Heartless – We Made It

Profanity-free rapper drops inspiring new single ‘We Made It’

PITTSBURGH, PA – Lendell Black, more commonly known as the American rapper and hip hop artist Heartless, is a one-of-a-kind musician who is doing everything he can to rewrite the stereotypes of a genre that he loves so deeply.

Heartless is known for his profanity-free and upbeat music within the world of hip hop – something that’s nearly unheard of within the genre. And that profanity-free street music is setting him apart from a lot of other artists in greater ways than just his standout lyrics. His beats and vibes are making feet move all over the country, and his unique sound is the kind of ear candy that fans just can’t get enough of. 

“There are other artists out there who don’t use profanity, but my distinctive style is different and sets me apart from those who do,” Heartless said. “Usually you hear something in the hip hop genre and within 5 to 10 seconds, there’s profanity. I wanted to do something different. When I first started making music, I used profanity, and when my father heard it, he told me he understood what I was trying to accomplish but he encouraged me to reach out to my fans in a different way to make them understand where I’m coming from. A lot of people told me I wouldn’t be able to accomplish it if I went profanity-free, but over time, it has become easy and natural to me. I liked where I was going better than using curse words, and I hope my music shows other people that you can accomplish what you want without using profanity. Besides, street music does exist without profanity. I write about my life and have a lot of storytelling – a lot of things I’ve been through or am going through, or places I want to take in my life. And through all those experiences, I’m giving fans stories and different things from the street but through an entirely different lens.”

Most recently, Heartless dropped the new single “We Made It.” Described as a “gritty, upbeat-tempo song about getting out of the streets,” the song is one that Heartless said is something a wide range of fans will like because it taps into an idea with which everyone can relate.

“It’s about making it to a better place than where we were at before,” he said. “I grew up in the projects. Most of my time was spent doing ‘projects’ stuff. That’s where the song comes from – wanting to do something bigger and better. I always wanted something better for my life and when I started listening to people like LL Cool J and Mc Eiht, I started to dream about using music to make a better life for myself and think about those better places. Music was basically a way to escape everything I was going through. And the journey has been a good one with some pretty great fans. I have much love to all the fans who have been supporting me this far. I hope to have more people get to know about me, but I know that without the fans I have today, I wouldn’t be where I am and I appreciate them greatly.”

In addition to his work as a musician, Heartless is also a philanthropist who works hard to give back to his community. Most recently, he has become involved with the Mixed Connective Tissue Disease Association. He has people in his life who battle the disease and he said it has become an important cause which he hopes to raise awareness and financial support for.

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Allocai uses deep pain to fuel new music in single ‘Cloud9’

Allocai uses deep pain to fuel new music in single ‘Cloud9’

LOS ANGELES, CA – Allocai is a 21-year-old LA-based pop recording artist whose unique sound
and style brings a breath of fresh air to the music industry. He’s not a one-trick pony when it comes to art but rather a well-rounded artist who pushes boundaries of stereotypical genres. A broad vocal range and versatile dance routines enables him to fully captivate an audience in his live performances, inevitably leaving them to reminisce their experience for years.

Born in Jamaica, this young performer grew up experimenting with his curiosity for music and used it as a form of self expression to gain freedom from an adverse life that was constantly being molded by his draconian father. Perhaps the lowest point in his life came about five years ago when his father got romantically involved with his girlfriend, kicked him out of the house, wrote him off from their family company, got his girlfriend pregnant and later on got married to her!

“A few months passed after that when I barely hung on to my sanity,” he said. “My depression got worse and worse, especially with the added pressure of being a medical student. It almost drove me to suicide. At my lowest point, my grandmother, whom I was living with at the time,
encouraged me to go back to my roots and find a way to express my emotions that I’d been keeping to myself. Her words led me to rediscover my voice and talent, and to find a deeper purpose for it all. I used music as a form of emotional therapy and to express feelings that I couldn’t get out even in conversations with a therapist.”

After months of training and developing his craft, Allocai decided to drop out of medical school and venture to LA to pursue a career in the arts. He found a freedom of expression that he never knew before, and soon tapped into a side of his sexuality that he had kept hidden for many years. He started openly having romantic relationships with men until it eventually led him to find love in the eyes of another man. That combination of newfound joy and freedom of expression found its way into his music, and he hasn’t looked back since.

In the years since, he has partnered with a record label, Tree4ort Records, and has put together his first album, “Cruelty.” That album is already highly anticipated along the West Coast and will display his ability to interweave different genres to create original sounds that are rooted in pop, but incorporate a variety of other influences.

Most recently, Allocai has released his new single, “Cloud9,” which is the first track to be released from “Cruelty”. A music video for the single is slated to drop in August. The album will tell the story of the ordeal with his father while creating vibes that he hopes will help audiences emote with him.

“It’s a way of experiencing emotions rather than listening to words,” he said. “Each song represents a particular emotion I experienced on my road to recovery. ‘Cloud9’ is a song that represents one of my lowest points and the drug abuse that came with it. It’s a chill, vibey type of feel, and it shows off the kind of music I want to make – anything that can give you a different flavor. My base genre will always be pop but I want to fuse that with things like reggae or hip hop or rock – just anything that will give it a different feel. The ultimate end game is to create music that stays true to a unique artistic sound and is still able to appeal to a contemporary audience. I love dancing as much as I love singing so a lot of dance jams are coming up on this album.”

Allocai said that he’s working hard to release the album before the end of the year.

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Flash of inspiration leads to hot new hit single ‘I Want It All’ from Minnesota-based rapper Eway

Flash of inspiration leads to hot new hit single
‘I Want It All’ from Minnesota-based rapper Eway

ROCHESTER, MN – There are moments in life that sometimes happen in a flash but end up lasting for a lifetime. For Minnesota-based hip hop artist Eway, that happened one night in a recording studio when he was younger. He was there with his older brother watching as he recorded some music with some friends. His older brother was free-styling on the mic and looked into the booth at him and spit the bars, “I see you out there. Your name ain’t Eddie no more, it’s Eway!” The name stuck and it served as a flash of inspiration for a young artist who hasn’t looked back since.

Today, Eway is making music professionally and on a fast-track to become one of the country’s next big musicians. His new single, “I Want It All,” is the kind of upbeat track that has audiences hopping and playing on repeat. 

“Eway is a name that holds a lot of weight,” he said. “You think something big when you hear it. When people speak it or hear it, they think big. My brother is incarcerated right now and when we have the opportunity to talk, he always brings that up because he called me that. People tend to gravitate to me because they perceive me like I’m already there. I’m bigger than life. I respect people and they respect me, too. I’m Eway and I’m making it big.”

That’s the entire sentiment behind “I Want It All.” It’s a track that tells the world what his mission is and how he isn’t going to stop until he achieves the success that he’s been seeking for so many years. And yet in similar ways to how he was given his stage name, the song came to him in a flash. Like all of his music, he was playing with sounds and producing new beats. As he was making the beat for this song, he just kept repeating over and over “I want it all. I want it all. I want it all.” The words fueled the beat, and the beat fueled the words, and before he knew it, the song had written itself. And since its release, it has become his most popular single to date.

In addition to giving fans an upbeat vibe to have fun with, it’s also a song that shows off his unique style and sound. 

“I have my own unique flow and delivery,” he said. “I have my own style and my wordplay is different. My style is just me. If you get to know me and then hear my music, it all makes sense. I rap about stuff in my life and what others I know go through, and it’s all real authentic. I’m not being like the rest out there. I’m not trying to fit in or blend in. I’m just being me on the track. I produce the majority of my beats and it’s all drawn from emotion. It’s all me so when people hear my music, I want them to know it’s a good artist behind that sound. I make good music. That’s the legacy I want to leave behind – a larger-than-life guy who makes good music that people will gravitate to and want to hear over and over again.”

For the time being, Eway said he’s releasing singles from his catalog of work, but he hopes to lead up to a larger project sometime in 2020. He’s also anxious to show off his skills with some live performances and encourages people to come check him out on Aug. 31 at the Splash Bash in Rochester.

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Lil Kev – In My Bag

Lil Kev leaves mark on hip-hop industry at only age 15

ALTOONA, IOWA – For as long as he can remember, Kevin Kennedy has wanted to make music and be a professional artist. As he’s grown up in the Midwest town of Altoona, Iowa, he’s often found himself visiting his uncle’s studio – watching closely as other artists record their music and gaining insider knowledge in how the industry works. With every new artist and song recorded in his uncle’s studio, Kevin would dream a little more.

At only age 15, Lil Kev is done waiting for his “some day” to get there. He’s ready to launch his career and show the world that he has lyrics and beats that are ready for the mainstream now. The release of his two new singles is just the beginning, he said. The first is a song called “In My Bag,” which he describes as a challenge to others to ignore the haters and keep pushing through to attain the dreams you want. It’s a more mellow song with a vibe that will be motivational to anyone who listens to it, he said.

The second song is “Lavish Life,” and he feels confident it’s the song that will put him on the map. It’s an upbeat song that shows off his work ethic and the dedication he brings to the craft.

“This is the kind of song that shows how hard I work and hopefully someday a label will recognize me,” he said. “Until that happens, I need to keep going hard. I have a unique sound. My shit is different. Everyone else tries to copy others, but I’m writing my lyrics different than what you hear anywhere else. It’s about my life and showing the world how I live. And I want to be known for being inspirational. If someone has put you down, don’t listen to them. Keep going up.”

Lil Kev’s big goal is to be the first hip-hop artist to come out of Iowa and make it big. His favorite artist today is NBA Young Boy, and he said he’s studied other big artists – especially Chief Keef, Lil Baby and Quando Rondo – to learn what they’ve done to be successful. He’s working with other producers, as well as his uncle, to refine his sound and find beats that will catch fans off-guard while giving them something catchy to listen to. And he writes all of his own lyrics – something he’s proud of for only being 15 years old.

“I’m just looking to make my dreams come true because I know I’m talented,” he said.

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“In My Bag”

$pender – Audemars (feat. Lil Cobaine and J Bandz)

Hot new single ‘Audemars’ hits airwaves
from up-and-coming artist $pender

DALLAS, TX – One of Spencer Johnson’s fondest memories from his childhood is of sitting in his grandmother’s living room, listening to her play the piano. Those early moments in his life planted a seed of love for music that grew over time. At age 5 he asked his parents to buy him a guitar, and in the years since he has learned how to play multiple instruments and create music of his own.

Midway through high school, Spencer was introduced to rap by some friends who were freestyling during their lunch breaks. It opened up a whole new world of possibility for him – combining his natural ability as a musician with his talent for writing rapid-fire lyrics that strike a chord with anyone who listens. As he showcased his talent to his classmates, one friend hyped him up and called out the nickname $pender. It stuck, and today $pender is on the fast-track to becoming one of the world’s hottest new hip-hop icons.

Fans can get a taste of his newest music with the single “Audemars,” which just dropped across all digital streaming platforms. Featuring Lil Cobaine, the song uses the Audemars Piguet watch as a metaphor for the finer things in life. $pender said in addition to being a song that people can just chill to and enjoy as a good piece of music, it’s also a song that taps into the core of what he wants to be known for, which is encouraging others to stay positive and chase after their dreams.

“All I really want to do is make people feel a positive vibe and connect with the music,” he said. “I make music that hits you right in the ears and is pleasing. I want to be a person that others see as someone who views everything in life from a positive viewpoint, and I want to help others put that into perspective for themselves. I want to define positive moments through music.”

$pender said the new single is the first release of many to come, leading up to a full album called “Spend Bandz” that he is working on in collaboration with fellow artist J-Bandz. Their plan is to drop singles steadily over the next few months, leading up to a big release of the full album toward the end of the year. $pender said the album with be “like no other album.”

“Every single track will have a different vibe,” he said. “One song will be Latin, another R&B, another straight rap. We’ll have some amazing features on there, like Famous Dex and Lil Cobaine. Mostly we’re going for versatility, but they’ll all be songs that sound good and are pleasing to listen to. I’m just trying to put out what comes from inside of me. I’m making my way up to the top and aspiring to achieve certain things I’ve set my mind on. I’ve always wanted to do something huge with my life, and what I want to do that’s big is in music. I’ve realized that I can reach those dreams, and I’m not gonna stop trying until I do.”

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