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16-year-old Conflict announces arrival to hip-hop
with hit new single ‘Back Again

NEW ORLEANS, LA – When Isaach Anywar was a young boy growing up in New Orleans, he was well known for his intensity on the football field. When he put those pads on and lined up across from his opponents, fans and teammates knew… He was about to bring it hard. Friends started referring to him by the nickname “Conflict,” because of how much havoc he created on the field.

As he has grown older, he has brought that same level of intensity in his approach to making music. It seemed only natural, then, for him to continue using the name Conflict. And today, at only age 16, Conflict is a fast-rising young hip-hop artist from the Deep South whose new music is grabbing the attention of fans and music executives alike.

In January he released a mixtape that’s been getting a lot of play regionally, and he’s preparing to release his first full-length album later this Spring. It’s called “Solution,” and he said it’s a great statement piece that will showcase his natural talent while also giving listeners an insight into who he is as a person and an artist.

“It’s basically about the things I’m going through right now,” Conflict said. “It’s a mixture of everything. I lost three cousins last year to gun violence, for instance. I’ve lost a lot of other people, too. I’m also just now finally seeing my dad after he was locked up for a long time. I’m telling stories from my life, and that’s what I want my music to be known for – that everything I say is what I’m going through. It’s 100 percent authentic and there’s nothing fake.”

The debut single from the project, which is available on all digital distribution sites, is called “Back Again.” He said it’s a more mellow song that will bring a smile to people’s faces. It highlights the good things of his life right now – how things are going just the way he wants them to and that feeling that anyone can have when they’re “back to their old self.” It’s also a song that shows off Conflict’s unique sound and style, which he said stands out from the sounds that have become common among New Orleans’ hip-hop.

“I’m just unique in my own way,” he said. “People around here are one set style, and I’m completely different. I bring a mixture of singing and rapping, and I go off flow sometimes. I just do what makes me happy. That’s what makes me different.”

To listen to Conflict’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:
Snapchat: Conflict007

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