B.Bandz Lights Up TikTok With Latest Video “Make Her Dance (I Got Bandz)”

With more than 300 dance videos on TikTok B.Bandz got the ladies going into a dance craze on TikTok with his new single “Make Her Dance (I Got Bandz)”.

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Apple Music Link – https://music.apple.com/ca/album/make-her-dance-single/1498174325
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bbandz-music/make-her-dance-1
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#NewMuzikAlert B.Bandz – Make Her Dance

Chicago Indie Rapper B.Bandz Just Dropped New Single With TST Legacy Records

B.Bandz is a independent rapper from Chicago, who is signed to TST Legacy Records.

B.Bandz began 2020 with a bang! He released “Apart”, a street banger featuring fellow Chicago native CalBoy. It received more than 50,000 streams on Spotify, 10,000 views across YouTube, not to mention the countless music outlets that are supporting Bandz. He dropped his smash new single “Make Her Dance” on Valentine’s day.

A little background on B.Bandz released his first official single “YRN”, at age 16. The next year he dropped his biggest single “Porsche”. Since then he’s rocked crowds at Revolt, A3C, SXSW, Rolling Loud (w/Zoey Dollaz), and performed at numerous events across the nation. Bandz has a away of connecting with listeners on and offstage with his swift, witty, lyrics and with his signature “drippy-drill” vibe.

B.Bandz has a busy year ahead of him with the upcoming release of his 6 song EP “Humble Drip”, working on new music with a variety of artists, performing some of his hits such as, “Porsche”, “YRN”, “Apart ft CalBoy”, and his latest release, “Make Her Dance”, which is available on all digital streaming platforms!

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Spotify Link – https://open.spotify.com/album/2RGu3SnJ1gyJQB6fEoHy4j
Apple Music Link – https://music.apple.com/ca/album/make-her-dance-single/1498174325
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bbandz-music/make-her-dance-1
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0CxmGv26Ir1wFiMfZW15WQ
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/music/Make-Her-Dance-6791882063470397442?lang=en

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T.Jones – Drippin Flava

Louisiana rapper TJones makes ears tingle with new EP and single

NEW ORLEANS, LA – In TJones’ city, dreams don’t come true until you get hated on or until somebody kills you. That’s been his experience in New Orleans over the years as he’s tried to make a name for himself as a musician and businessman. And those experiences are front-and-center in his EP “Life Thru Penmanship.”

The four-song EP offers listeners a different flavor and appeal, with every song catering to a different atmosphere and vibe. TJones describes it as a project that shows off his life through his writing skills, with many of the stories told through songs coming from his perspective.

“I consider myself a fly on the wall,” he said. “I have survived a lot of crazy situations unscathed. Sometimes I’ve just been in the wrong places at the wrong time. Overall, this project has a cool vibe. There’s nothing way out of the box and extreme with the stories. More than anything, it gives you a new vibe and a new flavor in a way that makes your ears tingle because it’s something special.”

TJones has always been a native of New Orleans, having been born there in the 80s and raised on the streets. Over the years, he’s done many things to make ends meet – from landscaping to being a barber to working as an auto mechanic. But his first love has always been Hip Hop and he’s worked hard as a rapper to make a name for himself and carve out a niche in an over-crowded music scene. His signature sound and style are definitely distinct, with an inviting Louisiana drawl that’s reminiscent of Ludacriss.  But his songs and lyrics are unique to him, and he’s proud of the development he’s gone through over the years as an artist.

“I have my own voice and I’m not a one-trick pony,” he said. “I’ve been through a lot of development, and I know artist development is important. That sets you apart from those who just rely on their raw talent. Plus, my music is derived from my soul, my hustle and my environment. I wasn’t born an angel and I write about what’s true to me and my life. I write about what I’ve done or not done, what I’ve seen and what I love. I want to get a message out through my music – to encourage people. I’ve done my fair share of shit you ain’t supposed to be doing. But at the end of the day, I’m just like you trying to put a message out there to the world. So here I am … a fresh new face who is going to something that exhibits something different.”

In addition to his EP, TJones has also dropped a new single called “Drippin Flava” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. It’s a song about “you and your personality” he said, and embracing all the things you do best. 

“You have to let it drip,” he said. “Flood the streets with it. People are gonna walk all in it and get covered up in it. Whatever it is that defines you, just let it drip with flava.”

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“Drippin Flava”


“Life Thru Penmanship” – EP


Gang Starr – Family and Loyalty ft J.Cole

JaoT – No Life

South Texas artist draws from personal life experiences to inspire others through music

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Imagine yourself standing in a painter’s studio, watching a master at work. The blank canvas is unlike any you’ve seen before – a random bit of discarded trash that might have once been a sign. As the artist starts to put brush to paint, he turns on some music and the atmosphere becomes electric.

This is the space in which San Antonio artist JaoT creates. A long-time painter who creates unique pieces of art out of found objects discarded in random places, he brings a different perspective to the idea of creation. This is true of his music, too. And that unique blend of sound, style and artistry is beginning to get noticed by fans all over the country. 

More than anything, JaoT’s artistic creation reflects his love for telling stories. His way of telling stories is relatable to a lot of different types of people from all walks of life. And like true art, those who consume what he has created have a myriad smattering of reactions – from aggression to depression to joy and everything in between.

“I can make music for literally any type of beat or sound,” JaoT said. “I look at instrumentals like an art board. When I paint, I find random objects to paint on and I make the image I see work for the canvas I choose. It’s the same thing for music – no matter what instrumental or beat or sound that’s presented to me, I can fit a part of me onto it. That’s my whole thing when it comes to music. Painting was my first love and I fell in love with it really fast. But music has been equally as fulfilling for me because it’s another form of artistic expression where I can get my emotions out. Now when I find a different item that I come across and start drawing on them with markers or crayons or colored pencils, I usually do that while listening to my own music. I pick a song that I feel like goes with the item I’ve found and make the art go with the music.”

In most cases when JaoT writes new music, he tends to write about things he’s gone through in life. It always starts as an emotional outlet driven by an experience. Inspiration might strike while he’s at the grocery store, or while he’s driving in the car reflecting on his childhood growing up abandoned and left to different families and friends. He starts by putting himself in the moment and remembering the feelings he had at the time, and then writes from that emotion. 

An upcoming single called “Cold Saki” is a perfect example of this process. He said the song was inspired by a dark time in his life earlier this year when he was mourning the loss of a friend who had taken his life by suicide. 

“I immediately turned to drinking … copious amounts,” he said. “It was only when I was drinking that I felt happy – not when I was with my kids or when I was writing or anything. I only felt decent when I was drinking. I was on the verge of coming out of that when I realized it was something other people go through as well, but don’t talk about. There’s a stigma to talking about it. I wrote most of the song while I was still drinking, but I was coming out of it enough to start thinking about the dependency on the alcohol and how good I felt in those moments. I knew it was a problem, but I kept doing it. Alcohol was there for me in a time when I felt lonely. I needed it … even when the Saki got cold, I didn’t care. I was just gonna drink it.”

JaoT said he hopes his music doesn’t just entertain listeners but also helps them through whatever situations they might be facing. “Cold Saki” for instance, is a song that he said can inspire people to talk about their own pain and begin to take the first steps toward healthier lifestyles.

“Healing and help are really what I want my music and my art to be about,” he said. “I want people to hear what I have to say and know that they aren’t the only ones going through a certain situation. That’s what I got out of music growing up. I always tried to relate what other people were talking about in their music and apply it to my life. I want to do that for other people.” 

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$PAID – Pieces

Rising rapper, $PAID pushes through adversity to bring out new project “Who Is $PAID”

HOUSTON, TX – Abandonment. Homelessness. Rejection. Jeremy Hicks (known by his stage name $PAID) has dealt with a lot during his 20 years. To cope with life’s hardships, $PAID turned to music early on, and it became a way to express what he couldn’t say when there was no one to turn to. On October 24th, $PAID drops his new project, “Who is $PAID” on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Based on $PAID’s emotions over the last couple of years, “Who is $PAID” shows the listener how life is from $PAID’s side of the fence using raw elements to convey the pain and struggle. The 10 track collection follows the tremendous success of “Pieces” which blew up on its own to 2.16 million plays on SoundCloud. Like all of $PAID’s music, “Pieces” is a highly relatable song about the first heartbreak and a love that didn’t last.

The new project includes the track, “Star Feelings” which explores a relationship with a girl who never left even through the pain. The piece expresses that there is some pain a person can do nothing about, like falling in love for the first time.

Last October, $PAID released “Status” as he was finding his way as a solo artist. While “Status” contained many features, $PAID’s new project has more direction, compassion, substance, and perennial relevance. “The difference between Status and Who Is $PAID,” the artist said, “is that Status was just for the time, but Who Is $PAID is timeless.”

$PAID grew up listening to old school music filled with passion, pain and emotion. To help him get through his tribulations, he turned to the music of James Brown, Erykah Badu, Aretha Franklin, Musiq Soulchild and especially Drake. An example who showed that it is OK to be who you are, Drake had a very positive influence on $PAID’s life. $PAID developed into a melodic, rap-singer with a sound that is different from any other artist. $PAID said “I don’t feel like I should be put in a genre. I feel like I can almost touch all genres.”

$PAID started rapping at 19 and formed a group called Upper Echelon with another artist, Rich London. Originally called Dirty Money to compliment Rich London’s name, Jeremy changed to $PAID after going solo. In 2018, $PAID released “Factuals,” leading to an informal agreement with a small Houston label. After the devastating split with the record label, $PAID released a three track tape called “The Sample” which included the wildly popular track, “Pieces.”

A city where many young artists are trying to make it as rappers, Houston can be a tough nut to crack. But, $PAID is excited about his chances in there because “once you get the city behind you, they are behind you all the way!” Houston and beyond can look forward to much more from this hot young artist. Leading up to the release of “Who is $PAID,” $PAID is dropping a new single on SoundCloud and a music video for the track, “Loyalty” on YouTube this Friday.

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DJ Marc Money – Rockin

DJ Marc Money combines multi-genre influences in new album HOUSE-O-MATIC

VALENCIA, CA – Marc Edwards (known by his stage name DJ Marc Money) was always into music growing up. His musical talents were recognized at a very young age when he learned to play the piano in the gifted and talented program in first grade. The hottest thing to come out of Gary, Indiana since the Jacksons, DJ Marc is getting ready to drop his second House Album on October 13th.

DJ Marc grew up in Gary, IN on House music, Hip Hop, R&B, Blues and Pop. His new album, “HOUSE-O-MATIC” is an electrifying, eclectic and different mix of styles blended together for a fresh sound! The collection includes all the right ingredients for good dance material. Some standout tracks include “You Can Feel It,” featuring tight vocals combined with the perfect beat and melodies, plus “Move” with its sweet refrain.

DJ Marc listens to all kinds of music including Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, House and Reggae, and his productions are influenced by his diverse taste in artists such as George Clinton, Prince, Dr. Dre, Bootsy Collins, Miles Davis, B.B. King, Chaka Khan, Mini Mixin Oliver and Jimi Hendrix. “I try to pull from all those influences when I make different tracks,” said DJ Marc. Each of his tracks could have a taste from one genre or a combination of several.

Unlike many DJs, DJ Marc has a strong background as an actual musician. Moving on from keyboards, he played alto and baritone saxophone in Junior High and a little bit of High School. The sax playing goes well with the House music, and DJ Marc’s music abilities add value to his productions. “Being an actual musician, I know the way music is supposed to sound.” He knows what people like and puts music together that everyone can groove to.

For several years, DJ Marc had his own rap group, Underground Hustlers. Shortly after the group disbanded, DJ Marc split from Indiana where there was no music scene. Once in Texas, he started cutting his teeth on production work and started making his own music. He decided to relocate to California and things have been getting better ever since.

DJ Marc is always making music and his next project will be a Hip Hop album. He has some dope Hip Hop beats that he needs to get out, and he is looking for some rappers with good lyrics to collaborate with.

In the lead up to the release of “HOUSE-O-MATIC,” DJ Marc will drop a new single “ROCKIN” the first week of October to wet people’s appetites. The new single and album will be streaming on all the major platforms along with his extensive catalog of previous releases. DJ Marc brings House music to a whole new level. His unique combination of music skills, determination and experience make him destined for success. 

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Kompanion – Redo

Personal pain and pleasure enlivens new music from alternative Hip Hop artist, Kompanion

DENVER, CO – When Kompanion (also known as James Patrick Sullivan) speaks, there is a lot of pleasure and pain because he has seen both sides of life. Music helped him get through the roughest parts of growing up and helped him express a lot of his emotions. “More than anything,” Kompanion said, “it’s helped me redirect my emotions into something positive that can help other people.” 

Further to the purpose of using his music is to connect with those in need, Kompanion released his single, “Redo” last month. A mixture of old and new age Hip Hop, “Redo” is a song about second chances in anything in life you want to do over again.

Exposed to more hardcore music at a very young age, Kompanion was influenced by the music of Kid Cudi, Mobb Deep, Brotha Lynch Hung and the Dog Town Gangster sound. Kompanion has a style that is unique and hard to classify which is best described as alternative / new age Hip Hop.

On November 30th, Kompanion will drop his new album, “The Kompanion.” The 7 track collection of all new, original material was recorded at his professional home studio, then mixed and mastered by Kentucky-based producer/engineer, Studio 17 llc. The artist’s description of “Motivation,” the album’s first track, is intriguing – “All I was thinking while recording this song was ‘I’m so hungry, both literally and figuratively!’” Kompanion also feels that “Smile” is another track that people will particularly enjoy. Things that built up in his life and came to a head are expressed in this album which gives an amazing inside look at the life of someone who has overcome recidivism, alcoholism and drug addiction.

Moving around and experiencing difficulties at home and in school, Kompanion made some bad choices and ended up in many unfortunate circumstances. In and out of jail over the years, he found himself in a position where he got pushed down. His experience is that everyone at every level wears a mask, whether they are conscious of it or not. Kompanion said “I try to approach people with a tremendous amount of respect because I know that everyone has something going on.” That respect allows him to see the real person, and he is hoping that people see the real him when they hear his music.

Kompanion believes in love for all and hatred for none, and is passionate about helping people from all walks of life. Luckily in 2003, Kompanion found his passion for music which he can attach to other things to help people. He also works with many charitable organizations such as “Be the Match” and “Peace Jam” that help build individuals and communities by addressing power and privilege issues. “I just like to use my platform to try and help somebody because I’ve been in some bad spots,” Kompanion said. “I know that social support is the most important thing when it comes to helping people who are struggling.”

His life experiences allow him to operate from a position which those who are in need can relate to. And Kompanion strongly believes that “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

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Adam James – Temporarily Blinded

Introspective lyricist encourages listeners to
consider a different perspective

MIAMI, FL – Adam James wants you to think about things differently … all things from relationships to politics to cultural influences and everything in between. His music is the kind of music intended to give listeners some deeper food for thought, and it’s that content-forward music that is grabbing the attention of new fans all over the South and in larger circles throughout the U.S.

Hailing from Miami, Florida, this introspective lyricist has been making a name for himself in Hip Hop circles around Miami for the better part of the past five years. In 2013, he dropped a mixtape called “Thru My Eyes” that was his announcement to the world. Shortly after that, he started his own independent recording label called House of M Music LLC and in 2018, he recorded his first EP “Temporarily Blinded” which featured singles such as the self-titled track “Temporarily Blinded,” produced by Nate Da Quiet Storm, “Pressure,” produced by Mike Anthem, and “Hollywood Afrikkanz,” produced by Drock. That project continues to making waves and James said he’s eager for an even wider audience to experience his music.

“It’s an EP that’s more lyrical than a lot of the music you hear today,” James said. “I just try to take a different lane and speak a little bit about political values and things that I’ve been through coming up as a man. To me it’s a lyrical project that reflects on things like the ups and downs of relationships or religion and various other things like that.”

The title track is perhaps the best example of the unique style of music James creates. Working off a sample of a speech from Malcolm X, the up-tempo vibe underscores lyrics that observe things through a different lens and looking at life with a different perspective. 

“It’s about seeing the darkness before the light and recognizing it for what it is,” James said. “I’m talking about coming up in the music game and seeing different things and witnessing different artists and seeing how one artist goes one way and then changes and you can tell it’s not them anymore. It’s a song about sticking to a code and not ever changing just to be more popular or make more money. I want to be recognized more for my music than my antics. I’m speaking more for a lot of different artists who are so blind to so many different things and try so hard to get noticed that they lose themselves along the way. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can be ourselves without having to do ridiculous things and losing ourselves. So ultimately, this song is about recognizing those fads for what they are – temporary – and then coming back to our truest selves.”

James said he’s set to follow up that successful EP with another project that is in production right now called “Finally See.” He said it will be “a bit jazzier” than his previous work and will feature more samples and more live instrumentation. 

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M Soto – Throw That Dough

M Soto uses unique writing abilities to create songs with meaningful storylines

Originally from Brooklyn, NY and raised by his grandparents, M Soto is ready to break barriers in the game. His latest hot new single, “Throw That Dough” on Spotify, iTunes and other platforms, is proving his capabilities with well over 100k streams. “Throw That Dough” gives you a feel and setting of being in a strip club while the dancers work their magic.

From an early age, he started writing poems as an outlet for him to express any sadness he was feeling while growing up. His love for music and poetry developed into an interest in creative songwriting. Recognizing the similarities between song and poem creation, M Soto began to refine his craft. Hearing other artists such as Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G, Nas and 50 Cent influenced him to focus on songwriting.

Capturing the experiences while traveling and hearing some of the music played at venues led to the creation of “Throw That Dough.” Although the song has more of a club feel than the other music he was making at the time, the single has gotten a great response.

Currently residing in Baltimore, MD he recorded the track and a few others in his own built studio. Not satisfied with the work of several engineers, he took upon himself to take classes in an audio production school to get the sound he was looking for. “I just wanted to be satisfied, [for them] to bring out the best out of my music and I didn’t get that.” 

M Soto’s first big break came when a publicist affiliated with Sony heard his music. That connection led to a distribution deal with Sony Records and streaming numbers in the hundreds of thousands for Soto. However, it hasn’t always been easy for the songwriter. As an independent artist, having the budget to do everything Soto wants to do is a challenge. On top of that, he spent a lot of money in areas he didn’t need to early on. Soto believes that one of the greatest challenges for any new artist is the lack of proper knowledge of the business side, and knowing where to allocate funds.

M Soto’s music is full of variations: from the club to a state of mind of realization. He also has a podcast called “NYO Podcast” (Not Your Ordinary), featuring himself, his producer and his director. For the podcast, the men talk about all different topics, and there is no holding back from any of them. 

M Soto and his team are also putting everything together for his next single, “Blessed.” Recorded in April, the music video is complete and the finishing touches are being added to the track. 

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NIL – Nights In London

New music from emerging entertainer Nil captivates Rap and R&B fans alike

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – Nil is an exciting and original artist who delivers moments and experiences to his audience. While admiring his rhyming and rapping, listeners will quickly discover that Nil is also a versatile R&B singer. Raised on R&B, Nil adds an essence of R&B music to all of his Rap tracks.

Nil has no interest in portraying violence in his rhymes. Instead, he’s bringing good times and having fun back to rap music. With support from Pride Rock Entertainment in Fort Lauderdale, Nil has released a trio of new music which stands out from the norm but is relevant. Recorded at Fine Line Recording Studio in Hialeah, FL, each track has a distinct style. 

The EP, called “Nil,” includes the tracks “Nights In London” (produced by Cold Cardier) which features a huge international sound, and “I Know” (produced by Accent Beats). The sentimental song, “Not In Lust” (produced by Thomas Krager) was written by Nil for his wife, Denise, who showed him how to love. “I’m not in lust with my wife, I’m in love with her,” Nil declared. He is a proud family man and is not ashamed to admit it.

Music has been a savior for Nil (aka Ronald Jermaine Dempsey). Born in Harlem, he was raised in a single parent home in Savannah, GA. Singing since he was five years old, Nil got into music at school. The choir class at Hubert Middle School in Savannah greatly influenced the young Nil. Once exposed to the fundamentals of voice control and harmony, he was hooked. In the high crime environment of Savannah at that time, Nil found a love for music which kept him out of serious trouble. 

He also won first place three times at the Apollo Theater with a group called 360. Using his heavy R&B background, Nil has built off those harmonies and modernized his sound for today’s listeners. More recently, Nil performed a dozen shows in and around the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas.

For Nil, music is also a door opener. He is confident and likes to create awareness about certain issues. He loves to give back to the community and is in the business of serving people. Kids who are growing up in single parent homes is an issue he is particularly passionate about, and he has plans to help out in Rochester and a few other communities.

Nil remains appreciative and humble, acknowledging the support from all involved with the whole “Nil” movement. Describing himself as “not Hollywood,” Nil wants people to always feel that he remains who he is. “I want people to feel like I’m just like one of them. No matter what I do in my life, no matter how big I get.” To hear the conviction in his speech and the sound of his music, there is no doubt that Nil will be massive in the world’s music scene.

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“Not in Lust”


“Nights In London”


Aly Frank – Suiciety

Aly Frank shines light on impact social media has on suicide epidemic with new single ‘Suiciety’

NEW YORK, NY – According to the World Health Organization, nearly 800,000 people die by suicide in the world each year. That’s roughly one death every 40 seconds. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the world for those aged 15 to 24 years. 

It’s an epidemic and New York artist Aly Frank wants to do whatever she can to curb that negative trend and inspire others to make a difference. That’s why she created the new single “Suiciety.” A song that is simultaneously gripping and inspiring, “Suiciety” is both a wake-up call and a journey through what Western Culture has become, thanks to the impossible standards and overwhelming pressures created by social media. “Suiciety” by definition is a society that is slowly killing itself. Aly wants to turn that on its face, but she knows she can’t do it alone.

“This song is both a warning and a lesson,” she said. “I want this song to make a real difference and get the attention I think it has the potential to get. It’s been a topic in the back of my mind for a very long time but for some reason, I never thought to write about it. I always tend to write about my relationships. But when I heard this music, all of a sudden this thought of how social media has been taking over our minds just burst out of me through music. I just started writing and it was done in an hour.”

In the song, Aly brings to bear her lifelong training as a musician and her natural talent as a singer and lyricist to inspire others to consider the addictive qualities that can come with social media use. She doesn’t so much emphasize social media as evil as much as she encourages others to be responsible with how they use social media and to keep an eye out for the warning signs of depression and anxiety in others.

“I hope people understand that social media isn’t the devil, it should just be managed,” she said. “I think people are excited with every new feature that comes out every day and all the filters that come out and all the stories that are everywhere. Everybody gets so caught up in it and they don’t seem to understand the dark effect it can have, especially on young people who are still developing. This song calls attention to those things. And like all of my music, I want it to be known for being genuine. I want my music to be known as something that people can turn to when they’re going through something similar to what I’ve gone through. People have told me in the past that they listen to my music when they’re going through something tough, and that just means the world to me.”

“Suiciety” was released across all streaming platforms on Sept. 22. Aly has also created other singles during her professional career and said she has about three albums worth of music ready to be mixed and mastered. She said fans can be sure to see some of those singles released in the new few months.

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Pee3Gee – No Kappa

PG3 calls out all the liars in the world
with new single ‘No Kappa’

SAVANNAH, GA – In some social circles of the world, there’s a belief that numbers have power. There’s a whole study behind the science of numerology. The number three, for instance, is said to be a power number, a symbol, if you will, of strength and integrity and even holiness. 

Hip Hop artist PG3 doesn’t necessarily believe in numerology, but he does love the number three and all the symbolism that goes along with it. It has always been a lucky number for him and as such, it’s a symbol around which he wants to build his brand. He’s creating a movement of sorts, around the idea that when things are good and right and powerful, then “It’s 3.” It’s a saying he hopes catches on across the U.S. and which people will hear regularly throughout his music. His upcoming EP “It’s 3” will explore the philosophy behind the phrase and show the world his unique blend of sound and style. But before that EP releases later this year, he’s offering a single to the world.

“No Kappa” was dropped three weeks ago and has already been getting some major attention from fans along the East Coast. It’s an up-tempo track with hard-hitting lyrics that call out anyone who tries to put on a false face.

“It’s an upbeat track music that’s all about speaking on the real,” PG3 said. “It’s really for all the dudes out in the streets who can relate to what I’m saying. It’s basically saying that people shouldn’t be lying. If you say, ‘You’re no kappa’ you’re basically saying ‘You ain’t no lier.’”

PG3 has come a long way in the year-plus that he’s dedicated himself to a professional music career. What started as a hobby as a teenager of freestyling with friends has evolved into a one-of-a-kind talent that demands to be heard by a wider audience around the world. That individual talent was apparent from an early age as even when he was a child, he would wow the older kids in his neighborhood by how easily he could freestyle.

“People used to call me Minute Man because I’d go in hard for a minute and kill it,” he said. “I didn’t really take it seriously until I went over to a friend’s house and he had a studio there and we made a track called ‘Doin’ It’ and uploaded it to SoundCloud, and people all over the place started telling me how good I was and that I should keep going with it. I never really looked back from there.”

PG3 said he wants people to know him for what he says and for being able to make somebody move through his music. He makes the kind of music that makes people want to bob their heads and feel the groove, and when he combined quality lyrical content with that music he feels like he has a chance to “bring real rap back.”

To listen to PG3’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:





Aj Angels – Check In

AJ Angels inspires others with new introspective EP ‘Iso’

DENVER, CO – Separated…  Alone … Isolated…

That’s how Denver artist AJ Angels has felt at times throughout his life and it’s in those moments that he always turns to music. The power of artistic expression has played out multiple times in his life in a myriad of ways, and it’s that power that he wants to capture and share with the world through his new EP “Iso.”

The project explores what it means to take a moment and check in with yourself. It’s about his mentality during those isolated moments and the motivating factors that happen in life to derail us from our dreams.

“It’s about asking yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing and why you’re chasing whatever it is that you’re chasing,” AJ said. “It’s about looking back and seeing how much progress you’ve made. For myself, I have the pedal down right now and a lot of times I feel like I have to drive this road alone. But that’s OK because I have to chase this dream and I’m focused on that.”

The idea for the project came about while he was checking into a hotel a few months back. He found himself almost in an out-of-body experience, looking down at his life in that moment and wondering what it was that led to him feeling so alone. So as he checked into a hotel, he also checked in on himself and began to reminisce on the progress of his life and the things around him. As he sat in his room, those introspective thoughts became words on a page which eventually turned into the debut single from the album, “Check In.”

“It’s kind of mellow and really echoes a lot of what I’m talking about on this project,” AJ said. “There’s an all-audio track to start the project, then you get ‘Check In’. But by track 3, things are more uplifting and fun and you’re enjoying life. I have some great choreography I want to put with some of those later songs on the EP, and we’re getting ready to film a video for ‘Check In’ later this month.”

The last three songs on the EP are “Witness,” “Little People” and “Arise” – all of which are inspirational and upbeat, with lyrics that demand attention. “Little People” in particular is one of the stronger tracks on the project as it pushes listeners to remember the “little people” in life and acknowledge that all of us are in some way little people, no matter how far we go in life or how much we succeed. 

“And then I end with ‘Arise’ where I’m talking about my view on how I’m seeking something that makes me want to keep going,” AJ said. “I’m always seeking more and with this song, I’m touching on the fact that I’m single again and how I’m focused on my music. It’s about something I’m seeking and how it’s hard for me to put energy into something else. So I’m putting energy into what I think is working.”

Through all of his music, AJ’s unique sound and style reflects influence from the West African heritage that was instilled in him as a child growing up with immigrant parents. His taste in music and his sound has always had a foreign touch, and it’s that subtle blend that AJ thinks sets him apart from others in the industry today.

“At the end of the day, I want my music to be known for being real and inspiring,” he said. “That’s big for me. What I’m talking about a lot is finding self-progress in my music. There are a lot of people around me who don’t think I can have a version of success. But if there’s one thing to pick up from my music it’s that I’m being real and I’m showcasing how anyone can have a journey of success. Don’t worry if what you’re doing is right or wrong – if you love it, go all-in and see how things work out. If you’re 100 percent authentic and real, you can impact an unknown number of people’s lives. There are many times when I’ll never know how much my music impacts someone, but I can always count on being a positive impact on others if I’m being 100 percent real myself.”

To listen to AJ Angel’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:






“Iso” (EP)




Young Deuces – Hold It Down ft. Michael Christmas and Burgie Streetz

Gearing up for his 2nd studio release, Midwest artist Young Deuces release his first track “Hold it Down” featuring Boston emcee Michael Christmas & Burgie Streetz. The Chris Wheeler produced track comes in with a classic, smooth Hip-Hop vibe as the 3 champion the strong Black Women of the world.

Social Media [Instagram/Twitter]: @Young_Deuces | @MichaelChristmas | @BurgieStreetz

NO JUMPER & Platinum Producer REAZY RENEGADE Back LIL X On His Debut Album

LIL X – New kid On the Block

16-year-old El Paso, TX native Lil X is looking to make a splash on the Hip Hop scene and has already done so in grand fashion. Citing XXXtentacion, Lil Skies & Lil Pump as influences, Lil X unveiled his debut music video for “Bands All Done” which was featured on No Jumper and has earned over 228k views on YouTube. His follow-up video for “Galaxy” is set to surpass its predecessor with an astounding 163k views in only one week, both of which are his first and second musical releases ever.

As Lil X’s momentum continues to rise, the newcomer has opted to release his official debut album, appropriately titled New Kid on the Block. The 7 track project features contributions from producers Reazy Renegade (Rick Ross, Lil Wayne), Flair Fifth (Yo Gotti, Young Thug), S Dot Fire (A$AP Rocky, YFN Lucci), Dagan Duffey & iLL I.D. New Kid on the Block is currently available on all digital streaming providers including Spotify and Apple Music.

LA artist Shiro melds genres to create Gospel Optional Urban Praise Music with her new hit single ‘Let’s Get It’

LA artist Shiro melds genres to create Gospel Optional Urban Praise Music with her new hit single ‘Let’s Get It’

LOS ANGELES, CA – An artist that is known from her work over the years with legends such as Brandy, A Lighter Shade of Brown, Dj Quik, Mc Lyte, and Tupac is stepping out from the background and bringing her talents to the forefront with her new hit single “Let’s Get It”.

The artist- Shiro, and her unique brand of music – called “Go Up Music” – is turning heads all throughout the music industry because of its one-of-a-kind sound and intriguing fusion of genres. One part Gospel, one part Urban, and one part of various other genres – from Latin to House and everything in between – Go Up Music is the new wave of Gospel Praise music that ultimately will redefine how people consider listening to religious music. 

Shiro said, “The concept of Go Up Music hit us when we were working on new music to be released. We knew we had found a different type of flavor based on the tracks we were writing over – rap and trap and stuff like that. Some people say hard-core beats are beats that most Gospel singers don’t want to sing over because they think in using those beats it’s not Gospel. However, when people hear Go Up Music, they can decide how they feel about it, but we know that we’re praising God in the midst of the message and we’re doing it in a way that has never been done before. It’s totally different from the Gospel music most people are accustomed to. It’s off the Richter scale. You wouldn’t even realize it’s Gospel until you really start to listen to the lyrics. Our hope is to capture people by the music and at the same time have a positive message.”

With “Let’s Get It,” Shiro not only showcases her amazing vocals but also takes listeners on a controversial journey but she isn’t shying away from the conversation that she said needs to be had. “There is temptation everywhere, especially when you’re focused on getting to Heaven,” she said. “This song is based on encouraging people to take an avenue that most others wouldn’t. We’re speaking to people of the world who are seeking someone who can love them unconditionally. We want to show them that what they’re seeking can be found through a better life in Christ Jesus.”

“I want my music to be known for changing lives, being authentic, and original,” Shiro said, “It’s not preachy…it’s reality. I can talk from a pure place about some real-life experiences because I’ve been through them. Like at one point in my life, I felt broken and someone that was close to me convinced me to strip. I did it once and knew immediately that it was not the right path for me. But I want people to know that I’m just like them. I’m no better than you, but I have discovered a better way  — a way where there is someone who will accept you for who you are, give you strength when you are weak, and lets you know that you are not a mistake”.

The music video for “Let’s Get It” is dropping in early October across all streaming platforms

To listen to Shiro’s hit single “Let’s Get It” and follow her on social media, please visit:






“Let’s Get It”

Promo (coming soon):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9xyfuVD9RI

Behind the scenes Day 1:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deVZHKh9woQ

Behind the scenes Day 2:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS_1XgQhFfk

REME – Move

REME serves up a fresh new sound from the Southwest with “Dremeland”

HOUSTON, TX – Houston born and raised, Remus Young (known by his stage name REME) is raising his hometown’s profile with his own unique style and flavor. This versatile 21 year old Hip Hop and R&B artist has a sound unlike any other, and is poised to showcase his talent far beyond the Southwest.

Blessed with innate rhythm and beat, REME’s songwriting creatively builds from the base to the soul. Writing his own beats, lyrics and melodies, REME starts with creating a nice baseline beat and builds on that foundation. “I imagine the beat before I even write anything down. It may be a little bop. It may be a snap of the fingers. It may be something I put down,” REME said. “However it comes, it’s a sound that sticks with you.”

Over the past two years, he has been laying down tracks with the help of his producer and engineer, E Blaze. REME’s recent project titled “Dremeland” is a 9 track collection released under the name “REME the DREME.” One particular favorite song, “Playhouse,” has intense, sentimental lyrics paired with a theatrical beat. Across the entire collection, REME’s smooth flow weaves through his carefully crafted beats and haunting melodies.

Music has been a part of REME’s life since he was growing up. While his parents were divorcing, REME turned to music to escape the family drama. Later raised in a single parent home, REME was a bit of a loner who continued to sharpen his music and lyrical skills. Influenced by Tupac, Biggie and Snoop Dogg, REME’s music reflects life’s hardships, how he sees people and the world, and the challenges that others around him are going through.

Making his own music since fifth grade, REME seriously delved into music at the start of High School. Although Houston can be tough for an upcoming artist, REME has been encouraged to push forward by his faith and the support of his family, his friends and his fan base over the years.

REME feels the music scene in Houston is underrated, and he is helping to boost his home city to gain more attention for the local talent. “A whole lot of people are stuck on the perception that Houston is what it is. That’s not what it is,” he said. “It’s something way more. I don’t know if people can see that, but I’m gonna make people see that.”

With God being at the core of everything for REME, he believes that people should look after each other. “If someone can’t do it, try to help them or show them that there’s a way to do it. Try not to be self-centered and be open-minded towards yourself, your experience and other people.”

All of REME’s music is available on SoundCloud now, and he’s looking to drop a couple of singles, some music videos and an album in the very near future.

To listen to REME’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:





“Playhouse” from the Dremeland Project


Gangstarr – Family and Loyalty feat. J. Cole

Dj Premier blesses the fans with 2 new verses from Guru (R.I.P.) on Gangstarr – Family and Loyalty featuring J. Cole. Is Dj Premier prepping us for a brand new Gang Starr Album?

Compton’s Most Wanted – RAW

Compton’s Most Wanted (Mc Eiht & Chill) Link back up for new single “RAW”.

T.I. & Teyana Taylor – You and Be There

T.I. & Teyana Taylor Get Together For a Mini-Movie “You” & “Be There”

Jae’ Morrissa – Just My Next Song

Viral video propels singing nurse into the spotlight

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Ingrid Jasmin has always wanted to pursue a career in music, but she always felt like it was a goal that was out of her reach. So for most of her life she has pursued another passion – taking care of other people. As a traveling nurse, she cares for people in need in places all over the U.S., and one of the things she does that adds a little personal touch is sing for her patients. All of the hospitals where she has worked over the years know her as the singing nurse and about two years ago, a co-worker decided to capture her magic on video. While Jasmin was getting ready to leave work for the day, she was singing a parting song to her patients and one of her friends recorded it. Without her knowledge, that friend posted the video and it went viral. It was a moment that changed everything for her.

“Seeing all those comments and compliments from people really woke me up to realize this is what I’m supposed to be doing,” she said. “It reminded me who I am and who I’m supposed to be.”

That was two years ago, and in the time since Jasmin has been putting all her effort into establishing herself as a bona fide recording artist. She adopted the stage name Jae’Morrissa and has been working on developing a unique sound and style that she said not only marries pop and R&B, but also nods to some of the old-school greats like Deniece Williams, Teena Marie, Stephanie Mills and Phyllis Hyman. Her new single, “Just My Next Song,” is a perfect example of that one-of-a-kind sound. It’s an upbeat Pop/R&B fusion that mentions a few of the old-school artists and songs while touching on deep emotions that Jae said she knows will connect with fans all over the world.

“I wrote it in the wake of the last relationships I was in,” she said. “I woke up after eventually getting over it and dealing with it and realized I had no regrets. He was just my next song. He was the inspiration for me to write this song and it’s OK to move on from that. So yes, it’s a breakup song but it’s not a bad breakup song. It’s upbeat with a tribute to that old-school R&B with that throw-back old-school vibe. My style is a little different because it brings back more of that old-school sound but I still try to keep is modern. I think it’s very relatable and ultimately, I want my music to touch other souls and help people to know they aren’t alone. I want them to know I’ve felt the pain they’re feeling and it’s OK and it will be OK. At the end of the day, I want my music to be something that people can feel and enjoy and will inspire them to be better and move on.”

If you ask Jae’s mother, she’ll tell you that her daughter started singing before she ever started actually talking. She would walk around the house whistling and singing and exuding a joy of life in everything she experienced. That love of music has stayed with her over the years, and though she’s spent most of her career as a nurse, that musical talent never left. 

“I’ve grown over the years to realize and to know that one can be anything in life that they would like to be, and that no goal is unreachable,” she said. “You should always work toward goals and really love what you’re doing. Always follow your dreams and work toward them daily.”

To listen to Jae’Morrissa’s music or to follow her on social media, please visit:


Stream Buck City’s New Single “Execution” From “Beat The Odds” Hosted By Dj Smoke Mixtapes

Buck City Is Gearing Up For His Next Release “Beat The Odds” Hosted By Dj Smoke Mixtapes

Buck city is putting it down for the entire Iowa/Quad city area. The mid-west artist is back with a new project for the people! Buck linked up with Dj Smoke Mixtapes again to bring you “Beat The Odds”!

Check out the first single from titled “Execution“. Its a lil something to hold the people until we drop the full project. Other stand-out tracks on this project are “Without Warning”, “Only God Can Judge Me”, “Way To Go” amongst others. Make sure you stream the entire project when it drops on Spinrilla October 2nd and share it if you are feeling it!

Check out his previous projects “Unfamiliar Territory hosted by Dj Duce“, “The Hate Never Paid You hosted by Dj Smoke Mixtapes“, “Versatile hosted by Dj Smoke Mixtapes“; Look out for “Beat The Odds hosted by Dj Smoke Mixtapes” on Spotify and all streaming outlets.

Catch the video shot by @TroyBoyTheBeast below.

Stay connected with Buck City on social media

IG: @_buckcity_

FB: @shatani.buck

SC: @Buckcity74

Follow Buck City on Spinrilla and Spotify.

Shaad Goon – Money ft. YGG Tay

Shaad Goon Drops The Visual For His Brand New Single ‘Money” Tune-In on YouTube

Va’s own Shaad Goon links up with YGG Tay for the Sauce anthem ‘Money’ produced by Beat Zombie. Visual was directed by @LoveTheCulture.

Shaad Goon’s new single “Money’ is now Available On All Digital Streaming Platforms! Be on the lookout for Shaad Goon’s EP “Home Of The Hustlers” its on the way, coming real soon!


Follow Shaad Goon online:




YGG Tay:


Freddy D – Everybody

Freddy D creates major buzz in the Music World
with new album ‘Extant’

HEMPSTEAD, NY – A hot new album from up-and-coming music artist Freddy D is giving fans of the genre a lot of exciting things to talk about. Called “Extant,” the album dropped on Sept. 13 and features Freddy D’s unique blend of power and lyrical mastery, showcasing an ability to make strong, relevant music that has been compared to Jay-Z, Nas and Kanye. Tough and wise, it’s a project that shows Freddy at the top of his game, ready to take it even higher.

“My whole life, I was trying to become a superstar,” he said. “I’ve been blessed with vision.  Even though a couple of record deals from the past went south because they weren’t aligning with my vision, I knew I wanted to keep the creativity going. As I was struggling with how to create my own stuff, the world changed. It wasn’t ready for what I was doing before but it’s ready now, and that’s what this album is about. It comes to a point of being existent even though people think it’s not a reality.”

The album starts off slow, with a mellow tune that samples the Bee Gee’s “Staying Alive,” and which Freddy said is one of his favorite songs. From there, it picks up with the single “Everybody” which is a song that Freddy said opens the conversation about love and acceptance and the innate desire to belong to another person. The journey continues across nine songs and one skit on the album, all of which Freddy said is sure to leave its mark on the Hip Hop industry.

“I feel like I bring something different,” he said. “I started my own record company and produced my own music without selling drugs – just the hard grit from an everyday job and the hunger to not let my talent go to waste. I believe in what I do and how I do it. I’m just like my fans. I bleed. I cry. I live. I sweat. I’ve been through so much. And it’s that humanity, I believe, that allows me to connect with so many people. I’ve made the most out of my hard times and I’ve been attracting attention with my music since I was in high school. Now I feel like people can see that I’m a fully developed artist with a real shot at breaking through worldwide. Hip Hop heads everywhere will be speaking my name and start listening.”

To listen to Freddy D’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:





Tody – Backshots

Imagination and creativity help Tody build
one-of-a-kind sound on new single ‘Backshots’

JACKSON, MS – Antorian Williams, professionally known as Tody, is a rapper, songwriter and CEO of Global Demand Entertainment based out of Southern Mississippi. He’s an artist and entrepreneur who had been creating for the better part of a decade, dropping underground hits all across the South with a rising tide of fans growing with each new release. That tide is set to grow even bigger with the release of his most recent single, “Backshots.”

Dropped on Sept. 12, the single is something sexual for the ladies and blends Hip Hop and R&B across a smooth vibe. Tody said he wanted to come up with a commercial way of describing the doggy style position, and through that process organically created “Backshots.” With his music, he’s been breaking boundaries since he was a kid growing up with little-to-no-hope in Bunkley, Mississippi. Early projects such as “Mississippi Mind State,” “Old Testament” and “Quarter Til” helped him make a name for himself, and he’s been gaining momentum across the country ever since.

“I’ve been doing this for a while and putting out a lot of projects,” Tody said. “I’ve been trying lately to take my time and release things single by single. Where I’m from, the resources for music are scarce so I moved to Jackson a few years back and started to learn the business side of the industry. I started my record label last year and it’s starting to really get off the ground. I know a big reason for that is because I’m just an outgoing individual with a lot of energy and most of my music is straight fun. Beyond that, I really believe it’s the business that moves the artist, not the other way around, and I’ve been paying a lot more attention to the business side of the industry over the past few years.”

Tody said more often than not, the music he creates is built organically from the mood he’s feeling at the time. His cadence, rhythm and flow are also things that he says stand out and make him a truly original artist. He likes to meld different sounds such as blending rap with Mexican-influenced horns. As such, he creates music that can’t be boxed into any one lane. 

“I have a good spirit and I try to make music that makes you feel good and that cheers people up,” he said. “I don’t really make slow music. I make music that hypes you up a lot, kind of like Migos. I’m in that same kind of lane. I just try to promote a good time and I want my music to give good vibes.”

“Backshots” is available across all streaming platforms. 

To listen to Tody’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:




DJ Rinnecka – Hibachi

DJ Rinnecka shows off rapping mastery
with 32 bars on new single ‘Hibachi’

SAN ANGELO, TX – If there’s one thing that Deep South Hip Hop artist DJ Rinnecka wants people to know, it’s that when it comes to music, he can do it all. 

“I can produce, mix, master, and everything else,” said the up-and-coming artist from San Angelo, Texas. “I want to dip into different genres and be known for being a jack of all trades. I’ve always had a distinct taste in music and I’m really picky about the types of music I like in any genre. Part of the reason I got into music in the first place is because I would get a little bit jealous when someone would put out something great and I would hear it and think, ‘I want to do that.’ It made me want to learn more and try harder, and that’s how I got to where I am today.”

That journey is one that started as a young teenager who loved music and started dabbling with different aspects of the profession. This led to an aspiring artist, DJ and producer whose new single, “Hibachi,” is the perfect example of the kind of original artist that he has become known for. 

While working at a meat production plant, DJ Rinnecka initially started out as a small DJ, playing music at local parties and company events, and even at a small hookah lounge. While struggling to find his niche and earn enough money to keep going, he met up with an old friend who taught him how to be independent in the music industry. They started working together with some of his first endeavors taking place as host for tracks like “Bowlegged” and “Money Maker.” But hosting music wasn’t enough – he needed to create his own music.

“That’s how I decided to break in on ‘Hibachi,’” he said. “When we played that beat in the studio, I just started rapping. I did 32 bars just to show that I could hold my own on the mic. It is a track where I’m cooking up fire, and it’s the first track I was ever on. But when I heard it and worked on it, it had my kind of sound to it and it just sounds fire.”

DJ Rinnecka said “Hibachi” is just the first of many singles to come and that he’s already working on putting together some songs that would go toward an EP he hopes to release early next year. He’s also interested in earning some features with other artists and dreams of the day when he’s made it big enough to work with people like Lil Wayne, Calvin Harris, Marshmallow or Clams Casino. He’s also interested in partnering with lesser-known artists who do anime beats and is putting together the groundwork to be able to start an online store that would sell those types of beats. 

“Hibachi” is currently available across all streaming platforms. 

To listen to DJ Rinnecka’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:







IMA – Shinin’

Complex new album “Calm Down” signals new era for west coast rapper, IMA

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – Although Isaiah Malik Armstrong (known by his stage name “IMA”) started over nine years ago as a DJ for upcoming rappers, his new album, “Calm Down” is his first project entirely of his own compositions. Bored with just being a DJ, the young man relaunched his career, picking up an MPC and a computer and creating his own beats to dive head first into songwriting.

“Calm Down” came together with the help of a friend and frequent collaborator Estimate, who did all of the recording and mixing. This 9 track album was mastered by Seattle native Sendai Mike. The high quality recording features unusual melodies and lots of live instrumentation, combined to showcase IMA’s broad musical ear which has been influenced by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, the whole team at Top Dawg Entertainment, artists at Dreamville Records, EarthGang, SiR and Kanye West.

IMA has little interest in creating music which sounds like everything else, and he constantly strives to find the lane of being lyrically and musically sophisticated while remaining listenable for a pop audience. “I want my music to be more than just simple patterns for a basic listener,” IMA said. “I want it to be more complex.”

Earlier in his music career, Isaiah collaborated on numerous single and album releases under different aliases over the years. He was producing beats for other rappers, giving them choruses and rapping on their singles. Forging ahead with a new stage in his career, “Calm Down” is a collection of music influenced by the past year and a half of IMA’s life. Mixing cocktails and shucking oysters (despite an allergy to shellfish!) at a top Seattle restaurant means IMA is privy to the lifestyle of the high end restaurant scene which has provided inspiration for his lyrics. 

When he was growing up, IMA lived in Puerto Rico and on several military bases which is also reflected in his unique music and lyrics. The half Native American, half black arts kid went to a high school in the Pacific Northwest which has produced fashion models, art scene aficionados and indie bands. IMA has eclectic views and different perspectives which come through in his music. He said “I feel like I have a worldly view because I’ve been around so many different people, and had to adapt to different circumstances continuously which makes me able to talk to a lot of different people with a lot of different perspectives.”

“Calm Down” dropped on September 12 and is available on all digital platforms. The album’s first track and lead single is called Shinin’ which the artist described as a party track with a house beat. IMA will follow with a music video for Shinin’ shortly after the song’s release.

To listen to IMA’s music, or to follow IMA on social media, please visit:



“Calm Down” Album


M Jane – IONO

Southern soul meets Hip Hop with new single from M Jane

LITTLE ROCK, AR – What do you get when you mix a little bit of Soul, a little bit of Hip Hop, a little bit of a Southern drawl and a whole lot of sass? You get one of the hottest new female artists on the planet.

Look out world, here comes M Jane. 

Hailing out of Little Rock, Arkansas, this fast-rising young talent is set to take the music industry by storm with her unique new sound and style. Her debut single, “IONO,” is already creating buzz throughout the Southeast and priming her for a whorl wind second half of the year as she drops more and more music. 

The single shows off her naturally soulful voice which she’s honed over the years of singing Gospel in the church and exploring her sound at performances all over the country. It’s a song that talks about the anticipatory moments that come in that period right before you’ve attained success – the moments that are difficult to wait on.

“It talks about before I get on, I’m waiting to get on,” M Jane said. “I don’t know when it’s gonna happen but I know it’s gonna come. I might get a lot of haters behind it, but I’m gonna keep pushing and keep grinding while I’m waiting for that success.”

The up-tempo vibe is a perfect introduction to new fans of her one-of-a-kind style and is sure to have people bouncing as soon as they hear it. Like all of her music, “IONO” was written and produced all on her own. M Jane said she’s been honing her craft as a musician since she was about 7 years old, and for the past decade has worked hard to become a quality producer who can make her own beats and mix her own music. When she combines that with her true, natural gift as a singer, she becomes a singular talent within the world of Hip Hop.

“A lot of Hip Hop female singers aren’t true, raw singers,” said her manager Desmond Tappin. “They might know how to sing or have a decent tone but they have to rely on auto-tune to make it sound perfect. But M Jane has the whole background of singing and has a natural talent. Plus, she knows music – she knows notes and keys and theory. Put those things together and you get a different sound to Hip Hop than anything else out there. She has that true soul vibe that goes with the Hip Hop that creates a different sound for the listeners. More than anything else, she just creates really, really, really good music. Most people in Hip Hop right now and anyone who is a fan of that genre will hear her music and know immediately that it’s good. She’s not a one-hit wonder who will be gone in a couple of years. She’s the real thing and this is just the beginning.”

To listen to M Jane’s music or to follow her on social media, please visit:



Facebook:  @mjane_music

Blitzo – Big Blitzo

Near-fatal stabbing doesn’t stop East Coast artist Blitzo from pursuing dreams

BRISTOL, PA – A lot of things changed for Winston Williams when one of his closest friends stabbed him in the eye. 

Winston “Blitzo” Williams was born in Monrovia, Liberia and moved to the U.S. with his family when he was only 4 years old. They moved into the neighborhood projects just outside of Philadelphia and for the rest of his childhood, he grew up in the struggle. But his isn’t a story that others from the struggle have experienced. He discovered a gift for songwriting as early as age 7, and was already on the fast track to becoming a household name in the music industry by age 13. By age 19, he was hosting his own shows in New York and setting up major tours all over the U.S. 

Things were perfect until he visited home and went by the studio to work with one of his friends on some new music. An argument broke out and before he knew it, Blitzo was doing whatever he could to save his own life. His friend was coming at him with a knife, first stabbing him in the eye and then in multiple other places around his body. He spent many days in the hospital and despite multiple surgeries, the doctors weren’t able to save his eye – but they did save his life. 

The incident derailed his career for a bit, but after some recovery time, both physically and mentally, Blitzo is back and ready to pick back up where he left off. He’s starting that second lap of his career with a new single called “Big Blitzo” which is the first track off a new album by the same name. A new music video for the single just recently dropped, and he’s excited to be able to share this new music with the world.

“It’s basically me re-introducing myself to the industry and letting them know who I am,” he said of the song. “My story is really different. I had a real close friend try to take my life. He stabbed me and almost killed me, but I can’t give up. I gotta keep pushing. It’s a blessing to be alive and music has saved my life in more ways than one. It will continue to save my life. That’s what I want my music to do for other people. I want it to be inspirational. My story is going to inspire people. It’s definitely good music, 100 percent. But as I’ve grown as an artist, it has become all about longevity and keeping going and creating the next sound for the next generation.”

Blitzo points to the late Nipsy Hustle as his biggest inspiration in music and in life. 

“What happened to him is tragic,” Blitzo said. “As an artist, he really taught me a lot of things. Growing up and dealing with people who try to scam you… and you just want to make it and go record and make some videos and chase your dreams. People try to take advantage of you and it’s hard. But he did it, and I saw that and it gave me faith. I need help but I can’t give up. He changed my life in that way and I cried when he passed. But he has taught me to just keep pushing. I know that my strength is undeniable and I’m just going to keep going at this point.”

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Jay Against Humanity – Straight Fire

New single from Jay Against Humanity is
‘a whole song full of quotable bars’

BALTIMORE, MD – Jay Against Humanity, who is from Detroit, Michigan, has felt like he’s the only one who had his own back – the only one who could see the dream he had for a better life and who had the fire in his belly to do whatever it took to make that dream become a reality. He fought against haters and even people who seemingly went out of their way to stop his momentum. In fact, at times it seems like it was him against all of humanity. 

He could have buckled under that pressure, but instead he embraced it. It inspired him to go harder. He started doubling his efforts. He took that chip on his shoulder and put it into making the kind of legacy-lasting music that only artists once in a generation create. 

Out of that work came his newest single, “Straight Fire” (feat. Rocky Badd) which is a precursor to his new EP “I’m Chillin’ 2”. This EP is set to drop later this year. Described as an introspective look into his life and the things he’s had to overcome to get to this point in his career, “I’m Chillin’ 2” is the kind of project that will have people hitting “repeat” just to catch all of the gold dripping from his bars. It’ll also take listeners through a variety of moods and emotions – from party records to love songs to singles oozing with aggression. 

“‘Straight Fire’ is a whole song full of quotable bars,” Jay said. It’s almost as if someone was in a cyper or a freestyle booth – it’s just all bars. And in the middle of that, Rocky brings her fierce lyricism and shows why she’s one of the top rappers in Detroit. She is one of the emerging female artists out there and she really brings the fuel to help spark fires with this project. I’ve known about her for a while and I’ve been a fan of her music for the last four or five years. She has a lot of dope singles out and I just reached out to her and asked if she wanted to collaborate on this project. I’m a real lyricist and I’m also in tune with myself, which is a big part of being a successful musician, I think. You have to be able to be vulnerable and personable. Everything I make is influenced by my real life, and that’s my idea of being vulnerable and being out there and not being afraid to be myself. Rocky does that too, and that’s why I knew she’d be perfect for this song. I want my music to inspire and heal people. I’m real big on healing and helping the community and helping the people. And more than anything, I want my music to be the kind of music that people can reflect on and remember at different times in their lives to help them out in any situation.”

“Straight Fire” is currently available across all streaming platforms, and “I’m Chillin’ 2” is set to follow in the next couple of months. 

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The Hated – Crew Boss On Em

New Hip Hop group The Hated Crew prepares to drop hard-hitting new single ‘Body Bags’

LAS VEGAS, NV – A collective of rap aficionados from all over the U.S. have come together to create a group that is redefining the essence of Hip Hop. Calling themselves The Hated Crew, these artists from the West and East Coasts are infusing the old techniques that have been lost with the soul of music that used to exist, and combining that with progressive new sounds that are truly original. The result is a sound unlike any other.

Leading the charge is Dan “DJ Zig Zag” Baker. Born in the Philippines and raised in the mean streets of Chicago, Baker made a name for himself as a popular radio DJ in Denver, Colorado, before moving to Las Vegas where he has become a mainstay on the music scene. Over the years, he’s had the opportunity to work with some big names in Hip Hop such as Bone Thugs N Harmony. About five years ago, he worked with some other artists from around the country to create the original Hated Crew. But as they gained notoriety and saw increasing success, Zig Zag said egos started to get out of control.

“One of the things I appreciated the most about Bone Thugs N Harmony was how humble they were even after making it so big,” Zig Zag said. “They showed me how to do it right. But some of those guys in that first crew started acting like they were bigger than the fans. I decided I had to do a mulligan and do it all over again. I couldn’t do that crap. I had to search for some realism and through that hunt, I met some people and things finally clicked.”

The group just finished their first album, “The Watchers” and the debut single, “Body Bags,” is set to drop on Sept. 13. It’s a song that Zig Zag said serves as a statement to the world that they are here to make a major impact on the music industry and “murder the rap scene with good lyrics.” 

“Right now, we are focusing on club bangers and hype music,” Zig Zag said of the new album. “I like the eye-opening and eye-wakening type of music. We have a few tracks coming up that will be more West Coast, though. And we don’t just hit one style. We have a reputation to be diverse and have a lot of different sounds. And there’s some amazing talent in this group. I really feel out beat-maker out of Tennessee – Hella Beats – is making classics, and he’s only 19 years old.”

Other members of the group include 22-year-old Vegas-based artist Golden The Prophet, 24-year-old rapper KG $ THC, Atlanta-based artist JDOTBRWN, Denver rapper Mr. Xile, and Los Angeles artists Cru$HH, SB The QB and Tax Free. There’s also the Stoner High Girls – a sisterhood of models from across the U.S. and internationally who bring attention to the medical benefits of marijuana. The models do a lot of charity work as well and are a key part of the brand of The Hated Crew.

Golden The Prophet is self-described as a “true, raw style” that makes fans feel his high-intensity lyricism and uses cultural references to make connections with his listeners. KG $ THC is close friends with Golden The Prophet and has worked with him on projects before. Tax Free is a fusion of West Coast meets East Coast with a combination of influences from South Central Los Angeles and South Bronx in New York. 

“The Watchers” is slated to drop in October while the debut single “Body Bags” is currently available across all streaming platforms. 

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“Boss On ‘Em”

“Vip Where I Go”

“I Just Might”

Charlie Mu$cle – Active

Charlie Mu$cle reps streets of Kansas City
with new album ‘Goonz and Tycoonz’

KANSAS CITY, MO – Charlie Mu$cle’s life has been marked by a lot of tragedy, and that pain permeates his music in ways that tell powerful stories of the streets. When he was a teenager, his best friend, Cornell Lewis, the person who introduced him to music by encouraging him to make raps while listening to beats in his basement, was murdered at the age of 17. Out of his anger, Charlie started becoming bolder and bolder in his criminal endeavors and eventually landed in prison where he stayed for 16 years. Just before he was set to be released, his 17-year-old son Tre was tragically killed in a car accident. As most would expect, this was devastating for Charlie, and the only way he could cope was to pour himself into his music.

Out of that emotional release came his new album, “Goonz and Tycoonz,” which features the hit single “Keepin’ It Lit,” a tribute to his son. The album is a project that Charlie said “comes from the heart” and touches on stories and experiences from his life that not only nod to his time on the streets but also speak to the wisdom that he has gleaned over the years. 

“I’m not really trying to cater to everybody,” he said. “I understand my demographic and my audience, and it’s the streets. It’s the underground. The Goonz and Tycoonz are my associates, and with this album, I’m trying to represent those Goonz and Tycoonz in Kansas City.”

With “Keepin’ It Lit,” Charlie offers a personal look at his life as he speaks about the loss of his son, and uses that experience to connect with others who have experienced loss and tragedy  whether because of a hard life on the streets, or through accidents such as the one his son experienced. Alongside such a deep and introspective song comes other more hard-hitting singles such as “Active” – an upbeat vibe that reminds listeners that he still has the goods to make it in the music industry – and “Tattletale Epidemic” – which is a scathing critique of those in the world who snitch on others.

“It’s addressing this way of telling on your friends,” Charlie said. “There’s a different between snitching and telling. If you’re a law-abiding citizen who isn’t involved in crime and you report on a crime, that’s what you’re supposed to do. That’s not snitching. But if you’re a person who is involved in crime and you get caught and you’re first instinct is to tell about everybody else – which is happening a lot these days – then that’s just wrong. That’s what this song is about.”

Charlie said he knows that fans of hardcore street Hip Hop will love this new album, and he’s excited for the ways his unique sound and style will be showcased to the world. He said his time in prison gave him the opportunity to explore a wide variety of different sounds and styles – from West Coast to East Coast to Down South and everything in between – all of which has formed his own style. 

“I listen to the substance and the content, and though I don’t necessarily have a particular sound, it will always be genuine and you can feel it,” he said. “It’s real music. I just want my music to represent the streets and the struggle. Somewhere along the line, the essence of Hip Hop just got lost. It used to be about saying something but a lot of artists today aren’t saying anything. I just want to bring that realness back to Rap music.”

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“Keepin’ It Lit”

“Tattletale Epidemic”

Jonathan Scott – Let Me Tell You

Jonathan Scott connects with fans on a deeper level with music that inspires freedom

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Jonathan Scott is on a mission to save people’s lives … through music. 

The Midwest native of Little Rock, Arkansas, is an aspiring up-and-coming R&B artist who has been singing since he was a young child. He started as a singer in his local church and also participated in performances in elementary school. In fact, it was an impactful moment one year during elementary school that fully pushed him into the world of music. He and a friend were chosen to sing The National Anthem on a local radio station – Kissn 96 – and the praise and notoriety he received after that event continued for many months following. He loved it so much that he’s been chasing that high ever since.

But it’s more than just chasing an adrenaline rush for Scott. What he truly loves is the deeper connection that often comes through the powerful bonds of music. It’s a power he’s seen at work time after time over the years which he hopes to bring to bear with his new single “Let Me Tell You”. The single is currently available across all digital streaming platforms. Featuring a fusion of Hip Hop and R&B, the song is about the deeper connections of romantic love that come when a man and a woman truly are transparent with one another.

“It’s about showing her what you’re about and proving who you are as a man,” Scott said. “When I make music, I want to make something for people to come back to again and again and get that good feeling that they got the first time they heard it. I want them to be able to take my music and use it so it can change their lives, in a way. Music can help people through problems because there are things that we relate best to through music. If my music can help change people’s lives as well as giving them good quality and I’m getting to do what I love behind it all, then that’s something I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Scott’s unique sound and style also help him stand apart in a crowded music industry. He’s an artist who likes to tell a story while he’s putting people in a specific mood. He points to artists such as Neyo and Mario, or newer artists such as Dwayne Cook, as inspirations for crafting that unique sound and style. As he has studied other artists and developed his own sound, he said he’s honed in on some specific things that he loves to create through his music.

“I like to tap into how I feel at the time and use that to inspire other people to be free through my music,” he said. “I even have a song called ‘Be Free,’ which is about being free to who you are and being free in your life. That’s my approach to music and something that comes up often through my songs – that idea of being free and feeling free and doing things freely on your own.”

Scott said fans will be able to check out more of his music in the months to come as he’s working toward an album that will likely drop sometime early next year. “Be Free” will be available before that in the next couple of months, while his most recent hit “Let Me Tell You” is available now. 

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Asmik – Nice

Asmik shares heart and soul with new single release

LOS ANGELES, CA – There’s a real treat in store for music lovers in the States. The acclaimed singer-songwriter Asmik Shiroyan (known by her stage name, Asmik) will release her first single in the US market in August. With her debut album in the works, Asmik has surrounded herself with a talented team of multiple producers and writers, including Maya Marie (who has written songs for Britney Spears, Avicii, Lil Wayne) and Krysta Youngs (co-writer for BTS, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera).

Describing herself as a Dance Pop artist, Asmik can perform different styles of pop and enjoys mixing styles in a single song. She is comfortable switching between soft and moody vibes to R&B and more rhythmic, romantic styles while delivering lyrics inspired by her most emotional life experiences. Asmik prides herself on knowing how to reach the hearts of her listeners.

While she was a kid, she loved listening to Michael Jackson, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, and Stevie Wonder etc. A stage performer since she was 15 years old, Asmik won several song contests growing up. In 2014, she competed on The Voice of Ukraine where the YouTube video of her singing was viewed over 7 million times. A few years later, she participated in national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest, 2017 and 2018. She also enjoyed an incredible experience as a lead vocalist in a national jazz orchestra in Europe while being on the same stage with the best Grammy awarded American musicians.

Five years ago, she began her songwriting career with own song, “The Code.” Since that time, her songwriting philosophy has changed. Back then, she was concerned about mastering a songwriting formula and what was right or wrong. Since then, Asmik has pushed aside any barriers, realizing that whatever is inside her needs to be written down. She believes this approach to be more professional and the most sincere. “I am listening to my heart because the heart is the most truthful source. Before, I would ask a hundred different opinions because it’s a bunch of “teachers” and criticizers, but I do not believe in it now. Now, I am only asking my heart and I’m happy about it,” she shared.

Asmik is enjoying life in Los Angeles where she has the opportunity to meet amazing songwriters and artists.  

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LouGotCash Puts It Down For The Side Chicks On “Undercover Lover”

Snoop Dogg – Let Bygones Be Bygones

Rick Ross – Fascinated

Cyn Santana – Real Life

Megan Thee Stallion – Hot Girl Summer ft Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign

Lil Nas X – Panini

ReUp843 – Praying 4 Head

ReUp843 uses experiences from military career
to boost new album ‘It’s Now or Never’

HONOLULU, HI – It’s now or never.

That’s not just the name of the new album from Hip Hop artist ReUp843, it’s also the attitude with which he approaches everything in his music career today. After a decade-plus of making music, all of which he did while enlisted in the military over the past 12 years, he is ready to put everything he has into realizing his dream of being a musician so well known that his name is on the lips of everyone in the world. He has a unique sound and style to offer the world of music and he knows that it’s now or never to share that sound with a rising wave of new fans.

“My mindset is what helps me the most and will help me in my music career,” ReUp said. “I don’t panic when it comes to a lot of different things. I’m very laid back. I look at things differently than a normal civilian would look at it. That mindset is what makes me a lot different than others in the industry because I’ve seen things and I’ve been to war. I like to have fun but I like to show the bad side of things and talk about the things that happen in life. I write about things I’ve done or that I know about, even if I haven’t done them in my own life. I write about life experiences and having fun and sometimes partying. I write about the hustle and the grind and where I came from in Dillon, South Carolina. I write about my 12 years in the military and wanting to provide myself a different way of life. I was on a road to destruction before going into the military. I was in the streets doing a lot of different things and I knew that if I didn’t have some life-changing events happen, I wouldn’t get out of that lifestyle. All of that comes through in my music.”

At this point in his life, all of those life experiences and his skills as a musician that have been honed over the years have come to a meeting point. It’s a monumental moment in his career, and all of that is reflected on “It’s Now or Never.” The songs on the album not only show off a little diversity on his end but also the range of artistry ReUp has. He’s not just a one-trick pony when it comes to Hip Hop. He’s out of the box when it comes to creating music. He goes hard every time, even if it’s a laid back tune or something with deep lyrical content. 

“I don’t think I’m stuck in a box,” he said. “My creativity shows that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make all of my fans happy and satisfied with what I put out. Every one of my songs is going to be better than the last because I’m constantly growing. And I want to be known as an artist who is willing to do whatever it takes, besides selling my soul, to make fans happy with my music. I have a plethora of different vibes and songs – from lyricism to having fun to so many different avenues – that I can use when I provide music to the world.”

The first single from the album is “Praying 4 Head” which was released in March and has been getting a lot of plays over the last few months. He also dropped “Scrubs” earlier this summer, and is about to drop “Great” before the end of August. All of his music is available on streaming platforms.

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Yahjah – Dutty Wine feat. S-8ighty

Multitalented YahJah releases new multi-genre EP “This Is Me”

NEW ORLEANS, LA – The name of the new EP by R&B / Pop artist, YahJah, is a proclamation. Titled “This Is Me,” the collection shows different dimensions of the artist and flaunts her versatility. Including Inspirational, Hip Hop/Rap, Trap, Reggae and R&B vibes, the EP consists of five new songs, plus two bonus tracks of YahJah’s previous work. The EP was released on September 1, 2019 and includes gems like the solid R&B/Pop single “Sunrise” and “Dutty Wine,” a really fun Reggae/R&B track. 

Recorded in New Orleans, “This Is Me” came together early one morning upon wakening and she composed a stack of songs in one sitting. YahJah typically writes songs to tracks she receives, but these were composed first. Then her friend and artist, S-8ighty, created the tracks around what she had written that one morning of inspiration. S-8ighty also engineered most of the songs in the EP and is featured in one of them. Narek, an engineer YahJah has worked with in the past, mixed and mastered the songs in California.

Additionally to writing really deep songs, YahJah writes poetry and dabbles in filmmaking. She has a YouTube channel which features her visual poems as well as her music videos.

In a city flooded (no pun intended) with creative people, it can be a challenge to survive as a musician in New Orleans. It is said that the city doesn’t love its own until the world loves you first. YahJah is motivated by the changes she sees in the artistic community and she is inspired by the support from her family and friends to continue pushing forward.

YahJah is the youngest of nine brothers and sisters and has 30 nieces and nephews. She grew up surrounded by a creative family which includes a poet, an illustrator, a technical designer, photographer/videographer, and a visual artist. 

When she was younger, YahJah wanted to be a runway model but she always wrote songs and sang with friends for fun. Her high school experience as a performing arts camp advisor intensified her interest in music which soon blossomed into a passion. 

“I am determined to follow my dreams and to encourage, inspire, and support others to follow their dreams as well. Your age does not determine your ability to turn your dreams into reality. Persistence and consistency are the key factors no matter what age you are or where you are in life. It’s never too late to do something that you’re passionate about.”

YahJah released her first single “More to Me” in 2014 and followed it with some sizzling music and videos. Determined to advance her music career, YahJah has a vision for her next big project. She is well accustomed to pursuing her goals. Thanks to her support network for which she is extremely grateful. She raised almost four thousand dollars for the “Sunrise” music video from her supportive fan base. Judging by her track record, we can look forward to a music video for “Dutty Wine” very soon. Yahjah hopes to earn the love of her home city prior to the world learning of her and loving her, but she will accept the love of New Orleans fans in whichever order it comes. 

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Snapchat: @yahjahsings

Quality Control, Quavo – Virgil

Aceito Banks – For Better Or For Worse

Aceito Banks drops new single ‘For Better or For Worse’ with On Chief Ent.

WAUKEGAN, IL – There’s a popular saying throughout the Midwest that has come to be synonymous with the idea of conviction. When you say it, you mean it. That phrase is “On Chief.” Say, for instance, you might say “I’m a do whatever it takes to survive…On Chief!” Or if you saw a car that you really liked, you might say, “That is a nice car … On Chief!” It’s a phrase that was once used by gang culture to salute their chief that has quickly become one of the most popular sayings throughout the Midwest, especially in and around Chicago. Aceito “Ace” Banks decided to trademark “On Chief “and turn it into a clothing line and entertainment company.

Ace is a Hip Hop artist and entrepreneur whose dominance in the entertainment industry has been slowly growing over the past five years. He has made appearances on several TV shows such as NBC Chicago PD as Bryan Johnson, Empire and Chicago APB. Ace is also a fashion designer who plans on eventually venturing into the world of mass media and music. As a young businessman, he has developed a movement around the idea of On Chief, and his clothing can be found online at http://www.onchief.com He also does custom shirts for people and believes the company will be a multimillion-dollar success.

Ace is also an artist and has been making music for most of his life. His most recent single is a song called “For Better or For Worse” prod by BOGER– an upbeat and hard-hitting take on pushing through difficult times. Ace’s journey is one that has seen him overcome a history of life on the streets with drugs and gangs and violence, as well as a period of time in the state penitentiary. But he said he has learned from past mistakes and wants to use the wisdom he has gleaned over the years to help others make better choices and avoid a life of hardship.

“It’s based off what I’m going through right now,” he said. “I came too far to stop, so I might as well be in it until it’s over. I’m in it for better or for worse. I’m hoping it will get better, and I’m praying it don’t get worse. I’m an OG now. I have a different view on life. This song expresses the stuff I’ve been through in life and my views on the rap game and just life in general. I mean what I say and in some ways that is pretty angry and aggressive, not violent, just angry as in the regret of past decisions and making sure I get my point across.”

Ace said he was first inspired to explore music by the culture with which he was surrounded as a kid. Like many others in his community, music played a large role in his upbringing. As he says, most young people are either influenced by music through dancing, or making beats, or rapping. For him, by age 13, he was taking the playground freestyles and turning them into well-written raps. He joined a rap group called The Fatal 4 in high school and they started getting serious about taking their music somewhere. He saw increasing opportunities to get away from his surroundings by using his hobby or rapping and turning it into a profession. He ran afoul with the law, however, and had his dreams derailed for a bit.

“Through it all I still keep my head up and stay a positive person,” he said. “I had my fair share of selling drugs in the streets and jail time but when I came home, I said I’d rather make my money legally and never go back to that street life. I have yet to go back. My music is raw and unique. I’m speaking on things that weren’t cool that has somehow become now. Times are changing. I have an old-school mentality. When people hear it, I want them to realize no one is talking about what I’m talking about or saying it the way I say it. I really believe I make music that is relatable to lyricists and to people who don’t care about the lyrics. My bars are punch lines but easy to understand. My cadence is the kind of cadence that only rappers can rap. My name is Ace for a reason. I don’t want to be compared to anybody. I’m putting out real good music and there’s nobody else who sounds like me.”

To listen to Ace’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:






Snapchat @aceitobanks


“For Better or For Worse” Prod by Boger


Apple Music / iTunes: ID: 655315485

Spotify: ID: Spotify: artist: 4t9vMFYuZ3yYRdjoMNKHd8


Chazo – World Go Round

Chazo takes fans on journey with new EP ‘Good Food. Good Woman. Good Vibes.’

HARLEM, NY – Good Food. Good Woman. Good Vibes. 

That’s not only the name of the new EP from Harlem-based Hip Hop artist Chazo, it’s also the embodiment of everything he holds dear in life. As owner of his own publishing company, FamilyLoyaltyOughtaWin music” Music, he works hard every day to help those three things be realized. He’s a businessman and an artist, and he has blazed his own path through the music industry in a way that redefines how success can be attained. 

The new EP showcases his unique talent across four songs that explore those three core things in his life. 

“It’s basically what I’ve experienced in life, from traveling in the urban community and the streets to where I am today,” he said of the project. “It reflects a lot of that atmosphere and you get a lot of those vibes. It also nods to some of my early work in that sonically, it starts off with more of a 90s feel and then grows into something that feels like it could be played in a stadium. And then by the end, you come to a lighter type of sound that is perfect for chilling by the ocean and relaxing.” 

In addition to the EP, Chazo has also released the single “Money Make World Go Round,” which features his unique rapping ability underneath a soulful sample. The single has been getting some good play across the country and is being praised for its lyrical depth and substance.

“I’m not just gonna put out a single and try to catch people,” Chazo said of the single. “I want people to grow with me and to really listen. I’m giving you me and my story. I’m letting people in. This is one of those songs that lets you get in tune with me and want to go back to my old music.”

Chazo said he’s been rapping since he was a young kid. He did loved it so much that he started writing his own raps and exploring the business side of entertainment. In 2005, he went to college to get a business degree and got wrapped up in the YouTube sensation that was just beginning to take off. He joined a group of other Hip Hop artists and found himself filling the role of a visionary businessman. He started writing more songs while also helping other artists, all the while waiting for his moment to release his own music. Over the years, he’s been able to develop his own unique sound and style that today is one that is set to take the world by storm.

“I have a message,” he said. “I’m not just telling my story but giving people more integrity and showing two sides of the spectrum. There’s always two sides and I’m always gonna give you the other side. I don’t want to glorify nothing, that’s the main thing. As we build together, I’ll work on more and more music. But right now, I just want people to marinate with this EP and this single and get a feel for who I am.”

To listen to Chazo’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:


“GoodWomen GoodVibes GoodFood: The Prequel”


“Money Make World Go Round “

Evan Michael Green – Good Chick

Hot combo of master storytelling and mixed genres on EMG’s new EP “Growing Pains”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Evan Michael Green (also known as EMG) treats listeners to superb music and highly crafted stories at the same time. His new EP, “Growing Pains” is the loosely autobiographical personal journey of a man trying to evolve into a better musician, a better artist and a better person. When this east coast songwriter headed out to LA two and a half years ago, he wanted to document his relocation adventures as they were happening.

On “Growing Pains,” Evan delivers a mix of three genres he loves most: R&B, Pop and Hip Hop. Every song has a certain feel to it which puts you in that world for a short time, then immediately takes you out on the next track. Evan tries not to stay in any one genre for too long which expertly drives the flow of music and story.

As a storyteller, Evan developed a character based upon himself to take us through some challenges of settling in a new place. “New Identity,” actually released a year ago, was incorporated into this project because it works so well as an introduction to the narrative. The story progresses with troublesome relationships in “Bad Girls,” and leads to the realization that relationship problems have been brought on by himself. 

Guys often chase after what they’ve been warned against. Evan said “I feel like we try and address our problems and sometimes we end up right back where we started.” After discovering that pursuing “Bad Girls” doesn’t give him what he really wants, the solution comes out in the track, “Good Chick,” where he paints an image of the woman he truly desires.

A perfect extension of his storytelling, Evan’s YouTube channel has millions of views. His tremendous success comes from making highly creative videos with convincing characters (which Evan enjoys playing). His powerful performance as a manipulative smooth talker in “Nice Voice,” for example, got the reaction he was aiming for. He always wanted to be a visual artist and feels that video gives a song new life. More quality videos followed for the new EP including “Bad Girls” and “Good Chick,” which picks up where the previous video left off.

Evan grew up in a household surrounded by creativity and music which naturally led him to become a creative teen and expand his ideas in adulthood. After attending Berklee College of Music for Music Business and Marketing, Evan later made the decision to live in his car for six months while saving to relocate to LA to pursue his music career. “It was a roll of the dice but it paid off for me,” he said.

His other passion of building people and companies led him to start his independently operated label and production company, Ten Sixty Seven. While maintaining creative control of all aspects of his music and having the freedom to be self-sufficient are advantages to running the company, the time involved and large learning curve meant that he was only able to put out two songs in 2018.

With processes now in place, Evan has time to do more of what he loves. He took a year and a half to train his voice for his crowning achievement, a track first written in 2017 called “No Ceiling.” Evan has learned to master and disguise his voice which is evident on “Growing Pains.” He changes his voice on nearly every song depending on the desired vibe. Dedication and a lot of hard work have gone into creating the new EP, and it shows. “Definitely grinding on this EP for a good amount of time,” said Evan, “just to get everything right!”

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“Good Chick”



Elamar – Crazy Lonely

Israeli artist taps into deeper currents of love as he launches new sound across world stage

DIMONA, ISRAEL – The Beatles famously wrote in one of their all-time greatest hits that “Love is all you need.” For Elamar Edwards, that idea is the core of everything he does.

The artist out of Dimona, Israel has been working in the music industry for the better part of a decade and is ready to take his unique sound and style to the world stage with a new single called “Crazy Lonely.” It’s an Indy Pop vibe that embraces his core values of love by exploring the more mature approach to breaking up from a long-time relationship and viewing it less as a negative thing and more as an experience that can show you how to have better relationships in the future.

“When I write my music, there is a common emotion that I write about,” Elamar said. “I just want to put a smile on people’s faces, to bring a spark back to a beautiful memory. I want to reinforce the love and respect for love and emotions. I want to take what the world is losing and remind people that love is an awesome thing. My music can be a constant reminder that love is an awesome thing and if we all would embrace that, then everything would be different – relationships and memories and everything. My music is all about inspiring and motivating people to give in to that idea and try to make that a great thing in our world.”

Elamar’s journey through music started when he was born into a very music-loving family and community. He is one of 25 children in a family that was raised to listen to certain sounds and connect with the deeper currents of emotion. He graduated from The Brotherhood School in Dimona which he said greatly contributed to his development as a musician. The Brotherhood School is one that takes a holistic approach to teaching and encourages students to better the world. Elamar also served in the Israeli Defense Force for three years where he said he learned discipline, purpose and drive that has served him well as he tries to build a music career.

“I’ve always been artistic,” he said. “From drawing to music, I dabbled in it all. I realized my passion for music after listening to one of our many youth music groups. I instantly knew that was where my future lied. My music fits nowhere within the known genres. The music I write and compose does not resonate with the worldly sound. Many of the songs written by me are inspired by my love and respect of women and the feeling one feels when rising in love. Working with my awesome producer Moti Simon has allowed me to complete the versions I have with each song and to share these positive vibes with the world. Love is all that I have in my heart, and music is how I share it.”

Elamar said “Crazy Lonely” is currently available across all streaming platforms. He plans to follow that up with another single called “Breaking Distance” in the next couple of months. He is excited to see how fans all over the world will embrace his music.

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“Crazy Lonely”


Donnie Aki – Calvins

Donnie Aki explores the nature of relationships in catchy beats with thought provoking lyrics

NEW YORK, NY – Originally from Princeton, NJ, multi-genre artist, Acasio Pinheiro is known by his stage name “Donnie Aki.” Starting off with Rap and Hip Hop, Donnie’s latest music, a blend of EDM, Pop, and Hip Hop, has caught on like wildfire. Riding high on the success of the single “Calvins,” Donnie is getting ready to release his new single “Held Me Down” on September 6.

Created in under 24 hours, Donnie’s hottest single, “Calvins” is featured on popular playlists and has been streamed over 170,000 times on Spotify alone. The success of that single, a collaboration with an old schoolmate and DJ, pushed Donnie to really start taking music seriously.

Described as Soft Trap mixed with EDM and Pop, the new single, “Held Me Down” was professionally recorded and mastered at Premier Recording Studios in New York City. Engineered by Gonzalo Contreras (Busta Rhymes, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Travis Scott). This song brings a summer vibe mixed with heartbreak. What makes Donnie unique is his way of bringing his life stories into his music in such creative ways. A lot of his music is based on his emotions towards his past or current life experiences. 

“Calvins” is a song that appreciates how one person you know is worth your time. It is quite different from his upcoming song, “Held Me Down”, featuring a change to a slower beat where he sings about missing that one special person. A prolific creator with over thirty original songs in the works, Donnie gets inspiration from artists such as the Chainsmokers, Juice Wrld, Bazzi and Calvin Harris.

Because he spent so much of his time making music, Donnie gave up a scholarship to follow his dreams and make music professionally. He has been making music for around three years now and wants to connect with his fans with all his songs. “The lyrics are a big part of what makes [my music] unique,” said Donnie.

Aki is finishing up on a new album to follow the release of “Held Me Down.” Expected to drop in October or November, the album will take listeners through a musical year, exploring the different vibes and sounds of all the seasons.

The artistic path has not always been smooth. He has lost friends and relationships over the choice to do music. Aki affirms that “my favorite part about making music is seeing people having a good time singing and dancing to my music” Music is what he wants to do and what he has the most fun doing.

New York City music fans can catch Aki at an upcoming show when he performs at The West End club on Friday, September 20 (21 and over). More information and tickets are available at https://myafton.com/daynnight.

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Canadian artist Icey Flexx announces his talent to the world with new Single ‘It Don’t Stop’

Canadian artist Icey Flexx announces his talent
to the world with new Single ‘It Don’t Stop’

Vince Jagger Bouba was born on February 19, 2001 in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and was raised by French parents. In 2017, he adopted the stage name “Icey Flexx”. As a kid, Vince was always into music. Back in his high school, he always used to drop freestyles at school or in places where it was crowded with his friends for fun.

During his teen life, Vince was participating in illegal activities to put some money in his pockets. However, he never got caught or convicted. He tried to get a job though but realized it was not for him. So he ended up finding another way to get it.

Vince was really into music his whole life.  He said, “I was always listening to music I was initially into pop because of Michael Jackson. But the type of music that really amazed me was mostly Hip Hop and Rap. The whole Cash Money YMCMB group really inspired me.  I became influenced by Drake and Lil Wayne as well as Rick Ross and Tyga. I started freestyling at the age of 9 and started recording music when I was 15. One day, one of my friends told me I was really good at it and that I should take it more seriously. I was not interested at first but I realized later that this is what I wanted to do – make music and get money.” 

Icey had been working hard and is developing his own unique sound and style of Rap, slowly putting together a body of work that he can share with the world. Though primarily in the Hip Hop genre, his sound slides to R&B from time to time when he feels like it.

Icey is offering to his hottest single “It Don’t Stop – Prod. Royce.” The up-tempo, energetic track is a statement to the world that no matter what challenges he may face or setbacks that may come his way, he will continue to pursue his dream. The party keeps going and it doesn’t stop. 

“I had to stop rapping for a bit in 2018 for a variety of reasons like school and work. I just got back into it this year and this song is about letting people know nothing stopped,” he said. “I motivate and push myself in my music or in whatever I want to succeed in. So this is kind of a statement to all those people who are trying to bring me down that I won’t stop. I’m going to keep pushing until I make it out or until I’m satisfied.”

The single is slated to drop August 24 and will be available across all streaming platforms but right now it’s only available on SoundCloud He also said he’s planning to drop an album next summer called “Party Life” to get the summer vibes going. Stay tuned as this will continue to showcase his ability to mix Hip Hop and R&B. He calls it a project that’s all about “having fun, being young, living life and having good vibes.”  

Icey Flexx is on the come up and is putting out work to make it out. To listen to his music or to follow him on social media, please visit