Elguwopo drops single ‘100%’ ahead of upcoming EP ‘Registered Flex Offender’

BRONX, NY – There are a lot of rappers who could call their art swag rap, but there are no rappers in the world who have the distinct sound and style that Elguwopo has.

This Bronx-born rapper with a body type like a middle linebacker not only puts his own unique stamp on swag rap, he also uses a melodic voice to fuse different sounds into something that is truly original. That originality can be heard on full display with his upcoming EP “Registered Flex Offender” which is set to drop this August. The first single for that project is set to drop on May 6 and advance reviews of the song are creating quite a buzz for the New York native.

Elguwopo drops single ‘100%’ ahead of
upcoming EP ‘Registered Flex Offender’

“100%” is a single that Elguwopo said lives fully in the lane of swag rap as it talks about the ins and outs of his “regular” life – from rivalries to smoking weed to the daily grind of trying to make it big in the music industry. He calls it an up-tempo song with a catchy beat and good vibes – not too mellow but also not talking about deep stuff.

“I have my own sound that’s in swag rap, but I’m a little bit melodic with a soft voice that’s deep at the same time,” he said. “I just want my music to be known for the energy and the messages. I want to give people hope and good vibes. When people turn my music on, they’re gonna get a good vibe – something that’s going to get them through the day or whatever they’ve got going on.”

Elguwopo said he’s always grown up around music with brothers and cousins and a father who were in-and-out of the music industry throughout his entire childhood. He started rapping himself when he was only 11 years old but toward the end of his teenage years, he was incarcerated and had to put his dream on hold. When he was released from prison, he had a baby on the way and he needed to “take it serious,” so he started pursuing music as a full-time career and he hasn’t looked back since. That was in 2014 and since then he’s created his own record label – StarterGang Records LLC – and has created songs that have gotten strong radio play throughout New York and other parts of the East Coast. His most recent single, “Regular”, has gotten the most attention and has put him on the map as a legitimate artist whom music lovers should pay attention to.

“I’ve reinvented myself and my career and I’ve perfected my craft,” he said. “I’m always in the studio and now I have my sound down the way I want to sound. Look out for me, I’m comin’.”

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