Unidentified Music – Give It All I Got

New artist, Unidentified Music, uses painful past to connect with others overcoming depression and anxiety

LOS ANGELES, CA – Unidentified Music has experienced a lot of highs and lows for someone so young. The up-and-coming artist out of Southern California said his experiences with depression and anxiety have given him a unique point of view of the world. And it’s through that lens that he finds powerful words that he hopes will inspire others and help them along their own journeys and challenges.

His new single, “Give It All I Got” is the perfect testament to who he is and what he’s trying to accomplish with his music. He relates a time in his life not too long ago where he “hit a low,” and one of the only ways he’s found to climb out of that is through music. His passion for writing and creating amazing sounds has been therapeutic for him and this song examines the ways that this can be true for other people as well.

“It’s one of the first songs I ever wrote,” he said. “It’s a symbolic song for me because at the time of writing it, I was in a position of investing myself full-time into music. I was making the mental decision that I’m ready to give it all I got because if I don’t, I’m gonna die. That’s a reference to the depression and anxiety in my life. I’m not there yet. I’m kind of like in-between the let-down and the come-back. I hit a low and I’m trying to find my way back to being happy, which is what I would call the high. I’m living my life in a personally successful kind of way and this song is kind of the middle ground of that journey. It’s kind of me saying, ‘I don’t really know where this is gonna go but I’m gonna give it all I got.’”

Unidentified Music said he really wants to become known for making meaningful and understandable music. His lyrics are more relatable for the average person going through life and dealing with their own highs and lows. People who have lived a happy life and never dealt with any hardship or loss or sadness might listen to his music and wonder why he’s whining about things. But he knows that those people are few and far between because the majority of the world has experienced some kind of pain or hardship or loss. They’ll understand the struggles he talks about in his music.

“My connection with the general public when it comes to my music and my ability to be versatile is what sets me apart,” he said. “I also like to hit different corners of the same genre and through that I have the emotional music and the lyrical music while also creating the crowd-pleasing, commercial sound. More than anything, I want to make music that encourages people to pursue their passion relentlessly and never give up.”

Unidentified Music not only motivates people with his original sound, he also runs his own non-profit organization that he created to bring healing and awareness to depression and anxiety. He started doing that before he even got into music and he hopes that his songs will become successful enough to help him fund it and reach out to more people worldwide.

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“Give It All I Got”

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