Listen to A-Park’s Super-Catchy New Single “Recipe” Today!

Make room for this hot new German artist, his name is A-Park and buddy is definitely on his grind! He has a smash new single “Recipe” that has the people chanting the catchy hook “R-E-C__I-P-E” over the laid back melodic beat.  This could very well be a future anthem if it takes off (As it should!). We want everyone to give it a listen, if you think its a dope song add it to your playlist(s) and tell a friend!

Listen to A-Park’s Super-Catchy New Single “Recipe” On Spotify & All Music Streaming Outlets!

A little about A-Park. He was born and raised in Germany but he also has American, Greek, Polish and Turkish roots. He began writing, recording, and performing at the early age of 13.

Speeding things up to current times, at the age of 21, A-Park reflects on the half dozen singles he’s released, as well as the 100+ live performances he’s done. From opening up for Boosie Badazz, to rocking festivals, A-Park makes his presence known on stage. keep him in mind next time you are seeking talent as he looks forward to future bookings to perform his latest single “Recipe”.



HIP HOP IS NOW ORANGE… at least if we going after A-PARK!

A-PARK’s trademark is the color Orange. A-Park identifies his personal and business life with this color. A-Park describes himself as a creative,  outstanding, energetic person who remains to be a positive influence to others. Emitting vitality and getting his message out via his own movement “#OrangeHeartGang” is one of A-Park’s biggest goals.

Instagram: @its_apark
Facebook: @officialAPark
Twitter: @Its_A_Park
Youtube: @aparkofficial


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