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Michigan rapper Zae Benjii pairs pain with party vibes on new single ‘Important’ 

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The pain that people feel when they listen to the musical artistry of Michigan-based rapper Zae Benjii is a testament to the realness that he brings with every single bar.  

A string of new single releases puts that reality based Rap on display. Starting with the most recent single, “Important,” Zae Benjii is releasing a new track every month for the next six months leading up to the eventual release of a six-song EP in 2021. “Important” features fellow Michigan artist Hunnert in a song that explores women and the various lengths they go to when trying to get the attention of men.  

“They want you to be chasing them, but it gets boring after a while when you’re always chasing them and nothing comes from it,” Zae said of the song. “So ultimately, it’s about females and how a lot of them want to feel so important. We put a little bit of our own relationship stuff in there and mix it around with our own style. I’m into that new era of rapping and I bring real hype stuff – party music. What makes me stand out is that I sound different than a lot of others out there. I don’t do auto-tune and I just come straightforward with it. I want people to feel the pain when they hear my music – the realness.” 

Zae further explores that fusion of pain-filled lyrics alongside upbeat party vibes with his singles “Cap Addicts” and “Heartless.” The latter is one of the first songs he made about a year ago after being released from a three-year stint in prison. His uncle, Julian Walker, helped him in those first months following his release by getting him into the recording studio and encouraging him to explore his creativity as a songwriter. “Heartless” is the result of those efforts, and the response he received from the people who heard it was enough to push him to keep making music professionally.  

“Cap Addicts” is yet another turn-up vibe that explains more of his life and the experiences he’s had with people who have betrayed him or lied to him over the years – people he refers to as “Cap Addicts” because they are habitual liars.  

“I’ve discovered that a lot of the things I have to talk about are what people want to hear,” Zae said. “I have more songs coming with some good features lined up. I’ll be mixing emotions and situations into these new songs, and most of them should drop before the end of the year.” 

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“Cap Addicts”

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