifted Program Is A Dynamic Collective Of Music Producers, Djs, And Recording Artists Based Out Of NYC

Executive producer Dalton has pieced together a truly GIFTED team of creators who value the art of collaboration in the music production process. Following the crossover success of previous releases “Have You” and “Litcoin”. DJ/Producer Dalton (Litcoin, Have You) teams with rising star producer/artist Xander (Litcoin, Beast Music), and NYC based DJ/Producer Turbz (Litcoin, Have You). The trio will drop their anticipated third release “Out My Mind” with Team Hennessy sponsored, Bronx Native, The Kid Daytona. The record features dj scratches from world renowned Grammy award winning Producer/DJ Scram Jones (Shade 45, Notorious Big, Mariah Carey, Eminem, G Unit). The Gifted Program takes pride in the sound of hip hop that comes out of the city they were raised NYC. This record will embody the turbulent times of today and give you that grit and substance New York hip hop must deliver.

Stream The Gifted Program x The Kid Daytona – Out My Mind (feat. Xander & Scram Jones) on Spotify and all streaming outlets.

Influenced by our favorite Kanye West album Dark Twisted Fantasy. The team set out to deliver a hard hitting dark sexy track. Daytona’s piercing witty bars matched with new comer Xander’s lush vocals and instrumentation create a whimsical, menacing, NYC hip hop sound. This tracks symbolizes the duality of the term “Out My Mind“. Your told you are crazy for following your dreams to be an artist. Then the the sex drugs and rock and roll of the industry push you to the edge of your own sanity as you chase these dreams.

“We care about the quality and the sound of Hip Hop coming out of NYC. Hip hop is supposed to give you the goosebumps you felt when you first heard The Notorious BIG and many of the greats.” said Dalton The founder and executive producer of The Gifted Program. A veteran in the industry, Dalton has won multiple awards as one of NYC most prolific dj/producers.

“Our priority is to bring our fans that real hip hop sound from the place is was created. We plan to carry the flag in the legacy of NYC producers who have taken listeners from all over the world on sonic journeys to the gritty streets of our city. Hip Hop is a feeling” Dalton continues.

“Out My Mind’ was recorded at SRFSCHL studios in Brooklyn New York. Under executive producer Dalton’s music direction. With The Kid Daytona, Xander, Turbz, & Scram Jones. Watch the official music video for “Out My Mind” on YouTube below.

Get in touch with The Gifted Program on Instagram @TheGiftedProgram make sure you follow Dalton on Instagram @DaltonNYC too!

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Indie Artist Spotlight: Catch up with Chicago’s own Sinatris | @SINATRIS

Lyrical, Witty, And Refreshing Describes The Talents Of Chicago’s Own Sinatris

Its rare in today’s climate that you can get lyricism and also dope catchy music all from the same artist. For Sinatris, this happens effortlessly as he consistently delivers hard hitting punchlines, precise delivery, and sonically appealing records; all with a certain realness that captivates listeners.

During his career Sinatris has had over 1500 performances, toured the country with Atlantic Records, and Jack N’ For Beats, became a brand ambassador for Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, appeared on West Coast Customs tv show, garnished major co-signs from elites such as DJ Khaled, Jadakiss, Cassidy, Sway Calloway, Joell Ortiz, Aj Ahmed, Juvenile, Styles P, Dj Drama, Twista, Omen, and Shawnna. He has also hosted a national music program, hosted music festivals in DC and Chicago, released multiple mixtapes, independently sold over 10,000 copies of his Based On A True Story album, and received local and national radio spins.

With a few record deals on the table but opting to remain independent for now to continue to build his brand and cultivate his fan base, the future is looking bright for Sinatris and the future of hip hop.

Stream Sinatris’s latest single “Lord Willin” below on Spotify. Make sure to save Sinatris on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Plus and all streaming outlets to keep up with his music!

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Indie Artist Spotlight: Troop Dza Is Putting On For South Carolina | @TroopSC

Troop DZA Releases New Single “Let’s Be Fr” On Spotify And ALL Streaming Outlets

Troop DZA is a rising hip hop act from Union, South Carolina. DZA represents the Nu Gin Nation, his music was influenced by the artists like Outkast, Jay Z, Kanye West and several others. This is the first single from TroopDZA’s EP ‘DZA SZN’ which can be found on all streaming outlets and sites. Troop Dza is currently in the studio working on his next project “DZA SZN 2”.

Check out the hot new single “Lets Be Fr” below on Spotify today!

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Indie Artist Spotlight: Meet Tampa Rapper Paradox AON | @ParadoxAON

Paradox AON was born in Tampa, Florida. Decent up bringing; drugs were relevant but not seen. Great mother, she did her best given such horrible environments we landed in. I always had excelling talent in nearly everything I did, just had a lack of motivation to go with it. Quick feet, but no sight of where I was headed. There was no authoritative figure in the home and I did not know my father. I eventually met him when I was 19 and found that he is a musician as well. I guess you can say it’s genetics!

I have lost more than I have won. I have never seen honest success, until now. You can say that I have been in and out of jail, all my life. I used to define a good day based on whether it ended in handcuffs or not. I was pretty much locked up in group home after group home, from 13 to 18 years old. I aged out of the system when I turned 18 on December 11th, 2004. It took only 16 days for me to land myself in jail, on Dec 27th. I spent the first year of my adult life behind bars and almost completely missed my child hood. I was angry with no understanding of life so again, I hit the streets. I was a father at 19 but never became a dad until I was nearly 30. I wanted to love my daughter, but I didn’t know how.

I eventually found my way out of Florida and spent most of those years in Tennessee. I got lucky more than my fair share of times, until my lifestyle finally brought me to my knees. I was facing 30 to 55 years in prison in Tennessee. I had already taken the charges, so I couldn’t even fight the case – just hope for a good deal. I was sentenced to 16 years at 30 percent, suspended with treatment. You see, it was in that moment that I realized the only way I could change was through something greater than myself. Otherwise, I knew that I would fail again. I didn’t know when I would get my freedom back, but I knew when I did, I was going to live the rest of my life differently.


I was released to a halfway house in Memphis and by the time I was done with the program, I was selling drugs. It all started to fall apart again and then something made me walk in my P.O.’s office and ask for help. I got lucky again and got the help I needed, but it wasn’t without slipping one more time. About four months in, I was getting high again. By the grace of God, I got back on track and the next nine months would change my life forever.

I prayed that God would give me something to replace all the things I needed to get away from. To give me a new purpose in life because all that I knew was jail, drugs and drive-by’s. It was then that I found my voice in Hip-hop. Music literally saved my life. The amount of pain I have endured throughout my life gives me everything I need to write the lyrics that I spit. For the last two years I have continuously evolved as an artist, but equally importantly, as a man. I have found my purpose in this life: to use my struggles as a message through music.

My demise was my blessing- I guess it’s a paradox.


Stay in tune with Paradox A.O.N. on  social media!


Indie Artist Spotlight: Richmond, VA Artist BlackLiq | @BlackLiq

BlackLiq is an Emcee, Promoter, Teacher and Radio DJ for WRIR 97.3FM & WDCE 90.1FM, where he also serves as Hip-Hop Director. He has been active in the Hip-Hop community independently for years with opening credits including shows with Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, DMX and Raekwon to name a few, and he also played Rhymesayers’ Soundset Festival in 2017 which was attended by more than 50,000 people.

As a public and private school Hip-Hop teacher and public speaker, he works to empower the youth through the art of expression and to inspire others to see that the only limits that exist are the ones we place upon ourselves.

BlackLiq is currently celebrating 10 years of working in FM radio in 2019 by releasing a new project each month, called the “NOW” series, that represents authenticity and integrity through On-Air freestyles while preparing for the release of his next full length project, “The Lie”.



Artist: BlackLiq
Producer: The Honorable Sleaze (R.I.P.)
Directors: Ason Intrigue & Derek Stewart
Illustrations and Animations: Derek Stewart
Visual Effects and Editor: Ason Intrigue
Associate Producer: Eric Bose

Indie Artist Spotlight: Introducing Chicago Artist Bandup SMG | @BandupSMG

Chicago artist Bandup SMG, is back with his unorthodox style and cocky delivery on new single “Whip a Pot”. He is one of the most talented new artists to drop in a very long time. His ability to create catchy hooks, and a superb collection of flows, with the ability to bring real life experiences into his music, makes him potentially the next to blow.

His style of cocky adlibs, diverse tracks, and real life experience makes him a tough act to follow. Although his life is no act, he prides himself for being known for expressing true stories through his lyrics that anyone can relate to. His creativity and flow that can attract anyone makes him a great choice to perform for diverse crowds.

Bandup is ready for the industry, but is the industry ready for what he has to offer them? Good music, strong lyrics, true stories, and 100% dedication to being the best artist possible.

To contact Bandup SMG for collabs or booking, email for more information.

Listen to Bandup SMG
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Indie Artist Spotlight: Brooklyn-based Hip-Hop Artist Nino Khayyam | @NinoKhayyam

For Khayyam, it’s our individual decisions and actions that dictate our contributions to society, and it is the sum of these parts through which he hopes to share his art and inspire others. Never without a bottle of Fireball in the booth, Khayyam is making waves across New York for the inferno he brings to the studio.

Khayyam is a Brooklyn-based Hip-Hop artist whose music encapsulates the struggles and shortcomings of inner city life. With a convincingly trill vibe that is imbued with narratives of overcoming his troubled past, Khayyam steps up to the plate with a slew of hard-hitting Hip-Hop.

Khayyam is inspired by an eclectic range of music. Growing up, he idolized Bob Marley, Booba, and Bill Withers and Kurt Cobain to name just a few. He also cites his grandfather, a highly talented guitarist as a pivotal influence, along with anyone in music who put 100% of their soul into their art while simultaneously affecting culture itself.

Khayyam gravitated towards the booth in the late 90s, though it wasn’t until he wrote ‘F.W.N.’ that momentum truly began rolling. It was this single that would propel his career forward, with NYC clubs like WIP, Greenhouse, and Veranda all started showing strong support and giving Khayyam regular rotation.

Khayyam has a mixtape out now, ‘Pre-Season’, plus two singles titled ‘My Bag’ and ‘Pray For Me’, which serve as a prelude to his forthcoming untitled album. Prior to the release of Khayyam’s album, he will drop another mixtape, ‘Opening Day’. Further release details to follow soon.

His upcoming shows include a release party in NYC with DJ Spin King (November 12th 2019), and another with DJ Freedom (November 14th).

Stream Khayyam’s top tracks below!

Stay in touch with Khayyam on social media!