Scrooge McBucks – If You Wit It

Louisiana rapper Scrooge McBucks drops
sexy new R&B single ‘If You Wit It’

SHREVEPORT, LA – Ra El Bey is one of those rare people who can eat as much as they want and never get fat. And he was stingy, so this was the source of an inside joke for his friends growing up, and led to him earning the nickname Scrooge.

Scrooge is also passionate about music. It has surrounded him his entire life and as he’s grown in confidence and skill, the music of his life has become more than just something he listens to for motivation. Now, he makes music that inspires others. And as he has pursued that dream, he decided to add to his nickname and adopt the stage name Scrooge McBucks.

His most recent offering to the world is a single called “If You Wit It.” The song is a slower, R&B-driven track that he describes as a “dating song that’s kind of sexual.”

“It’s almost one of those songs you’d play when you’re having intercourse,” he said. “It’s a slow song that is all about talking to a girl that you want to date. It’s very R&B heavy which is a little unusual for me because I’m not really an R&B artist. But if I can do a song that females would like, I think it will help draw me a nice little crowd.”

Scrooge said he hopes this song will showcase his unique sound and style and introduce more people to his archive of music. Over the years, he has been compared to Boosie, though he assures people that he has his own niche and unique combination of sound and language.

“I can do rap or trap or hip-hop or R&B,” he said. “All my lyrics are old-school rap. I started rapping early in life when I met some guys who put me in a studio and taught me how to do it right. I’ve been serious about it ever since.”

His first interest in music began while singing in the school choir class as a child. He said music has always felt good to his soul and that has stayed with him throughout the years – even during a period of time when he found himself distracted by the streets and the lifestyle that comes with that. He got the opportunity to record his first song on a friend’s label and after moving to Shreveport, Louisiana from North Carolina, he began to record his own music. Over the past three years, he’s had the opportunity to perform in places such as The Josh Lounge Club, Club Haze and Shreveport Club Only in Monroe. He also recently completed a four-state tour through Atlanta, Florida, Colorado and Alabama.

“I’m pretty much a stand-up guy,” he said. “I’m writing about stuff I’ve seen and been through, and I’m really just trying to be honest and truthful. I don’t want to be negative all the time. I just want to be positive and truthful as much as I can.”

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“If You Wit It”

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