Loe T – 21 Questions

‘Visions from the Bottom’ brings rapper’s words
from behind bars to the rest of the world

SEATLLE, WA – Loe T has done more from behind bars than most people accomplish in a lifetime of freedom.

At age 16, the promising young artist was arrested after a drug-related home invasion. He was tried as an adult and has spent the past 10 years in prison. He hasn’t spent his decade behind bars idly. In fact, he’s been actively working to better his life and set himself up for success when he finally gets released. Not only has he studied a variety of subjects to get a better education, but he has also slowly put together a music career that is starting to gain the attention of executives within the industry.

Over the years, Loe T has released several singles on all digital music platforms, all of which were recorded from inside prison. He literally would call a record producer and rap over the prison phone. He also shot a music video from inside prison for his song Envy Charged Up.

“Everybody is seeing me overcome obstacles that most would think are impossible,” Loe T said. “I’m trapped away from the rest of the world, but I’m accomplishing s—t that most would say couldn’t be done. I came up in the streets and grew up in the prison system but I don’t only want to be defined by that. People see a man in prison and want to count me out, but I shouldn’t be judged on my past or where I am and instead be seen for what I’m doing and who I’ve become. I can still relate to people who are in the streets, but I want to use my platform as an example of how to live life different. I want to influence people in a positive direction and show them that no matter the circumstance or struggle you can still beat the odds. I’m giving people something they haven’t seen before – literally – and I believe it could have the potential to change the game”.

Loe T is a name derived from the word “Loyalty,” which he said takes the highest priority for any relationship. LOE stands for “Loyalty Over Everything,” while the T is representative of his “team” his “turf,” and the city of Tacoma, Washington which is where he’s from “It also represents me,” he said, “because loyalty is what I live by.”

Loe T is preparing to release his first album called “Visions from the Bottom.” It’s a 12-track project that features artists such as Glasses Malone, I Rocc and Chris Cash. He said the name of the album comes from his situation of being incarcerated, and reflects the dreams and aspirations he has for one day making it big as an artist.

“Throughout the whole album is a diary of my life, basically,” he said. “There are different styles of songs – some are real street anthems, while others are more commercial sounding and radio-ready. But they’re all filled with my story. My story and sound are unique because I’ve been locked in a time capsule for the last 10 years. And though we do have access to music, being locked up for so long I still have the impression of the music I was listening to 10 years ago. The industry now is heavy trap-sounding beats and a lot of mumble rap, whereas I’m more like the sounds of before with stories drawn out in 16 bars. But I’m putting those things to the new sounds – the new trap beats with the old styles that people can relate to. It’s two different styles fused together.”

Loe T said fans can get a good feel for that fusion on two of his debut singles, “Money Games (feat. Glasses Malone)” and “21 Questions,” which is a remake of 50 Cent’s “21 Questions” and will be released on February 8, 2019 and is already getting radio play in Portland, Oregon.

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