A melange of genres flows into Malik Mustafa’s latest single “Intermission”

A melange of genres flows into Malik Mustafa’s latest singles

LITTLE ROCK, AR – “Intermission,” the new single from Malik Mustafa, is a blend of Hip Hop and Pop. Malik is celebrating his first record contract – a publishing and distribution agreement with a New York label. “Intermission” will be the first single under the new deal. Described by Malik as “a love song – one for the female fans,” the artist expects this single to drop around July 19th.

After recording and completing the first mix himself, Malik uses different producers to take his tracks across the finish line. For “Intermission,” he turned to a producer in Europe for a different feel than what is found in the US. For his lyrics, Malik draws inspiration from something he is going through at the time. “Intermission” talks about not allowing himself to be conned by a certain type of girl who believes that she can keep a guy just because she’s pretty, wears makeup and is into fashion.

Similarly, with his previous single “Energy,” Malik’s real life experiences provide for thought provoking lyrics. In a must-hear and poignant verse, he raps about falling out with his grandmother, getting kicked out of her house, and sleeping in his car for two months.

Mixed and mastered by Hi-Light in St. Kitts, “Energy” affirms that Malik cannot surround himself with negative energy and won’t be brought down by it. “Energy,” released late last year and accompanied by a video, created an initial buzz for an upcoming EP which will contain both tracks.

Not to be confined to any one specific genre, Malik’s musical style has been influenced by his exposure to several different cultures, styles and living conditions. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and raised in Atlanta, he also spent five years during and after high school in St. Kitts. The fast pace and hip hop lifestyle of the ATL contributed to his creativity, but the pain in his music stems from Little Rock. “If you’re not strong mentally, it could break you. But, if you are strong mentally, it could build you and you could use it like I do and put it into a creative way, like my music,” affirmed Malik.

Although he considers all three places home, St. Kitts is where Malik’s music career really kicked off. “Listening to their music – the Caribbean / Afrobeat type style,” Malik said, “that just added to my music, so I didn’t just have to write about the pain or the struggle. I could make dance records … stuff that’s more up-tempo that people could dance to and enjoy at a party.”

At the age of 12, Malik was loving the enthusiastic feedback and attention and he knew he was meant for a music career after his very first performance at a school talent show. He wasn’t supposed to perform at all because he was in trouble at school. But a sympathetic teacher allowed him and his friends to do their thing. Malik often wonders if he would be involved in music today if that teacher had not allowed them on stage.

Malik’s first big performance was at the St. Kitts Music Festival in 2016. The annual event featured the likes of 50 Cent, Damian Marley, Dexta Daps and Tarrus Riley, and has hosted performances by Chris Brown, Ella Mai, French Montana, Trey Songz, Jason Derulo and more over the years. To be a part of the festival’s history was a huge accomplishment for Malik.

Malik Mustafa is a deep thinking and compassionate artist. Given a choice among a host of quick fixes such as unlimited money, super strength and choosing a body type, the ability Malik would choose is the power to heal others, either mentally or physically, because he knows what it is like when someone is in pain. “The world would be such a better place if people were more happy!”

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 TheDropout Spectrum taps into depths of the cosmos with diverse new sound

 TheDropout Spectrum taps into
depths of the cosmos with diverse new sound

DALLAS, TX – To truly get a feel for how deeply moving the music from new Dallas-based artist TheDropout Spectrum is, you have to look deep into the cosmos. His sound and style is otherworldly. As his name indicates, it’s a sound that explores a spectrum of genres and influences in ways that make the word “diverse” seem inconsequential. His crazy flows and deep poetry are catching the attention of new fans all over the world, and his new album “ZenStellar” is set to launch him into the stratosphere of success.

Born in Benin West Africa, Brice Danvide, now best known for his stage name TheDropout Spectrum, moved with his family to Texas when he was a child. He started his music journey in 2008 with the release of the single called “I’m On.” The success he found with that single was enough to propel him into making music a full time career, and he’s been pursuing that dream ever since. 

“ZenStellar” is an album that celebrates the diversity that he embraces through his music. His songs talk about current problems in the world or day-to-day issues that people go through. In particular, he said the art of this album is associated with “the universe and the cosmos, particularly the Libra constellation.”

“If you can locate Zubeneschamali, it’s the brightest star in that constellation,” he said. “That’s what I want this album to represent – shining bright. Most of the album has a pretty upbeat vibe – you will move without realizing that you’re moving. It will also show people how I think and the way I choose my ideas and how I’m able to shift gears from slow pace to faster pace. I have a wide diversity of flows.”

Though the album isn’t set to be released until the end of the year, the debut single from the project will be available on all digital streaming platforms on July 13. It’s called “Take Off” and it’s an upbeat song that TheDropout  Spectrum said he’s sure will end up being motivational for a lot of people.

“It’s about anything you do in life that can propel you into a good mindset or success,” he said. “Anything you envision and take steps forward to realize and make it happen. When you wake up in the morning, you can take off. When you go to work, you take off. It’s a term that you can use for anything that can allow someone to propel themselves from the initial mindset that they had into something higher. Really, I want to show them that they can do whatever they put their minds to in life.”

Ultimately, TheDropout Spectrum said he hopes his music will explore and reflect “all the spectrum colors of light” in a way that is “so deep that you can’t track what’s going on. You’ll just know that it’s amazing.” 

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TheDropout Spectrum


New single from Brandon McCrae captures new sound of ‘hip pop’

New single from Brandon McCrae
captures new sound of ‘hip pop’

PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, MD – Brandon McCrae is the total package. This hip hop artist from Prince George’s County in Maryland writes, produces, mixes and masters all of his own music. And he has developed such a one-of-a-kind sound that people all along the East Coast have been sitting up and paying attention to.

His newest single, “Nightmares and Dreams,” is a mixture of hip hop and pop underneath an upbeat, fast-tempo groove that invites listeners into a good time. Self-described as a “catchy vibe,” the single is something that came from his attempt to combine multiple genres into one hard-hitting song that would put people in a groove and give them a good time.

McCrae has been producing since he was in high school. He also started battle rapping in high school, and by college had developed a unique sound to the point where he started selling his beats. He made a name for himself, first at North Carolina Central University and then at Morgan State University. That name has continued to grow to more fans all along the East Coast as he has continued to create hit after hit. 

“When I decided to become a Do-It-Yourself artist, I needed to learn how to mix, so I left Morgan State University and went to Full Sail University and joined the recording arts programs,” he said. “Since then, I have built a catalog which I am ready to release. My production and my flow set me apart from anybody else out there. My production is elaborate and intricate. I definitely have my own style, and I like to combine different styles so you can get the best of every world. I want to be known for being able to do it all – mixing, producing, writing. A lot of music sounds the same today and I want people to be able to distinctively tell my music apart because of the quality.”

McCrae not only writes, produces and mixes all of his music, but he also plays multiple instruments. He plays the drums, violin, piano, guitar, and a variety of other instruments whenever the mood strikes. He’s inspired by stories from life – whether his own stories or those of people who come in and out of his life. Sometimes his lyrics talk about the up and downs of life but more often than not, his music has a message paired with “just good music.” He aspires to leave an impact on the world in ways similar to his inspirations – Kanye West, Chain Smokers, Lost Kings and Chance the Rapper. 

In addition to “Nightmares and Dreams” which dropped July 12, McCrae is working on an EP that he plans to release later this fall. 

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“Nightmares and Dreams”


Darrell Kelley soars above the crowd with his latest single, “I’m So High”

Darrell Kelley soars above the crowd with his latest single, “I’m So High”

ATLANTA, GA – As a productive pastor, author, entrepreneur and singer/songwriter, Darrell Kelley is, understandably, a master of multitasking. Kelley has released a new single called “I’m So High.” In his latest offering, the versatile Kelley serves up a smoking R&B/Soul track with a super chill vibe which could easily serve as the new anthem for the growing movement of marijuana acceptance.

Kelley wrote “I’m So High” in support of the individual’s right to use marijuana. For Kelley, it doesn’t seem fair, especially on job seekers and college students traveling across state lines, that marijuana use is legal in some states while considered a criminal offense in others. If smoking and medical use are legal in some states, why not legalize in the entire country, Kelley wonders. “As long as you understand that you have something to do when you’re done enjoying yourself, it’s OK to have fun. But you gotta know when the fun is over with so you can take care of your personal business,” Kelly said. “If you don’t focus on business, then you’re not gonna succeed.”

Kelley knows about business – the new song was introduced at Kelley’s soul food restaurant, Soul Delicious, in Morrow, GA. Changing things up from his previous Gospel sound, Kelley wanted to do R&B for his latest work because “R&B is about music. It’s about love and having fun. People misconstrue what fun, love and music are all about. It doesn’t matter if it’s Gospel, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop … what matters is if it’s clean and very nice, and you can relate to the music. But more importantly, relate to the artist.”

The release of “I’m So High” is accompanied by a music video which was shot in California after Kelley received a recommendation for Venice Beach. He flew out to the coast and shot the video over the weekend. Known as an Atlanta area Pastor, Kelley mentioned some confusion over one scene in the video. He is smoking an airplane because he is high, he affirmed, and not smoking a cross, as some have mistaken. God is first in his life and is everything to Darrell Kelley.

In his role as a religious leader, Kelley started a new religion in 2017 called UWGEAM (an acronym for God of the Universe, God of the World, God of all Gods, God of Everything, and God of Anything including Me). Kelley published and wrote “The Book of UWGEAM” which explains the principles of this religion. In addition to his work as a Pastor, Kelley has been a restaurant owner since 2013 when he opened Soul Delicious. He later opened Soul Delicious Latino in Miami, FL.

A prolific creator, Darrell Kelley has enjoyed chart successes and wide recognition. In addition to several singles, Kelley has released a number of albums and an EP. His debut R&B/Gospel EP, titled “Storm is Coming,” was released in 2018. In Early 2019, Kelley dropped his first full length album, “Unity.”  Soon afterwards, he followed up with the album “Here Ends the Lesson” which seemed to signal a change of gears for the artist. His newest album, “Get Wild,” features “I’m So High” and a song called “Moonlight,” a haunting, melodic number which will likely be Kelley’s next single. He has no shortage of original material to draw from for the live tour he is putting together for the UK for early 2020.

Kelley’s biggest musical influence is Aretha Franklin, and he aspires to create the type of music which brings love to all. “I like music because it connects with people,” said Kelley. “At the end of the day, no matter how a person feels, music will always uplift you – if you’re depressed or lonely, if you’re sad or if you had a bad day at work. I love music because it makes you get away from what is happening around you. It will just uplift you and relax your mind.”

Darrell Kelley is a deeply appreciative man. He is grateful for life itself and for his fans who have supported him over the years. He enthusiastically expresses appreciation for his family, including Kevin, Gabby, Fred, Curtis, Laura, Dee Dee and others. Overall, he deeply appreciates the love.

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“Get Wild”


“Believe in Something (Kneel)”


“Storm Is Coming”


Darrell Kelley’s Channel



A Rising New Artist From Philly Presents Us With “A Priceless Summer” Mixtape By @Priceless1__

A Rising New Artist From Philly Presents Us With “A Priceless Summer” Mixtape By @Priceless1__

20 year old Rising New Artist from Hunting Park, Philadelphia, “Priceless”Released 4 Major Singles recently with “WXVELAND ENT”.

With a collection of new visuals starting to gain attention via social media, the people are asking for more. Priceless Recently dropped his debut mixtape “A Priceless Summer” describing his intro and growth to his rap career.

Stream the full project on Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube today! Go follow and support this young Philly native. – wildetuna

@1.Pricelesson IG
Label: Wxveland Ent


Scorching new single “Came For” by AYO^ heats up the summer 

Scorching new single “Came For” by AYO^ heats up the summer 

WASHINGTON DC – With his brand new single, AYO^ treats listeners to music that is perfect for the sizzling season. “Came For” is a sexy, chill dancehall jam, flavored with Caribbean and R&B tones characterized by a tropical feel and a distinctive summer vibe. Although the song was recorded at The Kitchen DMV in Burtonsville, Maryland last fall, AYO^ held off releasing the single until the July 4th holiday. He felt confident that it was the best time to drop “Came For” because of its unmistakable summer sound. 

Drawing on feelings that he has experienced himself, AYO^ sings about the moment you walk into a function – you see the girl and the two of you automatically click. There’s a feeling that she was waiting just for you, emphasized by the line “I’m who you came here for.” It seems like the moment was just waiting to happen.

He started making beats himself two years ago. Listening to popular songs, he knew he could also write popular music. AYO^ said “I knew how to make the beats, so why not just put words to it?” AYO^ describes the songwriting process for “Came For” as similar to experiences with most of his music. Song ideas suddenly fly into his head from out of nowhere after hearing the perfect instrumental while fishing for beats. Then, he goes straight into the studio the very next day – he hates to sit on ideas.

AYO^ is making music because he loves seeing people happy, which comes as little surprise when you hear what he’s bringing. He strives to put smiles on people’s faces when they hear his music. He put smiles on faces recently when the crowd went crazy during his performance at a packed basement release party in Maryland.

“Came For” is his first Dancehall / Caribbean style piece. Whether composing R&B/Hip Hop music or delivering Dancehall creations, AYO^ has many different genres he likes to touch on. His varied taste stems from his upbringing. Born in the US and of Nigerian descent, AYO^ would hear Nigerian and American music almost simultaneously every day while growing up. Driving AYO^ to school, his mother would play popular Nigerian music. “Then she would put on Aretha Franklin and Barry White. She had very diverse taste. Those are part of some of my sweetest memories of music – me just vibing to music and enjoying it.”

Look out for more joy and more music from this Prince of DC. AYO^ is always in the studio and has plans to bring out a new EP, featuring more R&B / Dancehall / Reggae fusion in the fall. As AYO^ puts it: “When the beat drops, you just get into it. You have no choice!”

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Preston Wayne has no problem blending smooth rap with a tight melody in his new single “Problem”

Preston Wayne has no problem blending smooth rap with a tight melody in his new single “Problem”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Rap artist Preston Wayne’s new single, “Problem” is a super party record with a ton of energy. Released in late June, “Problem” is a song that anyone can relate to. “We all feel like at some point we’re a problem,” said Wayne. Written in his living room, Wayne describes the song as “Very crazy. Something you want to play at night on your way out to hit the town.” 

Rising from his own problems (sleeping on the floor in a house full of college students and eating ramen noodles every day), Preston recently performed at the EmergeLV Festival in Las Vegas. That’s one thing he loves about the music business – entertaining. For Wayne, it feels “overwhelming, in a good way. You feel accomplished when people like your stuff. When I can make a thousand or five thousand people feel the same and like and enjoy something, it feels really good … like I ran a 5K and took first place. It also makes you want to get even better, to do the same to a million other people.”  

Two years ago, Wayne left a thriving rap music scene in Billings, Montana where he and his crew had been going strong for years. Although the city is exploding with new talent and is a stop for touring rap artists, Wayne was ready to move forward and relocated to Los Angeles to take his career to the next level. It was a big change. Coming from Billings where people wave to each other, Wayne had never seen highways with more than two lanes before moving out to the coast. These days, when he needs rejuvenation, he can at least go to the beach!

Derryck “Big Tank” Thornton of One Tyme Entertainment (Fabolous, Zane, Queen Latifah, Tech N9ne, Christina Aguilera & Pussycat Dolls) discovered Preston through a mutual connection of Preston’s brother, Austin. Tank heard something in Preston and requested a meeting. After signing Preston, Tank reached out to his longtime friend – one of the most prolific A&R minds in the game and former president of Aftermath, Mike Lynn (Eminem, 50 Cent, Game, Eve, Lukas Graham, Anderson .Paak & Bruno Mars) – to partner on Preston Wayne. Mike Lynn, together with his business partner and branding maven, Dano Leman founded Reven8te which is an imprint distributed by INgrooves/UMG and they immediately believed in Preston Wayne and offered to team up with Big Tank’s One Tyme Entertainment. Preston’s team is strong and he’s come out swinging.

As a brand new artist who is just getting started, the extreme stuff hasn’t happened yet. But there’s a storm coming. Preston has thousands of hot songs stacked up. Currently putting together an album, he feels that singles are important and function as “One-song albums.” “When I’ve looked at a lot of albums, they always do their high numbers on the first three tracks. Why not drop a bunch of one-song albums, technically, so you know that they’re listening? Dropping singles is the most effective way of getting your music heard all the way through.”

You will definitely want to listen all the way through and listen carefully for hidden references to his home state. Preston says “I’m always gonna leave hints about Montana!”

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Louisville rapper Lul Soufside releases new single “Rumorz”

Louisville rapper Lul Soufside releases new single “Rumorz”

LOUISVILLE, KY – Rap artist, Lul Soufside, has released his new single, “Rumorz.” The lyrically complex track features an unusual vocal mix with layered effects over a steady, chill groove. “Rumorz” is the first recorded piece of a long term venture. This project which he calls 3$ummerz, is a collection of unreleased songs which have been crafted and perfected over the past three summers. While he continues to work on other tracks, he’s making plans to put it all together into an album.

Known in the local Louisville music scene, Lul Soufside (aka Twjuan Sellers, Jr.) is unique in the market and has his own way of bringing the sounds. “I come on tracks different than a lot of people in the industry,” says Lul Soufside. “Just the way I come on the track, the way I post a beat is different from a lot of people.” He feels that over the years, his music style has evolved since he first began writing. The music he’s making now is more lyrical with an expanded sound and generally has more craft. He’s been performing for groups locally, but is working hard towards gaining more worldwide exposure.

Encouraged to pursue his music by friends and family for over six years, Sellers has had to overcome hardship and tragedy. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, he grew up on the Southside of Louisville in the tough neighborhood of the Iroquois projects. He has endured the loss of family – three cousins were murdered and another cousin died in a car accident. While alive, these family members pushed him hard and told him that he would escape the projects someday. He says “every song I make is for my lost ones.”

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LilC843 Pushes Ahead after New EP Success

LilC843 Pushes Ahead after New EP Success

CHARLESTON, SC– LilC843 has always had a love for music flowing through his veins literally since birth. He recalls hearing stories when he would move to the beat of music he heard while inside his mother’s womb. Eventually, this passion turned into that for a full-fledged career that he would develop overtime later in life. Inspired by his father’s rich musical background through his group “Verbal Assassinz”, he knew he had it in him as long as he put the hard work in.

LilC was always into free styling as it came so naturally and easy to him. As he navigated his adolescent years, he tried to figure out where he truly belonged, which always led him back to music. “In high school, I listened to all different music. I wanted to be involved in it however that was. After making my first song, I was so happy to see that everyone actually loved it and encouraged to keep going,” said the artist. Since then, he’s never looked back and has been full speed ahead to the top. It’s been a long time coming as he’s even taught himself how to do mixing and mastering all on his own. 

LilC recently released his EP which has been out for about 3 months. The positive response stemming from the release has been constant as LilC is pleased there hasn’t been any negative feedback. “People are wondering how I’m not worldwide yet. So now, I’m trying to push it to the next level. The whole album is something you can vibe to – just enjoy yourself and try to have a good time,” said the rapper. He’s focusing on his two biggest hits “Company” and “Chill Session” with the heavy hitter being the latter as fans dig the party vibe. 

Up next, LilC is focusing on the bigger picture as he has set goals he’s determined to accomplish. He’s always putting on for his hometown, Charleston, hence his stage name. There’s definitely more music on the way, so expect to hear more from LilC. Who knows, you may even see him on a stage near you!

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Snapchat: Mrofficial843


Twista – Summer 96

Watch The Brand New Flick From OsoKing Mezzy Titled “Flip It” On YouTube

Watch The Brand New Flick From OsoKing Mezzy Titled “Flip It” On YouTube

 OsoKing Mezzy has been on fire all 2019, and he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon! Right after his last release for Exotic 93, OsoKing Mezzy hits the people with the new visual for “Flip It”. Flip It was shot and engineered by @chopshop317 with @Jaydeeplus on the production.

Here is a little background on OsoKing Mezzy. He’s an Indianapolis who began his career as an artist back in 2013. He’s known for his high level of energy in his music, and live performances. His debut single was “Foo With My Wrist ” its the single that caught the attention of the people in his hometown. OsoKing Mezzy has a lot of music thats been floating around the net. One of his earlier releases titled “All Gas No Brakes” was one of the first projects to be noticed. His main two singles were “Swing My Doe” and “Bag Up” featuring Pheddi. Before that Oso was on a music binge, he dropped 5 projects in 2017 alone. His focus is to become a national charting artist, and for at least one of his singles to get a gold Plaque. We will stay tuned in to OsoKing Mezzy and you should too, his work ethic is insane!!

The exclusive new single “Flip It” is now available on all streaming platforms! https://ffm.to/re8akkwsvd 

Follow @OsoGasey93 on ALL social media outlets!!

Stream and share the video below. #Osokingmezzy #Flipit

Jeezy – Gone feat Master P | @YoungJeezy

Kevin Gates – Return Of The Mack | @iamkevingates

Rick Ross – Numb Numb Juice (Freestyle) | @rickyrozay

Twista – Summer 96 | @DjPharris

Twista – Summer 96 | @DjPharris

Wine connoisseur offers vintage new sound to the world with new single ‘Homegirl’

Wine connoisseur offers vintage new sound to the world with new single ‘Homegirl’

SANTRA ROSA, CA – Good wine and good music is something people all over the world enjoy on a daily basis but for Kerry Kathleen, it’s a combination that defines her life. 

The young artist from Sonoma County, California, is not only a hot new artist that is drawing increasing attention from fans all over the world but is also a Certified Sommelier. She is active in the wine industry and travels the world as a Sommelier, tasting new wines and educating people about perfect pairings and new vintages. 

“I’ve been studying wine for a while,” Kerry said. “It took precedent over music for a bit because when I started studying it in college, I decided to take it all the way and dedicate my life to being a Certified Sommelier. I achieved Level 2 certification which means I can understand the wine laws and classic wines of the world for a deeper understanding that you would see in fine dining restaurants. It took about six years to reach that level, and there are only about 10,000 people in the world who have that level certification. I reached that in 2017 and since then, I’ve been focusing on music.”

The same dedication and attention to detail that went into her sommelier certification is now being poured into her music, and that hard work is paying off. Her debut single “Homegirl,” was released in April and in just a few short months has been making waves along the West Coast. Featuring a dreamy sound with some electronic influences and ethereal harmonies, it’s the perfect song to introduce Kerry’s unique sound to the world. 

“I have ethereal harmonies with a high range,” she said. “My songs are mellow but I take that range very seriously. I have vocal training and I think that shows through my music. I want my songs to be mellower with some slight electronic influences – something you could definitely hear on the radio today.”

Kerry said that sound will be further explored on an EP she plans to drop later this year, followed by a West Coast tour she’s currently trying to put together. In the meantime, she’s enthusiastic for a larger audience to hear “Homegirl.” She said the chill vibe of the song is one that almost anyone will enjoy as a way to “just mellow out and listen to wherever you’re at.” It has an Alina Baraz kind of vibe with elements that are reminiscent of Billie Eilish or Skylar Grey. Yet while those influences are evident, Kerry’s sound is definitively her own and stands out as truly original. The message behind the song is also unique in that it highlights a relationship that most people have but many don’t fully appreciate all the time – that of a best friend.

“It’s about the unconditional love that comes from a friend who always has your back,” Kerry said. “I call it a homegirl and for me, personally, it’s someone who I literally lived with as a roommate. We have both been inspired by each other, more so for me than anyone else in my life. When it came time for us to move out and find our own place, we realized we didn’t want that and so we decided to stay together and live together and continue to inspire each other musically.”

“Homegirl” is currently available across all digital streaming platforms and will be featured on Kerry’s forthcoming EP. 

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Fitch Means shows off sick vocals with new EP ‘2AM Drive’

Fitch Means shows off sick vocals with new EP ‘2AM Drive’

PHILADELPHIA, PA – William “Fitch” Means is an up-and-coming R&B artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who’s unique sound and style is turning heads all over the country. Through his unbridled ambitions, passion for music and impeccable vocal ability, Means’ climb to the top officially kicked off when he won Artist of the Week with Maze Radio a couple of years ago. Since then, Means has been working diligently in writing and producing his own music, performing on radio show and most recently, performing at Philadelphia’s Odunde Festival. Many doors have opened to him, thanks to his hard work which includes collaborations with other notorious artists such as Patty Jackson, DJ Cuzin B, King BreZe, and Tizz 215. With his insatiable hunger for success, Means continues to pave his own way to become a musical legend and inspire everyone around him to chase their ambitions.

His new EP, “2Am Drive,” which will be released later this year, is the perfect project to put his unique talents on display. Featuring four songs – “2AM Drive,” “Love Feels Like,” “Pretend” and “Far Gone” – the EP is one that showcases Means’ ability to compose songs with depth and versatility. More than that, the EP shows off his amazing voice and wide range – from high registers to deep soothing sounds that make the ladies swoon.

“My voice is very versatile,” he said. “I have a lot of range and I have a lot of stamina vocally. My voice naturally projects and carries and it’s something I’ve been working on for years. Ultimately, I want my music to become known for its composition. I care deeply about the instrumentation as well as the lyrics. I want people to feel what I feel in the moment and the situations I’m talking about to help them through similar situations. I consider my music to be an immersive experience. I work really hard, do all my back vocals, write all my own music and have even started getting into producing. I think all of that combines to make me different than anyone else out there.”

Of the four singles on the EP, “2AM Drive” is the debut and has already been getting some major traction from listeners with more than 30,000 streams in less than two weeks release. It’s a neo-soul vibe that meshes R&B and traditional soul into something that Means calls “vapor wave.” It’s a song that explores the moments that come between arguments in a relationship. 

“The whole concept of the entire EP is walking through a relationship,” he said. “This song in particular is about both individuals wanting it to work but it won’t. They’ve had a disagreement and he has to go on a drive at 2 a.m. to clear his mind.”

In addition to the new EP, Means said he’s planning on dropping another single called “Drip Sauce” in late August. It will be a song that features more of his hip hop abilities. 

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New queen of Electronic Dance Pop reigns over industry with new EP ‘So Original’

New queen of Electronic Dance Pop
reigns over industry with new EP ‘So Original’

LOS ANGELES, CA – Gina DiGiorgio is a name you need to have on your radar. The young up-and-coming electronic pop artist out of Los Angeles is quickly making a name for herself around the world – currently wrapping up a two-month European tour and soon to launch a West Coast tour in the U.S. Her one-of-a-kind sound is reminiscent of artists like Billie Eillish and Ariana Grande, but her vocals are unique and her vibes are making people move in multiple corners of the world.

The launch of her new five-song EP, “So Original,” is set to further propel her onto the world stage. Fully tapping into the electronic dance pop feel that she embraces, the EP is all about helping fans dance and have fun. It features songs like “Deserve Better,” “The Night” and the title track “So Original,” all of which have varying levels of upbeat energy and deep lyrics.

With “Deserve Better,” DiGiorgio draws from personal experience and inspiration from friends to explore the hard work it takes to achieve her dreams and how often when you can look back on the journey you’ve taken it can feel overwhelming how far you’ve come. With a catchy beat and a hook that won’t stop, “Deserve Better” is a song that many fans have been talking about.

“The Night” is another fan-favorite from the EP. DiGiorgio said it’s also her personal favorite, both for its standout vibe and because of the personal hurdles she overcame to finish the song.

“I worked with a very talented producer and when I came in with the idea for this song, he talked about letting go of any self doubt and problems and just being free and letting all my cares go away,” she said. “I think other people can get into that and want to feel accepted and carefree. So this song is about letting all the stress and worries of life go free, at least for the night. We have the night so let’s have fun, basically.”

“So Original” is another of the singles from the EP that has gotten quite a bit of praise from fans and followers on social media. It’s written as an inspirational track, DiGiorgio said, with hopes of motivating people to “be the most original self you can be.” 

“You are who you are and that’s really unique,” she said. “Be happy with yourself and find that within someone else. I want to be original when I’m alone, when I’m with friends, when I’m with my boyfriend – just anything I want to be. Ultimately, I want all of my music to be known for a message that speaks to people. I want to have lyrics that are positive, give hope to people, and pair that with good beats they can listen to in the car or on the radio, and get excited when they hear it.”

“So Original” is currently available on all streaming platforms with a music video on her YouTube channel. 

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“The Night”


King Meech displays diversity with dynamic new mixtape

King Meech displays diversity with dynamic new mixtape

WATERLOO, IA – If Demetrious “Meech” Taylor had a billion dollars, the first thing he would do is look for people to whom he could give $1 million apiece so that they could also come up. He believes strongly in helping others to take a step up and even formed a movement called “The Royal Sons” that aims to inspire people to become the kings and queens of their lives. That mission led him to adopt the stage name King Meech and it’s the kind of philosophy that not only drives his life but permeates everything he does, including his music.

“My music is me. It’s what makes me the person I am today,” he said. “I see so much shit going on in the world today. So many people shooting other every day and shit like that. So many people don’t even get a chance. I just want to spread out positive energy. I’ve been there at the low moments, the times when I’ve been like, ‘Damn, how am I gonna pay the electricity bill?’ and I’ve made the effort to get through it. I want to inspire others to do the same thing. I want to encourage the entrepreneurs of the world and inspire people to just try, to do something you feel happy doing every day and in the midst of the struggle.”

That inspiration is paired with good vibes on some of King Meech’s most recent projects. Most recently, he dropped a mixtape called “Night Vibes” which is one of those projects that you can just listen to while you’re hitting the road and cruising for a while. He said it’s meant to “roll around in a car with a girl, just pop it in and play the whole thing.” And though a couple of songs on the mixtape are a little more hyped, such as “East Side”, most of them are more chill with a feel that pairs perfectly with the name “Night Vibes.”

“East Side” is the debut single from the project and it has already received nearly 1 million views on YouTube. It’s a song that nods to the multiple times in his life that he has literally lived on the east side of the cities he’s moved to and in particular, notes the difference between St. Louis and East St. Louis – a neighborhood that most would say is its own city all by itself.

King Meech will follow that project up with another mixtape called “Just Call Me Meech” which will showcase more of his diversity as an artist and his ability to both rap and sing. It will also show off multiple styles – from hype music to storytelling to sentimental songs and even a couple of ballads. 

“I try to stay diverse,” he said. “I don’t want people to listen to a project and think the whole thing sounds the same. I’m like the old type of hip hop but I try to make myself one of the best lyricists I can be. And through that, I’m creating all kinds of music – some easy stuff to listen to while driving around with your girl, or some stuff to get you really hyped up. But ultimately, it’s all about creating something that people can relate to and inspire them to be better as a person and human being. I don’t have to be rich off my music. If I can make $30,000 a year just doing music, that’s what I’m going to do because I love it. I just want to inspire people to do the same thing and chase their dreams. I want my son to see that his daddy had the guts to chase his dreams. So get up and go toward what you want to do, no matter what anybody else says. You have to believe in yourself before anybody else starts believing in you. My music is all about inspiring people to be better.”

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“Night Vibes” Mixtape 

“Just Call Me Meech”

“East Side” 

Fast-rising hip-hop artist StreetBaby Quon inspires and entertains with hot new sound

Fast-rising hip hop artist StreetBaby Quon
inspires and entertains with hot new sound

SENECA, SC – The late hip hop legend Nipsy Hustle was the kind of artist whose music went deeper than just good vibes. His messages connected with people all over the world and inspired young dreamers to chase after something bigger and better. StreetBaby Quon is one of those young dreamers, and he’s currently on a pursuit to realize those dreams with a full-fledged music career that is starting to gain attention all across the U.S.

The South Carolina-based rapper is on a mission to follow in Nipsy’s footsteps by inspiring and teaching the next generation of hip hop fans. His style isn’t mumble rap. It’s lyrics that actually make sense and, like Nipsy, draw the listener into deeper thought while also reflecting positivity and a real-ness with which almost anyone can connect. He’s not afraid to talk about the lowest points of his life because it lets people know how far he’s come and in turn, inspire others to make their own lives better. 

“I want to be remembered for that real-ness and for having a very unique sound,” StreetBaby said. “I’m very versatile. I’ll hop on any beat. Some artists are very picky about the beats they hop on, or there are certain beats they hop on and still sound the same every time. But I’ll hop on any beat and make it sound original. I can adapt to any situation. I’m more of a new-school rapper with an old-school mentality.”

That unique style is put on full display across StreetBaby’s three newest singles. The first is called “Hood Rat,” a club banger with a street edge that talks about StreetBaby’s childhood growing up in a rough neighborhood. Slated to release at the end of June, it’s a song that enlightens listeners as to things they might have heard about but have never seen when it comes to life on the street. It’s also a song that’s entertaining and at times funny as opposed to being overly serious. 

“I want people to actually enjoy it,” StreetBaby said. “I think it’s gonna be the song that gets me over the top.”

Another song recently released is “Back Ends” which is another club banger with some street edge that plays off a BlocBoy JB vibe. StreetBaby refers to it as a “dance song for the clubs and the partyers.” Ultimately, the song is about the “little something extra” a person might get for doing a job well such as the back end pay a performer sometimes receives after a great show.

The third single is “Problem” which is the most personal of the three stories for StreetBaby. It’s based on the true story of his problems growing up in Seneca, South Carolina. It specifically highlights the things that happened on Fourth Street where he lived for most of his life. He uses the problems of his past as a counterpoint to the problems of his present and uses those things to inspire others to push past the hardships and keep working toward a better life. Unlike the other two singles, “Problem” is more of an R&B/hip hop crossover with a more chill vibe.

StreetBaby Quon is slated to perform on July 22 in Atlanta at 182 Courtland St. NE. 

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New voice in hip hop empowers women, challenges them to aggressively chase after their dreams

New voice in hip hop empowers women, challenges them to aggressively chase after their dreams

TALLAHASEE, FL – All the pretty girls out there, stand up. A new artist currently residing in Florida named K’eyla is making music just for you. But before you’re tempted to think of the term “pretty girl” as a purely superficial title, wait until you hear the message behind K’eyla’s music. Her art is less about physical beauty and more about inspiring women to be strong and independent. Representing her home town of Brooklyn, and with nods to her proud Puerto Rican heritage, her music is the perfect combination of humility and empowerment. 

“Every girl wants to feel pretty and my music is for them, but more than that, my music is about strong and independent women,” K’eyla said. “I want to encourage women to make money and take care of themselves in a respectable manner. Don’t rely on men for money and shelter, be independent and respect yourself and be strong. If God blessed you with a gift, you have to use it. He didn’t give it to you for no reason, so fulfill it. Chase your dreams and never take no for an answer. I want my music to be known for that aggressiveness and fearlessness of following your dreams.”

That Pretty Girl movement has been growing in recent months, and is set to take another leap forward with the release of her new single “Want To” which is currently available across all streaming platforms and will debut a video at the beginning of July. It’s a song about rising from nothing to success and the struggles that come with being patient and waiting for those things you desire or the opportunities you’d like to achieve.

“Personally it’s about being able to actually make it in the industry regardless of who hasn’t been there for me or hasn’t had my back,” K’eyla said. “It reflects my story and everything I’ve been through personally. Everybody has a different story and my individual story sets me apart. My mindset sets me different from other people. I feel like I have my own distinct sound and voice which is way different than anyone else. And everything I write about is factual things from my life – from heartbreak to making money to being in love. I also write a lot about the anxiety I suffer from – something I’ve struggled with through my entire career. Ultimately though, my music is about being fierce and aggressive with the dreams and goals you have in life, and that’s what this song is really about. One day, I hope I’m able to help minority communities and open avenues for minorities to be able to better themselves and escape negative paths or the flawed legal system.”

“Want To” is a purely rap song with an upbeat tempo though it utilizes elements of K’eyla’s background in R&B. One of the things that makes her stand out as an artist is her ability to both sing and rap with a voice that is immediately recognizable and unique and a rap flow that is unlike anyone else in the game today. K’eyla has been involved in music since she was 2 years old when she and her mother would re-enact and sing along to songs and musicals. By age 8, she was turning to music as an escape from some of the harder things in life, and by age 14, she was part of a girl group that recorded songs and performed throughout the Northeast. 

K’eyla is a dedicated, obsessive artist who was born to share her gift of music to the world. To listen to her music or to follow her on social media, please visit:





Hard-hitting new project from Young Shlumped is perfect vibe for Summer 2019

Hard-hitting new project from Young Shlumped
is perfect vibe for Summer 2019

MIAMI, FL – Yoisel E. Cintra, better known by his stage name Young Shlumped, is a highly talented rapper out of Miami, Florida whose music is beginning to find a global audience. His new EP, “Mr. Shlumped,” is the type of party vibe that anyone can get turned up to, and it’s the perfect project for good summer vibes.

Equal parts chill vibes and aggressive beats, Young Shlumped’s new EP is catchy in the best of ways. From the first song, “Who” – which has a bouncy rhythm and a rapid fire lyrical delivery – to the last song, “NNG” (No New Game)” – with its hard-spitting freestyle, the entire project is laced with energy.

“It builds and builds from the first song to the last,” Young Shlumped said. “Once you get to the last two songs, it kind of catches you off guard and it introduces you to a whole new part of Shlumped.. It’s lyrical shit they won’t expect. I know I’ll catch a lot of people’s attention with this project.”

One of the standout singles from the EP is a track called “Who” which was released July 22nd and has already gotten a lot of plays on streaming platforms and is fast becoming one of the hottest club tracks in Florida. It features a catchy vibe with a hook that gets stuck in the listener’s head, and is one of the best songs to demonstrate Young Shlumped’s rapid fire flow paired with a rhythm that will have people bouncing.

“You can’t compare me to anyone,” Young Shlumped said. “You can’t figure it out, you just know it’s dope. My style and the way I adlib is like nothing else out there. And through all my music, I represent a brand, lifestyle known as “LOB” Loyalty Over Blood. Blood may make you related but loyalty makes you family. There’s a whole other bond that comes with loyalty that sets you apart from anyone else. I seek out other artists who have raw talent and are willing to go get it and be loyal to us. Speak on it, live on it and you will achieve on it.”

Young Shlumped said he’s sure “Mr. Shlumped” will join his other successful singles such as “Like A Lake,” “Dead Inside” and his first Mixtape “The Chronicles of Shlumped”. This will continue to propel him into a more nationwide spotlight. He also promises to continue to work hard to make his name known and make an impact on the world through his music.

“Mr. Shlumped” is slated to release across all streaming platforms on July 6.

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Dj Smoke – Fresh Shit Only Hosted by @SoSweetPoison

Spade The Boy x Dj Smoke Present: Fresh Shit Only (Hosted by Sweet Poison)

Check out the brand new mixtape “Fresh Shit Only” from Dj Smoke and Spade The Boy hosted by Sweet Poison. We got 47 bangin tracks thats gonna keep your speakers going crazy through the whole mixtape!

You know I had to show love to artists who are working hard on the grind! Get in tune with Sweet Poison, O Racks, Prophecy, Bandman Kevo, Jui$e Leroy, Loso Tha Artist, SSDrilla, SSManski, they showed out on this mixtape!

You can stream and download the full mixtape on Livemixtapes Audio Mack Da Mix Hub or get the direct download on Wetransfer.

Follow: @SoSweetPoison @Spade_The_Boy @DjSmokemixtapes

Dj Smoke x Spade The Boy – Fresh Shit Only Hosted by Sweet Poison

Direct Download Link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/4jusdc

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Nigerian beat maker fuses Afro sound with Soul for a standout new sound

Nigerian beat maker fuses Afro sound with Soul
for a standout new sound

ABUJA, NIGERIA – After years of making beats and working behind-the-scenes within the music industry, Nigerian native Reggie is set to announce his name to the world with a new EP called “Passion Fruit.”

Known for his unique beats and standout audio production, this fast-rising hitmaker brings a fusion of Afro drums beats, live instrumentals and electronic synths – all of which is put on display with the new EP. Featuring six songs, the overall vibe of the project is one that embraces Soul underneath strong Afro beats, a kind of Marvin-Gay-meets-Africa feel.

“There are a lot of people in the world who love to listen to people like Miguel or Bruno Mars who have a high range with their voices,” Reggie said. “But nothing like that happens in this part of the world which is why I stand out with what I do. I’m the bridge between the Afro beat and whatever is going on in other places of the world. You really can’t put a name or a specific genre to my sound. But in a word, you could say my music is about change. I like to make music that provokes people. I go toward topics people don’t talk about. You might hear songs about love for a girl, but how often do you hear a song about how she is messing up? Instead of parties, I’m talking about the need to be alone sometimes. I talk about some regular stuff that nobody thinks about, and my lyrics and wordplay stand out.”

The debut single from the project, “Closer,” is the perfect example of that kind of standout sound. It features a mid-tempo vibe that is Afro-centric but with a strong R&B feel. It’s a song about trying to get a girl to come closer so you can get to know her, and how she’s playing coy. Reggie said he’s found that most girls like to feel like they’re being chased after, and this song takes a playful approach to that “come get me” vibe women often put off to men.

Born in Berlin, Germany in the late 1980s to parents who were from Nigeria, Reggie eventually moved back to the country of his heritage as a teenager to explore the “African cultural life.” During those impressionable years, he was inspired by the sounds and ideologies of Nigeria. As he began to explore and develop his own sound and style, those influences became strong markers on his music. Eventually, he met a friend who was making beats and producing his own, and the two of them got together to create their own studio. After some hard work and plenty of music created for other artists around the world, he finally made his debut single “Holiday Miracle” which has seen quite a few plays across streaming platforms and caught the attention of his now-manager who lives in Scotland. The two worked together this year to develop the six-song EP “Passion Fruit” which Reggie said he hopes will put him on the global map.

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“Passion Fruit”




Chinese-Jamaican Artist “Blem” Uses Multiple Influences to Bring Thought-Provoking Art to the World

Chinese-Jamaican Uses Multiple Influences to Bring Thought-Provoking Art to the World

BROOKLYN, NY – When most people meet Odeis Stephenson, they are not quite sure where to place him; when they learn of his musical creativity, they are even more intrigued. He is actually of Chinese-Jamaican ancestry, and as soon as people listen to his unique style of conscious reggae music, everything starts to make sense. It’s out of that blend of sounds and influences that his nickname, now stage name, was developed – Blem – a name that he says stands for the mix of all the races and sounds that he brings to the table.

More than anything, Blem expresses himself through his music but wants to be known more for his conscious poetics. He has a passion for reggae and has been surrounded by it all of his life. Growing up around his older cousin, I Kong, a popular international reggae artist, gave Blem the confidence to nurture his writing and musical abilities. Today, his art is inspired by his many different experiences, and his unique sound and style lends itself to multiple genres, not just one. Through it all, he creates music that is thought-provoking and gives people more of a conscious self-awareness of the world around them.

“I’m not trying to push my message on anybody. I’m just expressing my thoughts and as such, it’s not up for debate. It’s just what I think,” says Blem. “That’s why I often think of my music as more of a conscious thing that encourages people to be self-aware and not worry about how others might think about or perceive them. Most times, I stand politically incorrect by myself…like my off-guard experience on Queenzflip’s favorite episode on YouTube. I am RASTA – Righteous African Stand Tall Alone – because my way won’t be like everybody else’s way, and it’s not supposed to be…because it’s my way.”

The most recent example of that kind of stand through art and music comes with Blem’s new single “Reggae Wise.” It’s a song that he says is a conscious take on dancehall that provides a close look at the influences of society. He considers himself to be more of a “chanter” than a singer or rapper, coming front-and-center with this new song. His unique cadence and flow is perfectly suited to reason with the listener through his music, almost as if he’s having a conversation that leads to conscious, eye-opening, new ideas.

“‘Reggae Wise’ is for people who are awake in today’s society,” says Blem. “It’s the first of seven songs I have coming out this summer, all of which will be on all major streaming platforms. And through it all, you’ll see that my voice is something completely original. I express my thoughts through my lyrics. The main reason to release this form of art is offset the negative influences out there in society and because I believe music can have a huge impact on individuals and generations to come.”  

Another single, “Errks,” released on June 18th, is aimed towards a younger audience. The reggae song with a trap, hip hop-flare features Blem lyricizing in his usual Jamaican Patois. The title of the song refers to an expression that means “a sudden stop – errks – like the sound of car tires screeching to a halt.” He’s using the term to help young people confront the masks they tend to wear – the fake personas that often come with trying to gain attention and popularity from the masses or even just within their own group of peers.

Blem’s music is available on Apple Music, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Pandora, etc. To follow him on social media, please visit:


Gucci Mane – Proud Of You | @Gucci1017

Hot new Latin artist Lunaa Maria drops new EP ‘Soul on a Mission’

Hot new Latin artist Lunaa Maria drops new EP ‘Soul on a Mission’

BROOKLYN, NY – When Pamela Fernandez was in sixth grade, her class was slated to perform a Christmas show. They were going to sing the “12 Days of Christmas” in front of the rest of the school. Pam was tapped to sing the “Five Golden Rings!” section of the song. However, she didn’t think much about it and didn’t really practice in the days leading up to the performance, even though most would consider it the most important part of the song. So it came as a bit of a surprise to her when she belted out her part during the performance and received a standing ovation so loud that it drowned out the other four singers after her.

“It was a natural high for me – a vibe and energy that I just couldn’t get enough of,” she said. “I wanted more of it and I never looked back.”

From that moment forward, she pursued a career in music and today, she is one of New York’s fastest-rising young talents, operating under the stage name Lunaa Maria. She’s not just a singer/songwriter. She’s also an entrepreneur, art gallery curator and style guru, helping people all over the world embrace their inner fashionista through her online boutique on Instagram under the handle @theplanetvenusss. Out of all her various multimedia endeavors, her most recent is a six-song EP called “Soul on a Mission” which was released on May 31. It’s a project that she said shines a light on all of her inner creativity and gives fans an inside peek into her mindset as she chases her dreams.

“I’ve always wanted to be a singer since I was little,” she said. “That has stuck with me for years, and I always wanted that to be the name of my first project. I feel it’s something that can be very relatable to others. I know my goal and I’m just trying to get to it, and that’s something anybody can relate to. So this project tackles everything from haters to depression to love to having to struggle to make it in the world.”

Lunaa Maria was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the U.S. when she was very young. She was raised on 80s love and pop songs, but soon fell in love with late 90s and early 2000s R&B and hip hop. Those genres helped build within her an appreciation for conscious music. Today, she said she hopes her unique sound and style becomes known to bring conscious music to a young audience in a modern way – similar to how some of her heroes did, such as Lauryn Hill and Sade.

“I want to be known for reaching out to the youth and writing conscious music in a way that reaches the youth,” she said. “I feel like that’s when it sticks the most. Children are the future, and someone needs to speak strong messages of what life is in a way that catches their attention.”

Her debut single, “2 Ble$$ed,” is the perfect example of that ambition. It’s a single that she said is very relatable to a younger audience as it highlights the “haters” in life who bring criticism instead of positive encouragement.

“I’m talking about issues, friends, changes in life, and sacrifices when chasing your goals,” she said. “Sometimes you go astray from friends when you’re chasing your dreams and sometimes people don’t take that very well. When you’re young, people take it as you’re acting funny, but you’re just working on your dreams and making sacrifices. Sometimes people don’t understand that you have different priorities and things you want to get out of life. Your friends can either help and elevate you, or get out of your way.”

Lunaa Maria will be performing live twice during the month of June, once in Brooklyn at a fashion show called Summer In Brooklyn, and another on June 27 at Bushwick National Night Out.

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New single from Texas native Troy Remedy examines feelings of doubt and confusion during life’s storms

New single from Texas native Troy Remedy examines feelings of doubt and confusion during life’s storms

DALLAS, TX – In life, sometimes there are crossroads that seem impossible to choose a proper course to move forward. Doubt and confusion can creep in during those moments which can be overwhelming, but there’s always a way forward even when it’s hard to know which way to go.

That’s the emotion that hip hop artist Troy Remedy perfectly captures with his new single “Which Way to Go.” Currently streaming on all digital platforms and with a new music video available on his YouTube channel, the song is a snapshot into his life at the moment and the emotions that come with it – something he said people all over the world will likely be able to relate to.

“Sometimes, life throws you into a storm you’re not ready for and you have to figure out how to get out of it,” Troy said. “That’s how I’m living right now. Every decision counts. I’m trying to figure out which way to go and where I’m headed in the future. At the same time, I have to keep moving and make a decision and not just contemplate. I think that’s something a lot of people experience at some point in their lives.”

The song has a laid-back vibe, Troy said, with prominent guitar solos right after the hook and toward the end. That’s paired with Troy’s standout flow and rhymes that listeners can’t help but be hooked by. The end result is a song that is both mellow and hits you right in the gut.

“As an artist, I’m always evolving and trying to perfect the craft,” Troy said. “Where I am now compared to when I started, I think is someone who is more confident in his skills and understanding what I’m capable of. Wasn’t too sure if I was going to be able to pursue these aspirations long term but now I know it’s something I can take control of. As far as music is concerned, this song hits harder than the rest. It’s a dope summer jam that resonates especially with the recent violence and building tension that’s been taking place in Dallas, Austin and across America.  It’s a song that resonates with people who have been affected by those kinds of things.”

The music video for the single embraces that feeling of confusion and not knowing which way to go by capturing Troy roaming the streets of Austin and Dallas – in and out of alleyways and busy roads, trying to find his way to the right path.

“It takes you into that feeling of when you’re in your own head and trying to figure out where you need to be in life,” he said.

Troy will be performing around Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston throughout the summer while also developing more music that he plans to release later this year.

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DJ Pharris – BOSS ft Young Dolph and G Herbo | @DjPharris

Chicago Native “Signature illi” Uses Hip-Hop As A Platform To Inspire Others

Signature illi uses hip hop as platform to inspire others toward positive change

CHICAGO, IL – Sahil Contractor, also known by his stage name Signature illi, is a 24 year old entrepreneur, songwriter and hip hop recording artist from Chicago whose new music is lighting the Midwest on fire. His hit single “What You Wanted” has been getting thousands of plays across multiple platforms, and his newest release “Voices” is set to grow that fan following even more. But illi’s story is less about the multiple entrepreneurial endeavors he juggles on a daily basis. It is more about his dedication to making a difference in his community and being a motivator for others in making a difference wherever it’s needed.

On top of owning multiple Wingstop franchises, illi has dedicated himself to making a change by using his resources to make the greater good for his people. He was recently awarded an honor from the NAACP for unifying the community, and has been interviewed multiple times on CBS, FOX, ABC and some of the country’s biggest newspapers. And on top of being a young business owner, illi writes and produces his own songs.

“What You Wanted” is perhaps the song he is best known for. It’s a feel-good track that encourages listeners to embrace a positive demeanor even in the midst of challenges and events that might seem impossible to overcome in the moment. It’s a song that features his unique sound and style which he says is nothing like what most people can hear on the radio today.

“I have that new wave melody,” illi said. “No one has that sound. Gangsta rap can sound all the same, but I have a new wave of melodic hip hop that’s self-motivating. It doesn’t matter where you come from – the suburbs or the slums. Whatever you set your mind to will always be difficult, but you can bring yourself up as a person instead of letting others bring you down. There’s a lot of negativity in the world and I’m trying to bring people together to have a good time with the music. I’m trying to motivate them to be the best individuals they can be and help others around them.”

That idea of unifying behind a common cause is something illi said he wants to be known for across the board – whether through music or business or giving back to the community. Unification of everybody is his whole mantra, and it’s something that fans can expect to hear throughout any piece of music he creates.

Drums served as the first introduction of music for young illi. At age 10, he was enamored with the drums and would frequently find himself free-styling with friends whenever they would hang out. But it wasn’t until about a year ago that he fully began to dedicate himself to music and create something that he could share with the world. A big part of the reason why he chose to use music as a platform for his mantra is because he recognizes the power it can have to unify people.

“I’m trying to get on a grander scale and be an influencer for positivity and use hip hop to make a difference in the world,” illi said. “People can have a certain amount of influence on the world. For me, I’m not doing it for the money. I own restaurants already. I’m trying to change how people interpret artists. Everything sounds the same, and I’m trying to break free from that. I’m trying to change the industry from the inside out. Everything I do is going to be very authentic and completely out of the ordinary.  I’m using hip hop to channel emotions and make good vibes you can chill to, but also using that platform to make a difference. I’m putting my heart and soul into all my music. It’s all a part of me and what I want to share with the world.”

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Valee – Runnin’ Rich | @Valee

GlokkNine – Take Off | @NineFromYjb

Wale – Gemini (2 Sides) | @Wale

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Dreamville – Down Bad ft. JID, Bas, J. Cole, EARTHGANG & Young Nudy

Dreamville – Got Me ft. Ari Lennox, Omen, Ty Dolla $ign & Dreezy 

Dreamville – Down Bad & Got Me

Hot new artist Brittany Glodean prepares to launch debut album ‘She Ready,’ drops first single ‘Be Patient’

Hot new artist Brittany Glodean prepares to launch debut album ‘She Ready,’ drops first single ‘Be Patient’

LOS ANGELES, CA – Brittany Glodean is a triple-talent artist whose star is on the rise. B-Glo has natural gifts and abilities of music and entertainment literally running through her veins, and it shows through everything she creates. Her debut album, “She Ready,” is set to put that God-given talent on full display, starting with the first single “Be Patient” which is slated for worldwide release on June 20.

Produced by singer/songwriter Chuckii Booker and distributed by Indiglo Music Group, “Be Patient” is a love song for the new generation. B-Glo describes it as a song that should inspire others of her generation to take their time when it comes to love and make wise decisions before rushing into something.

“It’s a slow love song which is appropriate because the lyrics are about basically telling someone we can be involved, but let’s take our time and not rush,” B-Glo said. “Nowadays, people my age and of this generation tend to rush into relationships because they want to fall in love with someone. That’s a great feeling, but there needs to be a good balance when it comes to being in love. That’s what this song is about.”

The single will launch with a listening party on June 20 in Beverly Hills. More singles and music videos from the upcoming album will be released sporadically throughout the rest of the year in anticipation of the launch of “She Ready.” B-Glo said she hopes to build momentum and a fanbase over the course of the year as she introduces her music to the world.

B-Glo has been singing and dancing since age 4, and has performed with some of the best dance companies throughout LA, including The Performing Arts Center and L.Y.T.E. Dance Studio, where she was captain of the award-winning hip hop dance crew. She also is an established model and has done major print work for Gap, Robinson’s May, K-Mart, Berdine Department Store, and is featured on the Scooter Samantha MGA toy box as well as the cover of Mattel catalog magazine.

Additionally, B-Glo is an actress who has starred in commercials for GM Good Wrench and Shoe Dazzle, and in shows such as Kevin Hart’s “Lyft Legends” and MTV’s “Fear Factor.” B-Glo has been featured in numerous music videos, including Ice Cube’s “That New Funkadelic,” Tyga’s “Swamp,” and Keke Palmer’s “Got me F’d Up.” Throughout her career as an entertainer, she has worked hard at developing her own unique sound and style which she is excited to share with new fans all over the world.

“I think my sound is very organic,” she said. “I have a lot of live instruments, but you also get that electronic feel of what is out right now. I’m trying to bring that old school vibe with the live band and live instruments, and fusing it with the urban pop feel that’s popular with what’s going on today. Most of all, I just want people to be able to connect with my story. My whole concept behind everything I do is spreading love. With how the world is today, if I can spread love and give people a way to escape with my music and just vibe out and connect with me … that’s what it’s all about.”

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New York native ENYergon prepares to drop second EP in ‘Trimurti’ trilogy

New York native ENYergon prepares to drop
second EP in ‘Trimurti’ trilogy

BROOKLYN, NY – As a child, Sais Black loved Transformers. He watched all the cartoons, he collected all the toys, and he could tell you everything about the world. For instance, he could tell you that the substance that gave the Transformers their power was something called “Energon”. And as he grew up and started discovering a natural ability as a rapper and musician, he knew he wanted to be an artist that displayed that kind of power to the world. And so it made perfect sense for him to adopt the stage name ENYergon. The pseudonym is an adaptation of Energon and the abbreviated version of East New York.

Today, ENYergon is a standout hip hop artist from New York whose initial EP, “Trimurti: Welcome to the Underverse”, gained him some major attention along the East Coast. Now he’s ready to follow that up with the second of a planned EP trilogy, “Trimurti 2: Breathe Life.” The trilogy of projects is inspired by the Hindu religion of Trimurti that is similar to Christianity’s holy trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

“I use that as inspiration, with each one about people who were close to me that I lost – my mother, brother and father,” ENYergon said. “Each EP is a different vibe. ‘Breathe Life’ is about breathing new life into hip hop, and really focuses on that kind of vibe.”

One of the things that set ENYergon apart from others in the industry is his subject matter. It’s easy to pigeonhole artists and put them in a box – painting them as only a trap artist, or a gangsta rapper, or an R&B aficionado. But ENYergon embraces versatility and said he is an artist who can be looked to as someone who creates a wide variety of music – something for the clubs, or something with deep lyricism, or something for the streets, and everything in between. Ultimately, it’s his subject matter and that versatility that set him apart.

“I just want my music to be looked at as versatile,” he said. “It’s everything to me. I can do hardcore, soft, love songs, lyrical, clubs songs – anything that kind of takes risks and goes against the grain. High risk equals high reward. It may not always work out but if it does, it’s gonna hit them, leave a memory and keep people intrigued. That’s the type of sense and reality I’m trying to inject into the genre – being unexpected and taking risks.”

The debut single from the new EP is “Mile Low Club” which will further demonstrate ENYergon’s versatility by bringing a smoother R&B vibe through a song that he calls a perfect single of “sexual intercourse on a train.” It serves as an appetizer of sorts, to whet the appetites of listeners before hitting them with an upbeat, powerhouse single in “Butterflies,” featuring the Songstress Jai Emm which is set to drop later this summer.

Another track from the EP, “American Nigga,” is a perfect example of that versatility. It explores the plight and pitfalls that society brings to the doorstep of his demographic.

“You might think it’s good, but it’s not,” he said. “There are things like materialism or detrimental cycles with family that set a bad example for the community and kids altogether. I don’t want to be an American Nigga. This song is a call out to the world and international community about what goes on within these borders.” There is an awakening going on in the black community that this song embodies. The full EP will be distributed across all digital distribution sites in September.

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“Mile Low Club”




New York Artist O Racks Mixxes It Up With Don Q & Dj Victoriouz On New Single “Get It”

New York Artist O Racks Mixxes It Up With Don Q & Dj Victoriouz On New Single “Get It”

O Racks is an artist on the rise from Hempstead, Long Island (NYC), he’s the owner and CEO of Tree Gang Entertainment. Don Q is with HighBridge Entertainment he’s from the Bronx, (NYC). These two linked in Hollywood, soon as Dj Victoriouz came thru with the fire azz beat they wasted no time recording the hit single and shooting the video.

O Racks & Don Q are currently pushing a crazy street banger titled “Get It”. O Racks linked with G Herbo’s main Dj/producer ‘Dj Victoriouz’ for the production, just wait til you hear it, this song goes hard as f*ck!

The single is making some noise on the internet, you can find it on some dope blogs and sites. We featured “Get It” in our Spotify section a few weeks back, and added it to the Smoked Out Radio playlist on Spotify. I noticed is with more than 35,076 streams, 50,536 monthly listeners on Spotify the people are already tuned in listening.

Get It has the streets buzzing from New York to California! The song is out now on Spotify, Sound Cloud, you can listen on to “Get It” on all streaming outlets!

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JENNA CHUNG brings ethereal new voice to EDM scene

JENNA CHUNG brings ethereal new voice to EDM scene

NEW YORK, NY – In the world of EDM and synth-pop, there’s never been a voice quite like JENNA CHUNG’s – equal parts ethereal and light with the driving edge of electronic music. Chung brings a unique new perspective to a genre that is one of the fastest-rising in the world. Her new single “Violet” is poised to become the next big club track and is sure to be the vibe that people add to their playlists. The mid-tempo, chill vibe has a driving beat that pairs perfectly with Chung’s songbird vocals to evoke feelings that perfectly match the songs title.

“The name of the song comes from the feelings that I had when I was writing it and violet seemed to be the perfect color to describe that feeling,” Chung said. “Growing up, I moved around a lot and I battled some mental health issues. Those experiences inspired me to write this song. It focuses on health issues I dealt with growing up like depression and anxiety, but set against the upbeat background of electronic music I like showing the duality of those things because it illustrates how sometimes the hardships you go through can be powerful lessons to help you in the future.”

Chung works primarily in the electronic pop genre though she has been known to veer into other genres from time to time. No matter what she creates, however, it is always very personal to her. She never imitates other artists and is proud of the fact that she’s one of the female singers/songwriters of her age who writes music the way she does within the world of EDM.

“‘Violet’ and a lot of my songs sound exactly like the person I am,” she said. “If someone who knew me were to listen to my music, they would say it sounds exactly like Jenna Chung. I want people to see me express and represent those problems in life while also being a champion for better mental health care. Eventually I want my music to have a social impact the same way a lot of my musical heroes have over the years.”

Chung said she first became enamored with music at a young age. She recalls running around the house at age 4 or 5 singing songs and playing her toy keyboard. Her father introduced her to The Beatles, which opened her up to a whole world of possibility in the realm of music. She eventually studied music in school and learned to play the piano. To this day, she spends as many as three or four hours every day in front of the piano, writing songs or fleshing out old ideas. She takes inspiration from a wide variety of artists, from Phoebe Ryan to Billy Joel and even musical theater icon, Alan Menken.

“Violet” is the first of many new releases to come from Chung with at least three more singles slated to drop once a month throughout the summer. More music is also in the works and fans can look forward to a full EP toward the end of the year.

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King of unity brings people together with new EP ‘L.I.F.E. is Forever’

King of unity brings people together with new EP ‘L.I.F.E. is Forever’

ESSEX COUNTY, NJ – When fans listen to the music from East Coast artist Roky’s Reign, it’s almost impossible not to have a spiritual experience. The inspirational, percussion-driven sound with which he paints pictures elicits a wide range of feelings that works together to unify people from all walks of life and all corners of the world. That’s the crux of his artistry, and it serves as the foundation for his new EP “L.I.F.E. is Forever.”

“Ultimately, the theme of the project is to progress the freedom of expression throughout the world,” Roky said. “L.I.F.E. stands for Love Is Forever Evolving. As I started to find myself on a spiritual level, I started to see the forever in everything. When I correlated that with the music, it all just popped in my head and became my mantra. The sound is a fusion. Everything is percussion-induced, but it’s atmospheric and ambient and transic and spiritual with all sorts of free-flowing arrangements. I honestly feel like I’m the first person with this type of art. I’ve listened to a lot of music in my life but I’ve never heard anybody with this kind of sound before. I don’t even know how it happened – the universe just gave it to me, I guess.”

Roky said he had a fascination with drums since he was very little. By the time he was a teenager, he was already playing drums on stage at his church every week. That’s where he got his first glimpse of the power of music and how it can unify people. In high school, he started to experiment with different genres of music and explore other cultures. As he discovered different sounds and styles from different corners of the world, he started to explore other instruments and incorporate them into the music he was making. Music became less about technical skill and more about something deeper – a spiritual expedition of sorts, where freedom of self was now the destination. With that idea in mind, a vision into a utopia took place and became the driving force behind the expression of his music.

“‘L.I.F.E. is Forever’ is the first story of many being told on this journey,” Roky said. “The intention of this art is to spread the freedom of expression throughout the world. Ultimately, it’s unifying. The vibration it’s giving off is intended to unify. I want everything I do to be about unity. And one of the ways to it is through that freedom and acceptance of expression. When we can honor each other’s expression, we can be unified and walls can be broken down. That’s ultimately what I’m here to do – break down walls and bridge gaps.”

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Shawnna – Round Here

Tamara Bubble – Bend Over

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