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Tattedupbroc Enlists Ricky Vision on The Production For New Single ‘Bang-Bang’

Tattedupbroc is on the grind to put himself in position to become a major player in the music industry. The Jersey rapper bars up as deftly about criminal activity as he does about earning money, he flips his style and displays his versatility on another level. Tattedupbroc linked with Ricky Vision to help develop a sound to accompany his vision for his latest single ‘Bang-Bang’. To give you some background Tattedupbroc before he ever decided to pick up a microphone he was a regular kid living in the projects. He was surrounded by constant drug deals, shootings, police raids and more as a kid coming up. Tattedupbroc says growing up where he did that’s all you see, so that’s all you know and it was obvious he would partake in the same activities he grew up around daily. The sad part about all of this, is its the norm for a kid to come up dealing with these types of things around them.

Tattedupbroc takes his past realities and re-lives it in his music, dealing with his past has helped create his new street-anthem “Bang-Bang”. If you tune in and listen to the words in the chorus you see this song isn’t to glorify or encourage people to join gangs, its to open the eyes of the people. Bang-Bang was produced by Ricky Vision, the song has an eerie beat accompanied with hard lyrics and it hits hard with his core fan-base. Also people from all walks are able to relate since gang life is a reality across the world, not only in America. Its not all about the streets, Tattedupbroc is versatile, he creates music for the females, radio, clubs, of course he makes music for the streets and the banger’s too.

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Instagram: @Tattedupbroc https://www.instagram.com/tattedupbroc/
Twitter: @Tattedupbroc https://twitter.com/tattedupbroc

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpuW5w2twVqO-LekFLv15Vg
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1133664749?ls=1&app=itunes
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/broccoli-6

Business Inquiries: business4broc@gmail.com
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