Indie Artist Spotlight For Lalo The Don “Voiceless” ft Denise Weeks

Lalo The Don features Denise Weeks In His Latest Visual For “Voiceless”

Lalo The Don returns from a successful trip to Japan and in to 2020 with a new video for his single “Voiceless”. This final release off his acclaimed “Thug Gentleman” album includes a guest feature from X-Factor semifinalist Denise Weeks and a hot track from producer Adrian Adonis. Having to adapt to the current pandemic that has altered 2020, the New York rapper took to addressing the world with a positive message of hope and determination. “Voiceless” is available on all online music platforms.

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Ace Mafioso – Realness

East Coast Artist Ace Mafioso Releases A New Single “Realness” On Spotify, Apple Music & All Digital Streaming Platforms!
Ace Mafioso is a rapper from New Bedford, Massachusetts. He is also signed to, and the owner of his own independent label, JVMediaLLC, which houses a few other artists who are currently in development. His goal is to be at the forefront of this music empire in the future.
Ace landed a distribution deal in the late 2000’s, after getting highlighted in the ‘Unsigned Hype’ section of ‘The Source,’ and collaborating with some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop such as Raekwon, Big Noyd, and Nature.
However, his career was then put on hold for 3 years for serving a stint in state prison for firearm possession. He then served another two years and faced life in prison for a first degree murder charge. Luckily, he was found not guilty by a jury and acquitted of all charges.

With all his legal troubles finally out of the way, Ace then returned to the music scene to focus on his career. He started to collaborate with with younger artists in the game such as The Cokeboys, Fred The Godson, and French BSM.

His music video “Pour Some” was then featured on WorldStarHipHop and garnered over 2.6 million views in just 3 days. He quickly followed up with an EP, titled “Crimewave,” produced by Dame Grease.

Now, to keep his momentum going, Ace delivers his new single titled “Readlness” produced by Chize. The record already is picking up a lot of steam, especially across digital streaming platforms.

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New Music From Zilo Groove

Zilo Groove Fuses Afrobeat, Hip-Hop, EDM & Afro Pop On His Latest Releases

We are featuring 4 new tracks from the homie Zilo Groove! Zilo Grooves music is a fusion of AfroBeat, Afro Pop, Hip-Hop, and EDM check out the new music below!!

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I Love My African by Zilo Groove 

Sexy Slap by Zilo Groove

Sweet Mother by Zilo Groove

Funky White Girl by Zilo Groove

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Lil 24 – Forever Is Never

Lil 24 is back with a dope new project “Forever Is Never” stream it right now on! 

Westside Gunn – $500 Ounces

From the album “Pray for Paris”. Out now!

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Indie Artist Spotlight: Stream Lyrical Union’s New Single “Lady”

Lyrical Union Take You On A Soulful Journey With Their Latest Release “Lady”

Young Noah Da Champ and Rhymefluid Tha Bar King from Lyrical Union, 2 Lyricists with a passion and love for Hip-Hop. Both met in 1997 at Challenger Middle School’s Recreation Program in Glendale, Arizona and became best friends sharing the same love for Hip-Hop and Rap Music. Champ and Flu came up in a Hip-Hop era at a time when Gangsta Rap was on the rise and mourned the deaths of 2pac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

Champ and Flu’s musical interests were both Eastcoast and Westcoast music, being that Champ was from West Los Angeles, California and Rhymefluid from Baltimore, Maryland but grew up in Glendale, AZ. When the 2 came together in Independence High School in 2001 also in Glendale, they would both write rhymes together during class after finishing their work, and freestyle when they had free time at school. Both participated in group battles against other groups before and after school proving their lyrical skills and dominating the campus demanding respect. Musical interests at the time were Nas, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Canibus, DMX, The Lox, Mobb Deep (whom they wrote alot of raps to)Memphis Bleek, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Eminem, Xzibit, Ja Rule, Master P, Kool G. Rap, KRS-One, and Common.

Being that these were rookies and legends of their time, they had respect for the old schoolers that came before them, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Run-DMC, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, and they learned about these rappers and MC’s from the Hip-Hop Biographies shown on MTV and BET. Da Champ and Rhymefluid wanted to grow up and be legends like these artist who helped build Hip-Hop and still to this day they feel the legends are the reason why Hip-Hop is on a much bigger scale than it was back then. Noah Da Champ graduated from High School in 2003 and Rhymefluid Tha Barking graduated in 2004, and coming up in that time, Hip-Hop was making a dramatic change, With G-Unit, Rocafella Records and Dipset making street bangers, Hip-Hop turned to sex, lust and glorifying of money which they were not down with. Champ and Flu hated any rap song that had punchlines such as “pop that booty, twerk it down to the floor” and so on. To them this was not real Hip-Hop, but they listened to alot of G-Unit, D-Block and Dipset mixtapes to help warm up their skills before getting in the studio.

Before Rhymefluid graduated high school, he recruited 3 other members into Lyrical Union, Kay-on, Kahlee, T-Suede and Vice Mob. Champ met up with them after school to record street hits in Kay-on’s home studio. The group recorded an album called Always Standing Tall, which consisted of 20 tracks produced by Kay-On, After Kay-On and Kahlee graduated, everyone remained best friends but the group disbanded except for Rhymefluid Tha Bar King and Young Noah Da Champ who continued to record tracks with each other. Young Noah Da Champ started to record a solo album called Rhyme Technician in 2004 which Rhymefluid can be heard on a number of tracks such as Total Knockout, Bringin’ It Back, Movin’ It Out and The MLK Joint (which was dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

Their best friend Alex also known as Talented Alex joined on with the group later to record their #1 smash hit Sixty Times. Champ was looking to market and promote these hits but Noah didn’t have the connections wanted to skyrocket the album and Noah became depressed. His friends wanted to move forward and do more music and Noah seemed to hold onto Rhyme Technician. Then life happened, in 2007 Champ and Flu was facing life struggles with jobs, money and careless women who wanted to take advantage of Champ and Flu. But in 2010 Da Champ got back into the studio and recorded a mixtape called Ladies Only which also features Talented Alex and Rhyme Fluid on remix tracks such as, Sexy Lady, All I Want Is You, Change It All and Good Love Music. Around that time, the mixtape game was changing where most mixtapes were “free” and not sold. In 2013 Young Noah Da Champ prepared Mr. Nice Guy EP which features Rhymefluid Tha Bar King and Talented Alex on a revamped version of Sixty Times which is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify. Rhymefluid Tha Bar King also managed to be involved in many local rap battles including Battles At The Bridge in Phoenix, AZ.

In 2015 when Da Champ prepared the Re-Release of Mr. Nice Guy, Champ wanted to include more tracks with him and Rhymefluid Tha Bar King, but then, Flu ended up facing jail time for abandoned probation, which left Noah Da Champ distraught and couldn’t do any music without his best homie. Champ and his wife supported Flu throughout his time in jail by enabling phone calls and keeping in touch with others close to Flu including the mother of his child and their twin daughters.

February 2016 Rhymefluid Tha Bar King finished his time and came home. Close friends and family members celebrated with Flu and joined his boy Young Noah Da Champ on their first two shows together since coming back home performing Good Love Music and a Mobb Deep classic hit called Real Survive, a remix of Mobb Deep’s Survival Of The Fittest which was recorded in 2013. Alongside reuniting with Champ, Flu is also dominating the battle Rap Scene seeking to grab the attention of KOTD and URL to become the best battle lyricist in Rap and Young Noah Da Champ preparing his Gospel Album Reborn Spirit.

Just recently, Champ and Flu performed at the Arizona Mixtape Music Awards on December 17, 2017 and made an impact in the Arizona Hip-Hop Community. Now in their mid 30’s Young Noah Da Champ and Rhymefluid Tha Bar King plan to set the bar in Hip-Hop history with their upcoming album Rising Icons which features their new hit single, “When I’m On My Grind which is set to be released early this year on thier joint venture labels iLL Money Entertainment (Young Noah Da Champ CEO) and Serveemup Gang (Rhymefluid’s new record label) and group label Lyrical Union Music Group. They also have other hot bangers such as Lady and On Mah Momma along with their good friend and newest member of the group Bozo now known as DJ Phattz recording, mixing and co-producing tracks. As a trio or solo, Champ, Phattz and Flu will continue to be a dynamic lyrical force in Hip-Hop keeping the essence of real music alive.

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Pariz Noir – Lust

Dark R&B artist Pariz Noir explores short-term relationships with new single “Lust”

MIAMI, FL – Mysterious and melodic with silky smooth vocals, Pariz Noir is creating music unlike anything else in the game right now. Her unique style could be described as an electronic sound that leans towards the R&B side. Evoking an enigmatic and dark mood reminiscent of early music by The Weeknd and singer-songwriter 6lack, Pariz Noir is bringing out music this year that signals a new direction for the artist. This year’s singles, “Las Olas” and “Lust,” reflect how much her music has evolved since the release of her “Darkroom” EP two years ago.

“Las Olas,” originally released in 2019, was Pariz’s first release after “Darkroom.” The song had been recorded in a studio she had used before with her old producer. Then she found a new studio in Miami and decided to record the track again. “I wanted a fresh start,” Pariz said. “I decided to re-record the song because this was a new stepping stone after Darkroom.” “Las Olas” was re-released two months ago, and its superior sound and refined vocals are gaining a lot of traction on digital platforms.

Noir, who has been seriously making her own music for about four years now, described her Alternative/R&B EP, “Darkroom,” as portraying herself alone in that dark room with her feelings, thoughts and emotions. Feeling vulnerable and in a dark place, Pariz’s tone is sadder since she used the music as a way to express some of the physical and emotional challenges that she was going through at the time.

“Las Olas” and the new single, “Lust”, represent the next realm of Pariz’s journey. Now, she is over the pain and concentrating on learning and bettering herself and her new attitude is reflected in her recent music.

“Lust,” also recorded in the new Miami studio, is due to be released on April 10, 2020. It promises great improvements on the technical side as well as the practical side — the recording quality is improved and her lyrics and tone are less melancholy. A storytelling about sexual encounters, “Lust” is about how one person, who is focused on her music and career, cannot get involved in a long-term relationship. Even though the other person wants a serious relationship, she understands the situation — their only option for a relationship is a short-term sexual one.

“Las Olas” and “Lust” give Pariz Noir a strong foundation of fresh work to build on. She now has four new songs that go really well together, and she looks forward to releasing another EP. At the moment, Pariz is getting back to learning the keyboards, always focusing on the music. “That’s all I care about!”

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LadyCharlene – Setup

Unique voice from Southern Louisiana offers insight into broken system with new single ‘Setup’

BATON ROUGE, LA – Finding out that something doesn’t work the way you thought it did is a hard pill to swallow. When that revelation comes in the form of lack of support from the government you’ve relied upon, the bitter pill becomes a hardship that can lead to difficult times for many people.

Baton Rouge artist LadyCharlene knows all about that bait-and-switch game often associated with “the system.” And she brings attention to that truth with her new single “Setup,” currently available across all streaming platforms.

As a woman who spent half of her childhood in the foster care system, she has first-hand experience with how government subsidized programs often fail the people they’re created to help. That disappointment is one of the things she talks about in the song, while also using her voice to give listeners a heads up about what could come if they over-rely on similar systems.

“Government assistance isn’t helping you propel in life,” she said. “It’s actually hindering you because there are a lot of limitations that come with it. Growing up in urban areas, you can become a statistic and fall victim to things around you instead of getting out of it. The system is a setup – it’s not there for you. And this song brings that to light while also telling people that me as an artist, I’m not going back to that.”

LadyCharlene said the song presents more of a laid back vibe in its conscious-forward lyrical outpouring. That’s just one example of the types of music she creates, however. For the past five years, she’s been a professional songwriter – some of that time spent in Los Angeles – writing anything from Country songs to Rock to Pop and everything in between. She makes beats and writes songs and has a catalog of songs written across all genres. But of late, she’s wanted to create music that is all her own and showcases her unique voice and talent. “Setup” is the first of a handful of singles she plans to release this year to do just that – to let the world know who she is and what she represents in the world of music.

“I don’t sound like anyone else out there or anyone who has come before,” she said. “I’m also not so caught up in the fame or signing to a major record deal. Music makes me happy. It saved my life. Before I picked up a pen and started writing when I was 13 years old, I was self-destructive and suicidal. I didn’t have a family or a support system, and poetry and music were the only way I could express myself. Music helped me stop trying to commit suicide and I discovered this profound love for myself. I started to feel like I was worth it. I found a purpose for my life and I realized that I’ve been put here to go through all of this so I can write about it and help other people who are going through it. More than anything, I want my music to be relatable to people – of course to make them dance and move and evoke emotion – but mostly to motivate them and encourage them and help them through whatever hard times they’re going through.”

In addition to “Setup,” LadyCharlene has also released “Don’t Stop” and will drop “That One” in the next couple of months. She’s also working on music videos for those singles. 

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Stream A-Lister’s New Single “Poser” On Spotify!

Pop Sensation A-Lister Releases A Catchy New Single Titled “Poser”

A-Lister is a virtual/animated singer, songwriter, and producer with a style, vibe, and sound of his own. The new Youtube celebrity is free from the chains of flesh and physicality. He rolls with his boys, chases his ladies, makes his art, and lives at the front of the line. The animated videos are aesthetically interesting to the eye. Recently, A-Lister appeared on the international music scene without warning, fully formed.

”All my fans will tell you I am animated, talented and an all-around great guy” ~ A-Lister”

A-Lister’s original music blends the eternal cool of soul with the catchiness of pop and a modern production style into sounds no live-action listener can turn away from. Tracks like “Mind Over Mary” and “Invincible Days” display a master’s touch in the studio. You can hear his influences that range from Eminem to Prince when he performs music covers of some of his favorite songs.


A-Lister recently released a single/video titled “Poser”, its a super catchy pop single that’s making waves across the nation! Just in time for the season to break thi

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To showcase his talent, A-Lister performs all genres from Pop – Hip-Hop– Alternative – Electro and everything in between. Lately, he jams on his guitar and keyboards to write some very cool tunes. Make sure to connect with him on social media and digital music platforms. Additionally, subscribe below today so you don’t miss a single hit song.

Notable Lyrics: 2 Verse

I’m Rising Up Just Like A Phoenix From It’s Grave, I’m Dropping Tracks,sometimes Its 4 Or 5 A Day

See, I’m So Deep In This, That’s None Of Your Business, I’m Drunk, Depraved, Same Shit, New Day

Still I Slip And Stumble, Yet Kendrick Says Be Humble, I Wish I Could Be Me, Just For Once

Shit Feels Like I’m Dying, Yeah I See You Eyeing, I’m Glad I Got My, Wayfarers On.

Oh I’m Making Music, Oversaturated, Useless, And I Can’t Find Middle “C”, But Fuck It Fuck It, Fight It, Fight It, Love It, Love It, Like It, Like It


Zilo Groove – Sweet Mother/Sexy Slap

Zilo Groove Strikes Back With 2 New Singles “Sweet Mother” And “Sexy Slap”

International artist “Zilo Groove” has released two hot, new, singles “Sweet Mother” a hot single with a heavy AfroBeats vibe, and “Sexy Slap” a well produced electronic dance music (EDM) instrumental.

Both songs are from Zilo Groove’s latest project “Afrobeat and African Jams Miracles Top 25 worldwide!

Stream these tracks below and make sure to hit the links at the bottom to follow Zilo Groove on his website and social media outlets!

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Emmy’Anna – Through Some Shit

Fearless young artist, Emmy’Anna releases new single “Through Some Shit”

PRATTVILLE, ALABAMA – The fresh and versatile Emmy’Anna is a music maker who is not afraid to dabble in multiple genres. Masterfully blending R&B, Rap, Pop and a little bit of Alternative Rock, she is not timid about changing up her music style and trying things she has never tried before. Her adventurous spirit shines through in her recently released single, “Through Some Shit.”

The song’s title and hook came about from a late night phone call with a friend whom she had feelings for at the time. He was talking about his life and the challenges he was going through. “I remember he said ‘I’m going through some shit,” Emmy’Anna said. “To help lighten up the mood, I said ‘I just have to hoe through some shit.’” The single, which was recorded in Montgomery, Alabama, flaunts Emmy’Anna’s captivating vocals and unique writing style.

The artist is making music that is relatable in her community and beyond. She does not shy away from writing about mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Although many groups are dealing with these concerns, Emmy’Anna believes they are particularly relevant to her own community. “When you’re African-American, it’s not really talked about in our community especially among African-American women,” she said. “Everybody just expects us to be strong.”

Emmy’Anna has been involved with music since she was a small child. She began writing songs when she was 8 years old and got into Hip Hop at 13. She and another classmate would write raps in class then spit them during breaks in front of the rest of the school. Emmy’Anna participated in her first of many talent shows in 3rd grade at Edgewood Elementary, and another one in 5th grade in which she won first place singing and portraying as the late ‪Mahalia Jackson‬. She was also asked to sing for a black history month program in 6th grade in front of the entire School of Discovery. 

During her senior year of high school at Houston County High, Emmy’Anna won first place in a school talent show when singing TLC’s “No Scrubs.” For the second round, she blew the judges away with her acapella version of “All I Could Do Was Cry” by Etta James. After high school, Emmy’Anna was accepted into the SCAD Performing Arts College, but was not able to attend at the time. At 15 years old, she recorded her first song, “Superman” with two others from her school. The song was a huge hit – she received numerous compliments on her verse and everyone had the song on their phone.

Growing up, Emmy’Anna enjoyed listening to old school and new school music, with some of her greatest musical influences coming from Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, The All American Rejects, Michael Jackson and TLC. At first, she tried to sound like the artists she admired. Over the years however, Emmy’Anna has developed and refined her own sound, and has grown to feel more comfortable in herself with her original style. “Now I’m more mature in my music as far as knowing that it’s important to have your own sound and not try to sound like anybody else,” she said.

Talented and flexible, Emmy’Anna is worth keeping an eye on. Working on new projects, the artist stays busy by writing every day and is eager to get back into the studio as soon as possible. She is passionate about music and she knows it is what she is meant to be doing. Her life philosophy is reflected in her message to listeners: “Always be yourself. Always do what makes you happy. Don’t do anything that doesn’t resonate with your soul. You will know if you’re doing the right thing.”

To listen to Emmy’Anna’s music or follow her on social media, please visit: 

Snapchat: @emmyyanna

“Through Some Shit”

Nana Kottens – Mama Don’t Give Up

Ghanaian-born musician sheds light on drug addiction with new single ‘Mama Don’t Give Up’

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Almost every community in the U.S. – and in fact throughout the world –battles opioid addiction. In the U.S. alone, drugs kill an average of 130 every day, and the fight against the problem affects the U.S. economy by an estimated $78 billion a year, according to

Drug addiction is a major issue in the U.S., and U.S. Public Health Service Officer Nana Kottens is on the front lines of that battle. As a professional artist and founder of Sound Lion Records,

Kottens is in a unique position to bring attention to the issue by way of his music. And on March

27, he’ll be releasing the single “Mama Don’t Give Up” as a way to educate the masses on drug addiction.

“I’m a public health professional and I go out and educate people on opioids and other drugs,” Kottens said. This song is an attempt to raise awareness for that support system – to raise awareness of addiction and its effects on individuals and families. It’s also a way to shed a little bit of light on the stigmatization of addiction. A lot of people are striving for a better life away from addiction, but they aren’t likely to share that struggle because of society’s stigmatization of addiction.”

Kottens said the song has a slower vibe that will help elicit emotion from the listener, with the hope that it will lead to personal reflection and spur conversations with loved ones. It’s also the first version of the song. Kottens said the plan is to release different versions of the song over the course of the rest of the year, with different vibes – from reggae to dance to alternative and more.

“I’ve been a songwriter for a very long time – more than 25 years – and I felt that this was a good time to use some of the messages we’re trying to get out there in the form of music,” Kottens said. “I really believe it’s a song that will create connections and help families. It’s also going to showcase different demographics and help people understand that there’s a whole range of people who deal with addiction. And people’s struggle with addiction is not a joke or something to bounce to but rather, something to be serious about and sit down and talk about.”

Kottens served in the U. S Navy for 5 years. Following his time with the Navy, he completed a master’s degree at the New York Medical College & Liberty University. He’s been serving in the public health sector ever since while also pursuing his love of music by founding his own record label in May 2012. Since that time, the label has signed four talented musicians and has freely distributed music for more than 40 Ghanaian artists, ensuring their songs are distributed worldwide.

More recently, he also co-founded Grino Music – a new music streaming app in Ghana that enhances the way up-and-coming artists can monetize their creative works.

In conjunction with the launch of “Mama Don’t Give Up” on March 27, Kottens is also developing a Vevo channel that he hopes fans and followers will interact with over the next weeks and months.

To listen to Kottens’ music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

“Mama Don’t Give Up”

Nico Savaro – It’s A Vibe

LA artist Nico Savaro lifts up listeners with
positive vibes on upcoming new single

LOS ANGELES, CA – It’s during times like these in the history of the world when humanity needs optimism and positivity. That’s the sentiment that LA-based artist Nico Savaro brings with his new single “It’s A Vibe,” slated to drop on 4/20. 

Like much of his work, “It’s A Vibe” encourages listeners to embrace positive energy and look for the joy in the world – whether that be from within or from the relationships and experiences that come from living a full life. 

“Now more than ever, we really need more positivity in this world and this song is a reminder of that,” Nico said. “It’s a reminder that we have to live every day as if it’s the weekend. We can’t just be living for only Friday nights and Saturdays and Sundays. It has to be every day. It’s also a reminder of us needing to practice being more in touch with our higher vibrations. I don’t want to sound like I’m practicing some New Age shit, but it’s not new and that’s the thing – it’s deeply rooted in mental and emotional health. For me, the most important thing in life is balance.”

That proves true in his music, as well. While “It’s A Vibe” is an upbeat tune that will immediately elicit smiles from its listeners, Nico also creates vibes that relate to other feelings and emotions. He has mellow songs for more somber moods and ambient songs for times of introspection. He’s eclectic and diverse but more than anything, he’s inspirational. 

“Inner peace is the most valuable commodity,” Nico said. “It’s more important than fame or money or time, because when you have that, it just allows you to really be present in the moment. If we can tap into that – into our higher vibrations – just by being more aware and being completely observant of what’s going on around us and channeling that in healthy ways, then everything changes. And this song is about channeling what’s within you in healthy ways.”

Nico said he’s excited for fans to check out this single and knows that once people listen to it, they’ll want to discover more of his music. One of the things he’s most proud of as an artist is his ability to blend different genres pretty seamlessly. When looking at the 10 singles he’s dropped over the past year, there are songs that fall in the world of Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic, Rock, Indie, Reggae, Alternative, and more. And he said he has another 20 songs ready to go, featuring even more fusions of sound. His plan is to release a new single every month over the next year to give his growing fanbase more of those positive vibes during this crazy time in the world’ history.

“My producer is Tommy McPhillips and together, we have really created a sound that’s very cohesive, even though my songs have different vibes,” Nico said. “Through all of the songs, you’ll recognize that it’s all in the same lane and they feel synonymous with me. I’m a naturally optimistic and positive person, and many people have told me my aura is comforting and gentle and very free-spirited. My wife is Japanese, and she told me that Nico-Nico in Japanese means ‘smile’ which is so appropriate to me. That’s why I’ve started calling my fans Nico-Nico because collectively they’re a smile.”

“It’s A Vibe” is slated to drop on April 20. Until then, fans who would like to listen to more of his music, or to follow him on social media, may visit:

Black Widow”

“Ms. Jones”

“So LA Of Us”

“From The Curse”

Indie Spotlight: Tennessee Native PCha$e Drops New Music “Talk My Talk”

PCha$e is a recording artist, songwriter, and producer from Knoxville, Tennessee. Growing up on the Urban side of town known as the “Gun Zone”, PCha$e began making beats and songwriting at a very young age. In the early 2000’s, PCha$e independently released music with 3 groups, In2Deep, Kiin, PlugBrothers.

In 2020, PCha$e has returned to the music scene with a vengeance on a positive note with his first SINGLE entitled “Get It Right” from his official EP “Tru 2 Dis Not New 2 Dis” and NEW SINGLE “Talk My Talk”, which he produced and wrote himself, and is available on all digital streaming platforms. PCha$e music tells a story, giving you a blend of Hip Hop, Trap, and R&B.

To find out more about PCha$e, you can go to the Str8Profit Muzix official website @

Social Media Links
Official Website:$e spmuzix
YouTube Link
Spotify Link

Ringing endorsement from Jadakiss propels young artist Lil Dane in front of millions of fans

Ringing endorsement from Jadakiss propels young artist Lil Dane in front of millions of fans

BATON ROUGUE, LA – It’s one thing to have close friends and fans laud the success of your work. But when a big-name celebrity whose work has influenced millions gives you that mark of approval, it takes things to an entirely different level.

Such is the case for Louisiana-based artist Lil Dane whose latest EP “Greatness” got a stamp of approval from Jadakiss. After posting his praise for Lil Dane’s EP on his Twitter feed, Jadakiss helped propel “Greatness” in front of millions more fans. And as such, the rising young artist from Louisiana has been seeing a wave of success with his music ever since. 

“I’m so proud of this EP and so focused on getting it in front of more people right now because I really believe it’s going to take me further,” Lil Dane said. “Jadakiss having his name on it means I think it can go even further. That’s a big deal for someone like me who is putting in all this work and doing it all on my own – no manager and no team. But I feel good about it.”

“Greatness” dropped in 2019 and features four songs that explore what it takes to strive for greatness and excellence. Lil Dane said he tapped into inspiration from some of the Hip Hop legends of the 1990s in an attempt to “bring back the old Hip Hop style.” His songs are lyrical and gives listeners a lasting first impression that ultimately makes them want to come back for more. And, of course, being from the South, his Louisiana drawl plays strong across all his songs.

More than anything, it’s his lyrics that make him stand out. It’s those lyrics that have caused critics throughout the South refer to him as the “2Pac of his generation.” His music is poetic and tells the story of what’s going on today, as well as experiences from his past and reams of his future. He is the new wave of rappers in that he uses his business smarts to be successful in the industry. To date, he’s had listening sessions with labels such as Roc Nation and Republic Records and has worked with other artists such as Max Minelli, Turk from Cash Money, and Cassidy Jim Jones Lil Scrappy. 

In addition to “Greatness,” Lil Dane said he has more music on the way, including a new single called “Determined” which will feature Cassidy. That single is slated to drop later this summer. 

To listen to Lil Dane’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:


“I Go For Mine”

Nigerian-born artist Ayo parleys successful Gospel career into rising pop stardom

Nigerian-born artist Ayo parleys successful
Gospel career into rising pop stardom

WASHINGTON, D.C. – When introducing East Coast artist Ayo to new audiences, it would be easy to point to her accolades. There are many – from performing alongside big name artists like Chance the Rapper and Andra Day, to being featured in the new HBO documentary “The Apollo.” It would be easy to point to her success as a Gospel artist and her work with the singing competition “Sunday Best.” 

But at the end of the day, the best accolades are those of her unique sound and style which are fully displayed on her first pop EP called “Searching” slated to drop on April 3 across all streaming platforms. 

Featuring five songs, the EP will introduce the world to Ayo in ways that she hasn’t previously displayed. Known for her soulful Gospel voice and success within that genre, she has long harbored a love for pop and other styles of music. As such, “Searching” is her way of showcasing her mastery of multiple genres and sounds. 

“This is me announcing I’m a pop artist,” she said. “And like many other people who search for something because all they want is to be free, this project is the ultimate example of me finding a new voice and finding that freedom.”

The five tracks on the EP include “Searching,” “Shinin’,” “Direction,” “Freedom” and “Out.” The title track explores the feelings that come with new discovery and the hope that often accompanies the challenges and fears of trying something new. She follows this up with “Shinin’,” a song that explores what it means to be a person of color in today’s world. As a young woman of Nigerian heritage, she said she’s experienced her share of racism in America but is glad to be part of a generation that is embracing diversity and “Shinin’” for the world to see.

With “Direction,” Ayo takes fans on a different turn by using faster, upbeat harmonies and progressions underneath a romantic song that’s equally inspired by Earth Wind and Fire, Charlie Puth and Michael Jackson.

“It’s basically about that scenario when you like a person and they don’t like you back but you’re hoping they’ll look your direction,” she said. “I think it’s a song people are really going to love.”

The last two tracks on the project round out her exploration of new sounds. They are also showcasing her one-of-a-kind voice which is already well known for its distinct tone and mixture of influences.

“When people hear me open my mouth and sing, they know it’s my voice,” she said. “I have a deeper voice that has been compared to Sarah Vaughan or Whitney Houston, and I’m very flattered when I hear that. I’m not always going to be traditional pop – I won’t be a cookie-cutter pop artist. I’ll infuse my music with jazz and a lot of other genres, but I love all kinds of music. After doing the Gospel thing and leading worship at a church for six or seven years, I realized there was a lot I wanted to say that people weren’t saying and I needed to do that in a genre other than Gospel. Struggling with suicide for instance, I felt like no one wanted to talk about it. We just walk around with a pretty face on the outside even though on the inside we’re dying. So I want to tell the story that people want to tell. This first EP is more of an introduction to this new sound I’m bringing to the world but ultimately, I want to be that person who talks about things like rape and sexual assault and delving into the complexities of mental health. I believe this new avenue will allow me the opportunity to talk about these things without being limited to a genre box. At the end of the day, I want to be an artist who is known for being completely raw and honest about the complexities of life.”

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 “Searching” (EP)

Seasoned artist Megan Duke delivers hope with new album “Heart on Fire”

Seasoned artist Megan Duke delivers hope with new album “Heart on Fire”

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The soulful and sensational Megan Duke has been singing for her entire life. Starting off as a worship leader, she moved up to performing live in front of huge crowds including the Restoring Honor Rally at the Washington Mall (500,000 people), and four times at the March For Life (100,000 people).

After more than ten years of touring experience, she had a realization a couple of years ago in downtown Indianapolis. She started singing in Monument Circle where she suddenly understood that her singing gift was not only meant for her – it was meant to be shared with others. Megan’s new album, “Heart on Fire” carries a message of hope which is particularly relevant at these times. “So many people are in search of peace and hope, and trying to discover their purpose in life,” Megan said. “I feel that the messages of these songs are really what so many people are searching for.”

With traits of Christian worship music and a sound that cannot be pigeon-holed into one particular genre, “Heart on Fire” is slated for release on March 27. The collection of 13 original tracks was produced by Leo Flores and primarily recorded at his studio in Muncie, Indiana, with two tracks recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. Over the past ten months, Megan has been releasing singles from “Heart on Fire,” including “Set My Heart on Fire” which artfully shares the story of Megan coming to share her singing gift.

Another single which resonated with many listeners is “To the End.” It speaks of God’s boundless love for all, and that a person can never stray so far that they can be separated from the love of God. Megan said “Once you’ve experienced His love, He will never let you go and He’ll be with you all the way to the end of your life and beyond for all eternity.” Believing every word she sings, she feels that God will never let his followers down.

Megan has several years of professional music experience. She was featured on over ten major projects in partnership with Prestonwood, Integrity Music, Hans Zimmer’s team, Liberty University, WOW Records, Red Tie Music, Radiant Music, TobyMac’s Man Cub Studios, and Biglife (including the Dove Nominated Album, “Horizon”). She also appeared on albums with Paul Baloche, Michael W. Smith, Michael Neale, Charles Billingsly, Biglife, and the Gaither Vocal Band.

Working on her own album which contains songs written together with her husband, Megan was able to discover her own sound. Drawing from her own background and the influences of powerhouse diva vocalists like Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, Megan’s own unique creativity is shining through. She creates music to transform lives in the hope that listeners will take the message and share it with others.

Megan Duke’s impressive background includes being named “Vocalist of the Year” at Liberty University three times, plus numerous live shows and musical projects. Besides her appearances at the Restoring Honor Rally and the March For Life, Megan also performed at the Ark Encounter Grand Opening, David Platt Conference in Thailand, CRU’s global church planting conference, and has toured the US, parts of Europe, and Asia. She has been the main opener for FOR KING and COUNTRY, and toured with Winter Jam with Crowder, Passion, Hillsong Y&F, Building 429, Andy Mineo, Riley Clemmons and Zauntee.

Previously released singles from “Heart on Fire” are already creating quite a buzz! Megan’s songs are featured on Spotify’s “New Music Christian Friday” playlist, Vertical Church Band, Weekly 10 Best of 2020, New Christian Music 2020, Top Hits 2020, Worship Music 2020, New Music, Discovery Global, Top Friday New, Global Hit Music, and more.

Encouraging and positive, Megan’s music has wide appeal which connects with people of all ages and backgrounds. She continues to write music, and considers the album release the beginning of a new journey. This deeply spiritual artist is determined to touch as many lives as possible.

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“To The End”

King Genesis motivates the masses with his turn up music

King Genesis motivates the masses with his turn up music

FORT WORTH, TX – Turn up and get motivated. That’s what listeners of the new album from Fort Worth native King Genesis will be doing. 

“Dominate: The Success Story” is the kind of hard-hitting project that is undeniable in its ability to get people on their feet and revved up to take on anything in their lives. It’s an album that explores the battles people go through when trying to achieve their dreams and the struggle that comes from trying to maintain success. 

“Every success is a struggle,” King Genesis said. “Our goal is not just to make it but to be the best. This album is very personal to me and really shows people how I came up and what I’ve wanted to do, and how I would react if I made it.”

One of the standout singles from the album is a song called “No Support” which has been getting some major attention of late. It’s a song that King Genesis said was born from a personal experience with some friends, and it’s one that not only helps him vent but also introduces people to the emotions that come from navigating tough relationships sometimes.

“When I was working on “Dominate”, I had a couple of roommates and one day, something went missing. They thought I took it but I didn’t. But they got mad at me anyway and tried to cut me off. I was mad, and I came up with this song because it feels like you’ve done something and you don’t have the trust or the people behind you. When it came to the dream and all that I wanted to do, I had no support at all. I don’t know too many people who do motivational things like me. Most rappers I follow aren’t doing that. So my main thing is to do my music to motivate people to realize their dreams, no matter what they are.”

Oftentimes, that motivation comes in the form of “aggressive” lyrics. Not that King Genesis wants to be pigeonholed into a specific type or style. He can be chill at times as well, and is quick to point out that he’s a versatile musician. But if there’s one thing listeners of “Dominate” can look forward to, it’s an aggressive delivery that is meant to get people turnt up. 

“It’s one of those projects that even when you’re having the gloomiest moments or having a bad day, you can turn my music on and all of a sudden you’re turning up and you’re motivated to get up and fight whatever it is,” he said. “Your dreams are bigger than this. You can’t stay depressed forever. I used to be there and I know what it feels like. When my crew split up because of a lot of crap going on between us, it was irritating and I was depressed. But I learned that you can push through that and still keep chasing your dreams. And if I can feel like that, then I want everyone else to feel that way, too.”

Following up “Dominate,” King Genesis said he’s got another EP called “Excellence: The Cinematic EP” slated to drop sometime in the next couple of months. His goal with the project is to use it as a soundtrack of sorts, to go along with a film he’s also developing. The current plan is to have interchanging songs and skits. He’s also working on a second version of the EP which will feature the musical score only. He said that second version will drop later this year.

“I hope that at the end of the day, my music is known for the kind of music that saved peoples’ lives when they least expected it,” King Genesis said. “One day, people will look back and say I was out there trying to save the rest of the world and making sure we were alright. People can turn to my music in their time of need whenever things get hard. And when they listen to me, they can always be motivated and always strive for the next level. There’s a difference between a millionaire and a man who’s successful. A millionaire will make a million and be done, but a successful man will always try to find the next level.”

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“Dominate: The Success Story”

Zilo Groove Releases A New Album “Hip-Hop and R&B Miracles – Top 35 Worldwide”

Zilo Groove Releases A New Album “Hip-Hop and R&B Miracles – Top 35 Worldwide”

Zilo Groove is back with a brand new album titled “Hip-Hop and R&B Miracles – Top 35 Worldwide” for the people. Tap in with rising artist Zilo Groove as he drops new singles “Funky White Girl”, and “I Love My African” from his new album.

Zilo Groove has stormed the international stage from his humble beginnings, now he is making waves all across the globe with his music merging several different genres of music while staying true to his roots.

Stream Zilo Groove’s new album below on Spotify or get it on any digital streaming platform!

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Vi City Delivers Fresh New Single “OnGOD” Featuring Harv

Blind Vision in Plain Sight, The Reemergence of Vi City
Chicago’s very own from the Wild Hundreds, Vi City returns to rap. Crafting a sound that captures the pain and hope of a youth striving to make a better way, combined with the ambition and skills to actually have made it out, the celebratory tones reign supreme on this wave of sound for the veteran rapper, songwriter and producer.
Vi’s introduction to the game came via working with Mathaus Ent. & Chilly of the 1st & 15th label in conjunction with Lupe Fiasco. Shortly after, he connected with DJ Skee to release a mixtape under Skee’s Skeeter’s TV label. His next stint came working with St. Louis’ own, Nelly, co – penning the hit Country N**** Fly (CNF).
In the midst of acquiring a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), Vi wrote on and featured on “Some Ish” by Sir Michael Rocks ft. Twista off of his #1 debut solo album “Banco.” Along the way, he co-produced and wrote with the iconic producer duo Da Interz (Tuo Clark & Kos who’s worked on Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Nas).
Vi also has music placed on the hit show Empire.
“On God” pays tribute to this generations’ current sound with hard hitting bass drums and surly slick rhymes to pass the time. Highlighted by the imperious vocals laid by Justin Bieber’s right hand man Harv, “On God” is sure to help you maintain your fresh.
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New York artist set to drop follow-up EP to successful debut effort

New York artist set to drop follow-up EP
to successful debut effort

HARLEM, NY – The wave of success that fast-rising New York artist Chazo has seen since his debut EP release “GoodFood GoodWomen GoodVibes” in late 2019 has propelled him onto the music scene in ways that cannot be ignored. And now he’s set to follow up that eye-opening EP with a second installment called “GoodFood GoodWomen GoodVibes: The Intro.” 

Set to drop by March 20, this project features four new songs from Chazo that he said will help fans get to know him better as a person and as an artist.

“The last one was the prequel so it talked about everything that happened with me before the music,” he said. “This one is the intro. It’s all original music and content and all of them are album cuts. They’re not really mainstream commercial songs. They’re more songs that you can get to know me. I really believe you can learn about an artist the best by their album cuts. And with this, I’m showing people I’m continuing with quality material and making music that will continue to resonate with people, like the first one did. It has the same feel and vibe you might get from the first one – with storytelling and quality songs – but it has different styles of music. That’s what I want people to take from me as an artist – relatable and versatile.”

The first song on the new EP features fellow artists C-Nellz and APO. Chazo said the concept of the song is to introduce people to the idea of what it takes to start over in life. He said it’s a song that gives people a sample of his life and nods to the things he talked about in the prequel EP, but then flips the script and introduces them to this new life that he’s undertaking as a professional musician and entertainer.

From there, he takes listeners on a ride with the single “Dough Boy.” It’s a song that he said showcases his unique skill as a rapper.

“It’s me just rapping,” he said. “I’m being a rapper’s rapper. I’m freestyling on an original beat and showing my skills.”

That song is followed by “Another Story” which Chazo said may be the most relatable single on the EP. It’s a song that nods to all the minorities who have grown up in the hood. And though he said he recognizes that there are thousands of other songs about the struggle and street life, this song is one that is very personal to him and will connect with many people because of how it presents a universal story of a kid growing up and how he wants to tackle social justice and political issues and ultimately make a difference in the world.

The final song on the EP is “Reality Check” which Chazo said is simply a song about taking a hard look at the things that go on every day of our lives that we often overlook.

“It’s things an average person go through – whether with family or friends or associates or work-life,” he said. “Everybody has a story, and this song pushes people to take a look in the mirror and ask themselves if they’re really living the best life they can live. One of the things I love about this project is that everything is universal. Everybody can relate to it in some way. You might be at work having a good vibe with a co-worker, or on vacation, or at the table with your family having good food, or out somewhere with your homegirls … every possible experience is incapsulated with the title ‘GoodFood GoodWomen GoodVibes.’”

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“GoodWomen GoodVibes GoodFood: The Prequel” 

Deep emotions and unique lyrics combine controversially on new music from Mayne

Deep emotions and unique lyrics combine controversially on new music from Mayne

Landover, MD – Originally from Mississippi and raised in Maryland, Jamel “Mayne” has always been a soulful guy whose emotions run deep. Moving around quite a bit as a child, he found a passion for art, human skill, listening to soulful music and writing, and often wrote poetry to better express the riot of emotions running through his mind. He would soon discover the potential of his poetry after joining the Marines right out of high school, paired with a roommate who played the guitar. The two had one thing in common, the love of music. Mayne quickly discovered that the poems he’d written for so many years worked even better as lyrics on top of his roommate’s original guitar riffs.

Not until years later did Mayne discover what he stood for and knew exactly how he needed to deliver it. He broke back into the music scene with the EP “Soul Speak,” which he says is about spiritual growth. The single titled “No Hook” – with its intoxicating beat and melody – is comprised of different songs, bands and artists in a way that solidifies what he feels his song should represent, that being teaching and guiding through music, like a lot of the music he enjoys to this day.

His newest project is a two-track EP called “Moonlight Dream,” which explores the double meaning behind things like growing up in the streets or the false face that the world often presents through the paradigm of culture and technology. 

“I would consider myself a spiritually focused artist who is speaking with intent to connect to the emotions and spirit of the listeners, rather than the ego,” he said. “When I craft songs, I write with the aim to speak not to follow the trend but for the sole purpose of speaking from true inner feeling bringing different perspectives on life, love and passion of having faith and finding purpose. I like to think of myself as being very knowledgeable about different styles of music, and I’m open to listening to a lot of different genres. All forms of music I believe has an energy that can either lead to the promotion of negativity or positivity, destruction or creation. I look deeply into situations and events, I’m an analytical person and my music I believe or at least try to help people associate with the emotions and true feelings that come from what’s going on around them.”

Mayne said there are a lot of roots of alternative rock to his music. But even that descriptor doesn’t truly do his signature style justice. It’s more of a guide than anything else, as Mayne prides himself on bringing an original sound that nods to what’s popular today, but also stretches the boundaries of what’s progressive and new. 

“My music has a lot of double meanings in the songs,” he said. “I know not everyone is going to listen and get what I’m saying in the underlying message, so I also try to make the track relatable for the conscious as well as those who just want to hear beats.  I don’t always succeed but I make the attempt. But if you were to really listen to it, you’ll see that there’s actually something deeper there. Only a person who is more aware and conscious will understand what my music is really supposed to say. But really, at the end of the day, I want my music to just be something you can vibe to that brings you an energy that creates and love. My music is not negative or meant to try and destroy. It wants to rebuild. I don’t want to be known for putting anyone down, it’s enough of that. When you have a platform like this, it comes with a lot of responsibility. I don’t want to perpetuate a negative cycle even if I have done something that maybe seen as being THE WAY. I’m trying to figure out a new way to get my point across in more positive and creative ways to engage.”

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“Moonlight Dream”

“No Hook”

“Soul Speak”

Cyber-punk Universe Neondia Uses Inviting Sounds And Stories To Intrigue New Wave Of Fans

Cyber-punk universe Neondia uses inviting sounds
and stories to intrigue new wave of fans

LONG ISLAND, NY – You don’t know it yet, but you want to go to Neondia. You want to get to know Neondia. You want to experience life with Neondia.

What is Neondia? Some might say it’s a faceless entity, trapped within its own thoughts and drowning in the complexity of lust, love and the self-indulgence of sin. Others might say that it’s the future made real today – the very existence of a dark dystopian society with a presence that seems all too relevant today. 

Neondia is a place. Neondia is a sound. Neondia is a person. It’s a place where ethics and morality are near extinction. It’s an existence where citizens are held together by a shared passion for pleasurable self abuse. It’s a sound that blends cyber-punk with EDM and electro-pop in ways that make listeners simultaneously want to move and vibe out. It’s a faceless entity in a neo-noir dystopia whose lifeblood is cyberpunk and whose force binds diverse people groups together. 

Neondia is a universe that encapsulates all of these things, and the content coming out of this universe over the next year will have people all over the world intrigued and clamoring for more – from stories to music to interactive elements that are unlike anything else out there right now. 

This universe is brought to the world from a budding new entertainer from Long Island, New York. An author and world-builder who also has been a professional musician for the past 10 years, this genre-bending artist is creating new depths of entertainment in ways that are sure to make major ripples in the industry. 

One of the first introductions to this universe comes in the form of a single called “EXtasy.” Currently available on all streaming platforms, the song is an upbeat electro-pop vibe with light notes of EDM. It’s the first off an album that will further explore the world of Neondia through slow-paced R&B and ambient electronic sounds. This single stands out, according to the artist, because of its energy-inducing beat and the way it entices people to move their feet and dance. 

“It’s one of the first beats I’ve made on my own after having been in the music industry for the past 10 years,” the artist said. “It stands out because it’s something catchy and universal. I was trying to be positive and upbeat and help people find that positive energy within them. I think people are really going to enjoy it. What I have always wanted to do is make a sound that is commercial – a sound that people can dive into and appreciate. I don’t want to make anything so extreme that no one understands it. But I also want to make something original and that can stand on its own. My music is an extension of these ideas from Neondia which are found in my books and sounds and various other things. It’s a state of mind that seeps into your soul and captivates your attention.”

The artist said following “EXtasy,” other singles from the album will be released steadily over the next few months. He’ll cap that with a full album release, appropriately named “Neondia,” before the end of the year.

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Detroit Artist, Nellz Rover Blends Rap With R&b To Deliver Hot New Single, “Toxic Healing”

Detroit artist, Nellz Rover blends Rap with R&B to deliver hot new single, “Toxic Healing”

DETROIT, MI – There are times when couples go through a break up or rocky patch in their relationship, they turn to smoking weed, drinking or heavy partying. But, there are other ways to heal a relationship. Nellz Rover explores options for relationship restoration in his newest release, “Toxic Healing.”

Combining Rap and Pop with a dash of R&B, the artist demonstrates his ability to make superb melodies fused with immaculate flows and sleek metaphors. “Toxic Healing” tells a story about what couples do, displaying toxic behaviors instead of talking to each other. “They’ll heal themselves in a toxic way,” said Nellz, “instead of just talking about it and getting everything on the table and talking about how they feel.”

Nellz released his latest single, which was recorded in Detroit, earlier this year on January 5th as a birthday present to himself. The track is in stark contrast to some of his previous work which includes several mixtapes and two albums – “Rover Bound” and “Rover Bound 2.” While these works are largely characterized by some wild wordplay and crazy metaphors, his newest single is right there for the listener. A bit more relevant to what is on the radio today… we can really feel what he is saying and feel the emotion behind the story.

Nellz fell in love with rap in Detroit and he learned early on that you have to be good at rap and know what you’re talking about. Detroit is also responsible for his R&B influences. The impact of Motown artists like The Temptations and Diana Ross means that Nellz always has dope melodies in his head. Although he was never a street hood, he is a guy from the streets of Detroit. His storytelling raps (whether they are about growing up in drug infested neighborhoods, faith, women, family, or relationships) paint a picture for the youth. He lets them know that they are not alone in their struggle to maneuver around the obstacles of coming up in the streets.

Showcasing his own distinct style and perspective, Nellz is overall a unique person. He is unafraid to share his uniqueness and it shines through in his music. “I will never be ashamed of my art,” said Nellz. “I never try to mimic anything. I always put my own twist onto everything that I do.”

The 26 year old Cornelius Wiggins, Jr. takes his stage name from replacing letters in his dad’s nickname, “Neil.” With a flow as smooth as the Range Rover and a cool, sleek style to match, it seemed natural for him to also use the name of the car that he loves. When the name change happened during his mid-teens, he originally recorded under the name “Nellz Youngin.” When he got older, he decided to switch it up to “Nellz Rover.” 

Born on the rural eastside of Detroit, MI, Nellz has loved music since he was 8 years old. At 14, when he was first exposed to Hip Hop, he began writing and recording his own music, followed by performing at school talent shows, showcases, and church events. Using music as escape from the street life and potential crime, Nellz went on to record three mixtapes from his friend’s basement.

Nellz recently finished recording music for a new album titled “Rover Bound 3.” He finds that everything in his life is flowing naturally, and he is excited about the appeal of this particular project which promises to grab the ears of the younger demographic. While the album is getting mixed and mastered, Nellz is choosing the final tracks and plans to drop the collection later this year.

Nellz is also focused on the visuals for the new album. Typically, he makes a music video for one or two tracks on an album. As he chooses tracks from “Rover Bound 3” for video shoots, Nellz is feeling inspired to give four or five videos this time around.

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Mixture Of Melodies And Dark Vibes Creates Pretty Nightmare From New York Artist Alpha Millz

STATEN ISLAND, NY – A new Hip Hop record with a Rock and Pop vibe from New York artist Alpha Millz is creating some buzz throughout the U.S.

The song is called “Barbie,” and its melody-heavy darker vibe is connecting with an ever-increasing fanbase in ways that is bringing some attention to this up-and-coming musician. The song explores the aftermath of a traumatizing relationship and the hard reality that often comes with the knowledge that what you thought you had with someone was as real as you thought it was.

“What really sets me apart from anyone else out there is that I’m in my own lane,” Alpha Millz said. “I’m not trying to compete with anyone’s sound. I just figured out my own sound and I’m running with that. I’m in this kind of cross-genre space and I’m very good at creating a vibe for people. I can create any type of vibe. With this song, the heavy melodies are perfect for setting a moody vibe for people who feel out of place, and letting them know there are other people in that gray area, too.”

Alpha Millz has always been a fan of music and said he realized his potential as a musician at a very young age. He recalls being inspired by legends like Eminem and Bone Thugs N Harmony. Their melody-heavy Hip Hop was an early contributor to his own signature sound and style. He said music was always the path for him and once he stepped into the studio the first time when he was a teenager, there was no turning back. 

“This is something I can do over and over and never lose that spark of energy that I felt the first time,” he said. “I want my music to be known for being something you can tune into and escape. It’s not always about the lyrics though the lyrics are important. The way I make music with melodies and beats and put it all together – it’s an escape. It’s a pretty nightmare. And when people hear it, they can be inspired that there are other people out there like them. Even if it feels like they’re getting messed over, they’ll be able to know that they’re not alone.”

Alpha Millz works closely with other artists and has put together a production company called New World Disorder. Some of the artists he works with include Los Dinero, SkonkBlokk and Dancer FrostByte. 

“Barbie” is the first single off an upcoming album called “Alphas Ark” which is slated to drop July 4, 2020.  

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Zone00 Brings A Unique And Fresh Style To The Hip Hop Game

Zone00 brings a unique and fresh style to the Hip Hop game

LOS ANGELES, CA – Hip Hop artist, Zone00 (aka Donteau Mazone) originally hails from Beaumont, TX. After joining the military, Donteau lived in different parts of the world and traveled extensively. Like his lifestyle, his music style cannot be pinned down to one particular place. Fusing influences from many regions, Zone00 delivers catchy beats combined with lyrical wit and spontaneity. While some rappers will claim to be king of a state or region, Zone00 is in a position to be the King of all Kings.

Released in October of last year, his 7 track EP, “King of All Kings” showcases the artist’s intriguing hybrid sound, a blend of different aspects from different places. Recorded at HandWrittenLA in Los Angeles, CA, the collection features the commercial friendly title track, along with the lyrical onslaught of “Beyond the Stars.” A relatable theme for fans of the genre, “Da Bag” is Zone00’s version of getting the bag. The aptly titled “Donteau’s Inferno” tells his life story in song. With a diverse array of topics and styles, the EP shows Zone00’s range, giving a small taste of who he is as an artist.

The “King of All Kings” EP followed the May 2019 release of “Legend You Never Knew.” After leaving a potentially huge 5-piece group which disintegrated due to creative differences, Zone00 released the LP to show listeners what they had not been getting. “This is what I bring to the Hip Hop game that makes me different from other people who are doing music now,” Zone00 said.

Most recently, Zone00 recorded two new singles at the legendary Paramount recording studio. Zone00 found out that artists he looked to as a barometer, such as Lil Wayne, Drake and Mariah Carey, had recorded at Paramount. He made the decision to record there and was able to knock out two great songs. “When it comes to doing music,” Zone00 said “you have to really invest in yourself.” From this new material, Zone00 is planning to lead off with “Cuddy Buddy,” a catchy, fun song with a playful hook and really aggressive style. He also recorded “Respect My G” which picks up on the “King of All Kings” theme to tell the world what he is bringing to Hip Hop.

When Donteau was growing up, his father became a fan of Ice Cube and Tupac after initially telling Donteau that Hip Hop would not be around for very long. Listening to DJ Screw, UGK, 8Ball & MJG,  Scarface, Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z and, E-40. He later took up songwriting and was mentored about the business side of music by a studio owner he met. Zone00 is now addicted to making music and works hard to create authentic music that touches listeners to the core. “One thing I love about music is you get the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy,” Zone00 said. “When you put something out, especially on the internet, you have a lasting impact in the universe. If you do something great, it’s always there for the world to know about it.”

Zone00 is extremely interested in relationship building and he believes you never really do anything by yourself. He values the importance of working with professionals and strives to raise others up as he succeeds. “That’s one thing I admire about 50cent. He put individuals he worked with in positions where they could be successful.” As the King of All Kings, Zone00 is well on his way to reign over the Hip Hop kingdom.

To listen to Zone00’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

K’shon’s Romantic New Single “Promise” (Eeny Meeny Miny Moe) Is The Perfect Choice For Fans Of More Uptempo Love Songs

K’Shon’s romantic new single “Promise” (Eeny Meeny Miny Moe) is the perfect choice for fans of more uptempo love songs

ATLANTA, GA – Romantic music comes in many different forms, but there’s more to romance than just slow jams. Serious enthusiasts who are driven to “pick the very best one” for their own romantic playlists should check out K’Shon’s energetic new single, “Promise.” The song came to life as K’Shon worked alone in a recording studio in Smyrna, GA. What started out as a playful chant over a chorus developed into something hotter than anything else he was working on.

The song expresses the singer’s affection for one particularly special girl. Even though he could choose any other girl, all he really wants is her. The romantic sentiment continues with the lyrics: “I promise to treat you better than any other guy. I won’t break your heart.” The single was released on March 6th.

Kaleb Shanndon Gary (known by his stage name K’Shon) writes all of his own music which is a mix of R&B, Pop and a dash of Trap. He composes lyrics and makes beats to use for his own songs and to sell to others. Although he occasionally works with beats from his friends, K’Shon created the beat for “Promise” himself. What beats he chooses to work with depends on his inspiration. “If I hear a beat from my friends and I can hear myself on it,” said K’Shon, “then I’ll go with it.”

K’Shon is a deep thinking philosopher who seeks to increase his knowledge in many areas. While others are content to simply listen to music, K’Shon studies music. His own music features a blend of top hits which he has interpreted in his own unique way. By using big hits, K’Shon brings that “Number 1 Hit” feeling into all of his music. One of his finished songs is a take on “Remember the Time” by Michael Jackson, but sounds like a completely new piece. That track, along with several other singles, will be released throughout the year and eventually become part of his debut album. “I make hits!” K’Shon said. “Everybody who listens basically loves my music. They believe in me. I believe in my music, too.”

Growing up in Lawrence, South Carolina, K’Shon’s biggest musical influences were Charlie Wilson, Chris Brown and Usher. But he learned everything about making his own music from his dad around a decade ago. His father did everything in his studio in South Carolina and he taught K’Shon about engineering and how to make beats. Around two years ago, K’Shon moved to Atlanta where he is based now.

African music especially from Ethiopia conveys an energy you can feel. The 24 year old credits his Ethiopian heritage with the energy and passion that radiates from his music. You can feel K’Shon’s presence and his deep love and appreciation for the music. “That’s what I give off in my music too, that high energy,” K’Shon said. “We make you move and bop! You got to, you know?!”

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Chicago’s Own Sinatris Delivers Witty Lyrics On “Lord Willin'”

Chicago Artist Sinatris Flexes His Lyrical Ability On New Single “Lord Willin'”w/Multi-Platinum Producer Ny Bangers 

Its rare in today’s climate that you can get lyricism, dope content, and catchy music, all from the same artist. For Sinatris, this happens effortlessly as he consistently delivers hard hitting punchlines, precise delivery, and sonically appealing records; all with a certain realness that captivates listeners.

Sinatris is no newcomer to this music business. During his career Sinatris has done more than 1500 performances, he’s made several imprints in Chicago, around the Midwest, and throughout the nation. Sinatris has toured the country with Atlantic Records and Jack N’ For Beats, becoming a brand ambassador for Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, he also appeared on West Coast Customs tv show.
Lyrics: Man y’all do this for a hobby, I’m really on fire, Richard Pryor, you think you on fire, Ricky Bobby, want me at your show either book me or you lost me, b’cause I don’t know how to kick it  I’m Cody Par-key, I’m bag chasin’ but do it with integrity, so I’m last placin’ and I been madd patient not 100 haters couldn’t stop how I’m comin because for the blue faces I’ll whack 100….

Stream Sinatris’s latest single “Lord Willin” on Soundcloud, YouTube, SpotifyTidal, and all DSP’s!

Read more about Sinatris here
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Twitter: @SINATRIS
Instagram: @SINATRIS

B.Bandz Lights Up TikTok With Latest Video “Make Her Dance (I Got Bandz)”

With more than 300 dance videos on TikTok B.Bandz got the ladies going into a dance craze on TikTok with his new single “Make Her Dance (I Got Bandz)”.

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DJ PACK (Clean/Radio, Explicit, Instrumental, Acappella, Artwork and Pics)
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Knxwledge – Don’t Be Afraid | @

Knxwledge came with a 💣💣💣 single “Don’t Be Afraid”! From the upcoming album “1988”, March 27th, pre-order it here • Animation by Rhymezlikedimez. That’s Knx’s dog Koko with the shades and headband in case ur wondering.

Knxwledge – Don’t Be Afraid

Knxwledge came with a 💣💣💣 single “Don’t Be Afraid”! From the upcoming album “1988”, March 27th, pre-order it here • Animation by Rhymezlikedimez. That’s Knx’s dog Koko with the shades and headband in case ur wondering.

Brook Brovaz – Squad Goals

New album, “A Brooklyn Summer” is destined to warm up listeners to composing artist duo, The Brook Brovaz

BROOKLYN, NY – Silver and Shak-Trauma (the duo who make up “The Brook Brovaz”) are best known for their behind the scenes magic. Working with upcoming, multi-platinum and Grammy award winning artists, these established producers also compose music featured in film, television, advertising and video games. Emerging from an eight year stint with their highly successful recording studio, The Brook Brovaz are stepping into the limelight with the release of their debut album, “A Brooklyn Summer.”

Paying homage to their home borough, The Brook Brovaz (an abbreviation of “Brooklyn brothers”) delivers a bit of Caribbean influenced Tropical Pop, Hard Rap music and Trap on the 8 song collection. Coming from a diverse district where everything from Reggaeton to Rap can be heard blaring from car windows, “A Brooklyn Summer” portrays the musical feeling of a sizzling summer in Brooklyn.

The Brook Brovaz’s album flaunts their ability to create music in several genres, showcasing the versatility of the well versed and musically articulate artists. The lead single, “Squad Goals” is a hard hitting Trap club anthem about unity, triumph and wanting success for yourself and the people around you. Tracks such as the slow R&B Trap vibe, “Top Down” and the slick talking, commercial trap track, “Who Got My Money” are already massive hits on major digital platforms.

Another standout song, “Bad Bih,” is the center of plans for a Women’s Month challenge. Designed to show women in their element, the “Bad Bih” challenge will offer a cash prize for the best video showing what makes the entrants a “Bad Bih.” 

The success of “A Brooklyn Summer” is inevitable. Already flourishing as music industry pros, The Brook Brovaz and their manager, Cloé Luv, run the Brook Brovaz music production company, and operated an acclaimed recording studio for around eight years. Well known artists and high profile projects emerged from that studio, including A&E’s documentary “Biggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G.” and the special premiere of the Faith Evans album, “The King & I.” 

The triple threat of being able to write, produce and perform keeps The Brook Brovaz in high demand. The team works with a range of music publishers in the US and abroad. Their expertise makes it possible for them to collaborate on a host of worldwide genres, from EDM for Germany to Afro-pop beats for Africa! Realizing that music is a part of everything, they are able to create whenever they are called upon. “Their level of creativity is one of the best of this generation,” said manager, Cloé Luv. “They understand music in a way that a lot of people do not. The Brook Brovaz are composing artists who can execute at the same level, be it as artists, or as songwriters, or when working with licensing agents.”

“A Brooklyn Summer” is a dazzling project showcasing another part of their natural talents, and there is more to come. The Brook Brovaz just finished a catalog of action-packed music for a film publisher and their next venture is a large crossover project titled “The Producer’s Perspective.” Featuring some unique combinations – from Country mixed with Trap to EDM mixed with Rock and Roll – the project promises to be extraordinary. The Brook Brovaz will be sharing their perspective on how music should sound. Considering their extensive and varied music industry experience, we should all listen.

To listen to The Brook Brovaz or to follow them on social media, please visit:

“A Brooklyn Summer”

“Squad Goals”

Young Q-Dogg – Momma

Strength of will combines with powerful work ethic to help propel new Midwest artist into national spotlight

MILWAUKEE, WI – Anybody can succeed if they focus and have a strong mind. 

That’s the message that up-and-coming artist Young Q-Dogg wants to send the world through his music. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this young African-American rapper and producer is using his music to tell his story in ways that will inspire others to do whatever it takes to make a better life.

“Everything starts with your mentality,” he said. “I’ve been doing music for about 16 years and from the very beginning, my mantra has been to live at will, love every special surrounding. It’s pretty much a lifestyle. And sometimes you have to go around certain rules to have success at what you want.”

That message rings loud and clear through much of Young Q-Dogg’s music. As a songwriter, engineer and producer, he has the assets of a businessman but the mentality of an artist. Growing up in a poor family living in a bad neighborhood, he turned to music at a young age to help him stay out of trouble and chase after dreams. From hustling on the streets and embracing the mentality of a thug, to fixing his mistakes and pushing away that negative lifestyle, Q-Dogg’s story is one that can inspire even the toughest of critics.

“I want to tell the world that no matter who you are, anyone can succeed,” he said. “All you have to do is try, and the harder you work the more it pays off.”

Through his music, he tells stories of how he grew up – the struggles, the frustrations and the hard times that he overcome to get to where he is today. Those messages pair with a smooth and cool sound underneath a soulful tone that is undeniably one-of-a-kind.

His new single “Momma” puts that original sound on full display. Featuring fellow artist Mary Marie, the song is simply a dedication to mothers all around the world. It’s a soulful, mellow vibe that begs to be listened to over and over again. It’s also a song that echoes Young Q-Dogg’s desire to lift up women and inspire them to be independent and strong. Radio Play Today had in fact reviewed the single and concluded that it is an awesome track and is definitely ready to be played on the airwaves.

Following “Momma” which is currently available across all streaming platforms, Young Q-Dogg is planning on dropping a follow-up mixtape to his 2016 project “Q Ruption.” It will be called “Q Ruption 2” and is slated to drop toward the end of the summer. He also completed an EP entitled “Premortal” and is available on all streaming platforms. And towards the end of the year, Young Q-Dogg is set to release the album “Now Until Later”.

To listen to Young Q-Dogg’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

Ca$h El Principe – Te Necesito

Prince of Reggaeton displays his mastery of sound
with hot new single ‘Te Necesito’

RIVERSIDE, CA – One of the pioneers of Reggaeton is continuing to make hit after hit every year, and his newest single “Te Necesito” is no exception.

Hailing from Riverside, California, notorious artist Ca$h El Principe who was born in Bronx, New York has been lighting up Reggaeton charts and the greater music industry for years. What started as an original sound that shook up the Latin genre in the mid-1990s has grown to become a global phenomenon, and the opportunities that have come from that one-of-a-kind genre-bending sound have been numerous. Ca$h has had his music played on TV shows – including “Sons of Anarchy,” “The Kardashians,” “Love N Hip-Hop,” “Burn Notice,” “CSI Miami,” “Bones,” “Dexter,” “Terriers,” “E! News Live,” “90210,” “Bad Girls Club,” and VH1’s new hit “Cartel Crew.” He’s also seen major success on the international market with daily downloads in countries such as France, the UK, Brazil, Greece, Spain, and of course the U.S. 

His new single “Te Necesito” is set to continue that global success. Featuring Rikee We$t with whom Ca$h frequently collaborates, the upbeat Reggaeton vibe explores the lengths to which a guy will go to get the attention of a girl he likes. The song can be found on all digital streaming platforms, billboards and radio stations from West to East Coasts, with a new music video set to drop in mid-March. From there Ca$h will be starting his tour on Spring Break at the famous Club Iggy’s in Rosarito, Mexico then going Nationwide from Cali to Miami.

“I consider myself one of the pioneers of Reggaeton since I’ve been doing it since 1990 before it even came out as a genre,” Ca$h said. “It has come out bigger than I ever thought it was going to be and right now, the Latin market is huge. It’s a perfect time for me. I know what I’m good at and what I do, and I’ve done music for TV and film. I think this is my time and I have a lot of supporters who are behind me. I really feel like this song is the one to take me to that next level.”

More than anything, Ca$h said “Te Necesito” puts on full display his unique voice when it comes to melodies and arrangements. What starts as a unique writing style evolves into a unique vocal delivery, and when those things are paired with his signature Reggaeton vibe, the result is magic. 

“My creativity and the tone of my voice are just different than anyone else out there,” he said. “At the end of the day, I hope my music is known for the messages I bring. I’m not just talking about drinks, cars and money. I want all my music to be positive and something that can soothe your ears – for all ages and races. Anybody can listen to it and enjoy it. I just want to bring something new to the world that can last for decades.”

Following “Te Necesito,” Ca$h said he’s planning on dropping another single called “No Mas” on June 1. It too, will feature Rikee We$t and will continue to display his mastery of Reggaeton. 

To listen to Ca$h El Principe’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

Ashthon Ahmiir’ – How I Feel

Former American Idol finalist drops new single ‘How I Feel’

ATLANTA, GA – Fans of American Idol will likely remember the diva Ashthon Jones from Season 10. Her poise and professionalism had the judges raving which advanced her to the final rounds before she was knocked out in 13th place. Since then, Ashthon has been making a name for herself in the entertainment industry – from writing music for television and film, to voicing characters on the Adult Swim cable network. She has also adopted the name Ashthon Ahmirr, utilizing the middle name that was given to her by her late mother. She’s seen strong success over the past decade and recently, she’s put together a handful of singles that she’s now ready to share with the world.

The first is a song called “How I Feel” which she released on Feb. 27, her birthday. It’s a song that fans of the 90s music will love as it embraces sound and vibes from that time period and fuses them with Ashthon’s unique sound and style. She calls it an homage to 90s legend Al B. Sure, specifically his hit R&B single “Nite and Day.” 

“When I got this track from my producer, it immediately made me think of Al B Sure’s song. I fell in love with it. It doesn’t have the same music and beat pattern as Al B Sure’s  song but it definitely reminded me of that. A lot of people out there today who are singers are dabbling with rap and vice versa, and I thought with this song, I’m just gonna have fun with it and do what I want – so I sang and I rapped. It’s very colorful and I think it brings you back to the day when you were hanging outside with the girls and you have candy all over the place and you’re just dancing and having fun.”

Ashthon said she’s planning on following up that single with another called “La-La” sometime in the next couple of months. Like all of her music, Ashthon writes, records and produces everything from her own studio. She said she’s constantly writing and is excited to take this opportunity to release a lot of the music she’s been working so hard on for the past couple of years. 

Over the last few years, Ashthon has achieved many accolades. From the Idol World Tour and a myriad of interviews from “Live with Regis & Kelly” to “Entertainment Tonight” and “MTV News,” Ashthon has experienced what others only dream of. But she’s not settling for what has already come. With her eye on the prize, she is already giving back early in her career by recording a song on First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Song for a Healthier America” Hip Hop album which has been featured on’s “Exclusive First Listen.” Her performance at the album release at Symphony Space in New York City led to an opportunity to tour with Michelle Obama’s nationwide campaign. She has also been featured in other well-recognized projects, such as Lacrae’s Grammy-winning album with Big KRIT on the single “Mayday,” as well as Big KRIT’s new single “Good 2Gether.” 

“More than anything, I want to be known for my diversity,” Ashthon said. “I want people to be surprised when they hear different songs from me. I want them to hear one of my songs and say, ‘Man! I didn’t know that was her!’ I don’t want to sound the same on every record which is why I have such a wide range when it comes to the genres I use. I can write Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Country … anything. I’m a multi-talented entertainer and I want to make sure I’m making music that is mainstream but is also award-winning in quality. I try to write ‘big.’”

To listen to Ashthon’s music or to follow her on social media, please visit:

Anthony Chapman – KoKo Butter Brown

Hip Hop artist Anthony Chapman inspires music listeners with new album “The Brow-N Album”

LAS VEGAS, NV – Anthony Chapman, a Hip Hop artist from Compton, California, wants to inspire creativity while enlightening the world and people around him. Anthony achieves this and more with his new album, “The Brow-N Album.” Conscious storytelling about his life and the lives of others is expertly integrated into his music.

“The Brow-N Album” underscores the outlook of black people, what they go through, and how others see this from the outside looking in. The album features a mix of every type of Rap and each song has a purpose and a message behind it. “It’s not just dance music, it’s not just conscious music, it’s not just music for women,” Anthony said. “It’s a message that is being sent.”

Anthony uses his craft to inspire listeners with tracks such as “Relationship Goals.” Vividly telling the story of an addictive and damaging relationship from the perspective of both the man and the woman, Anthony portrays how they are so wrapped up in the negativity; they cannot figure a way out. He is able to paint a picture of real life relationships that touches on the listener’s emotions. Anthony encourages people by letting them know that they are not the only ones who have been in that situation. He said “You have to understand that it is an addiction, and it needs to stop.”

Anthony also talks about his strong views on the afterlife in the track, “Soulgregation” which are emphasized by the hook – “I pray my soul got black skin.” When he gets to heaven, Anthony wants to still be identified as a black man. He also wants to see Martin Luther King Jr., Tupac, Nipsey Hussle, Harriet Tubman and Marcus Garvey with the essence of who they were, even after death. “I want to see these people as they were on earth,” said Anthony, “and not as some spirit where you can’t recognize who they are.”

Released on February 1st at the start of Black History month, the 9 track collection was recorded in Anthony’s self-built home studio. The 32 year old, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Production, has invested thousands over the years in his studio to ensure a clean, professional sound. Anthony also co-owns his production company, Monster Mix, LLC. The production company’s other co-owner, singer and R&B artist B Jay Hill, is featured on three tracks on the album.

Steven Chapman (known by his stage name, Anthony Chapman) is the oldest of four children. His mother suffered from drug addiction and the family was split up while living in Compton. Because Anthony has a different father than the younger children, he found himself in foster care, moving from place to place. It was a hard upbringing and he felt like an outsider. While going through the separation from his mother and siblings, Anthony first started writing music. He said “I turned to music as an outlet to get out these emotions because I never really felt that I had anyone to talk to.”

Anthony grew up listening to old school Hip Hop artists like Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill before getting turned on to west coast rappers such as Tupac and N.W.A. The high point in his music journey was discovering Eminem. “That was like the pinnacle of music for me because of the pain that he expressed in his music. I felt like he knew what I was going through,” Anthony said.

Right now, Anthony is busy in the studio, doing shows, and getting ready for a trip to a New York DJ convention. He has big plans for the future including a series of music videos interlinked to create a movie for the tracks on the new album. He is truly an artist with a clear vision, a fresh perspective and some dope beats behind his message.

To listen to Anthony Chapman’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

“The Brow-N Album”


Vi City – OnGOD feat. Harv

Chicago Native Vi City Returns With A Brand New Single “OnGOD”. The veteran rapper, songwriter and producer is back on the music scene after a brief hiatus.

OnGod available on all streaming platforms:

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Indie Spotlight: Chicago Artist Vi City Drops A New Banger “OnGOD” | @IamViCity

Vi City Hits Us With A Hot New Single Titled “OnGOD” Featuring Harv

One of Chicago’s very own, Vi City, originally from the Wild Hundreds, is back on the music scene. Crafting a sound that captures the pain and hope of a youth striving to make a better way, combined with the ambition and skills to actually have made it out, the celebratory tones reign supreme on this wave of sound for the veteran rapper, songwriter and producer.

Vi’s introduction to the game came via working with Mathaus Ent. & Chilly of the 1st & 15th label in conjunction with Lupe Fiasco. Shortly after, he connected with DJ Skee to release a mixtape under Skee’s Skeeter’s TV label. His next stint came working with St. Louis’ own, Nelly, co – penning the hit Country N**** Fly (CNF).

In the midst of acquiring a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), Vi wrote and featured on “Some Ish” by Sir Michael Rocks ft. Twista off of his #1 debut solo album “Banco.” Along the way, he co-produced and wrote with the iconic producer duo Da Interz (Tuo Clark & Kos who’s worked on Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Nas)..
Vi also has music placed on the hit show Empire.

Prior to deciding to drop new music of his own, Vi founded and branded Hundreds Entertainment, a music and film production firm of which he signed talented artist, Phoînix Keyz out of St. Louis, MO and has started crafting Phoînix’ debut project around each of the 6 instruments he plays.

Follow Vi City on Instagram @iamvicity

#NewMuzikAlert B.Bandz – Make Her Dance

Chicago Indie Rapper B.Bandz Just Dropped New Single With TST Legacy Records

B.Bandz is a independent rapper from Chicago, who is signed to TST Legacy Records.

B.Bandz began 2020 with a bang! He released “Apart”, a street banger featuring fellow Chicago native CalBoy. It received more than 50,000 streams on Spotify, 10,000 views across YouTube, not to mention the countless music outlets that are supporting Bandz. He dropped his smash new single “Make Her Dance” on Valentine’s day.

A little background on B.Bandz released his first official single “YRN”, at age 16. The next year he dropped his biggest single “Porsche”. Since then he’s rocked crowds at Revolt, A3C, SXSW, Rolling Loud (w/Zoey Dollaz), and performed at numerous events across the nation. Bandz has a away of connecting with listeners on and offstage with his swift, witty, lyrics and with his signature “drippy-drill” vibe.

B.Bandz has a busy year ahead of him with the upcoming release of his 6 song EP “Humble Drip”, working on new music with a variety of artists, performing some of his hits such as, “Porsche”, “YRN”, “Apart ft CalBoy”, and his latest release, “Make Her Dance”, which is available on all digital streaming platforms!

Stay tuned in for great things to come throughout 2020 from the homie B.Bandz aka Big Bankz Bandz! Follow Bandz @TheRealBBandz on all social media sites to catch up on his next moves!

DJ PACK (Clean/Radio, Explicit, Instrumental, Acappella, Artwork and Pics)
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KTL Drank – Future

Central African artist KTL Drank makes vibey trap music with deep soul

BOTSWANA – A new artist out of Central Africa is beginning to make a name on the international stage, thanks to some hot new music.

KTL Drank is a trap music artist based out of Botswana. Under his independent record label Swoosh Moola Records, he is releasing a steady stream of music that is not only gaining buzz among his fans in Africa, but is also starting to generate notoriety among fans of Hip Hop in other regions of the world. 

His newest single, “Future,” is set to propel him even further onto the world stage. A kind of anthem that announces to the world that he’s here to stay, the song talks about a specific lifestyle that he wants to embrace and which he encourages others to chase after.

“It’s about going forward and no stopping,” he said. “I’m here and I’m not gonna stop. The sound of the song really pushes those lyrics because the bass keeps on going and going and the sound is very modern and in tune with what’s happening in music right now.”

Like many other independent artists today, KTL is doing almost everything himself. From compositions to lyric writing to production, and even mixing and mastering. This young artist is a multi-talented musician. And as he’s worked on honing his craft, he has developed a unique sound that he calls “vibey trap music.” 

“It’s not going to be crazy like some of the other hard-hitting trap music out there,” he said. “But it is all unique. It’s more like the kind of music you listen to when you’re hanging on the weekend with your friends. It’s vibey.”

KTL said he was first inspired by music at a young age and remembers growing up in a household that always had music on. As he grew up and looked for local musicians to connect with, he realized there weren’t too many in Botswana, and the few musicians there weren’t creating the kind of music he was into. So he began to create his own music – setting up a studio in his house and piecing together all the instruments and software he needed to make it happen. He chose to call his production company Swoosh Moola as a way of nodding to how he likes to do business.

“When I’m doing business with somebody, I want to do something smooth like that,” he said. “I don’t want to have delays with anybody, so swoosh means it’s happening fast but smooth.”

Audiences and fans who listen to his music will definitely make that connection, and they’ll soon be able to hear more of his one-of-a-kind sound in the weeks and months to come. 

To listen to KTL Drank’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:  


Rashad Eas & Great Minds’ Alliance – Cool By Design

Multigenerational crew, GREAT MINDS’ ALLIANCE infuses message of diversity, equality and inclusion on new album, “DEAN’S LIST”

NEW HAVEN, CT – As an MC, published author, academic with a doctorate, entrepreneur, activist, podcaster and former pastor Dr. Thomas RaShad Easley (also known by his stage name, RaShad Eas) is a rare kind of artist. Through his connections over the years, RaShad unintentionally formed a crew of thirteen MCs, poets, singers, dancers and producers who also are scientists, sociologists, folklorists, educators, pastors, mentors, former wrongfully incarcerated individuals and former gang members. As most of them came together in a University setting, RaShad named his crew “GREAT MINDS ALLIANCE.” “We’re talking to everybody,” RaShad said “but we’re also talking to people in this environment – in the academy – at the same time.”

The crew has kept building and growing, making music that is an intelligent blend of Hip Hop, Soul and Spoken Word, combined with spiritual elements. Passionate about their own people’s as well as others’ elevation, the “all black crew” will release their “Dean’s List” album on the final day of Black History Month and the Leap Day – February 29th. Their music addresses important issues such as race, politics, religion, and the environment because they want the music to stand for something.

“That’s why I describe my sound as ‘intelligent’ because I can’t sound completely ignorant. We call our sound “Save Your Life Music” because if you apply the wisdom you hear, it should change your life. I have too much education to sound ignorant,” RaShad affirmed. Unlike some mainstream urban artists, RaShad refuses to ignore the fact that he is educated. Rappers like Ludacris, Rapsody, J. Cole and Lil Wayne graduated from college but they aren’t talking about it. RaShad said “We talk about it. That’s why we named the album “Dean’s List.”

Recorded in eight different places, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Alabama, Ohio, Connecticut and three different studios in North Carolina, “The Dean’s List” includes a hefty 18 tracks, including “Cool By Design (CBD).” Four crew members appear on “CBD” starting with RaShad Eas on crew introductions. In short order, Sitch (a former student and choirmaster at RaShad’s former church) joins in “Erykah Badu” style, followed by the other MCs (B. and Mitch Darrell) tearing it up lyrically.

The project allows all the crew members to shine in their own way with what they bring to the table. RaShad said “Our music is the bomb but in some ways, our story is even better than the music.” The story began in 2011 when RaShad decided to release his debut album, “Transitions.” When a friend of his producer heard it, he contacted RaShad about making a music video “Use Your Head”.

Since then, music has helped RaShad connect with all types of individuals. “What I do in music is actually what I do at work when I’m a Dean at Yale University. What I do in music is what I used to do when I was a pastor in North Carolina. To me, music is the connector. That’s what I love about it and that’s why I can make music with a former gang member and a former incarcerated person. When we’re making music, it’s an equal playing ground because we can compete, support and mentor one another simultaneously.” Over the past eight years, members of his crew have been making music on each other’s projects. The idea to bring out one big album together was born, and a little over a year ago they started working on music for “Great Minds Alliance.”

Interestingly, the release of “The Dean’s List” marks the first time RaShad has appeared on an album with a Parental Advisory label. As a former pastor and someone who still cares for the spiritual development of others, RaShad never had the need to curse in order to deliver his message. For this project, some of the artists used some choice words to express themselves, and RaShad didn’t want to stifle anyone from being who they are.

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, the former campus pastor hails from a civil rights family. He is an assistant Dean at Yale University in the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and a diversity professional whose lyrics are packed with knowledge, love and wisdom. RaShad’s solo music projects include his debut album along with “Southern Black Gentleman,” “A Conversation with Pauli Murray” and “The Chronicles of Professor Prizmatic.”

His myriad of entrepreneurial endeavors never stopped him from making new music, and his next project is an album which delves into the good and bad of leadership. “Life of a Leader” will explore what it takes to become a leader and is about making leadership look gangsta! RaShad says that people always tell him that they are leaders. But, he says “a real leader doesn’t have to declare it – other people call you that because they follow you.”

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Sam Least – Sorry

New single ‘Sorry’ puts artist Sam Least on the map

ATLANTA, GA – West Palm Beach native Sam Least is a lifelong student of contemporary Rhythm and Blues, taking cues from greats such as Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake to create a sleek, modern sound that is one-of-a-kind. Musically, Sam Least is described as the perfect blend of past and present, beat and groove, soul and rock. His style breaks genre molds and splices different sounds into something fresh and new.

This is perhaps best displayed on his new single “Sorry,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. The R&B/Trap fusion is a bit of an anthem, so-to-speak, for all the guys out there. Sam said it’ll be the perfect song for gentlemen wanting to connect with their ladies over Valentine’s Day. 

Sam’s path to full-time musician started early when as a boy he fell in love with playing the drums. As a child, he used any household utensil he could get his hand on to drum with, and he would drum on anything that would produce a sound. He began to study some of the best drummers of all time and to this day he’s a big fan of legends like Travis Barkley, Buddy Rich and Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters. He’s also been a fan of Jazz for as long as he can remember and has always been impressed by how Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake have combined Pop, Jazz, Rock and Hip Hop in ways that connect with fans from all walks of life all over the world. 

“I want to emulate that kind of career,” he said. “I want to be known as an artist who can do a little bit of everything. I want to be known for quality, good music. When people hear my music, they will know it’s quality and good … not just a vibe. It’s timeless. Five years from now you can put on one of my records and it’ll still feel like it just came out yesterday. No matter what timeframe you’re in, it fits that time – in fact, it’s maybe even ahead of its time.”

Another single recently released by Sam is a song called “Postmaster.” Underscored by cool, atmospheric tones and pounding 80s, “Postmaster” creates a perfect ambient vibe. Sam’s unique approach to Trap-driven Hip Hop also carries an almost overwhelming amount of melody which makes it easy for listeners to kick back into the sound and enjoy the lyrics. 

“As a musician, sometimes lyrics or words just come to mind as soon as you hear the right track,” Sam said. “That’s the way it was with this song. Me and a couple buddies were recording and I heard the track immediately and just started mumbling stuff before I even knew what I was doing. From there, it caught life and it has become something I’m really proud of. It’s a bit of a sexual song, if you will, about a gentleman speaking to young ladies. Basically, he’s telling them to bring their friends and he’ll bring his and together they’ll have a great time.”

As “Postmaster” is gaining traction and an increasing number of fans around the U.S. is starting to find Sam’s music. After “Sorry” drops in time for Valentine’s Day, Sam will prepare to drop a party song called “Time,” slated for release this spring. With a more upbeat tone, this song will encourage listeners to have a good time – something that Sam said will be perfect for the months when the temperatures start to get warmer and people want to head outside and enjoy the later nights.

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Asmik – Yes

Former ‘The Voice’ participant Asmik Shiroyan drops love ballad ‘Yes’ on Valentine’s Day

LOS ANGELES, CA – Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes a hot new R&B love ballad from fast-rising star Asmik Shiroyan. 

The track is called “Yes” and it’s poised to be the single that sets hearts on fire during this season of love. Underneath “dream-like” ethereal vocals and a smooth R&B beat, the song explores the feelings that are often experienced when the search for deeper connection finally brings that special one into your life.

“At some stage in your life you meet a person who you feel like is ‘the one,’ and they make you feel happier than you’ve ever felt before,” Asmik said. “That’s what this song is about. Maybe you meet that person after you’ve gone through different experiences with others and you finally come to a point where you’re happy and it’s so unexpected that it feels like a dream. That’s what I wanted this song and the music video to feel like – a dream.”

To fully capture that feeling, Asmik worked with video director Ash Gupta of 838 Media Group Productions. Together, the two collaborated on a project shot in a New York loft that captures that dream-like state with use of soft lighting and huge windows. Viewers literally get a feeling of being inside someone’s dream, with emotions vacillating from gentle to passionate and everything in between.

“It’s very beautiful and dreamy,” Asmik said. “When I had the song, I knew what I wanted the video to look like, and as I tried to describe it to Ash he started explaining in words the exact same things I had in my head. We created exactly what I wanted from the beginning and I’m very happy with it.”

Both the song and the video are slated to be released on Valentine’s Day. Asmik said she has two other songs that she’s working on that will follow that in the months following, and she’s also working on putting together a solo concert in Los Angeles sometime in late May or early June. 

Collaborating with her on songwriting and production are her team of Krysta Youngs, Cooper Phillip and Grammy-winning producer Gharah PK Degeddingseve. Asmik said Youngs and Phillip helped co-write “Yes” and the collaboration has been such an enjoyable experience that they are excited to bring their shared creativity together again on other songs. Youngs has quite a pedigree for such a young artist, having already worked with artists such as the Korean group BTS and Christina Aguilera. And like Asmik, Phillip has multiple international awards for her songwriting and singing. That shared experience is something Asmik said plays well in their collaborations together. 

“We are like a super team,” she said. “We work very fast and they catch whatever I’m saying pretty easily, so that melodies just come out without much effort. Then when you throw in PK and what he brings to the table, it just takes things to the next level. With ‘Yes’ for instance, when I brought him the song and asked how we could make it better, he completely changed the arrangement and just made it so much better. Originally, it was bright and sky-is-blue and sunshine. He gave it a little more drama and pepper and it became really tasty and had more depth to it. I love it. I love my team and I’m proud of my team. They’re all super talented and young and I’m excited for what we can do together going forward.”

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Tyrel Ross – Holiday

Island vibes fuse with multiple genres for new artist Tyrel Ross

NEW YORK, NY – If you’re in the mood to have a good time, Tyrel Ross is the perfect musician to set the mood. Hailing from New York, this young artist brings his Island vibes gleaned from a childhood in Trinidad and Tobago and pairs them with a modern sound that fuses multiple genres in a way that can only be described as fun and original. 

To put it simply, Tyrel Ross’ style is refreshing and new. It has a unique vibe that cannot be denied. It’s a sound that makes listeners stomp their feet and the energy that he brings matches his natural joy of life – giving the world a soundtrack for happiness, joy and fun.

“Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms through everyday life and situations and emotions,” Tyrel said. “More than anything, I like to write about love and fun times and partying because I want to create music that helps other people have fun times.”

Tyrel began his entertainment career at the age of 13. Always a lover of music, he joined his high school music band which is where he got his first taste for performing live on stage. He’s been drawn to that world ever since and he’s worked hard at perfecting his craft and developing his own unique style ever since. In 2018, he recorded his first single “Love Your Waist” which was written and produced by Kernall Roberts and released on Milli Entertainment label out of Trinidad and Tobago. The single put him on the map as many fans around the world heard his sound and compared him in some ways to John Legend, though with hints of Ed Sheeran, Kes Dieffenthaller and even Chronixx. 

More than anything, Tyrel Ross brings an energy to his music and to the stage that is undeniable. He’s become known for his engaging stage presence and he leaves no stones unturned when he holds a microphone in his hand. He is a true crowd-pleaser. 

In 2019, Tyrel released a song called “Finally” in collaboration with Jamaican reggae star Glen Washington. The love song has been a hit with female audiences worldwide and has helped propel his career even further. Most recently, he released the single “Holiday,” which is the epitome of his infectious energy and upbeat vibes. Conceptualized by Junior Mills and written by Jenna Nation, the song was produced by Dan Borgers and was again released by Milli Entertainment. 

Tyrel and his team have recently completed two soon-to-be-released pop hits that he said are sure to be fan favorites. He co-wrote one of the songs and is optimistic about his musical future as he connects with more and more fans worldwide. 

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David Vaters – Flying

Classic rocker David Vaters offers hope in difficult times on new single ‘FLYING’

NASHVILLE. TN/TORONTO, CA. – Feb 10, 2020 – David Vaters is about to release an uplifting and hopeful song that rhythmically soothes the soul. At some point in life we all lose loved ones. It’s inevitable but it’s never easy. In fact, more often than not it’s a painful experience – one that is often soothed by the hope of something better after death. That’s the sentiment that Canadian-born artist David Vaters is trying to capture on his newest single “Flying.”

After years of working with well known musicians and producers in the US, Canada and UK, such as Henri Spinetti, Dave Markee, Skip Procop, Andre Wahl and Norman Barrett – Vaters has been developing a solo career. His album and single releases over the past couple of years have gained him some notoriety with millions of streams and notable radio play in the UK, Australia and USA, and his heartfelt, honest & sometimes raw lyrics are connecting with fans all over the world.

With “Flying” which is set to drop on Feb. 20, Vaters said he wants to provide listeners a sense of hope and yes, even joy during times of life that are often the most difficult.

Uplifting (Tom Petty like) lyrics include the chorus “Everything is different now – I’m flying and looking down – It’s better than I thought it was – I’m flying with angels now”

“A lot of people in our lives have passed away recently and I began to think about what things might be like from their perspective when they pass on and go to heaven,” Vaters said. “That’s how this song came about. I think every songwriter draws from their own experiences, and faith is an important part of my life. It’s an everyday thing. When I write songs, I tend to write about life and getting through things; and with this song, I wanted to touch on having the faith and hope to get through these kinds of situations.”

Vaters has paired his organic and transparent songwriting with the classic sound that he’s been known for over the years. His breathy, raspy voice pairs perfectly with a guitar style reminiscent of The Eagles, Tom Petty or Eric Clapton. That said, he can’t be pegged into one genre lane because his songwriting has explored many different sounds and styles. In fact, he’s currently working on a Rock/Reggae fusion that he hopes to release later this year. 

Vaters’ team plan for 2020 is to release a new single on the 20th of every month, all of which will build and combine into a full album that he hopes to release on the 20th of September. He started that journey with the first single off the album called “Red Sea” which has gained a lot of traction over the past couple of months with 100’s of thousands of streams. He followed that with the second single in January called “Love You More” and will move forward with “Flying” on Feb. 20. 

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Contact: Susan Harrison

Amsi – I Don’t Want to Be Here

Amsi drops moody pop anthem just in time for Valentine’s Day

NEW YORK, NY – Valentine’s Day can be incredibly difficult for those who are forced to be away from their significant others. Whether it’s because of a long-distance relationship, a work trip or unforeseen situations, being apart from your lover on a day meant for romance and deeper connection can leave you with a sense of yearning that often leads to loneliness.

New York-based songstress Amsi knows all about that feeling, and she captures it in her latest single “I Don’t Want to Be Here.” Set to release on Valentine’s Day, the moody pop anthem features her signature vocals over a catchy production that will connect immediately with anyone listening. 

“It’s about being in love with someone who is far away from you and the only thing you can think about is being with them,” she said. “The writing process of this song is an interesting story. I was in my room feeling trapped and I happened to get a melody into my head. I really liked the melody, and I just kept repeating the lyrics, ‘I don’t want to be here right now.’ I was very sad, and this song seemed like a very natural way of coping. It was so organic and in the moment, I literally wrote it in less than an hour. It felt so empowering. Sometimes, saying it out loud is what it takes because it helps to release all that negative energy so that you can take a step forward.”

Amsi has been taking many steps forward recently – both in her private life and her music. Born in Germany to Indian immigrant parents, her family moved to the U.S. when she was very young. She recalls being introduced to MTV at the age of three and discovering musical icons like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, among others. She knew immediately she wanted to perform and move audiences in a similar way to those legends, and she hasn’t looked back since. The journey wasn’t always easy, as Amsi spent much of her teenage years trying to “fit in” and downplay her Indian background.

“I was trying to assimilate into ‘American’ society so much that I was pushing that Indian heritage away,” she said. “But I’m realizing that I shouldn’t do that anymore, I need to embrace it. If I’m covering it up, I’m not contributing to the art. I want to contribute in a way that inspires others. If other women can look at me as an Indian woman and say, ‘I can do this,’ then I know I’ve done something right. There needs to be more diversity, and the world is accepting that a lot more than it ever has. I really believe that now more than ever, it is important for me to use my music as a catalyst to change and inspiration. I want my music to make people feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves.”

In recent years, the New York singer-songwriter has come to fully appreciate her ethnicity and is embracing her Indian culture through her music. Amsi is currently in the early stages of creating her debut EP, set to release later this year.

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Aquarius Jones – Party

Bold and Blue Aquarius Jones brings the party with his hot new single “Party”

ARIZONA – Keeping it authentic and eccentric, Southwest Hip Hop artist, Aquarius Jones has been releasing a steady string of topnotch singles since last fall. In November, his song “All In” shared the struggles of launching a career, followed by the social media commentary of his second track, “IG.” Now, Aquarius keeps the pressure coming with his new single, “Party.”

An uptempo Hip Hop song with Pop and R&B flavor, “Party” was recorded at DigiLabs in Phoenix and released late last year. The new single has been a huge hit at the artist’s live gigs. At a recent show in Phoenix, Arizona, the artist and his music received a lot of love and support which keeps Aquarius going and excited about making music.

A naturally gifted songwriter, Aquarius works with three local beat makers. “When I hear the beat,” he said, “something automatically clicks to me.” When he heard the beat for the new single, he immediately shifted into Party Mode. Aquarius created a track which evokes the desire to groove and enjoy life. It’s a track that is suitable for play in any club.

Aquarius Jone’s manager, Gary Biscoe of Gmajesty Entertainment, developed the concept for the new music video for “Party” which was filmed at Exodus in Phoenix. Music video production is not without its challenges, but Gary and Aquarius were determined to make the video shoot happen. Last minute no shows forced them to take a different approach for the video shoot, and they were still able to create a video that mirrors the upbeat energy and celebratory style of the song.

Aquarius is grateful for the opportunity to make music and he sees his talent as a gift from God. He loves being able to write from the heart and express how he feels through his music. “I just love what music does to me as a person,” he said. Music helps him to relate to others and he is ready for the world to hear him.

Consistently moving forward, Aquarius and his team are already working on the next single which will be accompanied by a new music video. They are also working on Aquarius’ debut album, “All In.” Filled with energetic dance music with themes related to the everyday grind and hustle, the album should be released sometime later this year.

Music fans in Los Angeles will have the chance to check out Aquarius and his new aqua-rush blue hair at one of his live shows this month. Aquarius has performances scheduled for the 17th and 22nd of February. Judging by the live footage from last month’s shows (which can be viewed on the artist’s Instagram and YouTube channels), the upcoming shows are definitely worth looking into.

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Indie Artist Spotlight: King Finnesse Comes With New Release “Party Started” | @KingFinnesse


King Finnesse Turns It Up For 2020 WIth His Latest Single “Party Started”

With a lyrical flow that embraces substance and purpose, Los Angeles-based rapper King Finnesse sets out to redefine Hip Hop with his empowering blend of beats and bars.

Growing up in between New York and New Jersey, King Finnesse’s musical beginnings began in his dad’s studio. It was here where he would cut his teeth learning the art of freestyle. He cites his father as a pivotal figure who influenced him to take the road less travelled, and to create music with a message. Consequently, purpose and emotion echo throughout his music, which are underpinned by an aura of positive and good time vibes.

Some treat music as a pastime, while for others — it’s therapy. This sentiment rings true for King Finnesse, as his passion for the craft has seen him intern for Def Jam, and toured with the likes of Dave East. He also has a track out with LouGotCash, titled ‘Make It Back’ which premiered in 2018. His forthcoming single, ‘Party Started’ is set to drop in 2020 alongside his ‘Finnesse The World’ project, and will be available across all major streaming platforms

Indie Artist Spotlight: B.Bandz Releases New Single “Apart” Featuring CalBoy | @TheRealBBandz

Drippy Drill Artist B.Bandz  Drops New Single “Apart” With CalBoy | @TheRealBBandz

Hailing from Chicago B.Bandz is dope new independent artist on the rise and he is already making waves! Starting at 16, he found a way to connect with his peers and listeners with his music and lyrics. Gifted with slick wordplay B.Bandz crafts his lyrics creatively to fit the production and keep his listeners tuned in.

With Artists like Chief Keef, G Herbo, leading the way Chicago is the home of Drill Music. B.Bandz has crafted a commercial sound and image with his own style of Drill music which he has labeled “Drippy Drill”. 

The bars are in the drip, a lot of lines go over people’s heads from the way it sounds, but if you listen carefully you will understand why he describes it as “Drippy Drill”. 

Stream “Apart Ft. Calboy” On Spotify, Apple Music, And All Streaming Platforms!


Get in tune! B.Bandz has teamed up with such artists like Bay Swag, Zoey Dollars, Lil Mouse, Cdot Honcho amongst many others. He’s working hard on the grind to bring a new wave, a new sound, and a new image out of Chicago!

Bandz has been killing the tour scene! He was on stage with the mayor of Oakland as he showed her his new dance “The Bandz Walk “. He’s performed at the iconic Revolt club in Miami Beach, not to mention going on tour with both Curren$y, and Chief Keef. One of B.Bandz most recent accomplishments was surpassing 1 million views on his hit single “Porsche“.

Watch the Official Video For “Apart”

Directed by Nick Rodriguez Below On YouTube

Up next for B.Bandz:

  • B.Bandz is releasing a new single “Make Her Dance” on all streaming platforms
  • B.Bandz is set to release a 6 song EP titled “Humble Drip“ during 1st first quarter
  • Marketing  and promoting the visual for “Apart” featuring Chicago artist Calboy
  • Campaign tour coming up in February, running through April 2020
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Indie Artist Spotlight: Introducing The Gifted Program The NYC Hip-Hop Collective | @TheGiftedProgram @DaltonNYC

The Gifted Program Is A Dynamic Collective Of Music Producers, Djs, And Recording Artists Based Out Of NYC

Executive producer Dalton has pieced together a truly GIFTED team of creators who value the art of collaboration in the music production process. Following the crossover success of previous releases “Have You” and “Litcoin”. DJ/Producer Dalton (Litcoin, Have You) teams with rising star producer/artist Xander (Litcoin, Beast Music), and NYC based DJ/Producer Turbz (Litcoin, Have You). The trio will drop their anticipated third release “Out My Mind” with Team Hennessy sponsored, Bronx Native, The Kid Daytona. The record features dj scratches from world renowned Grammy award winning Producer/DJ Scram Jones (Shade 45, Notorious Big, Mariah Carey, Eminem, G Unit). The Gifted Program takes pride in the sound of hip hop that comes out of the city they were raised NYC. This record will embody the turbulent times of today and give you that grit and substance New York hip hop must deliver.

Stream The Gifted Program x The Kid Daytona – Out My Mind (feat. Xander & Scram Jones) on Spotify and all streaming outlets.

Influenced by our favorite Kanye West album Dark Twisted Fantasy. The team set out to deliver a hard hitting dark sexy track. Daytona’s piercing witty bars matched with new comer Xander’s lush vocals and instrumentation create a whimsical, menacing, NYC hip hop sound. This tracks symbolizes the duality of the term “Out My Mind“. Your told you are crazy for following your dreams to be an artist. Then the the sex drugs and rock and roll of the industry push you to the edge of your own sanity as you chase these dreams.

“We care about the quality and the sound of Hip Hop coming out of NYC. Hip hop is supposed to give you the goosebumps you felt when you first heard The Notorious BIG and many of the greats.” said Dalton The founder and executive producer of The Gifted Program. A veteran in the industry, Dalton has won multiple awards as one of NYC most prolific dj/producers.

“Our priority is to bring our fans that real hip hop sound from the place is was created. We plan to carry the flag in the legacy of NYC producers who have taken listeners from all over the world on sonic journeys to the gritty streets of our city. Hip Hop is a feeling” Dalton continues.

“Out My Mind’ was recorded at SRFSCHL studios in Brooklyn New York. Under executive producer Dalton’s music direction. With The Kid Daytona, Xander, Turbz, & Scram Jones. Watch the official music video for “Out My Mind” on YouTube below.

Get in touch with The Gifted Program on Instagram @TheGiftedProgram make sure you follow Dalton on Instagram @DaltonNYC too!

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