Percocet Neno overcomes gunshot to the head, turns tragedy into triumph with fast-rising music career

ATLANTA, GA – Christopher Gaines has always been involved with music, but it wasn’t until last year when a near-death experience made him realize it was the thing he should be pursuing as a career.

Growing up in Atlanta, the artist better known as Percocet Neno was always around music and part of the culture. Through the streets, Neno gained the knowledge of a hustler at a young age. He learned to turn that pain he endured into gain with his unique sound and style as an artist. But a year ago, after leaving a show and dropping friends off at their homes, he was a victim of a drive-by shooting. He was shot in the head and nearly lost his life. He spent months in the hospital recovering, and the whole time he dreamed about what he would do when he was out and how he could chase his ambition to become a world renowned artist.

Over the past year, he’s spent his time perfecting his craft and developing a signature sound and style that sets him apart from the rest of the over-crowded music industry. In his opinion, it’s his content that really sets him apart from anyone else.

Percocet Neno overcomes gunshot to the head, turns tragedy into triumph with fast-rising music career

“It’s all about what I’m talking about,” he said. “I don’t really write. I just go solely off emotions. Whatever I’m going through at the time, that’s what I come up with. For a long time, folks have been telling me that my voice and the things I say is a big thing in my music. At the end of the day, I want people to know me for being real. I don’t want to be one of the rappers that people think is just doing it for entertainment. I want folks to really understand both the good and bad sides of things – the loss and gain from certain things. I don’t put a façade on anything.”

Percocet’s first project, which dropped on his birthday in July 2018, was a big hit and put his name on the lips of fans all over the South and East Coast. A new project he’s currently working on and which he hopes to drop this summer is one that he said is sure to help him grab an even larger audience and put him on the map. It’s the first project he’ll have released since he got out of the hospital, and as such it’s one that he said means a lot to him.

The debut single from that project is a song called “Big Pistol” which tells the story of how he got shot but with an upbeat vibe and a style that will have people bouncing to the beat. He’s currently working on a music video for that single which he said should drop sometime in May. He’ll follow that up with another single called “Yes Sir” before releasing the full album later in the summer.

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