Siciliano – Replay

Italian-American rapper Siciliano pays homage
to heritage with new album ‘Sunday Dinner’

RICHMOND, VA – Traditions and heritage are extremely important to Anthony Simonetti. Growing up in The Bronx among an Italian-American family, he remembers keenly the things that his friends and family would do that were homage to his Italian heritage. One of his fondest memories and something which he still participates in today is Sunday Dinner – the time every week when friends and family gather around the dinner table to share a good meal while connecting with one another. It’s one of those quintessential traditions that people all over the world can point to as a marker of the Italian heritage.

As a musician, Simonetti – who goes by the stage name Siciliano – wants to capture the emotions that come from moments like that and celebrate the elements of his Italian heritage that he loves and for which he is so proud. But unlike many from within the Italian population, he’s choosing to do it with hip-hop music.

“My whole heritage means everything to me, but hip-hop wasn’t a huge part of that type of community where I grew up,” he said. “But growing up in The Bronx, it is impossible not to hear rap music. It was something that was always around me, even in the very Italian area of The Bronx where I grew up. There were a lot of rappers coming from The Bronx and making it big and that drew my attention. When I started learning that there were people not far from where I grew up who were making it and repping who they are and their people, I knew it was something I also wanted to do for Italians. That’s when I started making my own certain rhyming scheme that’s kind of a mix-and-match style.”

That unique sound and style is displayed perfectly on his new album, “Sunday Dinner.” It’s a project that was born from his desire to capture elements of his heritage and pair it with sounds inspired by some of the greatest musicians along the East Coast. The album features a number of artists from Richmond, and even has two tracks on which Siciliano is more of a feature than the main artist. But bringing people together through music is what he wants to do with his career, not only because he knows it makes for great music but also because it’s a nod to what the Italian tradition is all about.

“That’s what ‘Sunday Dinner’ is all about,” he said. “That’s a huge thing for Italians. And the idea for me as a musician, especially with this album, is to find the best talent out there and bring them to the table. It’s never gonna be just about me. I’m always bringing other people to the table and making it more about good music than about me as an individual.”

The debut single on the album, “Replay,” features producer Keith Blvck who Siciliano said is one of his favorite musicians to work with. It’s a song that the two of them recorded in one studio session in one of those moments where everything comes together easily and “the magic just happens.” It’s a song about living his lifestyle and how the things of life are so good that you want to put them on replay and live them over and over again. A music video for the single is in the works and should drop by May. He’s also working on music videos for the singles “At The Party” and “Too Hard On Em.” Siciliano also said there’s a potential for a smaller EP to drop later this year but right now, he’s focusing on promoting “Sunday Dinner” and showing off his unique skills to the world.

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Kidhefears – Link

Unique point of view leads to powerful new music from KidHeFears

ATLANTA, GA – With influences from his mother’s Indo-Caribbean culture and his father’s English-Canadian heritage, Jason Elijah Turner is the kind of original artist who’s sound only comes around once in a lifetime. Performing under the stage name KidHeFears, this fresh artist from Atlanta, Georgia has developed a unique sound and style that’s unlike anything else out there right now.

KidHeFears is a name that nods to all the children who had absentee fathers during their youth – and this young artist uses that name as a way to celebrate the unique perspective of his life. Living on both sides of the border, KidHeFears finds inspiration from the fusion of Deep South mixed with Upper Northeast, Caribbean and strong Atlanta-based trap vibe– and his distinctive sound is perfectly revealed in his new single “Link,” which dropped March 8. The chill tone of the song couples perfectly with a bouncy beat and a hook that listeners won’t be able to get out of their heads.

“The lyrics talk about a newly discovered love interest … that feeling you get when you link up with someone for the first time,” KidHeFears said. “That’s what I’m trying to capture with this; and like most of my songs, there is vulnerability and telling my truth.”

KidHeFears said ultimately, that’s what he wants to be known for as an artist – someone who always brings the reality and truth of his life and never tries to misrepresent himself. His music is pulled from his life and his experiences, and the lyrics are all transparent looks at the loves and losses of his world.

“That’s how the name KidHeFears came about,” he said. “I wanted to have a name that gave people the closest look into me as possible. I had father figures in my life but they were never really there for me. My biological father at first was there, but my parents split when I was 4 years old and he was gone. My stepfather came along after that but he didn’t do much, either. Both had a chance to be a parent but they were scared to step up to that responsibility. In my opinion, they feared it.”

KidHeFears has announced the upcoming release of his first project an EP titled, “YYZATL”, which is expected to drop May 3rd, 2019. To listen to KidHeFear’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

Michael Wavves – Up Too Late ft J-Wright

Michael Wavves Releases Latest Single “Up Too Late” Featuring J-Wright On Spotify

Fresh off the release of Michael Wavves EP “Nights on Vine”, Lancaster, PA based artist Michael Wavves and New Hampshire rapper J-Wright connect on the ‘awake at midnight’ anthem “Up Too Late.” This track perfectly mixes Wavves’ smooth falsetto vocals and layered melodies with Wright’s gritty account of the mental struggle that comes with being on the come-up in the music industry. Wavves also contributes an emotionally potent and honest verse of his own, which draws several parallels between the two artists’ stories. “Up Too Late” paints a dark picture and is filled with moody melodies and honest struggles, which makes it the perfect tune for a late-night drive.

As we patiently wait for Michael Wavves upcoming EP ‘Purple Heart’ and J-Wright’s highly anticipated album, which rumor has it includes another collaboration with Wavves, go add ‘Up Too Late’ by Michael Wavves and J-Wright to your Spotify playlist and stream it on all digital music outlets now! Make sure to follow the two up-and-comers on social media and see if they’re hitting a stage in a city near you.