Dian Rene – Ayudame

Latin artist with undeniable talent 
drops hot new summer single ‘La Cocinerita 

MIAMI, FL – The world’s next new Latin artist has arrived on the scene. And if you aren’t already paying attention to his music, then you better join the crowd. 

Hailing from Cuba but making his home in Miami, Florida, young Dian Rene has the kind of voice that only comes along once in a generation. Already he’s made a name for himself internationally with performances in Cuba and throughout the U.S., and a stint on the television show “The Four” helped catapult him onto a larger national stage. In the two years since that television performance, Dian has been perfecting his unique sound and style. His previous single “Ayudame” has millions of views on YouTube and is the kind of Latin dance track that is perfect for the clubs. And now, he’s set to follow that up with his hot new single “La Cocinerita.” 

According to Dian, the song is a mix between Reggaeton and Dance Hall, and tells the story of a guy in a relationship with a girl who genuinely cares about him. 

“Basically, she’s treating me better than my ex,” Dian said. “The name of the song in English means ‘the cook,’ and I’m using that as a way of saying that now I have a woman who not only feeds me literally but also goes out of her way to take care of me. There’s a double meaning in the word – I have a girl who cares about me and takes care of me and there’s a depth to the relationship.” 

Dian said his writing style is one that embraces double entendres and metaphors similar to “La Cocinerita” in ways that use words to paint pictures and put ideas into the minds of his listeners. When he combines that with vocals that soar and are undeniably talented, it makes for music that cannot be ignored. Add to that his charisma on stage and energy as an entertainer and Dian is easily one of the most important Latin artists to arrive on the international stage today. 

In addition to “La Cocinerita,” Dian has plans to release a full album later this summer. Having worked his ways to this point in his career by struggling as a young musician in Cuba before coming to the U.S. with his sister four years ago, Dian said he’s anxious to finally see his dreams become a reality. And while producers and industry insiders with whom he has worked over the years have praised his vocal talent and ability as an artist, he said getting his name and face in front of the masses has been a struggle. 

“I’ve been singing since I was born, really,” he said. “It’s not just my dream, it’s my life. I don’t take ‘NO’ for an answer, but it’s not an easy industry to break into. I’ve been working hard to get my music out, and I’m anxious for people to see me as an entertainer. I’ll give you that feeling of joy when you watch me. I just sing because that’s my life.” 

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La Cocinerita 



Admiral – Surgical Barz ft Tragedy Khadafi

Admiral Returns To The Front Lines With His New Street Heater “surgical Barz” Ft Tragedy Khadafi

Glory Ave Entertainment frontman Admiral begins the campaign to his New album “Honor & Will” with a Lyrical haymaker entitled “Surgical Barz” featuring the legendary Queensbridge architect Tragedy Khadafi. On the record the two get right to business trading bars over a gritty track from Rising producer Boger with NY’s DJ Instynctz providing sharp incision like cuts to put the finishing touches on this heater. check it out Stream on Spotify

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Buck City’s Top 10 Tracks On Spotify For 2019

Press Play To Stream Buck City’s Top 10 Tracks On Spotify For 2019

Buck City released his 4th project earlier this year titled “Beat The Odds” with Chicago’s own DJ Smoke. The Midwest artist Buck City came with some new work for the people on this one! Turn it up to the max and vibe out! Stream Buck City’s top tracks for 2019 on Spotify today!!

Stay connected with Buck City on social media IG: @_buckcity_ | FB: @shatani.buck | SC: @Buckcity

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Album Stream: Wu-Tang Clan – Of Mics And Men | @WuTangClan

New mixtape highlights ‘Reconstructed’ life of East Coast artist RealLiveRari

CHARLOTTE, NC – After years of making music and chasing dreams with frustrating success, Charlotte based artist RealLiveRari is in the midst of a season of rebuilding. As a person – emotionally, spiritually and even physically – this young musician is making the kind of life changes that inspire others around him. And his music is echoing that positive forward momentum, most especially on his new mixtape “Reconstructed.” It’s a project that he said examines the various ways that he’s rewiring the way he thinks and approaches life.

“I started out doing music when I was about age 16 and I always enjoyed it. However, I went to college because my family thought that was the most practical thing to do,” he said. “I hated college yet I finished and when I graduated, I got a job right away. But I couldn’t do corporate America. I quit my job with the intention of pursuing music. Unfortunately, my grandmother got sick and had to have brain surgery. It’s been a roller-coaster few years, but I’ve decided this is my time to step up and do what I have to do as an artist. This project shows who I am as an artist – heartfelt, honest and true. Nothing is fabricated.”

New mixtape highlights ‘Reconstructed’ life
of East Coast artist RealLiveRari

Though there are other artists in the world who have adopted the name Rari, RealLiveRari said he uses that as his stage name because it really is his birth name – Merari Pritchet. And as people get to know his name and become familiar with his music, he wants to be known as a humble hustler – the kind of musician who isn’t trying to be something he’s not or giving off a superficial vibe. He’s an artist who actually knows what he’s talking about and wants to do positive things for the community. He’s not just trying to be famous off his music but really wants his creations to impact and inspire the world.

A great example of that is his single “Tebow.” Inspired by the NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, the song encourages people to give recognition where it’s due when plans come to fruition and success is attained.

“When Tebow does a touchdown, he does this kneeling thing and prays to God,” RealLiveRari said. “It’s a victorious thing. That’s what this song is about. Once you’ve made it through all – when you’ve made your touchdown – give all the glory and honor to God. It’s a song that’s really upbeat. When you hear the chords in there, you can really feel that everything I chose in that song, I chose for a reason – even the minor chords in the background. It almost feels like you’re marching uphill and you made it to the top. It’s that kind of a triumphant song.”

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Cross country relocation leads to new perspective from fast rising artist Spektiv

SAN DIEGO, CA – Perspective is power. That’s not only the outlook on life that San Diego-based artist Spektiv lives by, it’s also the foundation for his musical point of view. For the New Jersey-raised artist, perspective is everything. His music flirts between the boundaries of moody and uplifting and his new album, “Vuja De”, functions as a dream journal to express what is essentially a brutally honest account of the trials and tribulations of modern life.

Nothing short of introspective, Spektiv’s new album circulates around the theme of perspective vs. familiarity. From the soulful, jazzed up stylings of “Brighter Day” to the infectiously playful anthem “Sadderday,” “Vuja De” is an ode to those seeking a second chance in life.

Cross country relocation leads to new perspective
from fast rising artist Spektiv

“‘Vuja De’ is the surreal experience of revisiting the familiar but with newfound rigor that allows us to unlock doors that may not have been present before,” Spektiv said. “Simply put, it’s about growth, development and rising up. That’s my story so far.”

After 29 years of living in New Jersey, Spektiv uprooted his family and headed as far west as he could go, literally seeking a new perspective on life. He needed something new and fresh, and an entirely different weather, climate, landscape and people-group. This helped him discover new sides of himself that he never knew existed. In the first six months of living in San Diego, he created his new album, writing 10 songs in no time because of the inspiration that came from his new experiences in California.

“I literally wrote the new album in about four weeks,” he said. “I’m super proud of it. It’s a rebranding for me – not just with my music but with my whole life. It’s a project that examines the different struggles and feelings that we all deal with on a day-to-day basis, but in way that makes you feel it throughout every single track. It’s very moody but you can also feel the energy and passion and that different perspective. What makes it stand out from anything else out there is my ability to deliver perspective and help whoever is listening to make a change in their life one way or another.”

Two singles from the project are already gaining Spektiv some major attention. The first is “Legendary,” which is a pop single that features New Jersey artist Terrado. Described as a club banger, the song talks about fake friends and breaking through different barriers to get to where you want to go.

The other single is “Brighter Day,” which is a more hip-hop forward track with a nostalgic mid-90s vibe. Spektiv said it’s significant because of how it encourages the listener to change their mindset and readjust internally so that they can find a brighter day.

“You have to examine internally and be willing to act on that,” he said. “In the video for the song, you see a kid who plays me when I was younger, and he’s sitting on the beach and he’s visibly distraught. He finds a note that says ‘Brighter days are ahead.’ The song goes on to explore this idea of keeping your head up and re-examining yourself. You’re responsible for you. Once you take accountability on what you’re doing from day-to-day and hour-to-hour, the results are astronomical.”

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“Vuja De”

Jui$e Leroy – Blues

Dallas Texas native Jui$e Leroy is back with the brand new visual to “Blues” produced by Blasian Beats & shot by Stack Moses. Artist: Jui$e Leroy Title: Blues Director: Stack Moses Producer: Blasian Beats Engineer: FM Producer

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Seventh album from Ka$h Route gives the world a reason to listen

Tampa, FL – Since 2012, Kyle “Ka$h Route” Reedy has been a fast-rising young artist whose music is starting to gain the attention of an ever-widening range of fans across the U.S. He has been releasing music in constant and consistent waves, and many of his singles have been hits. It came as no surprise when he landed on some Top 100 charts and started to become a name people started to recognize.

With that momentum, Ka$h Route became successful even more. He released a 26-track album ,”Teaching Sharks 2 Swim”, on April 20, 2018 which was well received and featured a couple of singles that were in regular rotation around the country and also included multiple music videos that have been gaining a lot of visibility. Because of that success, he has now created a second edition following the same formula. Ka$h Route’s most anticipated seventh album, “Teaching Wolves 2 Howl” was released April 20, 2019.

Seventh album from Ka$h Route gives the world a reason to listen

“With this one, I’m trying to provide a cinematic experience while showing a different side of my story and really talk to the people with a positive message through the music,” he said. “It features a lot of different styles, vibes and sounds, so it’s hard to classify genre-wise.

It’s a mix of jazzy hip-hop, upbeat soul, rap/R&B, pop/electronic in one super project. It’s a very smooth production where the listener wants to really see what’s next. Different people, different ages and different demographics everywhere will love this. More than anything, I was trying to capture some of the popular sounds… that top 40 sound, and put myself into the mainstream so that everybody can get a chance to like the music. It’s an escape and a good time I offer like a good book or great movie.”

Ka$h Route said he’s chosen 21 of his best tracks to put on this album, and is extremely excited for his fans and new listeners to hear the diversity of sounds he’s captured on “Teaching Wolves 2 Howl.” He said, songs tap into EDM vibes while others are jazzy raw hip-hop. There are pop songs, soul songs, straight hip-hop songs, and trap-infused songs with R&B tracks. Plus some that infuse many of those genres together. The project showcases it partly by working with multiple of the industry’s best producers. The Intro “Cold Love” is topped off by a co-sign by DJ Khaled.


“The biggest thing about this album is that you can see how I’ve matured as an artist,” he said. “Before, I was really trying to make money and was headed in that business-oriented direction. Don’t get me wrong, I still wanna be successful and get the best shows, and work with the best artists. But as time has gone by and I’ve found my comfort zone as an artist, I care more about just bringing the best music to the people and my fans. I’m putting together great works of art and I feel like things have all come together for me. It’s not all about the money… it’s about the music, the message and the universal vibe. Everybody who listens to my music can feel it, enjoy it and have fun with it! That’s what it’s about.”

Ka$h Route has also grown as a human over the course of his career and is now heavily involved in giving to charity, volunteering, putting together athletic programs and working with at-risk youth. He recently created a nonprofit organization called “Rise Above Alliance,” which exists to help educate people and bring awareness to efforts that exist to try and put a stop to gun violence in communities across the U.S. Please help stop the violence.

Ka$h Route will be performing live on May 8 at Lime Light Nightclub in Tampa, Florida as well as on May 23 at The Orpheum in Ybor City, FL.

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“Teaching Wolves 2 Howl”


Lawoyne’s New EP ‘Black Roses’ Offers Luscious Lyrics For The Ladies

ELKHART, IN – Darion Antwon Lawoyne Williams has always been an entertainer. Growing up in Elkhart, Indiana, he remembers singing songs or making music with his mother multiple times. She was the first one to introduce him to the power of a good song. However, when he was 13 it was his cousin who introduced him to the idea of writing and producing his own songs. He took a song that he’d written a few years earlier at only age 9 and went into the studio with his cousin to do his first recording. He hasn’t looked back since.

Today, Lawoyne entertains the masses as a fast-rising musician who’s new EP, “Black Roses”, is an R&B powerhouse that is lighting flames of passion for listeners all over the U.S. Self-described as “sex music,” the songs on Lawoyne’s new EP are not for the faint of heart. They’re very sexual and very explicit, and as such they’re perfect for “having sex to”.

Lawoyne’s New EP ‘Black Roses’ Offers Luscious Lyrics For The Ladies

“A lot of people have said I have that 90ʼs style R&B with a modern twist,” Lawoyne said. “The name of the project comes from an idea of a sexually committed relationship with someone without any strings attached but with certain benefits of an actual exclusive relationship. There’s no emotional attachment. A red rose would imply love and the perception associated with that. But the creative idea of giving a black rose implies that there’s no love involved.”

The debut single from the EP, “Breath of Fresh Air,” already has a music video in the works that should drop by mid-May. Shot entirely on a Red camera, the picture quality is of the highest level and further emphasized that fans who love the song will be really impressed with the visuals that are soon to follow. Like most of his songs, Lawoyne also produced the beat for “Breath of fresh” and “M.V.P”. He also helped mix and master “Black Roses” and “Running Circles”.

Though “Black Roses” is solely an R&B project, Lawoyne is a multi-faceted musician. Known also for his unique flows as a rapper, he said he’s confident that his own unique sound and style is one that will separate him from a crowded music industry.

“I don’t try to copy anyone,” he said. “I don’t even like to consider it. I don’t like to listen to popular music today because I don’t want it to subconsciously alter my sound. That’s why people have told me I have a unique cadence and subject matter. When you hear me, you wouldn’t find anyone who compares as far as style and cadence and versatility. A lot of people know me for my rapping, even though on this project it’s all singing. But I’m a whole different person when I’m rapping. When I’m singing I aim all my subject matter, attention and energy to the female. When I’m rapping, people will feel like there’s a little thuggish side to it. I have lyrics and punch lines and you might have to rewind my raps to get what I’m saying because it’s very intellectual. You have to pay attention to what I’m saying, though I also have songs that are just fun for the sake of being fun. More than anything, I want to explore different genres as often as I can.”


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Ben Grizz – Steak and Rice

Ben Grizz Keeps Charts Hot with “Expensive Taste”

FITCHBURG, MA – If you want to know who’s currently making his bid to become
Massachusetts’ next hip-hop star, look no further than Ben Grizz. Growing up around
the music, Ben often found himself dabbling into it. He only started buckling down in
efforts to grow his career as an artist about a year ago. The growth is impressive
because ever since then, he has taken his talents to the next level.

Ben describes the past year as a complete rollercoaster. With developing his sound and
perfecting his craft, he’s navigated all of the ups and downs that come with it. “It’s been
an experiment finding out what works and what doesn’t. I like to make club music, but I
don’t define myself by a genre. I bring a lot to the table,” said Grizz. Adding to that, the
artist tells us how genuine he is not only through his music, but also in everyday life. His
sound is what he refers to as old school warmth with a modern day punch.

Last October, Ben released his fan-favorite EP “Expensive Taste”. Since then, his music
has circulated radio charts, especially hip-hop focused ones. “I’ve gotten some really
positive feedback since the release. The album release party sold out, and it was wild.
People are really loving it,” said Ben. The album reflects on a lifestyle that the artist lives
out each day. Through this, fans can get a peek into his world, which is always

What’s coming up next in the world of Ben Grizz? This weekend, he has a show in
Fitchburg, MA, which will likely have a packed house. He tells us fans can expect a lot
more from him, especially from a visual perspective. If you’re in Austin for SXSW, make
sure to check him out- he will be there keeping the stage hot!

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“Steak and Rice”

Loe T – 21 Questions

‘Visions from the Bottom’ brings rapper’s words
from behind bars to the rest of the world

SEATLLE, WA – Loe T has done more from behind bars than most people accomplish in a lifetime of freedom.

At age 16, the promising young artist was arrested after a drug-related home invasion. He was tried as an adult and has spent the past 10 years in prison. He hasn’t spent his decade behind bars idly. In fact, he’s been actively working to better his life and set himself up for success when he finally gets released. Not only has he studied a variety of subjects to get a better education, but he has also slowly put together a music career that is starting to gain the attention of executives within the industry.

Over the years, Loe T has released several singles on all digital music platforms, all of which were recorded from inside prison. He literally would call a record producer and rap over the prison phone. He also shot a music video from inside prison for his song Envy Charged Up.

“Everybody is seeing me overcome obstacles that most would think are impossible,” Loe T said. “I’m trapped away from the rest of the world, but I’m accomplishing s—t that most would say couldn’t be done. I came up in the streets and grew up in the prison system but I don’t only want to be defined by that. People see a man in prison and want to count me out, but I shouldn’t be judged on my past or where I am and instead be seen for what I’m doing and who I’ve become. I can still relate to people who are in the streets, but I want to use my platform as an example of how to live life different. I want to influence people in a positive direction and show them that no matter the circumstance or struggle you can still beat the odds. I’m giving people something they haven’t seen before – literally – and I believe it could have the potential to change the game”.

Loe T is a name derived from the word “Loyalty,” which he said takes the highest priority for any relationship. LOE stands for “Loyalty Over Everything,” while the T is representative of his “team” his “turf,” and the city of Tacoma, Washington which is where he’s from “It also represents me,” he said, “because loyalty is what I live by.”

Loe T is preparing to release his first album called “Visions from the Bottom.” It’s a 12-track project that features artists such as Glasses Malone, I Rocc and Chris Cash. He said the name of the album comes from his situation of being incarcerated, and reflects the dreams and aspirations he has for one day making it big as an artist.

“Throughout the whole album is a diary of my life, basically,” he said. “There are different styles of songs – some are real street anthems, while others are more commercial sounding and radio-ready. But they’re all filled with my story. My story and sound are unique because I’ve been locked in a time capsule for the last 10 years. And though we do have access to music, being locked up for so long I still have the impression of the music I was listening to 10 years ago. The industry now is heavy trap-sounding beats and a lot of mumble rap, whereas I’m more like the sounds of before with stories drawn out in 16 bars. But I’m putting those things to the new sounds – the new trap beats with the old styles that people can relate to. It’s two different styles fused together.”

Loe T said fans can get a good feel for that fusion on two of his debut singles, “Money Games (feat. Glasses Malone)” and “21 Questions,” which is a remake of 50 Cent’s “21 Questions” and will be released on February 8, 2019 and is already getting radio play in Portland, Oregon.

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21 Savage Delivers Official Video For ‘A Lot’ Feat. J. Cole

Listen to the official audio of “a lot” by 21 Savage ft. J. Cole http://smarturl.it/iam.iwas

Music Review: William Young ‘Gorilla Khan’ Produced by Defam Productions

William Young is a multi-talented author, hip-hop artist. Not only did he write the biography for Puma formerly of Black Ink Crew. He’s also rubbed elbows with a some major figures in the industry. You can catch William Young on tracks with Loaded Lux, Sadat X, Papoose, Diplomats, Lil Mama, Charlie Clips, and more.

Music Review: William Young Drops His New Single ‘Gorilla Khan’ Produced by Defam Productions

Notable Lyrics: “Throw up the peace sign to the N.G.E, nigga I ball like the MVP. If it ain’t about peace it be about war,  and death is the penalty for fallen victims to the law. Keep ya eyes on the paper nigga let em hate, but follow in the G like you was the letter ‘H'”.

“Job-well-done I give em an encore hut one, hut two who can ever want more? Look at the audacity of niggas trying challenge me, I will not fall I defy the laws of gravity.  Gotta pretty bitch niggas want her so bad, look how she licking on the underside of my shaft”.

William Young goes hardcore on ‘Gorilla Khan‘! Defam Productions created an ill soundtrack for this movie. Gorilla Khan is a crossbreed of Hip-Hop and Trap Music and gives you a ‘boom bap meets trap’ type vibe. The multi-genre essence makes this a perfect fit for a hip-hop or trap set.  He sets the record straight for folks and proves once and for all the his lyrical ability is never lacking!

Gorilla Khan has a hard, gritty sound reminiscent of the 90’s, crossbred with ‘trappy’ 808’s, and a dark yet colorful undertone that brings you back to 2019. The crafty sound plus fiery wordplay,  and witty punchlines shutdown all naysayers who doubt that William Young can dominate the ‘hardcore’ subgenre of Hip Hop.

Stream and subscribe to William Young on Spotify by clicking here.  ‘Gorilla Khan‘ is available on Spotify and all streaming outlets. Make sure you add it to your playlists and share with your people!

William Young – Gorilla Khan

William Young comes thru with a fire new joint ‘Gorilla Khan’ Produced by Defam Productions

BTG Dre – Pressure

BTG Dre is an up and coming rapper, who calls Baltimore home. He sent over a brand new track titled ‘Pressure’ produced by Logik Lee and Ayedell.

BTG Dre is known for singles such as “Young Stunna”, “Saucin”, and “Stack It”. He was born Norman De’Andre Cox on December 26, 2000 in Baltimore, MD. News reports and articles show that he has had potential since a young kid.

Stream ‘Pressure’ below on Spotify or download the mp3 by clicking here.

Wavy C – HeavyWeight

Wavy C pulls no punches with new single ‘Heavy Weight’

MORENO VALLEY, CA – Like many aspiring artists within hip-hop, Wavy C started his journey all the way from the bottom. But Wavy C isn’t like all the other aspiring artists. His voice, his style and his career aspirations are all unique and one-of-a-kind. And after years of working his way to the top, his new music is gathering momentum and gaining major attention across the U.S.

His most recent single, “Heavy Weight,” already has tens of thousands of views on his YouTube channel, with some play on radio stations along the West Coast as well. He said that the song is a statement piece that lets people know that he’s serious about his music career and he has the kind of sound and style that people should pay attention to.

“When I wrote the song, it was a down point in my life,” he said. “I had just been dropped by my management team. I could have walked away from music and given up, but this song came to me and I knew that I wasn’t gonna quit. So this song is me letting everybody know that I’m coming. I’m a force to be reckoned with. I’m coming to know things down with no regard.” Wavy C first started rapping in 2013 when his younger brother Fred encouraged him to explore his natural talent for poetry. He needed an emotional outlet at the time as he’d just been kicked out of school and was living from motel-to-motel, or even out of his car, for the better part of a year.

“I never moved back home and I always grinded for what I have,” he said. “I turned myself into a boss. I had some buzz in 2015 when I dropped my first single, ‘Playa Playa,’ but then in 2017, management dropped me. So everything I do now is by myself. I’m the true definition of independent. My style is a little aggressive, but my voice smooths it out. And I talk about my struggle in my music, and how to get through it. I want my music to be known for motivating people. I started all the way from the bottom. I didn’t know my birth parents, and I eventually got kicked out of the house and had no place to live. I believe that you have to do what you have to do to get where you want to be. And so when people hear my music and my name, I want them to see a guy who grinds and does what he says he’s going to do – and hopefully that motivates everybody. No matter where you come from, you can be anything you want to be. You don’t have to follow the so-called rules of life.”

Wavy C said he’s following up “Heavy Weight” with a second single called “Mud,” which features Blvck Lefty. Similar to “Heavy Weight,” “Mud” tells the story of where he comes from and literally pulling himself straight out of the dirt. Both songs are the first releases from an upcoming mixtape called “Wait a Minute,” which he said he hopes to release before the summer.

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Watch “Heavyweight” Official Video:

No Image – Cadence

Texas artist “No Image” hits the scene with his latest single “Cadence”

I see that we have some hot new talent out of Texas. No Image could very well be on his way to putting Austin, Texas on the map. The name “No Image” represents exactly what it is No Imageno brand, just pure music and soul. He doesn’t have one particular style per se, he fuses a multitude of sounds together and delivers multi-genre creations.

Its dope how he integrates a particular style/sound in his music while keeping it versatile and each its own. If you listen to “Running” it sounds totally different from “Take me to Paradise” but both tracks have a signature sound which can be found in most of his songs. You may notice some similarities with “Fan Now” and “Cadence“, but each song has its own sound, and creates its own vibe. On top of having witty lyrics, No Image creates deep, meaningful stories and has well crafted music you might want to give this guy a chance!

When we spoke with No Image about this track he said “I tried to find a new sound that would captivate any listener. I believe I have done that with CADENCE. It is a very wavy yet dark song. It puts you in the mind of the artist and takes you on a journey to explore creative talent while being in your own body.

If he keeps bringing the heat like this he could very well be next to make it! With more than 270,000 streams on Spotify “Cadence” is already reaching the people!

The hook goes: “Ima have y’all baaannngin to my Caandeeeence, Ima go crazy til I make iiiiittt!” 4x

Ima have Y’all bangin, I swear ima make it, Im jus on the waitlist take it postdated cash it when Im famous” 1x

It’s no wonder why so many people are tuned in, besides the mega catchy hook “Cadence” has the sound everyone wants to hear. Don’t listen to me tho press play and listen to the song for yourself and you be the judge. Dj’s hit me up if you want to put this in rotation or you can catch up with him below!

Follow No Image on Spotify No Image and Instagram @Image_no

Conflict – Geeking

16-year-old Conflict announces arrival to hip-hop
with hit new single ‘Back Again

NEW ORLEANS, LA – When Isaach Anywar was a young boy growing up in New Orleans, he was well known for his intensity on the football field. When he put those pads on and lined up across from his opponents, fans and teammates knew… He was about to bring it hard. Friends started referring to him by the nickname “Conflict,” because of how much havoc he created on the field.

As he has grown older, he has brought that same level of intensity in his approach to making music. It seemed only natural, then, for him to continue using the name Conflict. And today, at only age 16, Conflict is a fast-rising young hip-hop artist from the Deep South whose new music is grabbing the attention of fans and music executives alike.

In January he released a mixtape that’s been getting a lot of play regionally, and he’s preparing to release his first full-length album later this Spring. It’s called “Solution,” and he said it’s a great statement piece that will showcase his natural talent while also giving listeners an insight into who he is as a person and an artist.

“It’s basically about the things I’m going through right now,” Conflict said. “It’s a mixture of everything. I lost three cousins last year to gun violence, for instance. I’ve lost a lot of other people, too. I’m also just now finally seeing my dad after he was locked up for a long time. I’m telling stories from my life, and that’s what I want my music to be known for – that everything I say is what I’m going through. It’s 100 percent authentic and there’s nothing fake.”

The debut single from the project, which is available on all digital distribution sites, is called “Back Again.” He said it’s a more mellow song that will bring a smile to people’s faces. It highlights the good things of his life right now – how things are going just the way he wants them to and that feeling that anyone can have when they’re “back to their old self.” It’s also a song that shows off Conflict’s unique sound and style, which he said stands out from the sounds that have become common among New Orleans’ hip-hop.

“I’m just unique in my own way,” he said. “People around here are one set style, and I’m completely different. I bring a mixture of singing and rapping, and I go off flow sometimes. I just do what makes me happy. That’s what makes me different.”

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