Stream A-Lister’s New Single “Poser” On Spotify!

Pop Sensation A-Lister Releases A Catchy New Single Titled “Poser”

A-Lister is a virtual/animated singer, songwriter, and producer with a style, vibe, and sound of his own. The new Youtube celebrity is free from the chains of flesh and physicality. He rolls with his boys, chases his ladies, makes his art, and lives at the front of the line. The animated videos are aesthetically interesting to the eye. Recently, A-Lister appeared on the international music scene without warning, fully formed.

”All my fans will tell you I am animated, talented and an all-around great guy” ~ A-Lister”

A-Lister’s original music blends the eternal cool of soul with the catchiness of pop and a modern production style into sounds no live-action listener can turn away from. Tracks like “Mind Over Mary” and “Invincible Days” display a master’s touch in the studio. You can hear his influences that range from Eminem to Prince when he performs music covers of some of his favorite songs.


A-Lister recently released a single/video titled “Poser”, its a super catchy pop single that’s making waves across the nation! Just in time for the season to break thi

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To showcase his talent, A-Lister performs all genres from Pop – Hip-Hop– Alternative – Electro and everything in between. Lately, he jams on his guitar and keyboards to write some very cool tunes. Make sure to connect with him on social media and digital music platforms. Additionally, subscribe below today so you don’t miss a single hit song.

Notable Lyrics: 2 Verse

I’m Rising Up Just Like A Phoenix From It’s Grave, I’m Dropping Tracks,sometimes Its 4 Or 5 A Day

See, I’m So Deep In This, That’s None Of Your Business, I’m Drunk, Depraved, Same Shit, New Day

Still I Slip And Stumble, Yet Kendrick Says Be Humble, I Wish I Could Be Me, Just For Once

Shit Feels Like I’m Dying, Yeah I See You Eyeing, I’m Glad I Got My, Wayfarers On.

Oh I’m Making Music, Oversaturated, Useless, And I Can’t Find Middle “C”, But Fuck It Fuck It, Fight It, Fight It, Love It, Love It, Like It, Like It


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