Cross country relocation leads to new perspective from fast rising artist Spektiv

SAN DIEGO, CA – Perspective is power. That’s not only the outlook on life that San Diego-based artist Spektiv lives by, it’s also the foundation for his musical point of view. For the New Jersey-raised artist, perspective is everything. His music flirts between the boundaries of moody and uplifting and his new album, “Vuja De”, functions as a dream journal to express what is essentially a brutally honest account of the trials and tribulations of modern life.

Nothing short of introspective, Spektiv’s new album circulates around the theme of perspective vs. familiarity. From the soulful, jazzed up stylings of “Brighter Day” to the infectiously playful anthem “Sadderday,” “Vuja De” is an ode to those seeking a second chance in life.

Cross country relocation leads to new perspective
from fast rising artist Spektiv

“‘Vuja De’ is the surreal experience of revisiting the familiar but with newfound rigor that allows us to unlock doors that may not have been present before,” Spektiv said. “Simply put, it’s about growth, development and rising up. That’s my story so far.”

After 29 years of living in New Jersey, Spektiv uprooted his family and headed as far west as he could go, literally seeking a new perspective on life. He needed something new and fresh, and an entirely different weather, climate, landscape and people-group. This helped him discover new sides of himself that he never knew existed. In the first six months of living in San Diego, he created his new album, writing 10 songs in no time because of the inspiration that came from his new experiences in California.

“I literally wrote the new album in about four weeks,” he said. “I’m super proud of it. It’s a rebranding for me – not just with my music but with my whole life. It’s a project that examines the different struggles and feelings that we all deal with on a day-to-day basis, but in way that makes you feel it throughout every single track. It’s very moody but you can also feel the energy and passion and that different perspective. What makes it stand out from anything else out there is my ability to deliver perspective and help whoever is listening to make a change in their life one way or another.”

Two singles from the project are already gaining Spektiv some major attention. The first is “Legendary,” which is a pop single that features New Jersey artist Terrado. Described as a club banger, the song talks about fake friends and breaking through different barriers to get to where you want to go.

The other single is “Brighter Day,” which is a more hip-hop forward track with a nostalgic mid-90s vibe. Spektiv said it’s significant because of how it encourages the listener to change their mindset and readjust internally so that they can find a brighter day.

“You have to examine internally and be willing to act on that,” he said. “In the video for the song, you see a kid who plays me when I was younger, and he’s sitting on the beach and he’s visibly distraught. He finds a note that says ‘Brighter days are ahead.’ The song goes on to explore this idea of keeping your head up and re-examining yourself. You’re responsible for you. Once you take accountability on what you’re doing from day-to-day and hour-to-hour, the results are astronomical.”

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