Indie Artist Spotlight: Meet Tampa Rapper Paradox AON | @ParadoxAON

Paradox AON was born in Tampa, Florida. Decent up bringing; drugs were relevant but not seen. Great mother, she did her best given such horrible environments we landed in. I always had excelling talent in nearly everything I did, just had a lack of motivation to go with it. Quick feet, but no sight of where I was headed. There was no authoritative figure in the home and I did not know my father. I eventually met him when I was 19 and found that he is a musician as well. I guess you can say it’s genetics!

I have lost more than I have won. I have never seen honest success, until now. You can say that I have been in and out of jail, all my life. I used to define a good day based on whether it ended in handcuffs or not. I was pretty much locked up in group home after group home, from 13 to 18 years old. I aged out of the system when I turned 18 on December 11th, 2004. It took only 16 days for me to land myself in jail, on Dec 27th. I spent the first year of my adult life behind bars and almost completely missed my child hood. I was angry with no understanding of life so again, I hit the streets. I was a father at 19 but never became a dad until I was nearly 30. I wanted to love my daughter, but I didn’t know how.

I eventually found my way out of Florida and spent most of those years in Tennessee. I got lucky more than my fair share of times, until my lifestyle finally brought me to my knees. I was facing 30 to 55 years in prison in Tennessee. I had already taken the charges, so I couldn’t even fight the case – just hope for a good deal. I was sentenced to 16 years at 30 percent, suspended with treatment. You see, it was in that moment that I realized the only way I could change was through something greater than myself. Otherwise, I knew that I would fail again. I didn’t know when I would get my freedom back, but I knew when I did, I was going to live the rest of my life differently.


I was released to a halfway house in Memphis and by the time I was done with the program, I was selling drugs. It all started to fall apart again and then something made me walk in my P.O.’s office and ask for help. I got lucky again and got the help I needed, but it wasn’t without slipping one more time. About four months in, I was getting high again. By the grace of God, I got back on track and the next nine months would change my life forever.

I prayed that God would give me something to replace all the things I needed to get away from. To give me a new purpose in life because all that I knew was jail, drugs and drive-by’s. It was then that I found my voice in Hip-hop. Music literally saved my life. The amount of pain I have endured throughout my life gives me everything I need to write the lyrics that I spit. For the last two years I have continuously evolved as an artist, but equally importantly, as a man. I have found my purpose in this life: to use my struggles as a message through music.

My demise was my blessing- I guess it’s a paradox.


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