East Mane – Right Mind

Power collaboration between four of the hottest artists in the game produces sure-to-be summer hit ‘Right Mind’ 

CHICAGO, IL – Daniel Vilardo and Jeremy Vasquez, known professionally as East Mane, are a lo-fi hip-hop duo from Chicago, Illinois, who are creating a new sound that is eliciting a lot of buzz throughout the international music market. Their latest single, “Right Mind,” features their signature style across some ambient vibes that pair with the more grimy Drill brought forward by featured artist Naike. The song also features female rapper and vocalist KiraJanel. Set to drop on May 7 across all streaming platforms, it’s a song that is sure to be one of the summer’s hottest hits. 

“Our original intention was to create something for Naike to have a mutual project to work on together,” said Vilardo, who is the producer of the duo. “He wanted to use it as an opportunity to push himself outside his comfort zone and do something more experimental. So I made beats I thought he would vibe with.” 

“The process for us, and for myself as far as writing, is all about storytelling,” added Vasquez, who is the rapper and lyricist of the duo. “Pretty much everything I write about has to do with experiences from my past or hopes for the future. Naike really took the beat and ran with it, and when he sent over his own lyrics it was exactly the kind of vibe we were going for. Ultimately, it’s a song about finding the right mindset to get through life and push through adversity. There are goals you have to set and certain ways to go about doing that. You can’t be passive – you have to be aggressive and understand what it takes to get things done in life. On the song we each have our take on the language we use to get that point across, and the recording process was great because we all took ideas from each other’s verses and lyrics and combined them all together to create a great flow.” 

KiraJanel rounds out the collaboration by singing on the hook and adding in some background vocals. Altogether the sound that these four artists have created on this single is truly original and destined to stand out in the midst of a crowded music market. This song is yet another hit from East Mane, whose production mixes elements from modern electronic production actus such as Kytranada and FKJ, while also featuring lyrics drawn from influences such as rappers like Kota The Friend and Mac Miller.  

“I think the one thing we always strive to be is original,” Vilardo said. “We do draw influences from other artists, but we never try to copy anything. We really want people to vibe as much as possible. We use a unique influence of styles – from hip-hop to R&B to electronic and Indie. I don’t think there are too many people in the rap scene using that blend of genres. We don’t want our music to be something you listen to for six months or a year and then forget it. We want to create the type of rap music that’s timeless and that you listen to five or 10 years down the road. We’re not creating songs with materialistic subject matter. Our music means something. It resonates through our own life experiences in ways that will connect to others. But there’s still a vibe to it. It’s a combination of meaningful lyrics and sounds you can really vibe with. It’s timeless.” 

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