Stazthehokage reaches new heights with his EP “Vounó”


Stazthehokage reaches new heights with his EP “Vounó”

QUEENS, NY – Stazthehokage (STAZ-THE-HO-KA-GAE) knew he wanted something cool and creative to name his latest project. He decided on “VOUNÓ”–a Greek word for “Mountain”–as the title of his new EP.  Staz says that just like in the mountains, where you can hear the echoes of your voice bounce, his music on this EP uses an echo effect to surround his audiences with vocals and help them zone into what he’s singing and rapping about.

Staz’s new EP blends experimental Hip Hop and Pop music, and features his soulful voice, expert flow and sharp rhyming style. The EP includes 9 tracks inspired by his life and experiences with love and heartbreak. When he is unable to talk to anyone about feelings, Staz says, he pours them into a song and shares it knowing that people will be able to relate to what he’s saying. 

For example, the song “Make It” is about people who tear you down and tell you that you’re not going to make it no matter what you do–even though you know differently. He also has a message in his music about the current state of hip hop. Songs like “Rap Culture Is Dead” and “Twilight Zone” say that hip hop has changed but not in a way that shows more artistic creativity.  

Stazthehokage is a mixed genre artist. He grew up listening to the Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, John Legend and other classics. Listening to different kinds of artists gives him ideas that he puts into his own music. “There’s a lot of music out there that can inspire you to do way more than what you think that you can do,” Staz said. He didn’t start listening to Hip Hop until later, when The Black Eyed Peas came along. Stazthehokage’s music has evolved and matured since then, when he was doing dubstep beats and rhymes and rapping with friends. 

When asked about his unusual name, Staz says it comes from the Japanese manga series, Naruto. A “Hokage” is the leader of a village who must be pure and kind hearted,. The Hokage will do whatever it takes to protect those around him. Staz chooses these qualities for himself as he takes care of his friends and juggles his music career with college, church, and family.

After graduating from high school, Staz started performing to fully engaged audiences at clubs, including Blackthorn 51 in Queens. He loves making music and plans to release his next single soon called “FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN.” 

Staz says his next collection–which he already has named “Mayhem”–will unfold the stories told on VOUNÓ and maintain the space and the echoes that VOUNÓ provided. Although it will have a few light-hearted tracks, it will also show a more aggressive side of Staz and be new ground. “Mayhem will have an electric feeling to each track, “says Staz. “It’s going to be good.”

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