Zone00 Brings A Unique And Fresh Style To The Hip Hop Game

Zone00 brings a unique and fresh style to the Hip Hop game

LOS ANGELES, CA – Hip Hop artist, Zone00 (aka Donteau Mazone) originally hails from Beaumont, TX. After joining the military, Donteau lived in different parts of the world and traveled extensively. Like his lifestyle, his music style cannot be pinned down to one particular place. Fusing influences from many regions, Zone00 delivers catchy beats combined with lyrical wit and spontaneity. While some rappers will claim to be king of a state or region, Zone00 is in a position to be the King of all Kings.

Released in October of last year, his 7 track EP, “King of All Kings” showcases the artist’s intriguing hybrid sound, a blend of different aspects from different places. Recorded at HandWrittenLA in Los Angeles, CA, the collection features the commercial friendly title track, along with the lyrical onslaught of “Beyond the Stars.” A relatable theme for fans of the genre, “Da Bag” is Zone00’s version of getting the bag. The aptly titled “Donteau’s Inferno” tells his life story in song. With a diverse array of topics and styles, the EP shows Zone00’s range, giving a small taste of who he is as an artist.

The “King of All Kings” EP followed the May 2019 release of “Legend You Never Knew.” After leaving a potentially huge 5-piece group which disintegrated due to creative differences, Zone00 released the LP to show listeners what they had not been getting. “This is what I bring to the Hip Hop game that makes me different from other people who are doing music now,” Zone00 said.

Most recently, Zone00 recorded two new singles at the legendary Paramount recording studio. Zone00 found out that artists he looked to as a barometer, such as Lil Wayne, Drake and Mariah Carey, had recorded at Paramount. He made the decision to record there and was able to knock out two great songs. “When it comes to doing music,” Zone00 said “you have to really invest in yourself.” From this new material, Zone00 is planning to lead off with “Cuddy Buddy,” a catchy, fun song with a playful hook and really aggressive style. He also recorded “Respect My G” which picks up on the “King of All Kings” theme to tell the world what he is bringing to Hip Hop.

When Donteau was growing up, his father became a fan of Ice Cube and Tupac after initially telling Donteau that Hip Hop would not be around for very long. Listening to DJ Screw, UGK, 8Ball & MJG,  Scarface, Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z and, E-40. He later took up songwriting and was mentored about the business side of music by a studio owner he met. Zone00 is now addicted to making music and works hard to create authentic music that touches listeners to the core. “One thing I love about music is you get the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy,” Zone00 said. “When you put something out, especially on the internet, you have a lasting impact in the universe. If you do something great, it’s always there for the world to know about it.”

Zone00 is extremely interested in relationship building and he believes you never really do anything by yourself. He values the importance of working with professionals and strives to raise others up as he succeeds. “That’s one thing I admire about 50cent. He put individuals he worked with in positions where they could be successful.” As the King of All Kings, Zone00 is well on his way to reign over the Hip Hop kingdom.

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