Keyz Emmanuel Ft. Dolores Ninja – Lo Ballo

Italian vogue dancer Dolores Ninja partners with Nigerian Afrobeats artist Keyz Emmanuel for upbeat dance track ‘Lo Ballo 

LOS ANGELES, CA – For as long as she can remember, Dolores Ninja has been saying the phrase “Lo Ballo.” If a guy tries to hit on her … “Lo Ballo.” If something challenging comes into her life … “Lo Ballo.” If she just wants to let loose for a night and have fun … “Lo Ballo.” It’s a phrase that has deep meaning for this dancer from Italy, and it’s soon to be a phrase on the lips of music lovers worldwide when it releases across all streaming platforms on March 6.  

“Lo Ballo” means “I Dance” in Italian, and it’s the name of the debut single from Dolores Ninja and Midwest artist Keyz Emmanuel. True to its name, it’s an upbeat dance track that’s perfect for the clubs and necessary for a world weary of hardships and pain. Written as a way to inspire others to get up and move, the single is the natural next step for an artist who has become known for her dancing among the uppermost echelon of artists in the world. Featured on the hit HBO show “Legendary,” which highlights the dance phenomenon racing around the world known as Voguing, Dolores has long been an artist who pushes boundaries. As a vogue dancer she embraces movement and incorporates progressive high-fashion into an expression that’s like Madonna meets the modeling runway. And that’s the vibe she brings to the table with this latest single. 

“I try to keep my artistry complete with my dance and use my music as an escape for people,” Dolores said. “I want people to feel good when they hear my song. I want to make them travel with their imaginations and to be able to dance and share their emotions. When you hear this record you can see something and dream about whomever you want and go wherever you want. The visual side of the art is what I really love.” 

Dolores and Keyz first started down this collaborative path when their producer, Phoenix Sun, brought them together. Having produced a beat that he thought would be perfect for the two artists, Phoenix contacted Keyz and told him his vision for the track. Eventually the three of them came together for a recording session in Las Vegas that all of them say was “Magical” in how effortless and creative it was.  

Keyz is a Nigerian-born Afrobeat artist who plays piano and a variety of percussive instruments. Currently based out of Ohio, this young up-and-coming artist brings a different vibe – a fresh kind of vibe – to the hip-hop world. The juxtaposition of Nigerian Afrobeat influences and Italian high-art influences makes for a truly original sound and style on “Lo Bello.”

“I believe in the quality of the vibe we’ve created,” Keyz said. “You can feel it. We came in with great energy and it’s just different. Ultimately, I believe that it’s about breaking bridges and building new ones and helping people from different places around the world to connect and have fun. We can still connect in the midst of all this chaos. So, lets get back to a time when everyone can have fun.” 


“Lo Ballo” will be available across all streaming platforms on March 6. To listen to Keyz and Dolores Ninja’s music, or to follow them on social media, please visit the following links: 

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