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Debut album by multi-instrumentalist Hildreth showcases the songwriter’s artistic individualism

LONG ISLAND, NY – Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Luke Gentil (known by his artist name, Hildreth) has been involved with music for most of his life. Taking up the drums at eight years old, he branched out into guitar, singing and piano playing from there.

Hildreth has a deep rooted passion about his music, and strives for authenticity in his every creation. The artist is completely self produced. By self producing his music, his emotion and individualism gets ingrained into his sound. Besides playing several instruments, Hildreth handles everything from songwriting, singing, recording to mixing and mastering. 

Working this way allows the artist to have complete control over his image so that it never changes drastically from his concept. He chooses not to sacrifice his individualism by allowing others to add their changes to his creations. “I put my heart and soul into everything I make,” said Hildreth. “If you can really sit down and pay attention to my lyrics and what I’m playing, it definitely will resonate with you.”

His recently released debut album, “Hildreth” delivers an alternative Indie sound and shows listeners exactly what he is made of. The collection includes seven diverse, unique tracks. A love song written for a girl he knows, “Daisies for “Daisy” speaks of giving beautiful flowers, daisies, for Daisy, daily. The very progressive song, “Levels” features a prominent electronic beat with Indie undertones, along with a complete beat change halfway through. The “Hildreth” album is available on all digital platforms.

Skilled at a number of instruments from an early age, Luke would perform in the talent show each year. He later attended a music high school where he began playing the piano. Luke got seriously involved in music production during his senior year of high school after attending a two-week film scoring seminar at NYU. The experience helped Luke with recording music and composing, and he went on to college for composition. When he realized that rigorous study of theory and playing was taking the fun out of music for him, he switched his major.

Growing up, Luke liked listening to everything from Hip Hop to Classical. Some of his greatest musical influences include 50 Cent, Led Zeppelin, Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens, Nothing But Thieves, Soundgarden, Deadmau5, Lil Peep and even Polish composer Frédéric Chopin, whose name is tattooed on Luke’s arm. “I think it’s good to have diverse taste in music because then you can call upon different types of genres when you are making something,” Hildreth said. “Staying rigid in one genre can be kind of boring!”

For this year, Hildreth has plans to work on a new music video for “Daisies for Daisy.” He is also finishing up a new song for release later in the year, which will be followed by an animated music video.

Hildreth likes to keep it personal – on Twitter, listeners can see what he is up to and message him directly. Out there and open, Hildreth has no intention of hiding behind the facade of a big business.

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