Rapper Tattedupbroc Sets Music Platforms On Fire With New Single “TMZ” Ft Afficial

Rapper Tattedupbroc Sets The Digital Music Platforms On Fire With The Release Of His Single “TMZ” Ft Afficial

TMZ was the first single off his phenomenal EP “Crackheads Made Me Rich vol. 1”. The single created a tremendous wave of gossip about the song and him as an artist. The song was talked about so much that it reached the offices of TMZ leading to someone reaching out to him expressing how much they liked the song.

The song also features artist “Afficial” on the catchy chorus. Listening to the track, proves that Tattedupbroc is keeping that same energy that got him his buzz in the first place. Now he brings the graphic visual of violence to life in this video just to bring his fans deeper into his everyday life. 

Shot in the housing projects that he grew up in by the talented director Jazzbo & the incredible Upstate Groove Productions team, the crew managed to create a visual that is going to be a classic still being played many years from now. Tattedupbroc has a captivating, unique, voice, its his clever bars, and delivery which has helped him stand out from the rest.

Watch the full video below on YouTube. Make sure you drop a comment or hit the like if you are rockin wit the music! Social media info and links are at the bottom, get in tune!

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