Seventh album from Ka$h Route gives the world a reason to listen

Tampa, FL – Since 2012, Kyle “Ka$h Route” Reedy has been a fast-rising young artist whose music is starting to gain the attention of an ever-widening range of fans across the U.S. He has been releasing music in constant and consistent waves, and many of his singles have been hits. It came as no surprise when he landed on some Top 100 charts and started to become a name people started to recognize.

With that momentum, Ka$h Route became successful even more. He released a 26-track album ,”Teaching Sharks 2 Swim”, on April 20, 2018 which was well received and featured a couple of singles that were in regular rotation around the country and also included multiple music videos that have been gaining a lot of visibility. Because of that success, he has now created a second edition following the same formula. Ka$h Route’s most anticipated seventh album, “Teaching Wolves 2 Howl” was released April 20, 2019.

Seventh album from Ka$h Route gives the world a reason to listen

“With this one, I’m trying to provide a cinematic experience while showing a different side of my story and really talk to the people with a positive message through the music,” he said. “It features a lot of different styles, vibes and sounds, so it’s hard to classify genre-wise.

It’s a mix of jazzy hip-hop, upbeat soul, rap/R&B, pop/electronic in one super project. It’s a very smooth production where the listener wants to really see what’s next. Different people, different ages and different demographics everywhere will love this. More than anything, I was trying to capture some of the popular sounds… that top 40 sound, and put myself into the mainstream so that everybody can get a chance to like the music. It’s an escape and a good time I offer like a good book or great movie.”

Ka$h Route said he’s chosen 21 of his best tracks to put on this album, and is extremely excited for his fans and new listeners to hear the diversity of sounds he’s captured on “Teaching Wolves 2 Howl.” He said, songs tap into EDM vibes while others are jazzy raw hip-hop. There are pop songs, soul songs, straight hip-hop songs, and trap-infused songs with R&B tracks. Plus some that infuse many of those genres together. The project showcases it partly by working with multiple of the industry’s best producers. The Intro “Cold Love” is topped off by a co-sign by DJ Khaled.

“The biggest thing about this album is that you can see how I’ve matured as an artist,” he said. “Before, I was really trying to make money and was headed in that business-oriented direction. Don’t get me wrong, I still wanna be successful and get the best shows, and work with the best artists. But as time has gone by and I’ve found my comfort zone as an artist, I care more about just bringing the best music to the people and my fans. I’m putting together great works of art and I feel like things have all come together for me. It’s not all about the money… it’s about the music, the message and the universal vibe. Everybody who listens to my music can feel it, enjoy it and have fun with it! That’s what it’s about.”

Ka$h Route has also grown as a human over the course of his career and is now heavily involved in giving to charity, volunteering, putting together athletic programs and working with at-risk youth. He recently created a nonprofit organization called “Rise Above Alliance,” which exists to help educate people and bring awareness to efforts that exist to try and put a stop to gun violence in communities across the U.S. Please help stop the violence.

Ka$h Route will be performing live on May 8 at Lime Light Nightclub in Tampa, Florida as well as on May 23 at The Orpheum in Ybor City, FL.

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“Teaching Wolves 2 Howl”

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