New mixtape highlights ‘Reconstructed’ life of East Coast artist RealLiveRari

CHARLOTTE, NC – After years of making music and chasing dreams with frustrating success, Charlotte based artist RealLiveRari is in the midst of a season of rebuilding. As a person – emotionally, spiritually and even physically – this young musician is making the kind of life changes that inspire others around him. And his music is echoing that positive forward momentum, most especially on his new mixtape “Reconstructed.” It’s a project that he said examines the various ways that he’s rewiring the way he thinks and approaches life.

“I started out doing music when I was about age 16 and I always enjoyed it. However, I went to college because my family thought that was the most practical thing to do,” he said. “I hated college yet I finished and when I graduated, I got a job right away. But I couldn’t do corporate America. I quit my job with the intention of pursuing music. Unfortunately, my grandmother got sick and had to have brain surgery. It’s been a roller-coaster few years, but I’ve decided this is my time to step up and do what I have to do as an artist. This project shows who I am as an artist – heartfelt, honest and true. Nothing is fabricated.”

New mixtape highlights ‘Reconstructed’ life
of East Coast artist RealLiveRari

Though there are other artists in the world who have adopted the name Rari, RealLiveRari said he uses that as his stage name because it really is his birth name – Merari Pritchet. And as people get to know his name and become familiar with his music, he wants to be known as a humble hustler – the kind of musician who isn’t trying to be something he’s not or giving off a superficial vibe. He’s an artist who actually knows what he’s talking about and wants to do positive things for the community. He’s not just trying to be famous off his music but really wants his creations to impact and inspire the world.

A great example of that is his single “Tebow.” Inspired by the NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, the song encourages people to give recognition where it’s due when plans come to fruition and success is attained.

“When Tebow does a touchdown, he does this kneeling thing and prays to God,” RealLiveRari said. “It’s a victorious thing. That’s what this song is about. Once you’ve made it through all – when you’ve made your touchdown – give all the glory and honor to God. It’s a song that’s really upbeat. When you hear the chords in there, you can really feel that everything I chose in that song, I chose for a reason – even the minor chords in the background. It almost feels like you’re marching uphill and you made it to the top. It’s that kind of a triumphant song.”

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