OB.V.US – Party All Year

West Coast rapper takes dreams to the ‘Next Level’ with new album

RICHMOND, CA – Pedro Lavon Mayfield has not had an easy life. Growing up in the streets of Richmond, California he saw things and participated in things that no young man should ever have to see or participate in. At age 18, he had landed in prison for five years and shortly after his release, his older brother was shot in front of their mother’s home. A few years later, his cousin who was more like a brother was shot and killed in Richmond, California. Dealing with such grievance made a big turn in his life and things became dark.

Yes, Mayfield has seen and done a lot, but he isn’t letting that keep him down. On the contrary, those experiences are the stories he pulls from when chasing his dream of becoming a professional musician. His brother and cousin also had this dream and Mayfield said he uses them and their memories as motivation to become as successful as he possibly can.

Today, Mayfield operates under the stage name OB.V.US., and his most recent offering to the world is a 20-song album called “Next Level.” He said it’s a project that not only gives listeners an inside look at the streets he grew up on but also insight into who he is as a man and what drives him to keep chasing after his dreams despite so many setbacks. Mayfield stated that “I am using my personal experiences as fuel to elevate me to the next level.”

The standout single on the album, “Party All Year,” celebrates that journey from pit to prowess with a super upbeat vibe that will have audiences jumping as soon as the beat drops. OB.V.US said he wants to encourage people to celebrate “the bottom” to embrace it because it helps make us who we are.

A music video for the single is slated to drop later this summer as well as other visuals from the album. OB.V.US said he’s also working on more music that he hopes will drop later this year. He’s also currently building a recording studio in the city of El Cerrito, California and partnering with a nonprofit organization called “We Perform” to help give back to the community.

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