Luv Support – Retro Mami

Best friends use success of individual careers and
come together to form new group 12 Dead Roses

FLINT, MI – Allen Wright and Yama Moto have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Their friendship is the kind filled with a million inside jokes and strong bonds built over years of experiencing life together – both the ups and the downs. Hailing from Flint, Michigan on the under-served north side section of town, these two friends have emerged from a difficult childhood and are using their experiences to inspire others through their music. Having initiated successful individual careers, these friends are now on a mission to collaborate and make even more good music under the power group known as 12 Dead Roses.

Self-described as “underground nerdiness paired with viciously honest street poetry,” the music of 12 Dead Roses juxtaposes multiple sounds and styles in a way that is equal parts unsettling and intriguing. It’s impossible for anyone who hears it to say it’s anything short of original, and the two friends are certain that more and more people around the world will be asking for more once they hear the new album “Luv Support,” which is set to drop on June 12.

According to Wright, the album is a showcase of who they are as individuals – character and personality – told through music. There are 12 songs on the album that takes listeners through a variety of different vibes, from mellow to hype, to way slowed down, and everything in between. The first single from the project, “Retro Mami,” has already been released and is getting some major attention from people throughout the Midwest.

“It’s a song about seeing a girl out there while you’re having a good time with your people,” Yama Moto said. “It has a real psychedelic vibe with a dance track that will get people moving. It’s the next hustle song. Every barbecue is gonna be playing it. And more than anything, it’s a song that shows we’re coming with something more than just rapping.”

Wright said that though their friendship has stood the test of time, learning how to collaborate in the studio on this project was definitely a work. But through the ups and downs of development, the two were able to find something new that they’re both very proud to share with the world. It’s equal parts theirs, with some songs written by Yama Moto and some written by Wright. The former tends to put more attention into the lyrics – filling them with stories from his life and the emotions that come from various situations. Wright on the other hand, is moved by sounds and beats and tends to put more of his effort into the sonics of the songs. That being said, he comes with the bars when inspiration strikes, and Yama Moto definitely puts his touch on the overall sound of their music.

More than anything, fans have commented about the duo’s energy when it comes to performing. According to Wright, “a lot of people probably say we come with energy that no one else comes with. We’re bringing a new way of doing it. It’s not just standard rap. It’s more like alternative rap or hip-hop infused with a lot of different genres. There are a lot of infused elements in there.”

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