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Do you need to promote your music, but don’t really know where to start? We use a variety of strategies to ensure your music, videos, brand is being seen and heard by the right people. Music trends change over time so its best to stay up to date with the evolution of the music industry.

Look over our services and let me know what you would like us to help you with!

Music Marketing/Promotion

⦁ Music Promotion
⦁ Video Promotion
⦁ Album/Mixtape Promotion

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Influencer Marketing/Promotion (Premium)

⦁ Spotify Playlist Placements
⦁ YouTube Channel Placements
⦁ Sound Cloud Re-Posts
⦁ Instagram Influencer Marketing
⦁ Instagram Growth Marketing

Pricing and details:


⦁ Blogs/Media/Publications
⦁ Interviews
⦁ Music Reviews

Pricing and details:


Mixtape Marketing/Promotion

⦁ Mixtape Hosting
⦁ Mixtape Slots
⦁ Indie Artist Mixtape Spotlight

Pricing and details:


Radio Marketing/Promotion

⦁ National Campaigns
⦁ Radio Spins
⦁ Radio Submissions
⦁ Radio Interviews

Pricing and details:


Dj Marketing/Promotion

⦁ Record/Dj Pool Submissions
⦁ Dj Servicing
⦁ Dj Rate and Review
⦁ Creating Show-tapes
⦁ Making clean edits for radio

Pricing and details:

Let me know if you have any questions or if you’re ready to get started!


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