Indie Artist Spotlight: Introducing The Gifted Program The NYC Hip-Hop Collective | @TheGiftedProgram @DaltonNYC

The Gifted Program Is A Dynamic Collective Of Music Producers, Djs, And Recording Artists Based Out Of NYC

Executive producer Dalton has pieced together a truly GIFTED team of creators who value the art of collaboration in the music production process. Following the crossover success of previous releases “Have You” and “Litcoin”. DJ/Producer Dalton (Litcoin, Have You) teams with rising star producer/artist Xander (Litcoin, Beast Music), and NYC based DJ/Producer Turbz (Litcoin, Have You). The trio will drop their anticipated third release “Out My Mind” with Team Hennessy sponsored, Bronx Native, The Kid Daytona. The record features dj scratches from world renowned Grammy award winning Producer/DJ Scram Jones (Shade 45, Notorious Big, Mariah Carey, Eminem, G Unit). The Gifted Program takes pride in the sound of hip hop that comes out of the city they were raised NYC. This record will embody the turbulent times of today and give you that grit and substance New York hip hop must deliver.

Stream The Gifted Program x The Kid Daytona – Out My Mind (feat. Xander & Scram Jones) on Spotify and all streaming outlets.

Influenced by our favorite Kanye West album Dark Twisted Fantasy. The team set out to deliver a hard hitting dark sexy track. Daytona’s piercing witty bars matched with new comer Xander’s lush vocals and instrumentation create a whimsical, menacing, NYC hip hop sound. This tracks symbolizes the duality of the term “Out My Mind“. Your told you are crazy for following your dreams to be an artist. Then the the sex drugs and rock and roll of the industry push you to the edge of your own sanity as you chase these dreams.

“We care about the quality and the sound of Hip Hop coming out of NYC. Hip hop is supposed to give you the goosebumps you felt when you first heard The Notorious BIG and many of the greats.” said Dalton The founder and executive producer of The Gifted Program. A veteran in the industry, Dalton has won multiple awards as one of NYC most prolific dj/producers.

“Our priority is to bring our fans that real hip hop sound from the place is was created. We plan to carry the flag in the legacy of NYC producers who have taken listeners from all over the world on sonic journeys to the gritty streets of our city. Hip Hop is a feeling” Dalton continues.

“Out My Mind’ was recorded at SRFSCHL studios in Brooklyn New York. Under executive producer Dalton’s music direction. With The Kid Daytona, Xander, Turbz, & Scram Jones. Watch the official music video for “Out My Mind” on YouTube below.

Get in touch with The Gifted Program on Instagram @TheGiftedProgram make sure you follow Dalton on Instagram @DaltonNYC too!

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