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Young dreamer sees dreams of bigger things realized through rising music career

LOS ANGELES, CA – Hakim Fard Mathieu, known professionally as LIL DAZE, is an American rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur and record executive. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, LIL DAZE early musical role models were Cash Money Records, Roc Nation, and Master P of No Limit Records – pioneers in the business.

LIL DAZE learned early on there was one outlet available to release the toxins of the environment – music. He later attended college then left to launch DAZE-OFF ENT, the Record Label, by releasing his first mixed tape – “DUE TIME”. This debut project enabled Daze to work with established producers and executives in the industry.

DAZE is an innovative artist who expresses the deep and raw emotions of our troubled times. DAZE unique melodies stem from hustling in the streets, accompanied by past heartbreaks and relationships with their many lessons learned. His evolving, hope filled message speaks to each one’s ability to create, overcome and express the uniqueness of their being. They offer a blueprint for overcoming poverty on a journey to living a successful life.

To listen to Lil Daze’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:
Snapchat: lildazetv

“Due Time” Album

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