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Tune into HipHopNation on Sirus XM Radio To Hear ‘Better Than A Wraith’ By Tattedupbroc

Tattedupbroc is an artist on the rise from New Jersey. The Garden State rapper got the nickname “Broccoli” from being the plug with the finest buds! ALLEGEDLY he was gettin a bag to pay for his studio time, along with other expenses to help fund his music career. Everything came to an abrupt end when he almost got arrested in a police raid on the hotel room that he was ALLEGEDLY using to bag up the bud. Luckily for him, Tattedupbroc had already stashed the gas in the back of the toilet before the police rushed the room.

That was the close call he needed to take his music career serious. Its what he needed, as he immediately gained traction in the hip hop world when he released “TMZ” on WorldstarHipHop. Wasting no time he kept the buzz going with more releases which helped him gain new fans each time. Now with nothing but high expectations from his hard-core fan base he’s back with another single for the people.

Upon its release his new single “Better Than A Wraith” is getting the attention it deserves, with constant radio-play on HipHopNation which is one of the biggest rap stations on SXM Radio. The video is also a smash, its gaining views and the buzz is growing everyday due to co-star Jacob Berger the comedy sensation on Instagram. If you are in tune with his music this song should have a place on your playlist if its not there already.

Stream Better Than A Wraith on Sound Cloud and catch the full video below on YouTube. Make sure you drop a comment or hit the like if you are rockin wit the music! We have his social media info and links at the bottom for you so get in tune!

Instagram: @Tattedupbroc https://www.instagram.com/tattedupbroc/
Twitter: @Tattedupbroc https://twitter.com/tattedupbroc

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpuW5w2twVqO-LekFLv15Vg
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1133664749?ls=1&app=itunes
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/broccoli-6

Business Inquiries: business4broc@gmail.com
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