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Mysterious artist out of LA has people searching
for more after listening to new album ‘Nights’

LOS ANGELES, CA – A new artist coming out of Los Angeles is causing quite a bit of buzz, and more and more people all over the U.S. are clamoring to find out more about who he is and what he’s about. But the mystique that surrounds himself with is thick – few know what he looks like, how old he is or where he comes from. All they know is that his music is out of this world and his sound is so unique that they have to hear more.

The artist calls himself STARPARAMOUR– Star for the dream he has of being a world-renowned artist and paramour for the fact that he’s a “universals lover.” Under that stage name, he released his debut album on Jan. 16, called “Nights.” The first single from that album, “The Man,” reached top 200 on the charts fairly quickly after the release, and since that time the album has been gaining traction across the rest of the country. His sound has been described as one part PartyNextDoor, one part Drake, one part Kanye West, and all parts original and one-of-a-kind. His sound on “Nights” is chill and vibey – stuff that listeners could just “ride to,” he said. It’s a project that he said is “real, with no BS,” and which taps into that “LA feel.”

“It’s its own sound,” he said. “You can’t really find anything like it. I’ve heard people say I remind them of PartyNextDoor or even The Wknd – and those are my favorite artists so I don’t mind that. But I’m different than them. I have that wave – that star wave – that separates me from anyone else.”

STARPARAMOUR currently owns his own label and independently releases music himself. He produces, sings, engineers, raps … he does pretty much everything throughout the process of creating music. He said he started when he was young – at about age 11 – when he saw other independent artists making music and he was inspired to try it out. He literally built things from scratch, finding computer parts and making his own computer which he started producing music on as soon as it was complete. When people started hearing his music, they couldn’t believe he had done it himself at such a young age – and their reactions sealed his fate. He has continued to make music ever since and said he hasn’t looked back once.

As he rides the wave of success with “Nights,” STARPARAMOUR is already looking to the next projects. He’s working on his next album, “Xxx,” which he plans to drop in June. He said this album will have more edginess to it – bringing raw energy that showcases him in an uncensored full affect.

“I want to be known for honesty and real emotion behind it,” he said of his music. “Every song you hear, you can go back to the moment when you heard it and it will bring you back to the real-ness. There’s a lot of fake going on in the industry. Sometimes when I’m driving and I don’t like the music on the radio, I have to put on myself because it’s real and it’s good. That’s what I want to bring to the rest of the world.”

To listen to STARPARAMOUR’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:
“Nights” (The Album)
“THE STARS” (Official Music Video)

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