AJ From The 9 – Dead Presidents ft Young Ceno

AJ From The 9 Enlists Young Ceno On His Latest Effort “Dead Presidents”

Southern California artist AJ From The 9 is back to drop heat for the Summer with his new single “Dead Presidents” Feat. Young Ceno & produced by AC3Beats. With a West Coast party vibe, this new banger is guaranteed to set off the 4th of July weekend!

AJ From The 9 is currently cooking up a new project and has new singles to drop throughout the year, with Dead Presidents as the first offering.

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Instagram: @AJfromthe909
Twitter: @AJfromthe909
Facebook: http://facebook.com/ajfromthe909


Sabastianlax – Freshman

Fast-rising young artist Sabastian Lax drops debut single ‘Freshman’ 

BROOKLYN, NY – Sean Bailey has a story that would be familiar to most recording artists today. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, this young rapper had a love for music and would spend his free time writing lyrics in his notebook or recording freestyles onto the audio notes app of his phone. Whenever he’d let his friends hear his raps, he’d always receive positive feedback, and by his senior year of high school, it seemed only natural for him to take those raps into the studio.  

In the two years since that time, this up-and-coming East Coast artist has continued to develop his unique sound and style in ways that have led him to the release of his debut single, “Freshman”. It’s a song that tells the true story of where this young artist is today – operating under the stage name Sabastian Lax and announcing himself to the world as a new voice in the industry that should not be ignored.  

“This is the beginning of the season of trying to make a career out of music,” Sabastian said. “This song is me telling my story of where I am right now and the kind of music people can expect from me. My sound is very unique, and I learned everything by teaching myself. Throughout most of my childhood, I was involved in the performing arts – I acted, played piano, designed clothes and even danced. I started by writing freestyles in my notebook about people around me and stories of what I’ve seen. Basically, my raps are telegraphing the journey I’ve taken and what I want to achieve in life. My music is the best way to manifest the things I want while talking about the stuff I’ve seen while growing up. I have a lot of friends who were into the street life and I hung around them even though I knew it wasn’t my path or direction. It’s not my personal experience, but I can rap about it because I saw it. And I love showing people a different side of that lifestyle. I know they’re good people deep down despite the things they’ve gone through or done. I’m proud of my neighborhood and the experiences that shapes my life and influenced by appreciation for the arts  

Sabastian doesn’t just share those experiences through his music, either. This young entrepreneur is also a fashion designer and is currently going to school to study fashion design. He began designing clothes two years ago when he realized how many different styles and types of t-shirts there were throughout the city. His imagination took off and he began designing his own t-shirts. Recently he created a “Ban Trump” t-shirt that he gave out at rallies throughout New York.  

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Taythedxn – Pray 4 Me

Taythedxn Releases New Project Titled “Pray 4 Me”

The North Philadelphia native, Taythedxn or Lxrd Dxn is about to make a big appearance in the music industry.

Taythedxn has been on the music scene for 5 years. His first song to gain attention was “Primetime” which has more than 145k views on YouTube and it’s reached millions on Instagram quickly garnering the attention of many major labels.

Taythedxn has chosen to stay independent and continue to keep his movement going. The future for “TayGangCvlt” is looking brighter and brighter for this young rockstar. Make sure you stay in tune with Taythedxn and follow his “TayGangCvlt” movement!

Stream Taythedxn’s music on Spotify and  follow on social media!

Social Media
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lxrdkavi/
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/taythedon6
Genius: https://genius.com/Taythedxn/bio

Music Links
ITunes/Apple Music : https://music.apple.com/us/album/pray-4-me-ep/1522568963
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-307010293/sets/pray-4-me
YouTube music: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_msNFCGWrlXsTkq3x2Z22XLOiZ_sO8hzDw
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0usFqOzK7KMrznwBYmi0Xf?si=SPJr1aJOQ3ehyK0a4SgsBg

Sleeze The KingPin – Throw It Back

Rising from false murder accusation, Sleeze The Kingpin raps to tell his story and clear his name 

JUNCTION CITY, KS – In 2019, Sleeze the Kingpin spent the first few months behind bars. Suspected for being connected to a murder which he had absolutely no involvement in, this man suffered tremendous losses because of the accusations and media storm. Instead of being defeated, Sleeze prevailed through the wrongful allegations. Shortly after his release, he started rapping because he has the voice and the story to tell. 

Sleeze The Kingpin’s gritty, authentic street music is reminiscent of an older generation of Rap. The artist is genuine about everything he puts out, and street dudes relate to his message. But his stories are for everyone, including those who don’t actually live the street life like “the people who don’t wanna go to war but love watching war movies,” Sleeze said. “What I’ve been through and what I’ve put down in the music is for everybody. You can either relate to it or you love watching it from the safety of your own home.” 

Sleeze’s latest single, “Love Bring You Back” has a sit back, ride out and vibe-feel. Featuring Fiend (From “No Limit”) and Lil Donald (“Do Better”), the track came together after Sleeze met Fiend at an Atlanta Top 20 event. Sleeze pulled together the artists to collaborate on his beat, first by convincing Fiend to add the verse, and then turning to Lil Donald for the hook. Released mid June and produced by Jay Wood, “Love Bring You Back” reminisces about lost love and reconciliation. 

The previous single by Sleeze The Kingpin is a dance song called “Throw It Back” which he dropped earlier this year. A club banger, the track “goes hard in the club for the ladies to throw it back, like the song says” Sleeze asserted. Produced by his cousin, Slomeezy, “Throw It Back” features the talented Angel White from Dallas. Although he has only been rapping for a short time, listeners will witness the progress in Sleeze The Kingpin’s creativity in the string of singles he has released over the past year. 

Sleeze’s next project is a music video for “Love Bring You Back.” He will travel back to Atlanta where he plans to coordinate filming with the other contributors on the song. He also has a few other projects in the works including some slow jams and the development of his very own record label, Pis Po Records.  The music label is being created to provide opportunities to other upcoming artists that need a way, despite Sleeze being a new artist himself. 

Last year began with Sleeze contemplating his life. He thought about his time in the military and how his service enabled him to travel the world. He thought about the things he had done after his military service, and how he had become an entrepreneur who was especially proud of his restaurant. He was also a proud father who was very involved in the lives of his children. Being falsely accused of murder would have broken most, but Sleeze turned the negative experience into fire to light his way into a brighter future. An artist who launched his career only a few weeks after his release from jail, Sleeze is a natural-born storyteller who is admired for his clever wordplay and the way he spins his tales. 

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“Throw It Back” 







“Love Bring You Back” 





Sean Walk – Nobody

Sean Walk inspires movement with new single ‘Nobody’ 

MAYWOOD, IL – Sean Walk is creating a movement. It’s hard to define, but anyone who listens to his music will understand immediately what it is he’s trying to inspire. It’s a movement that’s all about making music for everywhere – breaking down barriers and destroying walls that spring up between people for so many petty reasons. During a time in which there are wide cultural and societal divides, Sean Walk’s movement is not only attractive, it’s necessary.  

“Whether it’s vibe music or dance or music for the soul, I’m trying to create something that helps people relate in positive ways to what’s going on around us,” Sean said. “Each day, I experiment with different genres such as Rock, Rap, Blues, R&B, or whatever my soul feels like doing. My music is personal style, growth, and the ups and downs of everyday life. I hope that my movement will be something that everyone who listens to my music can relate to. Music should help people cope with life, be happy, be motivated, be inspired, and hype you up.” 

Sean’s newest single is a perfect example of that unique sound and style. The song is called “Nobody,” and it explores the inner strength it takes to look others in the eye and say, “No, I won’t listen to your negativity.” 

“I never try to fit in,” Sean said. “I’ve always been different and I’ve always gone my own way, and that’s what this song is about. It’s Rap mixed with Rock and the lyrics talk about not needing anything and not asking for help or depending on anybody. I’m going all by myself and making it happen. It’s a real live song – a turn up song – with pure emotion.” 

Sean said the single is one that serves as the perfect marker at this current time of his life, and a great example of the kind of journey he’s taken both in life and in music. He first started down the path of music as a career when he was 9 years old. His mother purchased journals for him and his brother, and he recalls listening to Petey Pablo and writing down his lyrics into the journal. He started rapping when he was 13 and in the years since, he’s worked on developing his own unique sound and style. 

“My sound is all about realism and the hurt and pain and actual feelings we go through on a daily basis,” he said. “I don’t consider myself a rapper – I’m a ghetto rocker. I turn my passion into music, and the way my music comes out is just pure. I just let my mind do the work and every time, I come out with a hit. It’s raw emotion. Too many people don’t want to let their feelings out but with my music, they can connect and it can help them get their emotions out. That’s how I express myself and that’s what this movement is all about. If you don’t want to talk to people, you can talk through my music.” 

In addition to “Nobody,” Sean is also preparing to release a mixtape called “Safe Love, Real Problems” which he said should be available across all streaming platforms by September. He’s also working on a 12-song album called “Focus Through Frustration” which he plans to drop either later this year or in early 2021.  

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Jerzey B – Its Litty

Jerzey B returns to music scene with a bang from new single ‘It’s Litty 

NEWARK, NJ – On America’s Independence Day, East Coast artist Juan “Jerzey B” Battle Jr. released his new single “It’s Litty.” Like the explosions that accompanied the national holiday, Jerzey B’s new song is a blast back onto the music scene after an unexpected hiatus of the past three years.  

This young up-and-coming artist from East Pennsylvania has a storied past when it comes to his pursuit of a career in the music industry. Signed three years ago to an independent label, it looked like things were about to take off for this talented young rapper. But a series of complications with the law stemming from past mistakes made it impossible for him to travel internationally, and the independent label – which had signed him with the intent of having him tour overseas and develop a global following – ended up dropping him. Jerzey B stepped away from music after that, frustrated at the situation and discouraged that his hopes and dreams wouldn’t ever come to fruition. But in the face of so much other global disappointments in 2020, Jerzey B decided he wanted to take a second chance at pursuing his dream. 

“Everything I ever needed was to be heard, so I decided to hop back and do it again… but bigger this time,” he said. “This song is my intro to me coming back. It’s definitely upbeat and it features a female artist named Cyani Love. With her sound and mine, I just know it’s gonna be great.” 

Jerzey B said his music is the kind that will get fans turntup. Though his lyrics can go deep and into great detail, the art of pairing those lyrics with catchy music is what really inspires him. He’s a fan of beats that make you turn up, and that’s what he tries to bring with his own music. 

“I’m gonna mix that and make sure you can turn it up, but I’ll have some real shit in there, too,” he said. “It’s gonna give you that 90s vibe when it comes to the words, but the beats is gonna get you here in 2020.” 

For a large part of his life, music was the only outlet for his frustrations. When he was 9 years old, he witnessed his father stabbing his mother multiple times. She lived through the attack and when she recovered, she took Jerzey and his two other siblings to Blackwood, New Jersey to start a new life. Trouble followed him, however, and music became his go-to when things got rough. He was incarcerated at age 16, and every night in jail, he would write a new song to help deal with his emotions and anger. He’s been in and out of jail 17 times over the years but over the past year, has dedicated himself to turning over a new leaf and putting his energy into the music. 

“I feel like when I speak, I want you to actually feel like if he did this shit, I can do it, too,” he said. “I want to inspire people on a different level. The biggest thing to get out of my music is to build the structure for a lot of other artists. I want to change the New Jersey scene and make it the next Atlanta. There are so many good artists here, but we don’t have the structure or the resources to get the world listening. That’s what I’m gonna bring because we got the potential and I got the passion. This is me – 100 percent.” 

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“It’s Litty”  


DJ Smoke, @Spade_The_Boy Present: Shut Up and Listen (Hosted By @YoungBuck, @WhoIsLilWill)

DJ Smoke & Spade The Boy Present: Shut Up & Listen (Hosted By Young Buck & Lil Will)

Dj Smoke & Spade The Boy are back with another dope project for the people! Last time they brought you “Young & Paid” Hosted by Kevin Gates, now they are back with a new project “Shut Up & Listen” hosted by Young Buck & Lil Will of Drum Squad!

This project features brand new music from YG, The LOX, Lil Will, Drake, Gucci Mane, Lil Baby, Coca Vango, Bali Baby, Blocboy JB, Migos, Future, Young Thug, Young Buck, King Von, Chief Keef, Drumma Boy, Conway The Machine, Papoose, Teejayx6, Audio Push, Young M.A. just to name a few!

Submit your music to submissions@gmail.com

Watch Young Buck — Trappish ft Spade The Boy #YoungBuck #Outbreak #Trappish #ShutUpListen

Relus Baum – Wishing

Texas Native Relus Baum Dropped A Bomb New Single “Wishing” That’s Reminiscent Of The 90’s R&B Era

Relus Baum is a dope Hip Hop artist, born in Germany and raised in Waxahachie, Texas, right outside of Dallas, Texas. Relus has always had a passion for writing raps and expressing himself musically. Being a super athletic person he always pushed to play sports, but music is his first love. His music is like no other, he really brings something different to the table, and his versatility is crazy.

He likes a combination of soulful, live instruments, vocally, he brings a very different vine , which allows him to express himself completely. His song “Wishing” is a featured song in season 2 of the urban modern day television classic, 5th Ward, on UMC.TV. Relus has worked with Grammy Award Winning, platinum selling artist/producer Raphael RJ2. Credits: Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida, Master P, and more.

Relus also has a publishing, licensing, and distribution deal with MAC A MILLION DOLLAR MAN MUSICK. Credits: MTV, EPIC, VH1, GUNIT, AFTERMATH, ATLANTIC, DEF JAM, NBC, CMT, INTERSCOPE, NBA, GOOGLE, TLC, LIONSGATE, NIKE, VIACOM, and more. Ultimately, Relus has an arsenal of music that everybody can vibe to, and he is looking forward to sharing his unique style with the world.

Music Links:

Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/album/6YkEYKIyYl0k3hBTw8fjSz
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/relus-baum/1493608811
Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/us/album/146554972
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08865FYM6/

Social Media:

Twitter: @RelusBaum
IG: https://www.instagram.com/relusbaum
FB: https://www.facebook.com/relus.baum

Ace Mafioso – Realness

East Coast Artist Ace Mafioso Releases A New Single “Realness” On Spotify, Apple Music & All Digital Streaming Platforms!
Ace Mafioso is a rapper from New Bedford, Massachusetts. He is also signed to, and the owner of his own independent label, JVMediaLLC, which houses a few other artists who are currently in development. His goal is to be at the forefront of this music empire in the future.
Ace landed a distribution deal in the late 2000’s, after getting highlighted in the ‘Unsigned Hype’ section of ‘The Source,’ and collaborating with some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop such as Raekwon, Big Noyd, and Nature.
However, his career was then put on hold for 3 years for serving a stint in state prison for firearm possession. He then served another two years and faced life in prison for a first degree murder charge. Luckily, he was found not guilty by a jury and acquitted of all charges.

With all his legal troubles finally out of the way, Ace then returned to the music scene to focus on his career. He started to collaborate with with younger artists in the game such as The Cokeboys, Fred The Godson, and French BSM.

His music video “Pour Some” was then featured on WorldStarHipHop and garnered over 2.6 million views in just 3 days. He quickly followed up with an EP, titled “Crimewave,” produced by Dame Grease.

Now, to keep his momentum going, Ace delivers his new single titled “Readlness” produced by Chize. The record already is picking up a lot of steam, especially across digital streaming platforms.

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Music Links

Zilo Groove – Sweet Mother/Sexy Slap

Zilo Groove Strikes Back With 2 New Singles “Sweet Mother” And “Sexy Slap”

International artist “Zilo Groove” has released two hot, new, singles “Sweet Mother” a hot single with a heavy AfroBeats vibe, and “Sexy Slap” a well produced electronic dance music (EDM) instrumental.

Both songs are from Zilo Groove’s latest project “Afrobeat and African Jams Miracles Top 25 worldwide!

Stream these tracks below and make sure to hit the links at the bottom to follow Zilo Groove on his website and social media outlets!

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Vi City Delivers Fresh New Single “OnGOD” Featuring Harv

Blind Vision in Plain Sight, The Reemergence of Vi City
Chicago’s very own from the Wild Hundreds, Vi City returns to rap. Crafting a sound that captures the pain and hope of a youth striving to make a better way, combined with the ambition and skills to actually have made it out, the celebratory tones reign supreme on this wave of sound for the veteran rapper, songwriter and producer.
Vi’s introduction to the game came via working with Mathaus Ent. & Chilly of the 1st & 15th label in conjunction with Lupe Fiasco. Shortly after, he connected with DJ Skee to release a mixtape under Skee’s Skeeter’s TV label. His next stint came working with St. Louis’ own, Nelly, co – penning the hit Country N**** Fly (CNF).
In the midst of acquiring a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), Vi wrote on and featured on “Some Ish” by Sir Michael Rocks ft. Twista off of his #1 debut solo album “Banco.” Along the way, he co-produced and wrote with the iconic producer duo Da Interz (Tuo Clark & Kos who’s worked on Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Nas).
Vi also has music placed on the hit show Empire.
“On God” pays tribute to this generations’ current sound with hard hitting bass drums and surly slick rhymes to pass the time. Highlighted by the imperious vocals laid by Justin Bieber’s right hand man Harv, “On God” is sure to help you maintain your fresh.
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Chicago’s Own Sinatris Delivers Witty Lyrics On “Lord Willin'”

Chicago Artist Sinatris Flexes His Lyrical Ability On New Single “Lord Willin'”w/Multi-Platinum Producer Ny Bangers 

Its rare in today’s climate that you can get lyricism, dope content, and catchy music, all from the same artist. For Sinatris, this happens effortlessly as he consistently delivers hard hitting punchlines, precise delivery, and sonically appealing records; all with a certain realness that captivates listeners.

Sinatris is no newcomer to this music business. During his career Sinatris has done more than 1500 performances, he’s made several imprints in Chicago, around the Midwest, and throughout the nation. Sinatris has toured the country with Atlantic Records and Jack N’ For Beats, becoming a brand ambassador for Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, he also appeared on West Coast Customs tv show.
Lyrics: Man y’all do this for a hobby, I’m really on fire, Richard Pryor, you think you on fire, Ricky Bobby, want me at your show either book me or you lost me, b’cause I don’t know how to kick it  I’m Cody Par-key, I’m bag chasin’ but do it with integrity, so I’m last placin’ and I been madd patient not 100 haters couldn’t stop how I’m comin because for the blue faces I’ll whack 100….

Stream Sinatris’s latest single “Lord Willin” on Soundcloud, YouTube, SpotifyTidal, and all DSP’s!

Read more about Sinatris here
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B.Bandz Lights Up TikTok With Latest Video “Make Her Dance (I Got Bandz)”

With more than 300 dance videos on TikTok B.Bandz got the ladies going into a dance craze on TikTok with his new single “Make Her Dance (I Got Bandz)”.

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DJ PACK (Clean/Radio, Explicit, Instrumental, Acappella, Artwork and Pics)
Download Link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/43yjl5


@daniellecohn🔥🔥🔥♬ Make Her Dance – B.Bandz

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@yizcoreif you see this caption, comment below ❤ ##foryoupage ##models♬ Make Her Dance – B.Bandz

Spotify Link – https://open.spotify.com/album/2RGu3SnJ1gyJQB6fEoHy4j
Apple Music Link – https://music.apple.com/ca/album/make-her-dance-single/1498174325
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bbandz-music/make-her-dance-1
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0CxmGv26Ir1wFiMfZW15WQ
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/music/Make-Her-Dance-6791882063470397442?lang=en

Vi City – OnGOD feat. Harv

Chicago Native Vi City Returns With A Brand New Single “OnGOD”. The veteran rapper, songwriter and producer is back on the music scene after a brief hiatus.

OnGod available on all streaming platforms: https://hundreds.lnk.to/FqjXpEM

Follow Vi City on ALL social media and music outlets!

Facebook: http://facebook.com/iamvicity
Twitter: http://twitter.com/iamvicity
Instagram: http://instagram.com/iamvicity
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCei6b8ljliJlCgioC7KhNGQ/videos
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6kt9ndgnZizh8uhMBtKm7b?si=xyKNjt_rRmWJCcWqe3VUYA
OnGOD: https://hundreds.lnk.to/FqjXpEM

#NewMuzikAlert B.Bandz – Make Her Dance

Chicago Indie Rapper B.Bandz Just Dropped New Single With TST Legacy Records

B.Bandz is a independent rapper from Chicago, who is signed to TST Legacy Records.

B.Bandz began 2020 with a bang! He released “Apart”, a street banger featuring fellow Chicago native CalBoy. It received more than 50,000 streams on Spotify, 10,000 views across YouTube, not to mention the countless music outlets that are supporting Bandz. He dropped his smash new single “Make Her Dance” on Valentine’s day.

A little background on B.Bandz released his first official single “YRN”, at age 16. The next year he dropped his biggest single “Porsche”. Since then he’s rocked crowds at Revolt, A3C, SXSW, Rolling Loud (w/Zoey Dollaz), and performed at numerous events across the nation. Bandz has a away of connecting with listeners on and offstage with his swift, witty, lyrics and with his signature “drippy-drill” vibe.

B.Bandz has a busy year ahead of him with the upcoming release of his 6 song EP “Humble Drip”, working on new music with a variety of artists, performing some of his hits such as, “Porsche”, “YRN”, “Apart ft CalBoy”, and his latest release, “Make Her Dance”, which is available on all digital streaming platforms!

Stay tuned in for great things to come throughout 2020 from the homie B.Bandz aka Big Bankz Bandz! Follow Bandz @TheRealBBandz on all social media sites to catch up on his next moves!

DJ PACK (Clean/Radio, Explicit, Instrumental, Acappella, Artwork and Pics)
Download Link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/43yjl5

Spotify Link – https://open.spotify.com/album/2RGu3SnJ1gyJQB6fEoHy4j
Apple Music Link – https://music.apple.com/ca/album/make-her-dance-single/1498174325
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bbandz-music/make-her-dance-1
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0CxmGv26Ir1wFiMfZW15WQ
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/music/Make-Her-Dance-6791882063470397442?lang=en

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/TheRealBBandz/
Facebook: https://Facebook.com/TheRealBBandz



EL-JAY – My Bae Remix

Urban pop sensation El-Jay releases new single “My Bae Remix”

LOS ANGELES, CA – West coast artist, El-Jay has undeniable appeal. His song, “My Bae Remix” has been burning up on Soundcloud. Since earlier this year, the song has been streamed over 16 million times. The feel good, uptempo “My Bae Remix” featuring Shorty Mack is uplifting, urban pop with a catchy beat and memorable lyrics.

Produced by Trequik, the single was recorded in Los Angeles and tested at a number of venues in LA County, where audiences went crazy for it. Originally testing with a lower quality recording, El-Jay and his team recorded the track in a new studio, and had the song remixed and mastered hence, the title of the song – “My Bae Remix” – which will be available on all digital platforms within the week.

Shortly after the song’s rebirth, El-Jay had the opportunity to perform at a number of festivals, including a Long Beach engagement in front of over five thousand people, and “My Bae” started to take off from there. Part of El-Jay’s success comes from his ability to connect with individuals by showing them love and compassion, whether he is performing at a big festival or an intimate venue. “When they feel that love, they know it’s genuine, and that’s the best feeling in the world,” El-Jay said.

The recently released music video for “My Bae Remix” was filmed like a movie in Los Angeles.. Director Christopher Jackson teamed up with Cinematographer Konrad Sedochenkoff to visually deliver the song’s message in a trendy, exhilarating style. “It was to show that appeal and that love for that other person,” El-Jay said. “If I have that connection with you – you’re my bae! No matter what anybody else says or does. That’s not going to affect our vibe or where we’re at.”

Growing up in the music industry, El-Jay has been grooving in music studios since he was six years old. As the son of double platinum singer, Rome (“I Belong to You”), El-Jay saw his father finishing albums on very tight schedules. His father’s work ethic impacted El-Jay, and he was also heavily influenced by Michael Jackson. From the age of 3, El-Jay watched and imitated Jackson’s signature moves.

El-Jay stepped away from the music scene for awhile, wanting to get involved when he was ready. After pursuing his interest in sports, El-Jay turned to acting and modeling. He appeared in a runway modeling show with The Model Experience, and was booked as a main character in the viral music video, “Swang” by Rae Sremmurd. El-Jay has also appeared in major TV shows, commercials, movies and other music videos.

El-Jay is also CEO of his own record label, Starz Music Group which will be releasing all of his music and videos. “My Bae Remix” is the first single from El-Jay’s upcoming “Intentions” album. Before the album’s release in mid 2020, El-Jay will be dropping a few more singles including “Waste No Time” and “Special.” The latter song appears on the soundtrack of the Josh Webber production, “Never Heard,” a movie which also features El-Jay in an acting role.

Getting ready to launch a college tour within the next two months, this winner of the 2018 Hollywood Music Media Award for Best Rap/Hip Hop is really excited about the future. El-Jay has truly found his voice and signature sound. He was waiting for the right time to return to his roots in the music industry … and clearly, that time is now.

To listen to El-Jay’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:







“My Bae Remix ft. Shorty Mack“





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ExpediTIously Podcast: Hustle 101 with Killer Mike and T.I.

The Breakfast Club: Sheila E. Interview

Dj K-Swizz is Djing on another level! Tune-in you gotta see this!

4 x World Champion DJ K-SWIZZ (14 yrs old) – 2018 DMC Online World Final ✅

I had to share this sick ass vid of Dj K-Swizz doing his thing! Dj K-Swizz is on another level n hes not even old enough to drive yet!

Follow Dj K-Swizz

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/djkswizz/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djkswizz/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/djk-swizz/

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Big K.R.I.T. Stopped By The Breakfast Club To Discuss Being Independent, Convos With His Father, New Album + More

New Jersey Rapper Tattedupbroc Disses 50 Cent & Drake On “Non Fiction Radio”!! #Tattedupbroc

Tattedupbroc Disses 50 Cent & Drake On Live Radio On Freestyle With DJ Wallah

Tattedupbroc stopped by “Non Fiction Radio” with DJ Wallah on New Jersey #1 FM radio station. He went to discuss his current records “Bang-Bang“, “Better Than A Wraith“, “TMZ“, “Kill Shit Pt 3“, get people up to speed on his latest endevours and to drop some bars live on the air! During the freestyle Tattedupbroc throws a few jabs at 50 Cent, and Drake watch the video to hear what he said!!

Watch Tattedupbroc’s exclusive Interview/ freestyle here or press play above.

Follow Tattedupbroc’s Instagram @Tattedupbroc

Business email: business4broc@gmail.com

Aw man shorty just snapped one time!

Ayeeee lil mama is gettin it haha!! The faces she is making is just too much!! She is all in it and performing for the cam like a pro and has captured the hearts of the people!!

Check out some of the comments that were left by entertained Facebookers.

“Her lil facial expressions are the best; yes she is the Vibe💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

“When you can’t tell if she’s 5 or 80 years old”.
“I need her as my personal hype man. Wayyyy to cute 😍😍😍”

“Scrolled down and didn’t see a racist or ignorant comment… okay, there may still be a chance for humanity ❤️🌈🤗”

“This video is from South Africa! 🇿🇦🙌 Go offffff girly!💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽”

The people have spoken! Watch the video from Facebook below!

S/o to Complex

The 2019 Lollapalooza Aftershows Are Officially Scheduled!

JUST ANNOUNCED — Official Lollapalooza 2019 Aftershows!

Tickets on sale Friday at 10AM

The 2019 Lollapalooza Aftershows Are Officially Scheduled

Starting Tuesday, July 30 and extending through Sunday, August 4, Lollapalooza’s official aftershow lineup includes performances by Bring Me the Horizon, AJR, King Princess, Death Cab for Cutie, Francis and the Lights, and more!

🎫 8/1 – Bring Me The Horizon w/ Des Rocs
🎫 8/2 – AJR w/ Josie Dunne
🎫 8/3 – Fuse Presents Rich The Kid w/ Calboy
🎫 8/4 – Joji w/ Yeek


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Ice T Almost Shoots A Driver, Calls Amazon Out…..Check Out Amazon’s Sarcastic Reply!!

The West Coast ‘OG’ Says “Maybe They Should Wear A Vest With Amazon Delivery On It…..I Almost Shot a MF Creeping Up To My Crib Last Night,” On Twitter.

Ice T hit Twitter to deliver a message to Amazon about their delivery drivers. This comes after he almost shoots an Amazon delivery driver after mistaking him for a criminal.

Ice T says “Now that you have regular people making your home deliveries… Maybe they should wear a Vest with AMAZON DELIVERY on it… I almost shot a MF creeping up to my crib last night… Just saying,” the rapper/actor wrote.

The Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations & Customer Service at Amazon ‘Dave Clark’ makes light of the situation by replying back to Ice T with a bit of a sarcastic joke.

Dave Clark tweeted “Just sayin… thanks for the suggestion. We MF’ing love you and our drivers. Lots of innovations coming on this and many that already exist to help you track your package and delivery on a map.” 

I first heard this story while listening to Sway in the Morning on Shade 45 during a wake n bake session early this morning. I’m dead azz when I tell y’all the whole blunt went flying, I almost spit out my coffee when I heard them repeat Amazon’s reply to Ice T’s message on the radio. I can’t lie I was dying, it was hella funny how they said it on the air.

Later I began thinking “what type of reply is that from a major corporation to a customer?” IceT might be a celebrity but at the end of the day he was a customer with a serious complaint. Why would someone in Dave’s position dismiss a customer like that? Was he really trying to be funny or was he just replying like this because he isn’t taking Ice T seriously?

It didn’t stop there as people began to chime in about the some what shady reply from Dan Clark. I hope the higher up over at Amazon handle this asap, there is no reason to get this type of reply from someone in customer service who represents Amazon.


I understand where Ice T is coming from, after my short stint as an Amazon driver there were a few times I had to “creep” around several homes searching for their address or to reach the proper “zone” which is set by Amazon to drop off the package so you can move on to the next delivery.

I had my own fluorescent vest while out doing deliveries, but some people would still look at me crazy if I got too close to their own or their neighbors homes.

Amazon will send its drivers to a straight war zone; I did deliveries in some of the worst parts of Chicago. You know if Dan Clark, or other people in power at Amazon were going out making these deliveries Amazon would make sure to provide them with the proper gear to get the job done safely, thats my opinion.

Source: https://people.com/music/ice-t-almost-shot-amazon-delivery-driver/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/davehclark/status/1130908273828290560

Meek Mill ‘Championships’ Tops No. 1 Spot on Billboard 200

Meek Mill is a winner on the new Billboard 200 albums chart (dated Dec. 15), as his new release Championshipsdebuts at No. 1. The set earned 229,000 equivalent album units in the week ending Dec. 6, according to Nielsen Music. Of that sum, 42,000 were in traditional album sales. The album was released on Nov. 30 via Maybach/Atlantic Records and is the hip-hop artist’s second chart-topper, following 2015’s Dreams Worth More Than Money.

The Billboard 200 chart ranks the most popular albums of the week in the U.S. based on multimetric consumption as measured in equivalent album units. Units are comprised of traditional album sales, track equivalent albums (TEA) and streaming equivalent albums (SEA).

Championships is Meek Mill’s first full-length album since his release from prison in April. In July, he dropped the four-song EP Legends of the Summer, which debuted and peaked at No. 9 on the July 21-dated tally.